IUWBB: Curt Miller in consideration for job as assistant with L.A. Sparks

Former Indiana coach Curt Miller is being considered as a candidate for a job as an assistant with the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks, according to Brian Agler, the head coach of the Sparks.

Agler happens to be the father of Taylor Agler, one of three players granted their release from the IU women’s basketball program this week. But Agler said Miller was interviewed in L.A. in late February, and he continues to be considered among a group of possible hires.

Agler said he wants to have his staff assembled before the WNBA’s mid-April draft.

“I’ve known Curt for a long time, for several years before Taylor went to IU,” Agler said. “I have a lot of respect for his coaching ability, and as soon as I got the job in L.A., he was one of several people I reached out to.”

Miller abruptly resigned from IU in July with the program seemingly on the upswing. Agler, on the other hand, was hired as the Sparks’ head coach in early January.

Miller had a combined record of 32-32 at IU, but in his second and final season, his team was at one point ranked No. 22 in the country, finished 21-13 and won three games in the WNIT. He cited health and personal reasons as reasons for his resignation.

Just this week, IU lost three players that were recruited by Miller to Bloomington. Along with Taylor Agler, leading-scorer Larryn Brooks and freshman Maura Muensterman were granted their release from IU.


  1. We spoke with a lot of people while standing in line at Hoosier Hysteria, trying to figure out the rest of the story on Coach Miller’s strange departure from the Women’s Basketball program. I came away feeling there was a lot to the story we are not hearing, and though some claimed to be privy to inside info, no one would disclose what they had heard! Thought it would come out some time? Now with him considering another coaching gig, it really makes me wonder? Any additional insights?

  2. It was a personal issue and was limited to the staff. These girls really got the short end of the stick but its time to move on.

  3. I don’t know much about IU women’s basketball, but I did write about girls and women’s hoops for years snd watched more than a thousand games. I did see IU lose to Rutgers from. front tow seat at the B10 tourney. While Brooks is a fine player it was so obvious that Buss was and is the best player on the team. Moren, who was a late hire for god knows what reason because of Curt’s mysterious departure, now has a chance to build IU’s program.IU needs athletes — period. Absolutely killed on the boards by Rutgers — and this wasn’t one of Stringer’s premier teams. CPS schools have hidden gems and Chicago area coaches like Kipp, Tanya J, Power, Tony know where these and other kids are. For what it’s worth, I slso saw Mich-MSU game. Mich is horrible — i thought I wss watching judt a decent high school team. Except for Brooks and Buss, IU wasn’t much better. Oh, by the way, Brooks is sn inconsidtent shooter who had trouble creating a shot vs. Rutgers. Kept dribbling into trouble. That’s all I’ve got.

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