IU in trouble after 74-72 loss to Michigan State

When his game-tying free throw bounced off the rim and to the floor below, Yogi Ferrell knew it was over.

He tugged at his jersey, pulled the fabric over his face and walked toward the Indiana bench in the final moments of Indiana’s 74-72 loss to Michigan State on Saturday. It was a chance for Ferrell to force overtime in the Hoosiers’ biggest game of the season, but this one ended just as the last one did — with disappointment.

From here, Indiana’s path is uncertain. As losers of eight of their last 12 games and three in a row, the Hoosiers could be on the outside looking in for the NCAA Tournament. What’s clear is that Indiana has serious work to do in next week’s Big Ten Tournament in Chicago.

Ferrell led Indiana with 21 points, while Nick Zeisloft and James Blackmon each scored 17 points.

Tied at 34-all at halftime, Indiana scored four quick points out of the break before Michigan State quickly answered on the other end. The teams traded baskets until the midway point of the second half, when the Spartans ran through and around IU’s static, slow and sloppy defense.

No matter if the ran a 2-3 or went with man-to-man, the Hoosiers had no answers with which to bail themselves out in their most important half of the season.

The Spartans led by 11 points at the final media timeout, waking up the boo birds that have started to make this arena their own.

Indiana prolonged the game from there, sending the Big Ten’s worst free-throw shooting team to the line. It worked in part, as MSU went 7-for-14 from the stripe in the final three minutes.

The Hoosiers went down swinging, getting within three points on a 3-pointer by Zeisloft with 27.4 seconds remaining. After Matt Costello missed two free throws, Indiana called timeout with 15.3 seconds left on the clock. The Hoosiers ran their actions at the top of the key before James Blackmon bobbled the ball, recovered and drew a foul with 5.3 seconds remaining.

Blackmon hit both free throws and IU quickly fouled Travis Trice, who made one of his two shots to give Michigan State a two-point lead. Incredibly, Denzel Valentine fouled Ferrell as he pushed up the court with two seconds remaining.

Ferrell hit the first, but missed the second as the Hoosiers forced one more foul in the final miliseconds. Marvin Clark missed his first and connected on his second, but it didn’t matter as Indiana was put on life support on the season’s final day.

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  1. Ugh. So many IU players who have gone on to coach and IU turns to Sampson and Cream. Please.

  2. Disappointed, yes, but not surprised. I couldn’t hear booing from my comfort at home, but if you were at the game booing and reading this, the words I have for you are not fit for print. Feel really bad for Yogi.

  3. What is there to be proud of? They lost on their home court to a Michigan State team missing one of their best players. They are seriously in danger of missing the NCAA tournament. If that happens and if Maker and Bryant both pass on IU, Glass needs to reconsider and must fire Crean in July when the buyout is less. Need to get IU back to national prominence!

  4. hoosier hopeful….national prominence!!!! buyout??? do you have the cash to buyout??? i love how everyone wants to fire Tom Crean when he has done a decent job of returning this program to some kind of national prominence after Kevin Sampson…Hoosier Hopeful who do you want for a coach Steve Alford or Brad Stevens??? If i remember correctly at the beginning of this year this team was not suppose to be that great to begin with and yet they surprise a few good teams in the BIG 10 and across the country. no, we might not make the NCAA tournament, but we have a good foundation to built a good team next year. Injuries have really hurt this year team!! next man up, can only take you so far! Tom Crean has built a very nice respectable program. yes, a few players have had problems…. but no NCAA violations (syracuse)…Tom Crean has taken a program buried a few years ago, to being notice nationally again.

  5. IU has the cash to buy out, and there’s no need to wait until July to do it. They only get hit harder on the recruiting scene if they don’t have a new staff in until what… September? kiss the class of ’16 goodbye.

    Cash isn’t the issue. The buyout is not an issue. The only thing that is an issue is how exactly Glass views Crean’s performance, and he’s giving signals that can be interpreted either way.

    However, this decision may very well not come down to Glass. Crean may negotiate his way out of town behind the scenes. Accept the seriousness of the situation and tell Glass he’ll accept the buyout and make it easy on everyone. Who wants to be in a situation where everyone has turned on you. I don’t see how it can possibly get better… only same, which means worse in the eyes of the fans, or actually worse, which would be a total disaster.

  6. iu79, Crean has had plenty of time to take IU to a higher level than “kind of respectable”. Mediocrity is not acceptable. Crean has squandered the good karma he worked to create during his first several years by not building on the Zeller/Oladipo era. No amount of spin can overcome the bad product on the court and the weak recruiting success over the last two years. He’s not getting it done, and just like our tubby football head coach, it has reached the point where it’s time look elsewhere.

  7. The reason IU can wait until July (as far as the ‘buy-out’ is concerned) is because they already have 2 more players than they can keep on scholarship. They have ‘no’ seniors and they have their team for next year (for better or worse) and thus recruiting for 2015/2016 makes little if any difference. The reason that IU can’t wait until July is because any coach that IU wants to get needs to know ASAP if they have a deal with IU. That means Tuesday the day after the NCAA Championship Game if not before and that’s April (or March if their target is out of the tournament before then).

    From someone who had ‘high hopes’ for Crean when he started and for years afterwards, this guy has to go. He may have resurrected IU but he hasn’t grown it back to where it should be. In my continued disagreement with Harvard, Crean had the best team in the country 2 years ago and only got to the Sweet 16 while getting embarrassed there and was lucky to win the game against Temple the Saturday before. That team was significantly better than the result and for that I blame Crean.

  8. The result is not a surprise, nor is how it was arrived at. Who doesn’t know that MSU survives, annually, on rebounding??? And so it is again today. Just like Purdue, MSU is a bad matchup for IU this year given their grit and physicality. Trice neutralizes Yogi and their other 4 are just plain better than ours and fight for the ball more than we do. Pretty simple. Troy was a complete non-factor.

    I have to applaud the effort in the last 4 min. The kids banded together there and showed resolve that really hasn’t existed this year. Their eyes had fire. Even Blackmon’s. But for the life of me, I cannot understand the lack of urgency, desire and a will to win between the half & that point. I’ve never seen such lack of urgency on offense when the time slipped under 10 min. Back to standing around, running the shot clock and taking bad shots, then sulking when they don’t go in. With so many guards, why not pressure full court at least whenever we get behind??? Dakich mentioned this the other night, and it is obvious. It worked against Purdue, NW and MSU, but it always emerges after being down 8 or more points. Our defense sucks anyway, so what is there to lose? It’s not like we don’t give up point blank shots and layups in a half-court set!

    7 – 5 in the Big 10, with a very favorable last 6; 4 at home, 2 on the road vs. bottom feeders. I had us for at least 11-7. And then we lost 3 at home & 1 on the road in our home away from home. Epic collapse. No leadership to step up and ignite a “must win” attitude for 40 min. Including the coach who thinks everything is just peachy.

  9. Chaz,the IU basketball program is above mediocrities!!! it is above most of the NCAA division one basketball programs..the problem is that it is not an ELITE program anymore and that the FAN base wants a NCAA final four team every year and the problem is that does not exist an is not going to happen…the fan expectation is by far to high…so everybody needs to RELAX and let Tom Crean do his job. …most of you guys are still living in the past and think that Indiana basketball is still ELITE….Just like the fan base at UCLA thinks it is still and ELITE program (some 20-30 coaches ago)…the only elite programs at the moment is Kentucky, Duke Kansas and Louisville, these programs continually get the five star recruits (one and done)…yet they still have their problems making it to the Final Four…..i think we the fan are to quick to forget how bad our basketball program was seven years ago…an speaking for myself i would hate like hell to got back to those days!! so yes maybe i do accept mediocrity somewhat, because i have faith that Tom Crean will take us to the next step sooner than anybody else out there (including Brad Steven and all you Steve Alford fan).

  10. iu79 your thought processes (while admirable in defending CTC) is a little skewed. 3 yrs ago CTC and Zeller and Victor were the Media darlings in Atlanta. Now he has IU as a running joke. IF he was as good as you say he could have recruited a true center since Zeller left. Marvin Clark walked away from IU to go to MSU knowing all along he could have ALOT of playing time; more so even now. Yet the quality bigs are walking away. No Big men on the foreseeable future And no one interested in 2016-2017. ALL I can see is a “ground hog day” for the next 2 years because all CTC can deliver is no defense small ball . IU has lost 3 straight home games. CTC is KILLING fan support, he “recruited” desperate Priller and April. I don’t think I would want to be at “hoosier hysteria” next year when he basically rolls out the same team….how can you have anything else but similar results from this year then…given coaches haven’t changed by then.

  11. Iu79 – I feel so sorry for you… Accepting mediocrity. Telling yourself that IU isn’t mediocre. Having a defeatist attitude that IU can’t compete on a yearly basis with the big boys… Thank God most fans aren’t like you.

  12. Time to start putting some blame where it belongs………the players, coach Crean is not on the court playing or missing free throws, rebounding or defending.

  13. With the fabulous basketball talent that still arises out of this state, it’s more than a crime to not have a basketball coach that can prove enough competence to realistically make IU an attractive destination….”Elite” begins in this great basketball state by fostering something in meeting that lowest bar that we are mocking and refusing to put in place. We are giving ourselves an “elite” reputation in foolhardiness and complacency while we watch talent turn away like we’re a cold dinner..

  14. And if we continue to play lazy, coaching-challenged, basketball, maybe the “blame” is on IU “players” for only wanting to wear candy-stripes for the old dusty glory days some dim remaining spotlight within the Big 10 stage without really investing in the heart of what it takes to learn the game and win as a team.. And maybe that’s also become some sort of distorted “Movement” of truth in an IU recruit that wants to “play,” or punch a ticket to the NBA, without any real hopes in receiving the fires of playing deep into March and the care to actually learn the game to its fullest….?

  15. If a new coach is hired he could potentially bring recruits with him. So many players are sold on coaches instead of schools. There is a part of me that wants Bryant and/or Maker even if it means retaining Crean. The other part of me realizes we had a great big in Vonleh and the results were worse. I just don’t Creans system and philosophies working out at iu in the long run.

  16. Dindy, if this were pick-up basketball I’d be right there with you, but this is organized, Division 1 college basketball… except with IU it’s “organized” and looks like pick-up with the lack of creativity on offense and extreme lack of discipline on defense. That is 90% on the coaching.

  17. Geoff- I agree with your comments about offense and defense; whether you like Dakich or not he did make a valid point about defense. He said something like : in the process of trying to fool opponents with back and forth Zone to Man-to-man the only ones getting “tricked” are the Hoosiers” . CTC has had 2 years with some to tighten the defense yet they play defense like a sieve, THATS coaching. I think Tom Crean is an unemployed pastor wearing a coach’s sweater that’s best left to coach church league basketball and IU hire a REAL coach/teacher.

  18. reasons why waiting until july 1 to fire crean might make sense:

    saving $4million.

    yogi will have already made his decision.

    players who might contemplate transferring because crean was fired will have less options available mid-summer.

    we are over-signed anyway.

    the recruits coming in also will have less options.

    the nba season will just be over (you know, that certain celtics coach)

  19. I was hitting the bong this morning while reading some of your comments and I say relax. IU will get into the tournament, seeded 16 and play UK in Louisville. IU will be down 3 with seconds left to play when Blackmon will heave a rainbow right in front of Calipari and the UK bench. The shot will clang off the back of the rim straight up and it’s looks like it’s going to drop, when Anthony Towns goes up and makes a freshman mistake and goal tends. Meanwhile, Ulis makes another freshman mistake and is called for a foul on Blackmon. He steps to the line, shoots weakly off the front of the rim. The ball goes to the back of the rim, bounces lightly twice and you think it’s going to stay on the back iron but it slowly falls through the net for an IU win. The record is preserved, the fans go nuts and Cream keeps his job. In the post game interview, Calipari says, “you’ve got to remember those kids are only freshman.”

  20. NBA isn’t interested in Yogi… at least as a draft pick

    Stevens isn’t leaving the Celts any time soon…

    This summer we’ll be recruiting for ’16 and ’17, not ’15… so the over-sign isn’t in play anyway.

  21. I admire iu79’s loyalty even though I do not agree with his view of the IU basketball status. IU has the history, state fervor for basketball, facilities, school support, and a devoted fan base that should lead to a more consistently successful program than we have had for several years now. OSU, MSU, & Wisconsin have replaced IU as annual contenders for the Big Ten title. It is my own opinion that this program with advantages mentioned earlier should be top twenty team year in and year out (like several other same schools have been for years), should be among the top ten teams every four or five years, and a contender for the final four every four-five years. I emphasis “Contender” and to those who may think that is unreasonable please remember we were all those things for a long time. But there is one absolute, can not do without requirement, and that is that your coach is among the twenty best coaches in the country. That to me is really where Mr.Crean has his biggest challenge as a coach at IU. He is not the terrible coach many are ranting about right now at all and if you are a real fan of IU you would hope for his success rather than failure. But Mr. Crean Is in his seventh year and these last two seasons have been painful to watch. He has received the proper credit for turning things around from the Samson fiasco but isn’t it time to consider that there are several coaches in this country that may have done that and even more by this time. I think he is going to be here next year so most of what we are venting does not matter but whatever happens I hope works out best for the school.
    I try to follow the adage if you can’t say something good about someone don’t say anything. But if I never have to listen to Mr. Dakich ragging IU as color commentator ever again it will be too soon.

  22. i think yogi has a shot in the nba. of course, i don’t watch the nba so what do i know? how do you know that stevens wouldn’t leave the celts for the iu job? do you have inside info or are you just guessing?

  23. Geoff -you are right about the recruiting,,,but since CTC couldn’t recruit a quality big man to come in from last years group; and no one coming in next year, nothing but the SAME results for next year can be expected. How can anyone expect CTC to recruit to a program that plays defense like its a rest period; and that IS coaching. The defense has been absent all year. Offense shows no sign of how to play thru the middle . Any center recruit should be asking themselves “How am I going to fit in when all they do is dribble around and shoot 3’s

  24. Mr. Walker-

    You are spot on with Dakich…He is a scorned man. I actually think his entire reinvention of himself(started with his calling that Establishment blowbag,Sterling, after being denied the IU coach)and his complete motivation to build a successful radio and TV career is rooted in desire to be the complete moron sideshow for IU Basketball…His persona projects negative tone even when he’s acting in support of Crean or the program…He’s absent of any class whatsoever….He’s taken the image of Indiana Basketball as a fine dining restaurant of hoops and turns it into a Hooters in Merrillville. Noxious sells at ESPN…..Any blowbag that places more of that obnoxiousness upon the image/face of IU is adding extra security to his job.

    And it’s really quite sad…There will be no coach IU can hire that will be free of Dakich’s routine and his constant meddling from his ‘radio chair of scorned expertise’ in Indy to his ‘thrown of negativity’ aimed at the program via his ESPN analyst position.

    I sometimes wonder if Dakich almost stands in the way of IU ever becoming “elite” again more than any incompetence suffered due to wrong coaching hire….This poor soul that couldn’t tame the Sampson thugs forever yearns for his trophy of appreciation awarded….He had no “it factor” as a coach…Somehow that translated as being perfect for a big mouth on the airways and ESPN’s barking poodle to give a daily pissing on the IU fire hydrant….

    Until the local classless meddlers are out of the picture, it’s going to be difficult treading for IU hoops…

    And may I also add that Harvard is from Northwest Indiana….but never to be confused with the Dakch “Region.” I want no philosophical or geographical connections with this empty blowbag that rails against and undermines IU with snidely tongue…He’s stopping IU now with all the “clampdown” awkward and clumsy obnoxious “in your face” that he put on Jordan for his one big moment in the sun……He can’t live without meddling into IU and validating himself as having “game” when none is present in a most truthful and artful sense of the word..

    He’s reason enough for most coaches to avoid Bloomington….He supports Tom Crean but he mocks Tom Crean….He supports IU but he paints more of the obnoxious and clownish image upon what was once a place for quite men that wore the uniform to talk via mastery of the game and the subsequent results….So sad that this man’s routine paints something so different than the great and classy young men that have worn the uniform throughout our storied history.

  25. to geoff and TJ texas, i do not think IU basketball program is a running joke, an no i do not accept mediocrity….but how are the fans helping this program when calling for Tom Crean job and BOOING the IU players at the MSU game when potential five star recruits are in attendance…how disappointing is that!!!! can you now say goodbye to those potential recruits….how are we (the fan) helping this program and helping Tom Crean when all we do is ask for his resignation or to be fired!!! let the powers to be do there job, if Fred Glass sees the need to replace Tom Crean or any other coach i am sure he will. But as i see it, we the fan are over-zealous to fire a coach, rather than help build a school program….what we the fans need to be doing is digging deeper into our pockets and help build better facility (weight rooms, practice fields/courts, etc)….is our basketball facility on comparison to a Kentucky or Duke ….how does our football facility compare with the teams of the SEC……an spending that kind of money does not guarantee success ask Texas and Oklahoma fan base.

  26. Mr. Harvard
    I do not really know what Mr. Dakich says on his show because I do not listen and will trust your thoughts. I only heard him a three or four times when he first started and have not listened since as at least in my view his radio show apparently depended on being rude, abrasive and disrespectful. I am not so old and foggy I do understand that is what many want but when you don’t enjoy something – Don’t do it and I didn’t.
    Your reference about him and Sampson did bring a thought to mind on a comment he made (about Samson)when he was doing a Purdue game some time ago. I felt that he tended to extricate himself from that entire mess when he was after all an assistant coach on that team. And apparently an assistant coach who did not stand up to the obvious flaws occurring academically as well as the other unwelcome failures.

    Well, maybe a little foggy sometimes.

  27. IU79
    I agree with most of your comments above but I just don’t see how this will matter even if we get a big or don’t get a big. I think Yogi is the only current player that has bought into Crean’s system but even his defense is poor at times. Therefore, the problem will not fix itself unless the problem is removed-namely Crean. If we want to keep going down this path every year, then keep Crean. I want change and demand change. Seven years is enough time to implement your program and philosophy. I still don’t understand what he is exactly trying to do and defensively we are a mess. There has to be a change.

  28. I think we should give Tom Crean one more season….Maybe Devin Davis can come back…Let Crean finish out with this group. After I’ve let off all my steam…it seems like the right thing to do. Listening to Izzo also made me soften the harsh edges.. There’s a lot that I don’t care for in Tom Crean, but the man is a tireless recruiter and does seem to be very passionate about the game…He connects quite well to kids and does have an eye for talent on the cusp of greatness. I think there was a lot to overcome with the unexpected transfer of Fischer, Vonleh’s departure to the NBA, and the Davis/Holt incident…..I don’t think it will be a crushing blow to Indiana to allow Crean a chance to bounce back….

  29. I also believe in J Pat…If J Pat has information he must keep private that makes him side with keeping Crean another season, then I’m inclined to stay in J Pat’s corner for whatever reason his reluctance to a coaching change.

  30. Just to be clear, you think CTC should stay on as head coach because he MIGHT have given a kidney to an orphan?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard worse reasons. Just want to understand your motivation.

  31. This the worst defensive team I can remember ! There is no excuse for lack of effort . It is a coaching issue that will not go away without a change. The players have no respect for CTC all you have to do is watch. The offense is just as bad . We have to shoot 60 percent have under 10 turnovers to have a chance . We lose at home consistently and CTC has lost the fans as well as the players. No where to go here . We might have a shot at Bryant only because of the Syracuse mess. But he will probably end up at KY. Think about it, if you were a recruit what would bring you to Indiana? Good coaches make you better . We do not have that here nor do we have a elite program so they will get noticed for the NBA. Dakich will say anything to get people to listen to his radio show. And yes he is still pissed about the Indiana job. All I know is it’s very hard to watch! If CTC does not go there will be no hope for improvement. This guy is not a leader and is clueless on how to coach at this level . Good person who cannot coach a lick ! Any coach who has to have a folder on the bench to know what to do is scary! Maybe if he sat his butt on the bench and stopped the stupid clapping he might see the same circus we do? Hello NIT maybe!

  32. where to start…

    coachv – yes Yogi has a shot at the NBA, but doesn’t have a shot at getting drafted. So why leave early. As Dakich said on the broadcast, “I keep talking to NBA guys saying that Yogi is an NBA player, but they don’t want to hear it.” That is backed up by every mock draft list out there. He ain’t getting a sniff, but he very well could make a team after going through a training camp, I just don’t see him leaving for such a risk…

    as far as Stevens goes, I don’t have inside info, but he’s only in year 2 with the Celts. He was hired to help the franchise rebuild, and with no pressure to succeed immediately. The fans like him, the media likes him, and most importantly his bosses love him. Everything is essentially going according to plan in Boston right now, so I have no idea why he’d be interested in leaving. IU is a great gig, but he’s the coach of the freaking Celtics right now…. it’s not like it’s the New Orleans Pelicans.

  33. geoff

    i thought i read something about indiana being stevens’ dream job. i imagine that might be a reason he would do it. he wouldn’t be the first guy. there’s some football coach in alabama that got a taste of the pros and decided it wasn’t for him. can’t remember his name at the moment. do i think stevens will be our next coach? no. because nothing that good ever happens in my life.

    i don’t think yogi should go pro either. if i were him i would get my degree this summer and go play someplace where i would have a chance to play in the ncaa tourney. but that’s me

  34. iu79 – I’ll answer your questions…

    How are the fans helping the program by calling for Crean’s job and by booing the players with 5-star recruits in attendance?
    – we believe the program is better off without Crean
    – as stated ad-nauseam, the fans weren’t booing the players, they were booing the product on the court. Crean’s product. Stagnant offense and horrid defense.
    – I’d like to personally thank Maker for attending the game, but he is not a realistic option. Bryant may very well be interested now that sanctions have come down on Syracuse, but I saw what Crean did with Zeller and Vonleh, who were both better players than Bryant. Underachieve. I would love to have either one play at IU with a coach that could effectively use them.

    and I’ll address some of your statements…

    “what we need to be doing is digging deeper into our pockets to help build better facilities”
    – Are you kidding me???!!!! IU has one of the premier basketball practice facilities in all of college basketball. They are dropping $40M on a facelift for Assembly Hall. And when AH is rocking it is considered one of the best, if not the best, home court advantage in all of college basketball.
    – I could care less about IU football. Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Syracuse, UConn, and UNC don’t rely on their football programs to attract basketball talent.
    – And as you said, spending more money on facilities doesn’t guarantee you success. So why even bring it up. You sound like a Crean staffer getting paid to hit up the message boards like some restaurant chain that has their marketing honks write positive Yelp reviews posing as happy patrons.

    “Let the powers that be do their job… if they see fit, I’m sure they’ll do it.”
    – Simply one of the most naive statements I’ve ever seen. Does that rationale bleed into all parts of your life? Do you trust politicians to do the “right thing” or do you think that maybe occasionally money plays a part in what does or doesn’t get passed… Do you trust big business to do the “right thing” or maybe do they sometimes cut corners and end up with massive oil leaks or safety defects that cause injury and death…. Do you trust the banks to do the “right thing” by being predatory lenders, taking advantage of the little guy, then when they create a massive recession we bail them out, only so they can sit on the money and create some of the most strict lending regulations in decades, then buy up all the housing inventory after their previous lendees lose their jobs and the homes get foreclosed on… Listen, I can’t feel very certain that my voice can change politics or big business or Wall St or the Banks, but I darn sure believe that I can help put pressure on the IU administration to do the right thing and not what’s convenient for their wallets or the nepotism that put them in their positions of power.

  35. By supporting Crean, Izzo is just trying to come to the aid of a friend in trouble. Tom Crean is not a good coach. His defensive statistics are some of the worst in the country. His offense consists of long range shooting and players going one against multiple defenders off the dribble. No inside out game at all. No ability to successfully attack a zone. He is not able to get many of the best in-state recruits to play at IU.
    Harvard, Devin Davis is a solid performer and a better rebounder then anyone else on the team, but he is not a great player At his height, he cannot go against the bigs and be the difference maker.
    So, I stand by my earlier comment. If Crean gets Bryant or Maker to IU, give him a year. Their talent alone would make for a huge upside, regardless of Crean. If he does not, and has only the current two recruits plus this years team, fire him.

  36. J Pat #54

    Wednesday, March 4, 2015 – 11:06 AM EDT

    G, if there is a way I can get your email…I would love to drop you a line. Interesting stuff happening right now… I can also explain why is it is difficult for me to root against Crean. If that is not possible, no problem. Maybe you are on FB or Twitter??


    I’d also throw up if we make any effort to go after Brad Stevens. He had a great inside player that stayed four years…His name was Matt Howard…Howard not only had marvelous inside instincts, but shot 40% from 3-point land during his senior year as well…He was a work horse with grit and guts.

    Zeller has half the stones of a Matt Howard….Vonleh stays in college where his talent level belonged a couple more seasons….Fischer doesn’t miss his mommy’s bosom…..Davis doesn’t jump into the pathway of Holt’s vehicle….

    J Pat’s private emails gives you nothing anyway. Regardless of J Pat’s positron of “not being able to root against” Crean, we’ve had nothing but passing ships in the night playing in the middle for this team…..Zeller was the name that could have ensured recruiting momentum….It’s more than likely that Vonleh and Fischer stay if Zeller comes back for his junior year. Zeller didn’t give Crean what Matt Howard provided Brad Stevens….Crean had only two years to get it done with Zeller…Better take a hard look at Knight’s titles…They were anchored with experience on the inside.

    Zeller had the opportunity to put IU back on the “elite” podium…He became far more the “letdown” and symbol for what could have been at Indiana than Brad Stevens moving to Boston..

    Zeller used Indiana and he used Crean…Put Oladipo and Zeller on a UK roster and they look average at best….They certainly don’t look like top five draft picks…Zeller would ride the pine on the current UK team. But when you get an Indiana team that hasn’t sniffed greatness for 27 years, you get all the necessary attention from the Establishment/East Coast press to convince a young man in candy-stripes that he’s the next Kareem. Cody was the next Kareem….Vonleh was the next Artis Gilmore…or Ralph Sampson….These guys were over-hyped by a press that worked against Crean and the Indiana Hoosiers…All the ‘everything hinges on Cody” crap played into the conspiracy of exaggerations…At the experience level in which they left Indiana, they(Vonleh, Zeller) are role players on a UK team…

    You can’t blame on the unnecessary hype given to glorified Matt Howard’s on Tom Crean…Let the man have one more season…Let Hanner become a senior to complement some new blood and the added experience in Troy and the backcourt….

    Bottom Line: J Pat’s “inside” info doesn’t really mean diddly either way…It’s the bailing of guys with less skill and grit(and less 3-point shot) than Matt Howard that killed our chances at banners…You can’t put all that manufactured hype for Zeller on Tom Crean. There are people, plenty of people, that never want to see Indiana University successful in basketball again.. Good luck to any new coach fighting the Dan Dakiches of scorned world…Good luck as well in fighting all the artificial and exaggerated hype when the next “everything hinges” steps onto McCracken. Huh…We’re not elite? Tell that to a Hoosier that would be a UK bench-warmer and still gets on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

  37. oops..

    You can’t blame [all] the unnecessary hype given to a glorified Matt Howard on Tom Crean…

  38. benchwarmer…..

    A Hoosier that would be a UK benchwarmer still gets on the cover of Sports Illustrated….

    I can hear the Establishment blowbags from Maine pulling their trumpets out their butts….”That’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said, Harvard.”

    30 year banner drought…excessively manufactured hype when Indiana does actually get a young talent could barely get PT on a UK roster….a bunch of scorned meddlers playing on the radio and TV that railroad against Indiana….Yeah, Good luck to any new name….What Tom Crean was fully unaware is what “Because it’s Indiana” actually means…It’s means you’re operating against everyone that should be helping you…It means you’re getting recruits that don’t have much heart….They use Indiana to get the attention they could never get at programs that now command deep talent all the way down the bench….

    Good luck to our next coach…He’ll also learn the meaning of “because” at Indiana……As soon as you put on the suit and tie, everyone and their scorned mother wants to slay the giant make-believe closet beast scaring them like Bobby popping out of the darkness next to their bed.

  39. WTF Harvard, after years of dogging out Crean for anything and everything, using your flowery prose to ridicule his character and competence, now that the entire ocean of tide has turned against Crean, YOU come on here as his #1 apologist/defender?

    Your campaign AGAINST Crean was so intense, so well-worded, and so well aligned with MY opinion of Crean that you quickly became one of my favorite regulars on the Scoop. In fact, YOUR well written rants were probably the main reason that I became a regular reader of the Scoop. Only after becoming a regular reader did I notice that the Scoop’s other commenters were about THE BEST among all the sports blogs, so I became a true Scoop fan.

    Your current rant against Dakich is SO FAR OFF THE MARK that I cannot let your remarks go without criticizing them for being full of misperceptions about him. I enjoy Dakich’s radio show almost daily, and find him to be one of the most refreshing commentators out there. IMHO, Dakich is HONEST, UNBIASED, and KNOWLEDGABLE. As a regular listener, I have heard no bitterness, only gratitude, for his short tenure as IU’s interim coach. His comments about how IU’s administration, under Miles Brand, CHOSE to LOSE it’s elite status in basketball during the 1990’s, even before firing Knight, are right on about the anti-sports culture that became visible at IU during that era.

    Dakich has NEVER spoken out against the current IU program under Crean except to state the obvious about the lack of defense, unable to inbound, etc. Dakich has been much, much kinder in his assessment of Crean than you, Harvard, ever though about being in years previous to your sudden turn around to support Crean.

    Your lengthy, nasty rant against Crean was so full of false impressions that YOU, Harvard, have formed in your own mind. Makes me wonder if YOU actually listen to him regularly, or just figured that Dakich would be all those things you accuse him of without YOU having first-hand listening experience of the REAL Dan Dakich. He is a lot like what YOU, Harvard, seem to want to be—good with words, good with insights and knowledge, and well paid to do so. That causes me to WONDER IF you are actually PROJECTING your own inner turmoil and bitterness on to poor Dan. I’m sure if YOU were in Dan’s IU shoes and NOT PICKED to be head coach, YOU would be every big as bitter as what you claim for Dakich.

    Fortunately, Dakich is NOT YOU, and he doesn’t have a hint of your bitterness to his personality.

    Now, after your total turn around on Crean, coupled with your excessively incorrect assessment of Dakich’s FACTUAL (based on my daily listening to him for about as long as I’ve been a Scoop reader of Harvard’s well-written rants) stance toward IU, I’ve concluded that you are primarily interested in getting your writing skills as big a stage as possible, rather than writing passionate opinions that actually come from some REAL GENUINE BASIS. I’m sad, sad, sad, to come to this conclusion, because I was actually quite a “big fan” of HFH, and now I’m genuinely feeling the loss of my high regard for you.

    Sorry to be so disappointed and angry while telling you off due to my recently new found observations, but that’s what happens when someone that was once respected, admired, and even beloved turns out to be shown to be a blabbermouthing PHONY.. It’s similar to what happened to the fan base with their love of all things Crean……..

  40. And I don’t care if we finish ten years straight in the cellar of the Big 10…We put this conference on the basketball map…If Indiana were to pull out of the conference, the Big 10 TV ratings would plummet…..Everyone gets up for Indiana………What Knight achieved in basketball was the lifeblood for all in the conference to feed…It still feeds the ratings and the mystique puts a huge chip on the shoulders of every conference opponent when Indiana comes to town…The crowds have exponentially more energy when its a Hoosier(even a Hoosier battling to stay in the middle of the standings) they have a chance to slay….Why? Because 25 years later, they still feed the fantasies of their low self-esteem that they are slaying Bobby….I would love nothing more than to see IU join the Big East…or some other conference and stick it to Delany…….We’ll show your ass who is “elite” and who is not.

  41. Fortunately, Dakich is NOT YOU, and he doesn’t have a hint of your bitterness to his personality.

    BS….The man is scorned. He rode the thugs out of town and we didn’t give him the keys to car….He needs to grow up and coach h.s. basketball…Go somewhere where his tongue can’t deceive his actual importance in the Hoosier world…

    Crean deserves one more year….Those that chanted “everything hinges on Cody” and called Sampson a “cancer” also deserve one more year of giving their make-believe heroes a fair shot….Did I build that crap? Hell no I didn’t…That’s on Dakich and the rest of you Establishment blowbags that exaggerate everything in that lonely limestone town.

  42. Myles Brand…Learn to spell it before you smell it, Ms. ‘Know Dan in da City..’

  43. NoMendacity,
    Harvard simply enjoys playing the contrarian. If everyone on here starting telling how much they hate liver he’d post liver recipes while saying how much he hates apple pie. Don’t take it personally. It probably generates more conversation. He got you to post. It’s all good.

    IU was just as big a deal as a basketball program under McCracken as it was under RMK. Bobby had a great run, mostly during his early years, but he didn’t invent the Hoosiers

  44. at the beginning of the season bryant’s mommy said she didn’t want her son to play for indiana. said she felt crean hid all those off court incidents from them and she didn’t want her son involved with all that noise. she said her on was going to syracuse. now what, mommy?

  45. Christ sake….I couldn’t write Nancy Drew novels.. You’ve invested way too much in my rants… Are you sure you’re not Husky Tom? I like you, NoMeds in-da-city, but get a grip.. I’m already hitched to a double-wide up in Cheezetown.

    I’m not saying that Crean is my homey boy forever…I simply think he should get one more season. Too much crap happened this season that cannot rest solely on the shoulders of Tom Crean..

  46. more reasons stevens might want to take the iu job:

    college basketball is way cooler than the nba.

    nba “fans” are half asleep during games

    players with hundred million dollar contracts can tell their coaches to shove it

    march madness is the greatest spectacle in sports. the whole country stops to watch

    does anyone watch or care about the nba playoffs?

  47. And Dan Dakich couldn’t run a better offense with the inept inside game that comes via a Halloween incident some kids acting beyond immature…a transfer of a boy that was homesick for his Marquette mommy and daddy….and a Vonleh that thought his game as big as his britches……Add in an injured Hartman and games that Blackmon and Perea were absent or playing far less than 100%…? Dakich’s talk is cheap….It’s always been cheap as the scorned day he picked up his lonely bus ticket out of Bloomington and put in a phone call to Kent Sterling(another IU supporter….with thick sarcastic tongue)…

    Good for Dan for reinventing himself…But he added to the hate put on those Sampson kids…He couldn’t handle the pressure that Crean has had to handle….Blabbering on blogs and on the radio is easy… Good for Dan in turning it into his cash cow. He needs the aura of Indiana for his livelihood a hell of a lot more than the world needs Dan Dakich coaching the game of basketball.

  48. Now don’t get me totally wrong….All this angelic schoolboy and “good Christian family” garbage that we must filter every recruit that wants to thank Jesus for a fart in hallway, likely contributes to ballers weak at the knees and lacking in the grit, loyalty, and perseverance to put Indiana back on top…

    But it was more than Tom Crean that built that environment now present at the Bloomington compound….I do remember Kent Benson tearing up his season tickets because we had hired the anti-Christ.that enjoyed too many 3-way phone calls… Many of you asked for this unreasonable filter that brings upon Bloomington recruits that may become disenchanted with the reality that doesn’t match their Bible school expectations….Now maybe live with it for one more year… Crean is far more moderate than many of you.

  49. H4H last year I tried to tell you all its “perception is reality” ;and if anyone took management or leadership courses, you learned 2 forms of communication: formal and informal( aka the grapevine). I said last year that the AAU circuit would hurt recruiting because of “Twitterverse” and the locker room chatter. There is where the perceptions are formed. Last years results were no help. The turnovers, the chaotic play, the disconnect between player and coach that demonstrated itself on the floor. We witness AGAIN that same play. The Blog wont carry as much weight as Bryant and Maker going home and talking to their coaches and families. Talking to those they trust for advice and evaluate gameplay(which I hope they do because we don’t need basketball dummies-CTC has recruited enough of them). Recruiting will be determined by how well CTC’s “coaching” has translated itself to the game; which it hasn’t for past 2 years and wont next year because small ball will HAVE TO rule again…there in lies the dilemma: if nothing changes how can anyone hope for change because IN GAME , CTC has shown he cant make adjustments.

  50. I think he can make adjustments….And I think he has some new assistant coaches that have the coaching smarts to complement those decisions/adjustments…..But how do you make adjustments with having to rely on a forever raw Mascara smears Perea, a Pantyhose Hoetzel, ….and no Devin Davis?

    We lack toughness…We lack guys with perseverance…I’m not sure if that’s all on Tom Crean….Meddlers force much of the hand to recruit locally and filter a certain way….I’m not sure that the candy stripes attract the tough mentality of a kid that goes to Butler…..Party school….where you can come to play an NBA game of hopscotch….and blame it all on Tom Crean.

  51. “His comments about how IU’s administration, under Miles Brand, CHOSE to LOSE it’s elite status in basketball during the 1990’s, even before firing Knight, are right on about the anti-sports culture that became visible at IU during that era.” That’s the best comment written on the Hoosier Scoop in weeks, if not months.

    And Dakich was exactly right when he made that statement. So many people find it so easy to blame Crean for their disappointment in the current basketball program. He’s become an easy scapegoat. But what most fail to see is that the origin of the problem dates back to the 90’s, and is a direct result of terrible neglect and mismanagement by a series of IU administrators overseen by the Trustees. Crean may or may not be a problem in and of himself, but the bigger problem with today’s IU Basketball program is the result of decades of neglect that allowed a once elite program to fall into terrible disrepair.

    Let’s put it this way. If IU Basketball was such an elite and storied program, why did numerous successful coaches turn down the opportunity to interview for the job, or accept IU’s job offer, seven years ago? The answer is that the program was a terrible mess, a nightmare, a train wreck, and there were lots of other schools that offered better opportunities at the time. Tom Crean took on the challenge of rebuilding a long-neglected program and returned it to being relevant again. He might not deserve to be IU’s coach long term, but he deserves more time. Ironically, he is a victim of his own success in returning IU Basketball to relevancy and elevating fans’ expectations. Too bad for them, success is almost never a linear progression.

  52. “turns out to be shown to be a blabbermouthing PHONY..” Better to have realized that late than to never have realized it.

  53. Tom Crean took on the only program perceived higher than his current gig that would give him a second look….He had nowhere to go but down at Marquette…The D-Wade party was over…much like our ‘everything hinges on Cody” party has ended in Bloomington the same…..He then proceeded to hand-select his own A.D. to secure lengthy contracts and exorbitant salary.

    Glass’s son attended Marquette…..Strange coincidence that our future AD found a coach from that same school? There was an inner circle of lawyers and righteous blowbags from Indy business circles that were lining up their future IU jobs while Kelvin was being dragged to the guillotine. Dakich is forever scorned because he was not part of that inner circle…Dakich was a dumb Region hick primarily used to sweep up the thug mess before everyone inherited their already lined up positions…Crean didn’t take on any challenge….He was part of collective usurping of power that would ensure a future regime that would not have to be accountable to results….The hiring “committees” to search for coaches and AD’s was a bogus facade…..I’m convinced Crean and Glass both had their jobs before any committee ever gathered. None of it was done with disclosure or truthfulness…We have no idea who they were contacting and who was sincerely given serious consideration to be the next coach at IU. This wasn’t a case of nobody wanting the job…It was a case of local powers within Indy that were set in finding the best pathways to collusion….

    Tom Crean is now disposable…Well, Fred Glass(the man that already had the job when Crean was asked to check the box of approval in a bogus hiring “committee” to pick Fred) should now also be disposable…

    Fire Fred Glass now…..and let Crean stay one more season….Give powers of firing Crean(or retaining Crean) to a new A.D. that was never part of the original scheme.

  54. Myles Brand….with a ‘y’….The man is dead…The least you can do is spell what’s on the tombstone correctly.

  55. Harry Gonso already knew Fred Glass via all the power-playing between city and state government(lawyers) that closed sports facility deals in Indy….Lawyers thick in making political deals and backroom contracts….Gonso was on the hiring committee that brought Crean……Crean was likely fed Glass’s name on a sliver platter of sorts by Gonso….”We hire you……You hire Fred.”……Fred had likely already selected Crean via talks with Gonso before any of that happened…They were all in cahoots and wanted to get their paws on Bloomington…Too many coincidences and too many connections…This was never done by hiring committee. If you people think IU gets cleansed of incompetence and corruption by removing only Tom Crean, you’re very naive. ..

  56. Glass will not fire Crean….Crean wants out of Indiana has bad has we want him out.His wife and kids will not live in Bloomington once the school year is over.Crean will get 2 million a year for the next 4 years and move on to a mid major college somewhere deep in Michigan where 15-18 wins a year will make him a god.Indiana is no longer an Elite school and we haven’t been even while RMK was here.We lost that title around 1992-95.No big name coach would think about coming to IU now.Stevens might just because he is a Hoosier..Alford wouldn’t even consider it if Indiana came crawling…if Stevens won’t come our best shot is Archie Miller from Dayton.Took Dayton to the Elite 8 last year and I believe they are 26-5 this year.It is a long shot…may not be a good coach at all…may be the next Rick Pitino who knows…but Indiana is threw with Crean and Crean is done with IU.Crean is not the blame for the mess we are in..Fred Glass for the stupid buy out is the blame.Glass should be fired before Crean then a new AD fire Crean and hire his own coach.

  57. Love him or hate him you can’t ignore him.

    There was an inner circle of lawyers and righteous blowbags from Indy business circles that were lining up their future IU jobs while Kelvin was being dragged to the guillotine. Dakich is forever scorned because he was not part of that inner circle…Dakich was a dumb Region hick primarily used to sweep up the thug mess before everyone inherited their already lined up positions…

    That’s my homey: Harvey’s 5th!

    Crean didn’t take on any challenge….He was part of collective usurping of power that would ensure a future regime that would not have to be accountable to results….The hiring “committees” to search for coaches and AD’s was a bogus facade…..I’m convinced Crean and Glass both had their jobs before any committee ever gathered. None of it was done with disclosure or truthfulness…

    Here’s a pic for you, Harv.

  58. Boston currently half a game behind Miami in the race for playoffs. Miami without LeBron shows Spoelstra’s true coaching acumen. Sorta like Crean’s recruiting and “coaching” at Indiana vs. wherever he’ll be next year (Eastern Michigan Eagles). Indiana plays Northwester on the 11th, Stevens in Indianapolis with the Celtics on the 14th. With Stevens here you can be sure Bob Knight will come back to visit too. He spoke highly of Brad Stevens several times in the past. Stevens never had to chase Knight in MSG or anywhere else.

  59. hoosier4ever

    i started reading your post and i had to stop myself. i went and got a cookie and a glass of milk and i read and re-read your post as if every word of it was true. how cruel of you

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