1. Keep Ambi-Stan on Baker…

    Less Max Hoetzel…

    Attaboy, Marv Albert. “Indiana Hosiers”..Would that be leopard pantyhose, Marv?

    “Indiana Pacers”…”Hosiers”…Yogi “Pharrell”…These guys are very prepared.

  2. Probably at least 10 more wins for this team with Devin Davis….Holt is somewhere else today.

  3. When a guy gets twelve lay-up’s in a game, that reason enough to fire a head coach….Absolutely pathetic.

  4. Even Yogi is screwing up….right now there isn’t a leader on the floor…Williams has spent more time in the floor than upright playing out of control…Hanner looks lost…defense is terrible only reason we aren’t losing by 20 at this point is WSU is missing some easy shots.

  5. I still don’t understand why we don’t press earlier in the game. WSU was just running over us in the last 10 min. They grabbed the initiative and didn’t let go.

    Well, on to the offseason. First round exit. Yuck.

  6. The offseason should prove very interesting. Very sloppy toward the end of the game. We need a big man so bad it’s ridiculous. I’m glad the bleeding is over.

  7. No, they won’t be leaving for the NBA…They’ll leave to a place that has a coach instead of a clapping and screaming caffeine fountain.

  8. WS got a couple more calls from refs. IU played well for IU. However, WS is a tough well coached team that made some beautiful well coached plays by players that has a culture of full 40 minutes of focused mind physical toughness.

  9. After watching that game it strikes me that had Marshall not said a single word to his team throughout the game, he would have still out-coached Crean.

  10. “Everything hinges” on getting drunk……and running these fireworks salesmen carnival crooks out of town.

  11. Tom Crean is to March Madness as a church boy with a Playboy under the mattress. He epitomizes premature elimination….

  12. Another second half fade. If he wants to stay on as coach, Crean’s got to figure out how he builds mental and physical endurance into his teams. Earlier in the season, you could attribute the problem to too many freshman. But today, it became obvious that the problem goes beyond youth.

  13. Happiness would be Cream in a u – haul heading west on Hwy 46. And take Glass with you.

  14. I can’t blame the mistakes and apprehension on the players….Can’t do it. Won’t go there. Belief is a function of confidence is a function of calm is a function of competence is a function of knowledge is a function of truth. If any of us had ValvoCrean for a coach, our heads would also be cold overcooked spaghetti.

  15. Go be an equipment manager for your brother from another mother: Calipari……Wonder if “brother John” still thinks your in the hunt for “Coach of the Year.?”

  16. …[you’re] in the hunt

    Take over, Geoff. Give them their full dose of “rational” and reasoned mature responses.

  17. Ben: Yogi may leave fir the NBA, depends are where he falls in the draft. Podunker ,I agree with you, the 2nd half fade has ( for the most part) been a season long problem. What I don’t understand that after an entire season the Freshmen didn’t show much progress from the Montreal trip. Agree Harvard, they will leave for either more playing time, better coaching or both. I said a few weeks back, I wouldn’t be surprised if JBJ transferred, after intense evaluation and assessment by JBJ and his dad. They may feel that they are not getting from IU’s program what James needs to get to the NBA( wouldn’t it be a kick in the teeth and elsewhere IF he went to Kentucky) Crean has shown repeatedly that he cant coach past a level of competence ( sayyyyyyyyy church league basketball league)

  18. LOL. “Little Game” James (JBJ) won’t be going to Kentucky without a ticket for a game. “Little Game” – who tears up the Grand Canyon’s and Northwestern’s of the world won’t be going there or the NBA. Could you imagine how many of JBJ’s shots would get blocked in a Kentucky practice? I’ll go with all of them.

    I guess he could go there as a defensive stopper. LOL.

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