1. if you only shoot 22% in second half ,and big reason you lost so many games last year was no shooting, is this like the tree in the forest( if it falls does it make sound) if you shoot only 22% can you call them shooters

  2. I agree TJ. Shooters? I’m not sure Johnson should be on the roster for crying out loud.

    Oh so many stupid decisions in the second half. Just wow. That’s on Crean. Lot of coaches would kill to have the advantages he has, and he can’t even make the tournament.

    This team doesn’t deserve the NCAAs. They didnt earn it. Beating Northwestern is meaningless.

  3. This season is a representation of the coach. Very DISAPPOINTING. Hype with no substance.

  4. Tim, that’s because you’re an idiot. Johnson was a top 50 recruit. He was a GREAT shooter in HS. A big part of the reason that most experts considered IU’s class the best shooting class in the country. He averaged 10 ppg… has made 52 threes so far this season shooting at a 40% clip.

  5. Talented freshman that ran out of gas and could not hit water from a boat, plus the loss of their big man to injury. That’s why IU lost this game. But somehow it is, once again, all Crean’s fault. LOL.

    Geoff, thanks for saving me the trouble of responding to Tim. That first sentence took the words right out of my mouth. Besides, it was IU’s other freshman shooter that could not make a field goal in the second half that really cost IU this game. And the lane violation call was bullish–, and the commentators confirmed it, referring to it as “a two point gift” from the refs.

  6. Podunker ;1 fault of Crean’s.. all year long people been clamoring for Holt to play more. When forced to play him, Holt responded like we had hoped that TW and Stan would have. After this game and Holt’s performance; Im left to wonder if CTC isn’t his own worst enemy in player developement

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