IUWBB: Agler, Muensterman leaving Hoosiers

Sophomore guard Taylor Agler and freshman Maura Muensterman have been granted their release from the Indiana women’s basketball program.

Brian Agler, Taylor’s father, confirmed the news of her departure Tuesday evening. Phil Kessler, Muensterman’s former AAU coach, confirmed Muensterman’s exit shortly after midnight.

“(Taylor) really took pride in representing IU, and she really loved the university and loved playing here,” said Brian Agler, who is the current coach of the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks.

Agler and Muensterman were recruited by former IU head coach Curt Miller, who resigned in July. But Agler began this season in the starting lineup under new head coach Teri Moren. After she was sidelined with an ankle injury Jan. 11 against Wisconsin, Agler permanently lost her starting spot to fellow sophomore Alexis Gassion.

She took to social media talk about her decision to leave, saying “This university will be one tough act to follow.”

“Thank you to anyone and everyone that has made Bloomington and IU feel like home since the first day I stepped on campus. Even though I’ve decided that finding a new school is what is best, I am definitely leaving with a heavy heart knowing all the really great people I’m leaving behind,” Agler wrote.

Doug Feinberg, a national women’s basketball writer for the Associated Press, first reported the news of Agler’s release via Twitter. A university spokesman could not comment on the report.

N.D. Kendrick, an AAU team director in the Evansville area, first tweeted about Muensterman’s intentions Tuesday night. Muensterman scored 13 points in 60 total minutes played during her freshman season.

In a reserve role this season, the 5-foot-9 Agler finished the 2014-15 season averaging 3.2 points per game. That was a steep decline from her 7.8 points per game average in 2013-14. Her minutes also reduced, from an average of 32.6 per game last season to 17.5 per game this year.

February 2 against Purdue, Agler didn’t play at all. Moren later explained that reserve guards Karlee McBride and Jess Walter had surpassed Agler in the rotation.

In her post to social media, Agler thanked her teammates, as well as coaches from both the current and former staff.

“A special thank you to the coaching staff that brought me here and believed in me when no one else in the nation did, as well as the existing coaching staff for working with me and helping me adjust through the year,” Agler wrote. “Finally a big thank you to Hoosier nation for being the greatest fans and basketball community I could ever imagine.”

With the exit of Agler and Muensterman, the Hoosiers would have three open scholarship slots. Redshirt junior forward Claire Jakubicek (knee issues) is graduating early and will not return for her final year of eligibility.

-Jeremy Price contributed to this report


  1. Remember all the angst when Mark Haymore and Bob Bender transferred off of the ’76 title team to other schools? Haymore became the leading scorer for UMass. Bender won another title at Duke.

    Remember how concerned everyone was?

    Me neither.

  2. It is a big lose. As a freshman she showed her defense ability. This year she seamed unmotivated and not giving it her all. She was very capable of leading the team in scoring every night but concentrate on rebounding and defense. She will be a great pickup for another team. Good luck to her.

  3. heres an idea….how about Terri and that joke of a staff she has exit the program!

  4. I am certainly not surprised by this because of her lack of playing time the last third of the season. Her reduction in paying time was understandable when you consider that her offensive stats had fallen off a cliff halfway through the season. Her field goal percentage had dropped to 19%. Along with that startling statistic is the fact that Carly McBride and Jess Walter’s play had really stood out as the season moved along. I really enjoyed Agler’s play last year but, her drop off this year did her in. This will probably not be the last girl to transfer because of a lack of playing time but, Hoosierfan made mention months ago that the whole sophomore class was probably out the door? Chet said it perfectly, transfers are a fact of life in college basketball. Certainly not anything to jump off a bridge about. Go Hoosiers!

  5. Not surprised, probably won’t be the last. Team won 21 games year before, brought in 4 great recruits. the coach thinks she has girls that aren’t good enough for the B10, maybe she’s not ready to coach in the B10.

  6. Hate to see it happen but not surprised. I wonder if Meunsterman is next. I would hate to see Maura go as she won the 3pt shooting in hoosier hysteria and really wanted to play for IU but she was recruited by Miller and played little this season only in last 2min of game and often seemed to hit a 3 during that time. Maura could play for someone but it seems not for Moren and it would be even less next season as Stratman will be eligible and in comes Royster and Williams.

  7. This roster had too many guards and to blame the coach for the problem created by Coach Miller is wrong. Look how weak the front court was this year without any depth. Just wait for the exodus from the men’s program to start after their season is over.

  8. dave is obviously the only commenter that knows whats up people. listen to him, there’s more…

  9. Why is anyone surprised? The coach and staff that recruited these girls are gone, under mysterious circumstances to boot. A new head coach comes in late in the off season and has a different philosophy she wants to install on short notice. Meanwhile, this squad was too small and not tough enough to hold their own against many of the better teams (Rutgers and Maryland are excellent examples of how far behind the Hoosiers are), yet somehow Miller was going to take this bunch to the promised land. I can’t blame any of these girls for transferring because they don’t agree with the coach or their lack of playing time, yet it’s a bit early to judge Moren because of these developments. It remains hard to fathom why IU women’s basketball remains such a disappointment. There’s enough talent in the Midwest to put together a better team. We’ll see, but taking Moren to task based on one year is premature.

  10. Play me or trade me.
    Nobody likes it, but it’s become the nature of the beast.
    I will miss Taylor, but IU simply has too many good guards for her to get back her lost playing time.
    Teri Moren and her staff have my total and complete support.
    I attend the IU women’s games and enjoy watching this incredibly young team mature.

  11. No one had anything for Maryland, set the bar high. We def were guard heavy, but we never one time D’ed up like a Miller coached team. Every coach wants to do it their way, sometimes you have to coach to what you have. Yes talent in state isn’t looking at IU, remember once recruit Jenna Allen. She changed her mind fast to Mich St.
    IU wasn’t gonna go to the promise land, but if you were at the games last year you seen Freshman give most teams a run for their money. A 14 win season is a disappointment showcasing bad defense, never following a shot, style of play.

  12. I wish I could say this was the end of the transfers. None of you people have any idea what kind of talent we just lost in agler but especially Muensterman. What a prolific shooter! They better get up and recruit cause they’re about to be swimming in scholarships! Really gonna miss these two and others to come.

  13. Maura that’s only good enough to play on the scout team. Maura has talent, and will succeed somewhere else. Figure a couple more will make the same decision in near future.

  14. Don’t follow the Women’s game…Why the mass exodus? Do they not like the coach? Is this another blunder by Glass?…or did a committee hire this coach? She once played for Purdue? That seems counterproductive…..

  15. Maura is the one I hate to see leave the most what an awesome shooter. She ave over 50% as a senior at mater dei from 3 point land. Where ever she goes I wouldnt be surprised if she starts and comes back to haunt Moren. But Moren had a real problem being guard heavy and post thin I mean really thin and they competed in spite of that but just did not have enough to pull out the wins. Its no secret to anyone who watched them how great that need was and is. Good luck to Taylor and Maura in the future.

  16. From what I have hear Moren was the 3rd or 4th choice at least. Hard to find a coach in mid summer though.

    In the end you can thank Curt Miller for this. He is an idiot and deserved to get shown the door but it’s to bad that IU women’s basketball will pay the real price.

  17. Curt Miller was the best coach IUWBB has EVER had! He was not shown the door either! This coach runs terrible plays! These are High School plays maybe even JR High, and she doesn’t figure out that running a zone defense will open up the 3pt shooter to drain on us! Then never makes the adjustments until we are buried and can’t get out! This was the ultimate bad hire by Fred Glass, and he should rethink it!

  18. Am I the only person who does not know the real reason Miller resigned? What is the buzz on this?

  19. Jeremy Price;

    Was your remark involving future departures made before or after you found out about Maura Muensterman?
    I can’t figure out who a third transfer would be.

  20. I noticed one comment from T. Agler regarding being recruited was that IU believed in her when no one else in the nation did. Was T.A. that heavily recruited by better programs in the country. I wish the girls well who are not fitting into T. Moren system as well as they would like, wherever they decide to go. (Will any end up at Butler)? However, looking at the current group projecting out 4 years they would always struggle to when 16 to 18 games and really have a hard time to when 20 games. (and Jena Allen does not count because she immediately declared for MSU upon coaching change and instability at IU. That is no fault of T. Moren who actually brought stability to program on the fly after a very late hire). Now, the question is can T. Moren recruit more physical forward and center players that are high enough quality to go along with current back court players and fit into T. Moren and staff system so IU can win 20 to 25 games and eventually more wins. Just maybe T.Moren has a vision of making IU women basketball competitively bigger than what it has ever been. We shall see how it will play itself out. By the way the 6’5″ girl from TX who was a late pick up after T. Moren got hired does not look all that good and I doubt she was that heavily recruited but she has a lot of upside. The other girl from Ohio does look pretty good. However, again T. Moren recruited these players after a late hire and yes I am making excuses for her because of the challenging and difficult situation she was in and that includes trying to create a positive IU women bb image that was in a negative light from C. Miller departure. C. Miller temporarily brought a feel good image to IU women bb program but messed it up again and it took a pause. T. Moren has a challenging task ahead with a great opportunity.

  21. DisappointedHoosier you really have no clue. It’s the worst kept secret in town by now. You are dead wrong.

    I am going to speak in general terms here but when any employer finds out that a person they employ is harassing another employee that has to be taken very seriously.

    I never said Miller was a bad coach. I enjoyed watching him coach actually. But he absolutely determined his own fate and in the end hurt the girls on his team and the program because of it.

  22. Nat, if there is another transfer, I would suspect that it might be Lindsay Leikem because of her fewer minutes played than last year? She would be the only other player that I can foresee moving on? Next year we will be much better up front with the addition of the 2 incoming recruits and Liz Stratman. Stratman will make a huge difference with her 6′ 2″ height and her experience. She was the Big East Conference defensive player of the year last year. She was also a double figure scorer. I have seen some tapes of Royster and her athletic ability is something that we sorely lack up front. She and Stratman should really help our rebounding abd defense under the basket!
    About Miller, I was very excited when he was hired because of his success at Bowling Green! He was a great recruiter and had an offensive philosophy that was something we needed which his predecessor coach Jack did not have. I do not agree with a couple of posters about his emphasis on defense which was mostly absent. As he recruited, I was a bit concerned as he continued to go after girls that were all in the 5′ 9″ to 5′ 11″ range. While most of these girls were talented, they were not very tall and this has now come back to haunt us this past year. I have heard many rumors about his resigning but, have never heard anything confirmed. Obviously his departure was of his own doing. At any rate, coach Moren needs to be given time to prove her worth, one year is not enough to see if she is what we need or not? Go Hoosiers!!

  23. T, you are obviously clueless about this program and Teri moren. She has no connection with any of these players. She has brought on absolutely no positivity. She does not communicate with her team at all, she apparently thinks that’s the job of her assistants. We were told by glass that Teri wasn’t going to make any major changes to the offense and defense, then Teri told us that herself (“not going to reinvent the wheel”) what did she actually do though?? She ran HER offense that we don’t have the players for. She whined about a lack of height with 6’0 Muensterman on the bench and couldn’t understand why we had so many guards. It was because you aren’t running the right offense. Sometimes you gotta work with what you have and moren consistently blamed the players for her failures as a coach. Now she gets to use the young team excuse AGAIN but not the size excuse. Most coches say when they lose that they, the coach, failed to prepare. Teri Moren has a book full of excuses and a so-so WL record to boot. These players will end up doing things in other programs for a good coach and Teri, you will have no one to blame but yourself. AND FOR THE LAST TIME JENNA ALLEN WAS NOT CONTACTED BY THE NEW INDIANA STAFF at all and that’s why she didn’t recommit. Tired of the lies on that front like it was out of morens hands (not true)

  24. HoosierFan041931. You continue to make false statements. Teri Moren met with Jenna Allen in Bloomington. It is a fact and can be confirmed by IU Athletics and MSU Athletics. JA ultimately decided to move on, but not without every attempt to keep her. In the future, unless you can prove your “facts” please do not post false ones. Your issue is obviously with Teri getting the job. I am sorry your “candidate” was not hired, and based on the info you post, not even granted an interview. Also, based on some of your other false statements, Coach Moren met with every player prior to the “first day of practice”, in fact, it was during her first week on the job, which is in opposition to your previous posts. There were also individual workouts prior to the first day of practice. Sometimes things happen to you and other times for you. Agler’s departure will not be felt other than the 1 or 2 more players she convinces to go with her. Which is unfortunate guidance, but IU will survive this ripple. If you had any basketball IQ you would look at the Top 7 players at the Top 5 Big Ten Teams and access how this current group compares. If you really were a Hooosier Fan, you would want a team full of players that could compete against the best of the best. We are not there yet….

  25. Well, so far T. Moren must have connected with 2 recruits; Royster and Williams for next year plus some girls are playing a lot and connecting with the coach. Regardless what was said, T. Moren is the coach and she can run whatever offense she chooses. Maybe at 6’0″ with a certain skill set does not meet what T. Moren sees that can elevate program to new heights. Yes, you can run offense for immediate short term benefits, however maybe T. Moren is looking at things more long term and changing IU women bb image to elevate program to a higher level with more physically capable players; especially inside players. J. Allen good luck at MSU. It is going to be T. Moren way if you are going to play for her and I like it.

  26. It is never “fun” to lose players to transfer. I only watched 6 games of the Lady Hoosiers. All of the games I watched were very competitive, well coached, played with passion and hard fought. These two players were not close to the top 8 in the rotation. That is a tough spot to be in when you look at all of the time and personal sacrifice that is demanded of these players. Any post using this information to attack a new coach and staff is both ignorant and mean spirited. The test is where does the kid go, what sort of career do they have at that school, etc. Agler is a special case. Her father is a high profile women’s basketball coach. Unfortunately, her talent does not reach their expectations. That is a very common situation: a knowledgeable but not objective over-involved parent “messing-up” the player-coach relationship. It happens all of the time. Next year’s team will be MUCH improved!

  27. I noticed while watching lady Hoosiers this year, several times good play/s were drawn up in the huddle or planned in the game (demonstrating good coaching) but the lady Hoosiers were unable to execute the play/s for reasons already mentioned throughout season. An example was Minnesota when IU led a large part of game but Minnesota pulled it out toward the end. I remember IU tried to go inside with inside player going toward basket, the play was there but not executed by the players. So the ball went out of bounds. Minnesota ball and Gophers went on to win game.

  28. Educated fan,
    She met with the parents of the players. She had no induvidual meetings with the players before the season started. Where do you get this info??? I was there! and Jenna Allen told the papers that she was not contacted. So everybody is a liar except Teri moren. Also, aglers performance last year was phenomenal compared to this year so i cant exclude leadership from why they left. And you cant make a call on Muenstermans ability to compete in the big ten since she was never played hardly at all. I’m tired of people saying she couldn’t compete. And T you obviously don’t know anything about basketball and are here to support Teri moren and tyra buss and that’s nice but please stop leaving crazy rambling comments about something you don’t know a thing about. To those calling me a liar about Allen, READ THE NEWSPAPER. My god, like i said wait for other transfers. She told them in the locker room she wouldn’t mind if they all got released. Moren is too good to use these “terrible” recruits that miller got for our. So far she’s recruited one, maybe 2 decent players. Remember you cant teach coordination at the college level. Also, i didn’t have a coach i specifically wanted to get hired, so Idk why that came up? Maybe someone with more than a barely winning overall record though

  29. Also, “educated fan” the individual workouts were done with coach Lloyd, the interim coach, so yes they did have individual workouts, but not with this new coaching staff. Lay off the drugs and don’t get so angry about what you don’t know at all.

  30. HF041931- I have no interest in going back and forth with you. I just want the non negative posters, to know your posts are false, and based only in hate (as an apparent relative of current/ former player). Your definition of meeting with players must be very specific as well. The one thing I will give you credit for is your strong passion against Coach Moren. Thankfully, you and your agenda, are no concern of hers. As for JA, it is old news now. But I do know I am 100% correct of a “in person” meeting. I guess I don’t have to get my info from the papers. To those who do support the current staff and players of IU, there are many good days ahead.

  31. I have a relative on the team and don’t wish to post anything negative but, hoosier fan obviously knows what is going on inside the program because they are spot-on.

  32. Seems like a generation ago, athletes automatically respected their coaches. However, today’s athletes now make coaches earn their commitment, respect, and trust. Have you earned your athletes’ commitment? For the most part, do your athletes listen to you, respond to you, and respect you? Your job as a coach is to be worthy of their commitment. This is obviously not an easy task but one that strikes at the core of credible coaching. Earning your athletes’ commitment depends largely on your credibility.
    –dean smith

    Also, i do not hate coach moren, she just needs to admit when she’s messed up.

    Just wait this party isn’t over yet!

  33. I would hate to go through life as angry about coaches as a great number of Hoosier basketball fans (both women’s and men’s teams) clearly are.

    What a sad place to be.

  34. Casual Observer, you just did post something negative by hopping on hf041931 bandwagon and displaying your negativity through his words/posts. T. Moren can admit when she has messed up, however she has not messed up anything. So there is no admission needed.

  35. For those new to the women’s forum, “t” is your lovable coach, Teri moren. She hasn’t made any mistakes???? Was she coaching UK men this year???

  36. There was never an official parent meeting. Someone must have attended the wrong team meeting, perhaps women’s water polo. Lack of control is such a struggle for some people. I am truly sorry things didn’t work out for your daughter. From coaching changes to injury, the sport is unpredictable. As for JA, call her house, ask her mom, dad, brother or sister. Whoever answers the phone. They were all there on that Saturday. And, yes, more news will come this week and then we can all move on.
    Go Hoosiers!

  37. Educated fan seems to know alot about the specifics of a parent-coach meetings while claiming to be neither. Sorry, I’m not the parent of one of your players. The Hoosier nation is not going to be happy with you if this keeps up. Good luck! Fred glass needs to keep his coaches and coaches significant others from commenting on here! Not professional.

  38. Dont count out teri just yet, next season has promise. Stratman “defensive player of the year” in the big east 79 blocks is nothing to sneeze at. I have watched highlights of Royster athletic 6’2″ 6’6″ wingspan can run the floor and play facing the basket . I have also watched whats available of Williams from texas,, not impressed, Hope she can make me change my mind. The simple fact is this year bigger teams played over cahil and anderson ,, more athleticism and size is needed and T is working on that as we speak. Sorry to say thats the nature of the beast. Staying small is not in the works. The other problem is IUWBB has been down for so long that top notch recruits wont give us a second look,, but success breeds success hopefully thats on the way next season.

  39. I don’t know if anyone posting here is a player, coach,or parent. I also don’t know anyone affiliated with the team. I am the parent of 3 kids that competed at the D1 level. I’ve seen this rodeo before.

    If anyone posting here is affiliated with the team do yourself a favor. Stay off these boards. It can only go badly. I’ve seen it. Don’t worry about what strangers say and don’t waste your breath defending or berating someone else. Don’t even read these things. Swear off until your kids graduate or you retire.

    It only drags you down to the lowest common denominator.

    Seriously, let it go.

  40. For those of you who do not follow Hoosierfan, you must realize that he is everywhere! He must hide in the locker room because he claims he has apparently heard all of these conversations between the players and coach Moren. He also says he is privy to conversations between recruits and the coaching staff. After all, he did claim in one post that “he was there!” In post # 37 he claims he was there when the coaching staff talked to Allen’s parents, must be really cool to be part of the inner circle?
    Anyway, it is great to know that Hoosierfan claims that nobody on this website apparently is as knowledgable as he is! We all, who have opinions on this team are as dumb as dumb can be. How much I wish I was part of the inner circle and had access to these conversations. I would feel so much smarter:-)

  41. T. I’m curious as to how you know what plays are drawn up. Are you on the bench? Do you use binoculars at the game to see the play board? You apparently have some type of “insider” information.

  42. i was wondering how t knew the plays, too.


    yeah, that chet guy is annoying. peacenik

  43. By watching the game on TV or following game on media up to and including timeouts, taking the ball out of bounds, how the team is set up when they start to run a play, and the kind of play they try to execute mainly offensive but also what they try to do defensively. That’s all. Just the obvious observations.

  44. Both educated fan and T both seem to know way too much (specifics of when campus visits and parent meetings took place), and based off “t” and her grammar skills, she absolutely did not/does not attend iu or any college for that matter. Also, I’ve never seen T ever post before this year. Maybe glass does need to have a talk with his employees? Does crean get on the scoop to defend himself under fake names? No…

  45. First, the 2 kids who left are great kids and great teammates who love IU. Deciding to leave was a very tough decision to make. Educated fan, who seems to know everything on the inner workings, i am certain neither of these girls tried to convince anyone else to leave. I have a few questions. Why did kaila hulls really quit? And why did we keep her on the roster so we can use her 4.0 gpa to raise the teams gpa but not honor her on senior day like the other injured players. Can’t have it both ways. By the way, i know the answer.

  46. Wow! Most posts I ever seen on women bb though many repetitive discussions; rivals mens bb discussions.

  47. Young team. If Coach Miller had stayed he wouldn’t have played everyone and some players would be upset.

    New Coaches. Always a challenge for a new group of coaches to coach players someone else recruited.

    Shooting. As a team, most of our players shot under 40%. We take a lot of 3 point shots, but not enough to shoot that poorly.

    Post depth. We played players out of position.

    All things that hopefully will correct as players get more experience and coaches get more familiar with our team

  48. Top-10 Ways to build more interest in IU Women’s Basektball than IU Men’s Basketball:

    10. Have Men’s team lose to Purdue twice in one season.
    9. Have Men’s team lose 8 out of last 12 to Northwestern(hope for 9 out of last 13 after today)
    8. Post play with clumsy mascara but no Perea!
    7. Steadier hands in TV camera operators after discovering leftover inventory of more supportive sports bras once used by DeAndre Thomas.
    6. Allow Men’s coach to routinely kiss his son on lips
    5. “You wrecked the program!” less painful than a Crean apologist hangnail.
    4. More 2-pointers by lowering thermostat temp in Assembly to a chilly 65 degrees.
    3. Pharrell’s “Clap Along” song brilliantly stolen from Tom Crean’s playbook
    2. Less ‘Banner Reunion Bengay’ hovering over my nachos.
    1. Hire a Moren for women’s team…Keep a moron for men’s team.

  49. 1. Hire a Moren for women’s team…Keep a moron for men’s team.

    @Lord of the Lady McCrackens#64

    Did you post this before or after the latest news of Larryn Brooks departure from the women’s team?

  50. T. Maybe she should have drawn up plays for the team she has, not the team she wishes she has, and then they may have worked. Maybe then the players would buy into her system.

  51. T, I don’t have dog in this fight but your comment #36 kind of proves Hoosierfan comment. I remember watching Minnesota game on on Big Ten network. The play you are talking about was a clear out for the post. Not arguing the play design but guard was pressured heavily, which was happening most of game, trying to enter pass to what you describe as undersized post player in crucial point of game. Ball was thrown out of bounds. Even if caught in post what was undersized, and she was giving up several inches, guard playing post going to do. Those are some of the arguments you are defending that makes no sense. The new coach came in with agenda after watching practices and decided which players she was “running off” to get extra scholarships for future. This is the sad part of the collegiate game. The players become pawns in coaching changes and there is no way to defend that fact. It happens everywhere. This is the reason you are seeing such push back against NCAA. Just opinion from an outsider who hates to see good kids get taken advantage of by NCAA system.

  52. OFan– Exactly and you hate to see good kids get taken advantage of like this. Looks like Maura is the one who really got stuck the most and didnt even get a fighters chance by the coaching staff, put her in the game with a couple minutes left maybe some games not at all. That girl has a great 3pt shot as evidenced in the 3pt contest, 52% her senior year leading assist all time indiana and probably ave around 17 or 18 a game. I have no doubt she will do well wherever she goes but thing is she chose IU but Moren chose otherwise, shame shame.

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