IUWBB: Marquette transfer Elbert visits IU

After a spate of transfers of their own, it appears as if the Hoosiers could be targeting a cast-off from another transfer-stricken institution.

Tia Elbert, who was one of three freshmen to leave Marquette this past week, visited Indiana this weekend, according to her former high school coach, Charlita Williamson. Elbert, a point guard from Oakdale, Minn., averaged 8.6 points and three assists per game and was named to the Big East’s All-Freshman team in 2014-15.

The release of Elbert, Kenisha Bell and Hannah Grim from their scholarships at Marquette was announced Thursday. All three freshmen were recruited by former Marquette coach Terri Mitchell but never had a chance to play for her; she was replaced by Carolyn Kieger prior to the season.

IU head coach Teri Moren, on the other hand, is in need of point guard help after the transfer of her sophomore point guard and leading scorer, Larryn Brooks. Moren also lost sophomore Taylor Agler and freshman Maura Muensterman following her first season at the helm at IU.

If Elbert transferred to IU, she might not be able to play next season, but she could help the Hoosiers in the long term. Coming out of Tartan High School, Elbert ranked among ESPN.com’s top 100 prospects. Her senior year at Tartan, she averaged 36.4 points per game.

One knock on Elbert after her first collegiate season, however, is her shooting. She finished the year with a 36.5 percent shooting percentage, including 27.1 percent from beyond the arc. At the free throw line, she connected on 57.8  percent of her attempts.


  1. I was curious about part of the asst. Coach’s comment regarding a “special guest” on campus. I was hoping for an immediate recruit…but that period starts in a couple of weeks.

    When does the spring signing day start?

  2. If Elbert were to come to IU, she would have to set out a year due to NCAA transfer rules which would be no help next year. While Jon is concerned about her shooting, her field goal percentage is only a little worse than Brooks was this year who shot 39% from the field as opposed to Elbert’s 36%. Brooks was much better than Elbert from 3 at 36% and the free throw line at 85%. It should be noted that most freshman don’t step right into division 1 basketball and shoot well their first year. The adjustment from high school to college is quite difficult. So, I wouldn’t get to bothered by her shooting her first year. The fact remains, if she comes aboard she will not be able to play next year.

  3. Noted– Plus the fact supposedly this player is just coming for a visit no word about signing or even a verbal as yet. Personally I would get more excited about someone with some size and athleticism coming for a visit, I mean dont we have enough guards.

  4. The problem is the depth at point guard is lacking…the way it was worded after the transfers we had was Tyra Buss was the only Point Guard left.

    So, it would fill a need NEXT YEAR, but not this year….

  5. Man this snowball is turning into an avalanche. Was counting on stratman and truly hoping to get to see her play and help this team. OK Moren now you have 5 scholarships , is that enough.

  6. Jon try to be a professional journalist with a little bit of sophistication! The words “a cast-off from another transfer-stricken institution” are both false, insulting and demeaning to a young student-athlete whom you do not know, whom you have not researched, and about whom you have no personal knowledge of the relevant facts! Did Marquette University tell you that they asked her to leave (“cast-off” means exactly that)? I thought not. You just made that up to be “cute” and “cutting edge”. It is called fabrication and is horrible for a journalist. You would not know a “transfer-stricken institution” if it bit you on your butt! No one knows until the end of the next season. The Maryland men had lots of transfers, in all directions, and it led to a great season, hardly “stricken”! Ask Andy to help you learn the craft! Good luck, we all have made blunders like this before. Admit it, learn, and move on.

  7. I’m with you on this one BeatPurdue.
    The HT has recently become an embarrassment to the profession of journalism.

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