IUWBB: Taylor Agler heading to Texas Tech

Taylor Agler was the first of four players to announce she would transfer from IU this offseason. She is also the first to find a new home.

Agler tweeted Tuesday morning that she intends to transfer to Texas Tech. The Lady Raiders were a natural fit for Agler, because former IU assistant coach Brandi Poole is now an assistant at Texas Tech under head coach Candace Whitaker.

The Lady Raiders were 15-16 in 2014-15, which is identical to the program Agler just left at IU. But that is an upward trend for Whitaker and her squad heading toward her third year as coach; in 2013-14, Texas Tech finished 6-24.

Agler, who started as a freshman, averaging 7.8 points per game as the Hoosiers finished 21-13 and made a WNIT run, found herself relegated to the bench under first-year head coach Teri Moren. Replaced in the starting lineup by Alexis Gassion midway through the year, Agler finished the season averaging 3.2 points per game on an average of 17.5 minutes per contest.


  1. This is certainly not surprising considering that Brandi Poole is on the Texas Tech staff. Poole was instrumental in bringing Agler to IU in the first place. After Miller mysteriously resigned, I said that the smartest thing we could do at the time was to offer Poole the head coaching job at IU. If there was such an offer, I doubt that Poole would have taken it because of her allegiance to Miller since she had worked with him for over 10 years. It would be interesting to know if IU in fact offered her the job? I do know one thing for sure, if Poole were here as the head coach, we would not be going through what we are now enduring. I have seen Texas Tech play at least 3 times this past year and I really wonder how Agler will fit into a very athletic team that is currently there? I hope that Taylor enjoys success at her new school.

  2. Its helps to get placement in another school, when your dad is a head coach in the Women’s NBA. All coaches need to keep their personal connections going up the coaching ladder. I also wonder if there has been contact by Miller’s former staff on some of the other transfers. I don’t think, there was any love lost on I U after Miller’s departure and his staff.

  3. I think all FOUR ladies will do excellent at their new schools. First, it helps to be wanted by the coach of your team. Second, the only coach that claimed these girls aren’t athletic enough was coach moren. Taylor is an excellent defensive player and working on her shot in the offseason will make her a positive presence on this new team. Good luck Taylor!

  4. As much as I really liked coach Miller and his enthusiastic recruiting approach, if rumors were true, he dug his own grave. It’s really a shame because I thought that with him at the helm, we were on the right track. Unfortunately, we are now paying the price for his departure. We now have to sit back and see through this painfully tough time if Moren can get it done or not? Time will tell.

  5. I guess this happens often when there is a coaching change , hard on the players and difficult for fans too. Two of the transfers make sense and two make little sense to the outside observer. Sure looks like one big mess ahead for next season. Just how difficult will this be coaxing any quality players at guard or post to come into this mess going on at IU. At least Royster is signed and wanted by Moren so she will most likely stick. I have seen the vid available on youtube for D. Williams and havent been impressed hopefully she can develop.

  6. Williams is a waste of a scholarship IMO, even though we now have a surplus of them. They never even considered giving coach Brandi the job but they should have, i will agree with you on that one little thing MikeC. I know glass wanted moren to keep the assistants but morens coaching style is so much different i almost cant blame her for bringing in her own people. She plays a different game.

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