1. They had a week to prepare for this. The season is on the line and this is how they play. With tommy coaching we don’t even get to hope for a comeback. This team is the forgettables and they should be forgotten. Take the born again coach with you

  2. Somebody please put us out of our misery and dump Glass and Crean in the unemployment line. We should be so lucky.

  3. another late season wiltdown by IU and CTC. Can ANYONE get to GLASS and tell him to watch this fiasco.

  4. Crean has coached and motivated this team from a certain 7 seed in NCAA to a possible 7th seed to now a 10 seed to if they lose this to what??? possible 14 seed

  5. NIT at best, barring a miracle, but what does it matter? This is a bad team, not destined to win anything.

  6. Tom Crean has become the poster child of “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” 2 years in a row wilting down to horrible play on both ends…at this time of year its ALL on coaching.

  7. Where are all the crean supporters at? I’d love to see how there are still convincing themselves Crean is the man for this job. This weave dribble drive thing is literally making me sick.

  8. Where are you Coachv? Remember “a win is a win”???? Now you know why!

    This team (& coach) sucks & should be booed out of the building. This was NW all over again. Down 8, 10, 12, 14 & just running the same old stale offensive sets with no urgency.

    Now, let’s speak to bigger issues. Obviously if you can’t get up for Iowa, playing at home, for a chance at the big dance, there are problems. This team is not a team at all. There are some clear disconnects internally and you can see it all over the court. These individuals don’t like each other. They are not together.

    Interesting that the chant “N-I-T N-I-T N-I-T” rhymes well with “Fire Tom Crean”. Just sayin’.

  9. I WAS a Crean supporter until about halfway through this season. No doubt he’s lost his support, as evidenced by the fans booing and leaving early. This is a sad situation. Unbearably bad.

  10. Its about time someone Western union to fire CTC,,,someone being “money Man “

  11. Chaz. I am almost sad that you have turned but I understand your frustration. At some point, we have all been there. Crean is just tough to root for. If I never hear dribble-drive again, I will be so happy

  12. IU was no doubt going to let Crean coach next year and see where it went. Adding a big and an ncaa bid was enough justification to not pay the big buyout. No NCAA bid and i think IU is literally forced to fire Crean. I’d prefer to loose the next 2 or 3than suffer through another 30 next year.

  13. Wow. I’ve tried to support this coach for as long as I could but the marriage is over. We’ve been forced to accept barely average. This is unacceptable. It isn’t working anymore. This is Indiana. Elite basketball rests here. I’m guessing we must now beat Michigan State and a game in Big Ten tournament to make the field. At this point I really don’t care. I haven’t visited this blog in awhile so I don’t know what the overall mood is here.

  14. I still am and always will be an Indiana fan. However, my desire for Indiana to have a REAL coach has now FAR OUTWEIGHED rooting for an Indiana win. For the last three or so games, I have found myself whooping and hollering for Minnesota, Northwestern, even Rutgers, and especially tonight for Iowa, with almost as much intensity as I typically would root for my beloved Hoosier teams.
    I also was missing IU basketball this past weekend, and couldn’t wait for this game so I could root for the other team.
    I’ve resolved my ambivalence about Hoosiers basketball. I desperately want a coaching change. Looking at every ridiculous loss is like seeing another nail pounded in Crean’s coffin, so I bring great enthusiasm this season to IU’s opponents.

    Tonight was a very enjoyable night……… Can’t wait for the MSU game…….REALLY looking forward to the tournament. Hope some of you others can benefit from my newly resolved point of view and, with my exciting new method, really enjoy the rest of the Hoosier’s season………

  15. At the postgame address, it becomes drivel-drive….

    Big ’75 reunion coming up on Saturday. Bob Knight….feels right….Moonlight….feels right. …Validate…Disani…Joyce…. We had 19 F’s! You wrecked the program! Everything hinges on Cody….Hanner is the next Hakeem….Floodgates….We pray before every game in the locker room….Olasheehey…..Lottery picks….Top 10 recruiting class.. Because ….Hoosier Rising video…Put your orders in today! Win Today…Lose tomorrow. Hire your own A.D….Fake ID’s…Halloween night…Creepy….I think about you all the time.. Establishment.

    More Max Hoetzel..


    On a more positive note, Stan Robinson was honored after the game for committing the quickest turnover upon just entering the game in NCAA history….It took Stan just .25 seconds to hurl a pass at the band.

  16. Glass is not about to admit that he is wrong. He is the man who came up with the huge buyout. This is on him if this team does not make the big dance.

  17. Who cares about the NCAA. All that means is a first round loss and another year of Crean.

  18. I don’t see how Crean will survive, especially after the crowd unloaded their frustration tonight. This level of play should be unacceptable at any respectable university, let alone IU. Ineptitude can’t be masked by a rah-rah attitude, but for these players to show such a lack of composure is insulting as well. The saddest part of all is that I doubt that Glass has the cohones to pull the trigger and make a move before this morphs into a total meltdown.

  19. wow……just….wow..

    No Men in da city…. needs to hook up with JPat at Nick’s. I’ll buy the first round…chirp…chirp…chirp.

    I actually blame Dan Dakich…He’s the second biggest ass in Indiana history.

  20. Glass can’t fire his boss. Tom Crean is the boss…He’s more boss than Bruce…More Jersey too.

    We can only hope that Tom Crean will find religion and resign.

  21. Ben-

    I can cheer for Indiana or I can cheer for more snow….Either way I get plowed…..But I’ll be damned if I cheer for other team. That’s just effed up.

    Hope you’re doing well.

  22. That’s screwed up for sure. I’m doing great. Thanks. Just became a first time home buyer Feb 4 and promoted at work. 81 degrees today. Felt good to unthaw. Take care of yourself. Maybe I’ll pop in again later.

  23. Harvard, I’ve got nothing really to say. I’m let down, sad and frustrated. Don’t forget, chirps only after a win. I will buy the first round if it can be a strong ipa!?

  24. Here’s a scary thought ; it wont get any better next year. NO big man coming in,other schools with underclassmen bigs will have them a year older .The BEST Crean can recruit is 6’8 forward. Playing small ball AGAIN next year. Dribble drive plays and Yogi will go NBA after this year;why stick around with no help coming. IM sure this game helped recruiting also.

  25. the apex of embarrassment for an IU fan. I was literally physically ill watching this game. I’m actually at the point now where I don’t even care if all the players transfer as long as Crean is gone next year. I’d rather start from scratch again. I just effing hate what has become of this team.

    J Pat, listen… I don’t know you personally. We’ve both been around this blog a long time. Prior to this year I probably agreed with your views more than not, and I certainly don’t have anything against you, but if I hear “crickets after a win” one more time I think I’m going to reach through the screen and strangle you. Stop with that nonsense. No one was proud of the disgusting effort in a 30 point win at Rutgers, but why should we come on here just constantly b*tch… it’s nice to have a break from having to type it once in a while… I just don’t know what winning an occasional game has to do with anything. If you can’t see it at this point then you simply don’t understand a effing thing about basketball.

  26. H4H- You crack me up, but your comments are dead on. I wish you were coaching! Let’s give Calbert a call. This is getting as bad as the Mike Davis era, maybe worse. I’ve been an IU BB fan all of my life, but this is really getting depressing. I see absolutely no coaching ability being put forth here. If TC is such a heralded recruiter, why then do we not have any big men on the team that can play? Have we sunk that low in the eyes of talented big men that we cannot recruit any of them? Even when Cody and Victor were here, IU got worse in the end. I guess if you coach no offense, no defense then that is what happens, and a coach blames the players instead of himself, then the players lay down and transfer. It doesn’t stop there. The faculty hates IU basketball, they hate Sports. But, they want the money. It all starts at the top.

  27. Geoff, we can respectfully agree to disagree without a strangling comment. I said it tonight in response to Harvard. I enjoyed the game at Assembly Hall with my son. This team did much better than anyone expected until they hit a wall a couple weeks back. I know the game as well as you man…give the holier than thou a rest!

  28. J Pat, first of all, no you don’t… second, I’m glad you “enjoyed” it with your son. Thirdly, this team did not do better than what I expected at any point this year. Feel free to go back and check any of my preseason comments. They have woefully disappointed in my mind and it’s 90% Crean’s fault. The other 10% is the Davis incident. I’m disgusted, and normally wouldn’t make strangling comments, but I’m so pissed at this point that I honestly don’t give an F anymore.

  29. G, read post 28…heart felt and you attack me. I am down and out too. If it makes you feel better to think you know the game better than me…I can live with that. You do you G and I’ll do me! You were wrong tonight, hope you feel better at my expense.

  30. WTH is your point with the “chirps/crickets after a win” comment every week then? If you can give me a coherent reason then I’ll say I’m sorry, but it’s so freaking annoying.

    I’m not saying you don’t know the game as well as me as a put down. It’s just not possible. It’s nothing against you man. It would be like me trying to say that I know IU football just as well as you because I’m a football fan and have watched football all my life and am a pretty good flag football QB…. It would just be a ridiculous statement. I know my limitations and I also know my strengths. Apparently I know yours better than you do as well.

  31. Wow, I’m not going to do this. You have a lot to learn in life…way too sure of yourself. Read your post. I am officially on a break from this blog. Fans like you G make me root for Crean. Have at it…enjoy your night. Only on a blog can an Indiana fan tear down another…joke! Sad thing is we should be in this together.

  32. J Pat, actually… I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be a dick. I’m just really pissed and annoyed at anything that sounds even remotely like apologist-speak. You have always been a good and forthright dude and I’m sorry for taking this out on you.

  33. Harv and Kevin K…take it easy. I didn’t read/post for almost ten months and I think it’s best I go that route again for health reasons. I will never understand how and why an individual can be so mean to another. This place was so fun 5 years or so ago…wish I could have it back…mostly toxic now! Take it easy and as always Go Hoosiers!

  34. we all have a lot to learn in life. and that will never ever change. I will always be sure of my basketball knowledge because I have spent well over the 10,000 hours on it to become an expert. I’ve spent well over 10,000 hours playing, over 10,000 hours watching, and over 10,000 coaching. So yeah, I’m fairly confident.

    Now, if you want to say I don’t know much about anything else then I won’t argue you very voraciously.

  35. G, thank you. It’s not you…higher powers at work man…I need off here and I know that deep down. I hope for the best for basketball…and football. Take care!

  36. jesus christ! did i accidentally stumble on dr. phil’s forum? i think i’m gonna cry

  37. J Pat-

    What are you talking about in post #42 with the Kevin K comment….? Was there an imposter on here using my name? I don’t see a post by Kevin K and don’t know what the hell you’re referring to. Saw some pretty nasty comments from a Lonnie that were taken down but I think they were directed at Geoff.. Did I miss something?


    I’ll wait for the big reunion party in 40 years where we can celebrate Cody’s bringing IU back just enough to get annihilated by Syracuse….He’ll be a fart in IU history, Geoff… 10,000 hrs coaching.. Does that make Crean a quality coach….When does quantity doing anything necessarily equate to being good at it? I’ve seen some pretty crappy paintings from people that have spent far more than 10,000 hrs. dumping brushes onto canvases with most pathetic results.. Crean is a perfect example of “more” having nothing to do with evolving into something better. I knew guys that could spend 10,000 hours on a basketball court while finding their ceiling in the first hour….just sayin’.

  38. Cody is no more a fart in IU’s history than EJ, or Mitch to Michigan’s, yet you find time to celebrate their accomplishments… apply some kind of standard Harv, don’t be so arbitrary.

  39. J Pat, Geoff,

    This thought is off the cuff but it is something that has kept formulating with me over the maturing season. Has the players as a team had enough of Crean? Is it possible they are orchestrating his demise at IU? When not in Cook are they conversing about the same thoughts on Crean as we are. There is some strong talent on this team albeit some of it raw and young. But even raw and young can play offense with endless high energy and play D with focus of playing nose to nose hard. Hell they don’t even hold their hands up on D unless their man is shooting. I am NOT talking conspiracy but I am saying there is no fire and has not been much for the conference schedule. As I watch them play I swear somebody has turned off some switches.

  40. wouldn’t be the first time Clarion… nor would it even be the 301st time… I couldn’t imagine dealing with his weird energy for more than a year in such close quarters. The only thing that seems off about that scenario is that they were having a promising year up until a couple weeks ago. I’m just not sure you can chalk it up to youth and inconsistency anymore… it’s too consistently poor. An anonymous friend of the Scoop told me I should buy Seth Cooper a few beers and try to get the inside scoop.

  41. G, if there is a way I can get your email…I would love to drop you a line. Interesting stuff happening right now… I can also explain why is it is difficult for me to root against Crean. If that is not possible, no problem. Maybe you are on FB or Twitter??

  42. I would suggest a spot you could meet “G” ….said Dr. Gräfenberg.

    I believe it is nicknamed the Ola of sheehey…..

  43. Clarion’s thoughts are down pat….

    JPat- You still haven’t explained the Kevin K comments…I’m puzzled. Will you please explain. ? Was this a Kevin Kline reference…? Didn’t Kevin Kline attend IU?
    I’ve heard Crean has been seen spending a lot of time near the offices of Robby Benson….Don’t know it there’s any truth to the rumors…JPat may have the inside scoop. These could be meetings for many things…polishing the acting skills….coaching advice…a game of one-on-one..shared time for a bit of Bible study…hair advice…recruiting(I actually heard that it was Robby Benson that drop the name of Hoetzel on Crean)….Just really not sure how much time is being spent with Benson(Kent’s cousin)..

  44. Jeremy Price – if you are so inclined, you have my permission to privately pass along my email to J Pat. Dustin did that in the past with me and Chet and a couple others…

  45. Who in the hell is Kevin K and what in the hell did JPat mean in his post #42…. ? Would you please also pass that along to JPat…But do not forward my email to any of these gossip and rumor spreading drama queens…

    It’s very dysfunctional to IU Basketball to come on here and act like you have inside information that should play into decisions on whether or not to retain Tom Crean. It makes Tsao appear very spot-on with his assessments of small motives. You’ve employed the same methods while attempting to discredit or dishonor Coach Wilson….It just doesn’t appear very kosher, JPat. Say what you have to say rather than throwing out loose rumor and acting as if you’re so in the loop….You can’t come on here with your “chirp..chirp…chirp” BS and then bite your tongue with the inside information only fit for those willing to share emails….Complete BS and makes you appear the gossip queen. It’s likely guys like you that start witch hunts and get the NCAA breathing down our backs….Are you attempting to have the power above something or someone you never earned?

    And answer my damn question….Your Kevin K comment makes no sense. Don’t put something on here(as if I had some feud with a blogger named Kevin K) without explaining yourself…It’s bizarre to say the least….

  46. This is the only recent post from a Kevin K that I could find(it was from Jan. 31st…after the Rutgers win)…Are you Kevin K, JPat? Is it your alter ego? I’m a bit concerned….. especially because your post #42 above makes absolutely no sense..

    KevinK #1

    Saturday, January 31, 2015 – 6:15 PM EST

    One step closer to the DANCE.
    Congratulations coaches and players

    J Pat #2

    Saturday, January 31, 2015 – 7:54 PM EST

    Well said Kevin K…well said!

  47. I had a long day at work. Harv, you and Kevin K are my favorite people on the blog…I was saying goodbye for a while because we have been on here the longest…remember gfdave, aruss, and Mike P…I miss those guys. Wish I had gotten on sooner so I didn’t have to read the meanness. I have not spoken of any rumor or a truth as I know it since I was torn down. Your words are sad to me…I enjoy your posts tremendously and was saying goodbye to you and Kevin K.

  48. geez harv, give jpat a break. can’t you see he’s having a nervous breakdown. stop being a meany before somebody here starts taking up a collection to send flowers to his family. jpat’s self-imposed exile lasted almost as long as all of yours, harv. when harvard promises to go away, i start the hard boiled eggs. when he comes back, i take them off the stove. perfect every time

  49. Coachv is absolutely money from 28 ft. Splashes every time.

    I have to find something to clean my screen after spitting out my coffee. That was the funniest thing I’ve read on here in a long time.

  50. J Pat-

    When you said “take it easy,” I actually thought you were asking Kevin K(which I saw no name on this thread going by such handle) and ,myself to not be mean to you or each other….You followed up “take it easy” with a statement talking of how you can’t believe people can be so mean on this blog…Sorry for my complete misunderstanding, but I thought you were attacking me…Still wasn’t sure about the mysterious Kevin K so I was perplexed and thought you meant to stop being (a)mean to you., or (b) being mean to each other….

    I actually thought you were getting defensive ..I thought “take it easy” meant get off my back….

    Anyway, though I believed your post #42 was an attempt at attacking me just based on some harmless fun with the “chirp…chirp…chirp” stuff, II still overreacted Just wanted to apologize at this point…….You are a decent and kind soul and I am rotten to the core. You’ve always been a sincere fan and never give up on the Hoosiers…I wish I had more of your resolve and faith…and ability to not be so bitter.

    There was some posts removed from this thread(some attacks from someone that used the name Lonnie) …I honestly thought that Jeremy may have removed something from “Kevin K” …I was confused and getting defensive….

    My apologies again, J Pat. I was in the wrong.

  51. Oh, and all that other BS about accusing you of spreading rumor/innuendo and trying to act like you’re an “insider”….? That’s just me being jealous as all hell…I’ve never been an insider and nobody ever wants my damn email. I know you’re not trying to spread rumor or sabotage anything…especially not Coach Wilson…or Coach Crean. I’m human…I get my ego wounded and my heart broken too. Don’t take that garbage out on yourself…Again, my fault. My issues…You take care. Take your boy to some more ball games and cheer your ass off. That’s what expect from J Pat and that’s what I know is a fan that will always be true to Indiana. You’re a rare breed and I mean that in a very good way.

  52. so J Pat wrote an email to me… and while I won’t share what he wrote, I will say that he does seem to have several points of access to the various teams, the athetic department, and the university. I found the information (“rumors”, although quite informed “rumors”) to be very interesting and seemingly very plausible. He’s also had several first-hand experiences that seem to bolster the things he hears going on behind the scenes.

    I can understand why he would want to be vague to a certain extent, but my guess is that if anyone were ever interested in hearing about any of it more in-depth he would probably share with you off-Scoop…

  53. Oh, please share….Let’s all meet at Nick’s for a Tom Crean prayer circle.

    Has he talked to Dan Dakich…If Dan doesn’t know of any of this then it’s all rumor. Dan knew that Cody was coming…Dan always knew Cody was coming. Dan gets awfully close to recruits..

    I get sorta nervous when guys like Goeff are going through the closet boxes in the Assembly Hall basement…Be careful, J Pat. All have their motives. And when you guys whisper in the basement, it makes you sound a lot like Dan Dakich. You may think that’s a good thing…That’s just fine. Think it. Feed it to Jeremy like grapes from the veins of your guarded truth. You’re special just like Dan.

  54. Guess One:

    Tom Crean and Doc Libby are expecting their first child…?

  55. I sorta like “veins” in that sentence, but I sincerely meant to say “vines.” grape vines….Freudian…subliminal…repressed…typo…or just another brain fart. You make the call.

  56. Guess Two:

    Fred Glass was seen at an off-campus striptease party and Pat Knight was performing….?

  57. ummm, I didn’t speak to the content or tone of anything that J Pat and I have discussed. Just that I have no reason to think he isn’t sincere or well-informed.

  58. Geoff, You are correct about J Pat. I found out several years ago he is well connected and if you are going to challenge his observations you best have a squeaky clean 20/20. J Pat really likes a good discussion about IU but he does not get into the sideline of personal tit for tat fighting. He along with another well connected veteran on here we don’t hear much from anymore, Mike P., have earned my respect. They are Hoosiers clear through.

  59. Get off you high horses…Who cares if they’re well connected..? .Maybe they shouldn’t be well connected. Maybe they’ve been “well connected” too long….Maybe they need to connect to something else and let some new people find a connection to their old well connected world at IU.

    Keep the innuendo off this site…If you have facts, state them. Otherwise, your well connected dots don’t mean a thing. What is this, a gentlemen’s club…? Do i need a certain brand of cigar. or style of pipe.? Do I need a leather wing chair with my name reserved at the Yacht Club sign-in sheet?

    I can also explain why is it is difficult for me to root against Crean.

    That didn’t need said here…I like JPat, but I think any suggestions of support or non-support for Crean based on his private “facts” or “investigations” or “connections” can stay completely private without any suggestion on Scoop that he is in some special loop…It makes for power-playing and acting of superior position because of your private and superior positioning….Well isn’t that convenient….I tend to think those really “in the know” don’t need to tell the rest the world they can have a taste if they kiss their toes….I don’t consider that to be a straight shooter……Anyone of us could drop similar BS as “insiders” with plenty of reasons to root against Tom Crean…or whatever agenda we so may choose.

    If you can’t share, don’t…Don’t tell the world how special you are because you are on the inside. That’s also a slap in the faces of the journalists here that fight their asses off to get stories delivered objectively, truthfully, and with all disclosure necessary(outside of truly harming privacy). It serves no purpose to come onto public forum and make public what you intend to keep private…It’s pounding your own chest and discredits you more than anything else.

  60. We also have to think of context….We have a past with J Pat…I’m not crucifying him for his statements about Wilson being a “jerk”…but it is a past. And it is part of his past on Scoop. I don’t remember if there was also “inside” information to prove just how great a “jerk” Wilson is….But it’s all just so private and we must always take J Pat version as a balanced private assessment……We all filter things differently and J Pat may react to things on the “inside” far differently than the next supposed rational mind that balances perceived facts against things passed through many ears back out many more voices. What is truth can be easily clouded by what we desire to see and selectively hear. For all this hidden reason to support Crean would mean more to me if I would have heard of a couple hidden reasons from the same household in the know to not call someone trying to resurrect an IU football program a “jerk.”

  61. not sure why you’re feeling any sense of high-horseness…. all I’m saying is that I believe J Pat to be authentic… that’s it. You’re adding everything else.

  62. It’s fine..Just my opinion…Playing “support” for a coach via emails based on your privately shared “inside” information just feels highfalutin to me…even borderline creepy. This is a blog…we’re not supposed to have inside information and dangle it like a carrot for a noose.. It plays exactly into what I’ve said in the past about “meddlers” with agenda….

    I agree with a statement made earlier today on a different thread…..There’s very little to trust in IU athletics anymore. The isolation of Bloomington is finally getting the better of itself.

  63. We should all be really talking about the despicable activities at Duke of late……..Anyone have “inside” information to how a rape allegation stayed squashed for 9 months while student on the campus were attempting to intimidate this individual by calling her a whore…? Yup…college sports is at a very classy day…

    Funny how drama at IU is always present when the real pigs are rolling in the mud….IU fans are so easily played by the Establishment media. I love Duke….Love Coach K too…..Classy school …Classy people

  64. I don’t think Harvard was particularly out of line. All he said was that he didn’t necessarily blindly accept ‘evidence’ he was never allowed to see.

    Seems reasonable.

  65. After reading his last 4 posts all I can say is H4H has been on here long enough to know J Pat has been more right than wrong on here.

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