IU lands safely in NCAA Tournament, opens with Wichita State #iubb

There was no need to worry.

Indiana landed safely in the NCAA Tournament field of 68 teams on Sunday evening, earning a No. 10 seed and a date with No. 7 Wichita State on Friday in Omaha, Neb. The Hoosiers return to the tournament for the first time since back-to-back Sweet 16 runs from 2012-13.

Depending on where you looked, Selection Sunday was a day on the edge for IU (20-13). Most bracketologists had Tom Crean’s team set for an early-week play-in game in Dayton before the Hoosiers’ qualms were erased shortly after 6 p.m.

Game times are expected to be released later tonight.

“It’s been calm all day. I was very confident that we would get in,” IU coach Tom Crean told Big Ten Network. “You don’t have any real knowledge of it, but you’re confident based on what you’ve done. To see our name come up in a 10th seed with somebody like Wichita State was great to see the reaction of the players from where I was positioned in the room and see my family, our family, that was a beyond-priceless thing for me.”

The Hoosiers seemed to receive a boost late Sunday afternoon when SMU held on to beat Connecticut in the American Athletic Association title game. A win by the Huskies would have earned them an automatic bid, while dropping the Mustangs to the at-large field and causing havoc for bubble teams.

It turns out that Indiana was already in.

But scoreboard watching scenarios like Sunday were part of the process for IU, which seemed to lose control of its own destiny by dropping nine of its last 14 games.

“We were getting scrutinized by everybody, but I think as a team we stayed together,” IU point guard Yogi Ferrell said on BTN. “Coaches were talking to us every day to stay together and not listen to the outside noise. I feel like we did that. We lost a few games, we won a few games and that’s what we were playing for.”

A win against the Shockers, who were ranked as high as No. 8 this season, would give the Hoosiers a shot at the winner of No. 2 Kansas and No. 15 New Mexico State. The matchup features a showdown at point guard between Ferrell and Wichita State’s Fred Van Vleet, a Bob Cousy Award finalist who averages 12.7 points and 5.3 assists per contest.

“We have a lot of respect for Wichita State,” Crean said. “They’re a great program with a tremendous coach and coaching staff there with Gregg (Marshall) and his staff, so we know what they’re capable of, we know how good they are, we know what they’ve done and now we’ll start learning them a lot heavier and a lot deeper.”

The Midwest Region where IU landed includes four other teams from the state of Indiana, a development that comes one year after the state was shutout from the big dance. Purdue landed a No. 9 seed against No. 8 Cincinnati, Valparaiso picked up a No. 13 seed against surprise No. 4 seed Maryland, No. 6 Butler secured a matchup with No. 11 Texas and No. 3 Notre Dame gets to open against No. 14 Northeastern.

All told, the Big Ten is sending six other teams to the tournament: Wisconsin, Maryland, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue and Iowa. The Hoosiers went 5-11 this season against teams that made the tournament.

The Badgers, Kentucky, Villanova and Duke each earned No. 1 seeds.

Say no more

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  1. Shows you can’t pay any attention to the media in forecasting the seeding.
    If indeed the Hoosiers are playing better, this could be a game.

  2. I think we’ve beaten better teams this year than WSU. They’re good, but if we’re hitting from outside, we can beat them.

  3. WSU’s backcourt combo of Van Vliet and Baker is the real deal. The Shockers are 8th in the country in defensive scoring average. Like IU, they are a young team w/ 7 freshmen and only 2 seniors but should not be taken lightly.

    Was thoroughly entertained watching last night’s Notre Dame comeback vs.the Tarheels, and then today’s BIG finale. Those were 2 amazing comeback victories.

  4. Wow. Well I gave us a 50/50 shot to make it this morning. 60/40 after UConn lost. I did not expect a 10 seed. No telling what all went on in the selection room, but I’d guess they factored in a lot of competitive losses against good teams to go along with our early season success. It seems indiana fans might have been our own worst critics.

    While this is by no means vindication for our teams failures and/or shortcomings at the end of the year, it is a second chance. Those of you who wanted Crean to fail have to wait a while longer. Those of us who want to keep cheering for our Hoosiers get a little extra hope we can turn it back around.

    Very interesting bracket, too. There’s a lot of Indiana to go around in the Midwest. Just think though… if we get another shot at Purdue, it means they knocked off Kentucky and preserved our standing as the last undefeated team. Juicy. Probably not gonna happen, but hey! It’s March. You never know. Go Big Red!

  5. Acceptance of mediocrity. I’ll be rooting for them also. He’ll I’ll even fill out a few brackets and choose IU to run the table in at least one of my brackets. However, I’m not satisfied with Creans performance. Doesn’t mean I don’t love IU AND it doesn’t mean I want them to fail. It just means I don’t buy this coach. And I don’t accept mediocrity. Go Hoosiers. Shoot lights out and nobody can beat you

  6. Wow, what a surprise to get in with a #10. WSU is tough, but if we can get past them, Kansas is about as soft a #2 that you’ll find.

    Time to hit the reset button. Season starts on Friday.

  7. Acceptance of mediocrity and relief that we get a new lease on the season are two very different things. Nobody wouldn’t prefer being a four seed or better every year. But we’re not there. How about we just cheer on our Hoosiers, and save all the bitching for when the season is over?

  8. We got more than we deserved. WSU got boned with the 7 seed & I’m sure they’re not happy, nor would anyone else be that drew us. We are dangerous.

    At least the committee had UCLA in, keeping the heat off of us for getting in.

  9. I said the Hoosiers get hot and they can win this. I also said go Hoosiers. How else would you prefer I cheer them on? Do you prefer I add in an “at a boy crean”? Or would you like for me to get excited about the upcoming parade and 10 seed rings Tom going to hand out after the Hoosiers come home? I am pulling for them. But I’m disappointed in the last 2 years. He’s had enough time. The Hoosiers are the 3rd best team in Indiana. Wasn’t like that even in most of the Davis years

  10. Oh boy… Can’t wait for the parade and the 10th seed banner we get to hang. Man I’m excited.

    There… Is that better

  11. 5 teams got in from the state of Indiana and they are all in the same region. How does that happen?

  12. I also agree with #6 and #14. I think Coach Crean is a good coach, but not good enough for IU. I believe he is among the top 10 paid coaches (can someone confirm that ?) and the overall body of work does not justify that investment. He was hired to fix a program left in shambles and I think he deserves credit for restoring the program’s integrity but team performance is lackluster at best. While this team is young and in some ways has potential, it is clear that the coach and the guys are not on the same page and that does not bode well for the future. Compared with the football program that is clearly on a positive trajectory, I don’t see that with BB program.

  13. @9 I wouldn’t Wichita say got screwed. Something the committee seemed to value was quality non-conf opponents (regardless of the win/loss outcome), and they only played Utah. Colorado St got left out because their best non-conf game was against UTEP. We were technically ahead of Ohio St in part because they only played 4 top 150 teams in non-conf.

  14. pb1230 a lot of people were questioning UCLA getting in due to the fact that their only quality win was versus Utah.

  15. Well Drake, you must not have accepted IU Basketball”s “mediocrity” during the last seven seasons of Bob Knight’s tenure at IU, when his teams’ winning percentage was 65.4%, and were eliminated in the first round of the NCAA tournament in four of those seven seasons. For that matter, you must not have been happy with IU Basketball’s mediocrity in the eight seasons following Knight’s termination, when the program had a winning percentage of 62.1%. Interesting though, after completing the three year reclamation project, during the last four seasons under Crean, including last season’s disappointment, IU Basketball’s winning percentage has been 67.8%, and includes a Big Ten Championship and two trips to the Sweet 16. Yep, with the exception of the 2000/2001 season, IU Basketball has been mediocre for most of the last 22 seasons.

  16. Well Podunker … Bob Knight had a lot of success and history that allowed for some downfall. Coach Knight took us to an NIT in the 80’s and that was mediocrity. He went on to hang another Banner after that. So if Crean would’ve realized his potential and took us to a final four two years ago I think you’re point would be more valid. But throwing knight in this isn’t even close to a good comparison. I will concede this though; The last 22 years has been horrific in my view and that includes the last few years of the knight era. But I wont compare knight to Crean. Because there isnt a comparison at all,

  17. Well, Podunker, why don’t we compare oranges with oranges: let’s take Knight’s first five years and Tom Crean first seven years (and from those let’s throw out years 1 and 2). Knight was 68-10 in conference play after five years. He had one national title, one final four and one elite eight (in different seasons) plus four Big Ten conference titles during that time. Meanwhile Tom Crean is 44-46 in conference play in years 3-7 of his tenure. That concludes the comparison.

    Now since you want to talk about decades of mediocrity I propose we switch to IUFB.

  18. With Crean “everything hinges” on one player with lots of room for your A-Hope meddling and A-Prayer sanctimonious weakness to excuse the basketball sins of his disjointed collection of unprepared talent lacking in necessary tools of knowledge and forcing Hoosiers into ultimate defeatism predicated on success for a coddled select few … .

    With Knight “everything hinged” on one team with no room for your F-Hope meddling and F-Prayer sanctimonious weakness.to ever excuse the basketball sins of his committed collection of prepared talent given the necessary tools of knowledge and fostering Hoosiers into best chances at success as a unit.

  19. I’m not comparing Crean’s coaching ability/prowess to Knight’s ability/prowess. In my opinion, no one compares with Knight when he was at his peak (before he became politically incorrect) accept perhaps Coach K. And clearly Knight deserved the benefit of the doubt after winning three Championships. But I don’t recall too many IU fans calling for Knight’s termination during his last seven seasons in Bloomington because of his teams’ mediocre performance/record. They may have wanted him fired for his language, his boorish behavior with the media, or his “abusive” treatment (LOL) of his players, but not because of his teams’ mediocre record.

    Knight, Davis and Sampson never had to spend three years rebuilding IU’s basketball program from near total devastation. Crean deserves and will be given more time to determine if he is mediocre or capable of satisfying IU fans’ high expectations for their beloved basketball program.

  20. Why is “LOL” following his “abusive” treatment of players? What he did to Neil Reed was nothing to laugh about…

    And I’m pretty sure that if sports chats, internet forums, Twitter trolling, shock jocks, and radio blowhards(e.g. Dakich), were around in full force during the Knight years, it would have contributed greatly to Knight receiving much of the same scrutiny(whether justified or misguided) .. And I’m sure there would have been plenty of noise on places like Hoosier Scoop where Podunker could have “LOL,” thrown out some sarcastic defense for Knight in claiming Neil Reed was a “ninnie”……….

    Crean stepped into full support as the knight in shining Christian armor rescuing us like a princess from the evil destruction of Kelvin…Davis inherited nothing of such sex appeal…He was the scapegoat of Brand’s “zero tolerance” asked to live up to a god posing as a 3-banner coach that had shown itself to be mortal and flawed….Mike Davis faced far more crap than Crean will ever know….Players defended him, but the fan base was turned inside out and bitter….He was deemed incompetent from the day he stepped in to the greatest level of uncertainty to ever surround the program. And Davis proved incompetent enough to go beyond a Sweet 16, down your god, Coach K, in one of the greatest Hoosier comeback victories in the history of the program…..Crean couldn’t beat Coach K with a Kentucky roster….Davis did it with Jarrad Odle as his halftime adjustment post player stud and weapon of choice….Davis’s teams also exhibited a desire to value the “little things” like positioning for rebounding and valuing the basketball….They also didn’t embarrass the candy stripes by bringing up the cellar of the conference in overall defensive ability….

  21. For Mike Davis to get to a Final Four(through #1 Duke nonetheless), everything hinged on the post play of Jarrad Odle.

    For Tom Crean to get to a 10 million dollar contract extension, everything hinged on finding a wasted top national recruit that fizzled at a Sweet 16 because he only came to IU based on an alignment to his coach’s Christian doctrines.

  22. He’s been suffocating this blog for a long time, Rico. It’s close to becoming a forum for his ongoing soliloquy (i.e., anti-Crean rant).

    It’s “LOL” because his coaching tactics were never labeled abusive during his first 20 years as IU’s coach, but they became “abusive” as our society became more feminine and PC. Knight’s “abuse” was the media’s fabrication and became their favorite narrative, created and repeated by panty waste PC journalists who despised him for the disdain he directed toward some of them. Bob Knight did far more good than harm for the young men who played for him throughout his career. But don’t take my word for it, just read the dozens and dozens of positive testimonials from people like Coach K and the many other men who played for him.

  23. Harvard knows (I’m sure) that post #26 was not written by the real Rico Chet. And, the only one suffocating the blog is Podonkey. After Crean goes to Alabama hope Podonkey follows him there for good too.

  24. I have to say that my college coach had a very similar demeanor to Knight during practice. I was his whipping boy as a senior captain and took a heavy verbal abuse – mainly because he knew I could handle it, the rest of the team was very young, and he was hoping that I would be able to show them how to persevere – and some light physical abuse.

    I wouldn’t change my experience for the world. To this day my college coach is one of my closest friends and mentors. Either of us would do anything at the drop of a hat for the other.

    I wish kids these days could understand the value of overcoming difficult circumstances and environments and how helpful that is later in life. The bonding experience of going through it with others is something that usually lasts the test of time as well.

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