Iowa thumps Indiana at Assembly Hall, 77-63

Not even a return home could fix the litany of late-season problems for Indiana, which proved that an empty second half last week was far from an aberration.

The Hoosiers saved their low point for their penultimate game of the regular season, falling to surging Iowa, 77-63, on Tuesday at Assembly Hall. The loss raises serious question marks about the trajectory of Indiana’s season, six days after falling at lowly Northwestern.

Tuesday’s defeat was more significant by way of it marking the first time the Hoosiers (19-11, 9-8) have lost back-to-back games in Bloomington since March 2011.

Aaron White scored a game-high 21 points for the Hawkeyes, who have now won five in a row. Indiana, meanwhile, has lost seven of its last 11 games. Nick Zeisloft led IU with 15 points and James Blackmon added 14 for the Hoosiers, who close the regular season on Saturday against Michigan State.

Indiana dealt with a hangover from its empty second half against the Wildcats on Wednesday. The Hoosiers traded baskets with the Hawkeyes early in the first half before going hitting only two field goals over the final 10:15 of the period.

Indiana’s 32-28 deficit at the break was its first first-half deficit of the season at Assembly Hall, and the second half was no better. Iowa built its lead to 11 points six minutes into the second half and, with six minutes remaining, that lead was stuck at 13.

By the time the final seconds flashed upon the clock at Assembly Hall, IU coach Tom Crean had a terse message for his players.

“Shake hands and get off the court,” Crean shouted, as the boos from inside a half-empty arena rained down on the Hoosiers and their season took an ominous turn.

Indiana shot only 38 percent from the field and was out-rebounded 37-33. The Hawkeyes went 23-for-28 at the free throw line, while forcing IU into 14 turnovers.

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  1. A shameful performance by Crean and HIS team. I really hope this loss puts the nail in Crean’s coffin at IU. This team looked lost on offense and continued to play its normal horrendous defense. Iowa had a balanced attack while IU relies on gimmicks and hope they have a great shooting night to cover their many, many weaknesses. IU fans deserve better. For this storied program to achieve any future glory we need a new coach. Enough is enough!

  2. Look at the box score….we were beaten in every phase, but one; we hit 6 more 3s than they did. But overall they hit 2 more total FG and 16 more FTs. We were;

    outrebounded 37 – 33
    outblocked 6 – 2
    outstealed 8 – 4
    out-turnovered 10 – 14

    This, from a team, fighting for its tournament life. These players are Tom Crean’s players. He recruited them. They are HIS. They obviously don’t respond to HIM or his teachings, coachings or doctrines. Yet they are HIS.

    So, who’s the problem folks? 7 years into this and we’re no better than Mike Davis’ teams, who, for the most part, were recruited by Knight.

    The empty seats, booing, fan apathy, etc…. The passion for eliteness is all but destroyed.

    The beauty of this site is we all have a voice. And it needs to be heard. And it is. Losing 2 straight as the Hall is unacceptable. Losing to NW is unacceptable. 4 – 8 vs. NW is unacceptable. 1 – 11 vs. Wisc. is unacceptable. Losing while players are out drinking & driving, using fake IDs and failing drug tests is unacceptable. (Let’s face it, if we were 30-0, those arrests would be a rallying “we are all one and brought together by a need to unify” stories. But it is, in fact, the opposite.

  3. AWin I echo your thoughts. Listening to both CTC and the players ;the same chorus is heard “We have to view the film then work on getting better”. The fans (and I hope the Admin) are tired of hearing that SAME OLD LINE 2 years in a row. Its obvious from the team’s play that whatever CTC sees and they see aren’t the same. Taking from the film to the floor has lost some translation because its not being executed ON the floor during games( and this team had a bye week to prepare for Iowa) unacceptable coaching by someone who CANNOT communicate to his team. We have seen this “team play” before doing the exact same things at end of season last year, Duplication of effort with same results is a coaching failure not a players failure as was alluded to last year.

  4. The goal of the University and the athletic department is have a new basketball coach in place no later than the completion of the Assembly Hall remolding project.
    Also the new coach must have had college basketball playing experience.
    Also the I U Women Softball team has a record of 3 wins and 16 defeats. A coach review is needed for this program ASAP.

  5. How much longer do we have to be subjected to the continued spiral down ? This is the lowest of low. Boohed at home, people bailing left and right on national TV ? A week to prepare and a good high school team could have beaten us! What can the Hoosier Nation do weak up Fred Glass ? He can no longer pretend it’s not happening . CTC is a joke and the joke is on us. Ziesloft is the only thing we have all night and he won’t leave him in. Blackmon, Williams are broken turnover machines and give away more points than they score. Perra still doesn’t get it . How can April and Priller be any worse? This guy has to go! He is totally ineffective and has no relationship with his players and he can no longer recruit. Any recruits who were interested are gone if they have seen any of the last three games . CTC has to go to save whats left of the program and he will have to be fired because he will never quit because in his warped mind he thinks he is good! No matter what the buyout is we cannot afford to keep him. Bottom line good person who can’t coach a lick! HELP!!!

  6. The reason Crean needs to go is the fact that this team has quit on him and his game plan. I am not saying the guys aren’t trying hard or playing hard because I still think they are, they just don’t believe in what he is telling them. That means they are trying to go at it the best they can outside of his game plan and I think that is what we are seeing on the court. It isn’t pretty. The other problem is the team that is giving up on him now will be the same team next year. Once a coach loses his players and they don’t believe in what the coach is telling them, then that coach has to go.

  7. Crean was on the committee that hired AD Fred Glass.

    What’s the likelihood Fred Glass will fire Tom Crean?

  8. Also, a little off topic, but I stayed up and watched the UK/GA game and it pains me to say, but IU’s standing as the last undefeated team will be broken this year. Right now everyone else is playing for a chance to get beat by UK in the National Championship game. That team is good and deep. They can go 12 deep if need be and just wear down a team. They are scary.

  9. I’m not so sure iuh92… there is hope simply because the SEC provides little resistance and yet UK has found themselves in more than a couple dog fights. They’ve been a bit lucky a couple of time to pull games out. I think it will be really interesting when they have to play 4 quality teams in a row with everything on the line.

    Remember when we were really close to having both Lee and Lyles on this team? Sad.

  10. iuhoosier1992; thank you for providing the link to the article explaining the reality of Tom Crean’s future employment status as IU’s Head Basketball Coach. We can boo him, we can chant “fire Crean,” we can write letters to his boss, and we can post comments on The Hoosier Scoop until our fingers ache, but Tom Crean will be IU’s basketball coach again next year.

    For those of you who have yet to connect the dots, this is why Football at IU matters. This is why football should be more important to The Hoosier Nation, and why so many IU fans were lulled into a false sense of security during the Knight years. IU simply does not have the cash, or will choose not to spend the $10.6 million necessary to “fire” Tom Crean after this season. Why don’t we have the cash necessary to buyout Crean’s contract? Because IU Football does not generate enough revenue to create the cash reserves necessary for such an expensive severance to be paid out! If IU had the stockpiles of cash that OSU, Michigan and MSU have, mostly generated by their respective successful football programs, it would not be pure fantasy to call for Crean’s termination after this season. But the fact is that with average attendance for IU’s home football games in the range of 40,000 per game (if that), IU’s athletic department does not generate enough revenue to build the cash reserves necessary to afford the luxury of buying out the contract of an under-achieving basketball coach.

    As for hoping “the money men” will swoop in and save IU fans from our collective anguish by writing 7-digit checks (or one 8-digit check), that’s highly unlikely. I don’t think even Mark Cuban would feel comfortable donating that amount of cash just to expedite the termination of Tom Crean. No matter how much money those “money men” have, that’s not the best use of their wealth. It won’t help cure cancer or provide help to under-privledged children. It won’t even get their name engraved on the facade of a building on the IUB campus! It would simply be money poured down the drain, and people who are able to generate the wealth that would allow them to make such donations don’t get to be wealthy by being stupid with their money.

    Unless someone launches a successful “crowd funding” program, Tom Crean’s going to be IU’s coach for a while longer. It’s far from ideal, but we should try to make the best of it.

  11. For the record, if I was a billionaire, as much as I love IU and IU basketball, I’d donate $10.6 million to charities that provide assistance to America’s military veterans (i.e., wounded warriors), or a dozen other reputable charities created to help underprivileged children, before I’d write a check to IU in order to help them fire a mediocre basketball coach.

  12. Tom Crean may be coach next year for a “small ball” team again BUT that isn’t stopping the telephone wires heating up to Fred Glass’s office. Even I had a nice chat with the assistant this morning from Texas. I asked her if the phone lines were heating up and she replied “Oh yeah” . The angry fans are “shooting the messenger” which is only productive for venting but not at the expense of the innocent. I recounted to her the story about Mack Brown getting fired as Univ of Texas football coach after 20 years. The Alumni with the oil money stopped supporting him and he had no choice. I asked if Mr. Glass was getting similar calls from the “money alumni” and she said yes. If the “money men ” are calling Glass and the Fans, commentators, and journalists are remarking about the poor play; Id have to say the “wine press” is in operation and “Tom Glass” wine could be flowing soon.

  13. Podunker, this is all on you. There is still hope, though: repent. Apologize publicly for your senseless, endlessly arrogant and distasteful support of Tom Crean on this blog, apologize for your ridiculous TCDS posts in the past and for the many infinitely arrogant posts over the years about other coaches, particularly against IUFB’s Doug Mallory, and not in the least for lately brainwashing none other than Hoosier Scoop’s greatest mind, Dr. Brainfart for Hillbillies… Do it, Podunker, do it now — forswear the evil before it is too late for all of us… and save what still can be saved.

    Also, please stop with the cheap Marxist propaganda … dude. Fred Glass (and any other AD, for that matter) can easily make Tom Crean resign. The senior Harbaugh can make Tom Crean resign. Mrs. Crean can make Tom Crean resign. Heck, Troy Williams can make Tom Crean resign. In fact, two more games and Tom Crean and IU will part ways on mutual accord. Unless, Podunker, unless … unless you come forth Podunker with a very well written and heartfelt apology on the Hoosier Scoop… Time is of the essence, Podunker… and it’s all entirely squarely on your shoulders… our Hoosier Nation turns its lonely eyes to you,,, koo-koo-ka-choo… it’s only going to get harder after MSU… koo-koo-ka-choo… it’s all on you.

  14. Glad to hear that unhappy IU fans are calling Glass to express their opinion. Good for them and good to see IU still has fans passionate enough to make such a phone call. But there is a world of difference between the “money men” supporting Texas football and the money men supporting IU (regardless of the sport). I’d hazard a guess that there are a lot more “money men” (and women) supporting Texas than there are supporting IU, and that the collective wealth of the Texas “money men” far exceeds the collective wealth of IU’s “money men.” Better get started on that crowd funding campaign!

    Just speculating here, but I was thinking that if IU Football produces another losing season and Crean’s 2015/2016 team fails to get invited to the dance, Fred Glass may be in trouble. I like Glass, but IU’s two major sports are not doing real well under his leadership, and he’s the one that negotiated Crean’s current contract. Just saying….

  15. Bull sh…………!!!!!!! IU does not have the cash.. They had the cash to throw rediculous extensions and dollars at Crean…They’re going to pay him anyway.. Pay him early. Get him the hell out of Bloomington…Let Joyce Meyer hire him to run her compound basketball team….Move up an assistant(Chuck Martin would be great)for two years…We’re still 1000 times better off than acknowledging to the nation that we’re just fine watching our storied basketball program sink like the titanic without lifeboats.

    Football is not important. This is not OSU and never will be. Basketball in Indiana should never be mediocre…There is too much b-ball talent in this state than to let this blowbag preacher clown run our basketball program into the joke that has always been one address west of Assembly Hall.

    But it ain’t happening under Fred Glass. He will not fire his boss…I don’t care if the buyout was $1.00 The bozo named Fred threw all that money at a coach that got his ass blown out at one Final Four. If Crean was worth that sort of money, Knight should have been paid 100 million per extension….Knight should own the mortgage to Assembly Hall before Crean is worth a dime of his incompetence.

  16. It was all part of the plan…..

    Didn’t you notice how the disgust for Dr. Brainfart immediate moved to Tom Crean once I began to drink the Disani…? Come on, Mr. Philosopher/Psychologist….I’ve got ’em right where I want them…It’s like a goat petting zoo meets ventriloquist….Sort of like Dustin at a postgame ScoopTalk @ Penn State….

  17. Harvard is right once again. Buy out his contact and be done with this nonsense once and for all. Donors would come up with the money. There just has to be the will to get it done.

    Kentucky is a basketball school not a football school.
    Duke is a basketball school not a football school.
    Kansas is a basketball school not a football school.
    Indiana is a basketball school not a football school

    Do you really think the other schools would put up with this? No, their donors or administration would nip this in the bud and move on.

    The difference is, their programs have remained consistent national powers, year after year, while Indiana has fallen far, far below them. Indiana has even let Notre Dame and Butler (can you believe it, Butler!), pass them by.

    For the sake of the future and bringing IU basketball fully back to national prestige on a consistent basis, time to get a new coach in here for next season.

  18. Order of Indiana basketball dominance:

    Notre Dame
    Indiana U.

    Everything hinged on Crean and Cody….Yup…In the meantime, we sit more irrelevant than just about every Indiana D-1 school with a basketball program…I put Valpo ahead of IU because their coach could do more at Bloomington….He can at least go overseas to find post players. And Capobianco was better than Perea….Sorry, Hanner…It’s true…You are always out of position and you have absolutely zero stones.

  19. “Football’s not important.” LOL! Unfortunately, that philosophy is exactly what’s wrong with IU athletics. But don’t take my word for it, that comes directly from Fred Glass. And love him or hate him, he’s a lot more knowledgeable about what’s important to the future of IU athletics than anyone posting comments on The Hoosier Scoop. And talk about Bull sh…….., that attempt at a “straw man” argument, trying to compare IU to OSU Football, was lame and ridiculous, because no one in their right mind ever expects IU to match OSU’s level of success in football. No one. EVER!

    And I’ll bet each one of the schools listed as “basketball schools” by Hoosier Hopeful in #18 makes a lot more football revenue than IU. Kentucky enjoys the windfall benefits (profits) of being in the SEC. But even still, their football revenue and attendance at home games far exceeds IU’s football revenue and attendance. And of late, Duke Football has enjoyed great success and is generating more revenue than ever before. In fact, Duke’s relative success in football proves that “a basketball school” can be successful in football.

  20. Even now, even at IU football rules the checkbook.

    IU basketball revenues $22.9 million

    IU football revenues $24.4 million.

    At North Carolina the football team brings in nearly 70% more cash than the basketball team.

    Programs with successful football teams bring in several times what a successful basketball program nets.

  21. You got what you deserved in Tom Crean…Enjoy your irrelevancy because IU football may be your dreamy cash cow, but it will never put IU on the map.. The more basketball drips into irrelevancy in that sleepy limestone town, the more you’ll watch your university fade into the same pedestrian rut.

    Football would have long been dead without those banners hanging in Assembly….You are basically turning IU athletics into a patient on life support…It was basketball that brought life to Bloomington…Now you’re just throwing money at the “system” to line pockets and extend the life where there is no quality of life…Football was never the quality of life in Bloomington.

    OSU, Michigan, MSU, Wisconsin, Northwestern(most years)…Take your pick, Podunker. We can’t beat them in basketball or football. Purdue is all about an Oaken Bucket game for the bottom-feeders of football teams that are rarely in consideration for bowls….At least Purdue can now spank our sorry basketball asses(the only thing we used to have as bragging rights against the in-state)…But keep throwing those reunion parties …Keep living in the past …and that long ago day a nation knew you’d get one hell of a test if you played an Indiana basketball team wearing candy-stripes…That’s what your facelift on IU football has brought you.

    You had your shot….You failed because you buy into a system that defines everyone else. Chrome up those football helmets…Put lipstick on a pig..Sorry, you can have your cash…I’ll take Final Fours and the only chance a state rich in basketball talent to live rather than just extend breathing for the sake of more band-aids and Glass’s master plan to make everything at IU equally uninspiring.

    You are beginning to see the results of Glass’s master plan…More and more sports analysts are voicing the opinion that Assembly Hall does not feel the same….It’s what irrelevancy does…Mr. Glass is a total ass to think reunions for teams from three decades ago is going to get it done….while he throws 50 million dollars at Tom Crean.. These boys were in cahoots with your hard-earned IU dollars…Wake the hell up.

  22. You guys might actually be onto something…Butler is the new Indiana when it comes to hoops…Assembly Hall is old.. I think I’m ready to let the rest of the faceplates come crashing down onto McCracken… Blow Assembly Hall up…Save the 50 million paid for Crean’s spray-on tan….Add a top football conditioning where Assembly Hall and much of its parking exists….Increase the seating capacity of Memorial….another 10,000.

    Once we get our strong cash position in Hoosier football, then make our big sneak attack…See if we can purchase Butler basketball….Or maybe a hostile takeover of Butler? Maybe close up Bloomington hoops altogether? After purchasing the Bulldogs, make IUPUI’s campus as our center for Hoosier basketball?

    Just some ideas of how to really let that football cash cow go to work….Assembly Hall is almost 45 years old….I think Fred should throw Assembly Hall a nice reunion party…..Maybe remind him how irrelevant basketball became shortly after the new stadium attracted one of the smartest coaches to grace McCracken…..There are highway rest areas that get more attention and updates than Assembly Hall The place is outdated and old-fashioned…and far too nostalgic…Steve Miller Band came to play “Time keeps on drifting…drifting….into the future” when Assembly Hall was bright and new as our new coach from West Point…..Think the fact that it’s an old dump brought you the coach that recently graduated from a carnival tent…..

    Yup, you’re quite the businessman, Mr. Pyrotechnics…Keep throwing money at IU football. …Keep investing in sparklers and Tom Crean extensions…..Obviously, the falling faceplate omen was still not enough to give you a clue…..

  23. The irony…Football is where it’s at…..but Fred had to put those god-awful, ostentatious, carnival-like, chrome candy stripes on football helmets…Football is so where it’s at that he had to demean those storied basketball warm-up pants and paste them to football helmets like chrome spinners on a pimp car.

    Wake up, boys…You don’t put candy-stripes on clown helmets…..

    This is no businessman…This is a pimp for a carnival show.

  24. H4H,,, I do not know if you are trying to be hilarious but you just made me more than chuckle. Fred Glass is the best thing to happen to IU athletics since the hire of RMK.

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