1. Well, at least they did not quit in this game.

    What’s with the boo birds? This is a very young team. The boo birds may be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. I remember when IU fans in Assembly Hall used to cheer and try to rally IU when they were down in a home game.

  2. Podunker – IU has mostly underachieved for a couple decades now lol. It’s amazing that fans still show up at this point. While a ton of schools with have less advantages than IU have hired coaches who win, IU has been stuck with mediocrity for years. It’s laughable. Most likely looking at consecutive NIT seasons in a coaches 6th and 7th year. Is that a joke? I’m not even sure Butler accepts that. IU has the advantages in basketball that schools like LSU, Georgia, Florida do in football.

  3. It’s the product they are booing, not the kids…They feel deceived. They feel the men in charge of the athletic department have lied and thickly lined their own pockets in doing so. Their basketball program has been taken hostage by trickery some carnival salesmen posing as leaders and coaches…Too boo gives the slightest glimmer of hope that all are not apologists infected with brain-numbing complacency served on a platter of ignorance…..They know it has to be more than t-shirts and “Hoosier Rising” videos….and “Win Today” billboards..

  4. Crean is just tough to root for. I believe he could go in a room of die-hard IU fans and could lose many of them just by opening his over tanned mouth. I think Glass made a horrible move this week by even addressing the situation. If anything, he should have just said the situation will be addressed at the end of the season. I don’t blame the fans for booing. They are booing the product and not the kids. Crean just needs to go because next year will be unbearable (can we say Davis’ last year). At least Davis realized he was in over his head and walked away. Crean will make this ugly. I thought Crean was the answer when first hired but went to Marquette’s message boards just to hear what they were saying. They were ecstatic that he was leaving and were quite vocal in predicticting the Hoosiers demise. They were right.

  5. H4H,Jeff,Coach you all are correct in why the booing. I also think ,like you coach, it’s the charlatan/snake oil salesman they are booing. Only reason I can think Glass and Crean brought Thomas Bryant and Thon Maker to watch the game was to dispel the “tag” that Crean cant recruit big men.

  6. I never thought that I would live to see the day where IU basketball would sink to depth that it has over the last 12 years. Fans and alumni alike must be stunned beyond measure, as I am. There’s only one phrase I can think of that describes the state of the program and that is clearly “second rate”. Apparently no one in Btown has a clue of how to rectify this issue, because all we hear are catchy phrases, and no one is buying that jive anymore. I say “Good Riddance” to all the overpaid dopes who contributed to this toxic mess, including McRobbie and Glass.


    Seems like a statement CTC should yell into a mirror with Glass standing next to him.

  8. Sink to the depths? Were we not around for 03-06? That 04-05 season with a lifeless loss at home in the first round of the NIT to Vanderbilt? Do I like where this team is…not one bit, but in the big picture of things it is not currently residing in the catacombs of hell.


  9. The team was more intense today and played hard and just came up short at the end of the game. The people at the game that were booing are making their feelings be known to Fred Glass and the athletic department personnel who are in attendance. I don’t believe the coach, or Fred Glass read any of the blogs or listen to the radio call in shows for fan feedback. Yes, I attended the game and I pay my Varsity Club donations and I don’t like the direction of the men’s basketball program. The 1975 team was real I U Basketball at its best, they only lost 12 games in three years .

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