Notes and quotes from Tom Crean’s final radio show of season #iubb

Tom Crean was in a reflective mood during his final radio show of the season, bringing the program far past the first episode of the year in November when the IU coach fielded calls from angry fans, including one who asked why Crean deserved to keep his job.

There’s a regular crowd of folks who pack into the Bloomington Holiday Inn each Monday night to hear Crean’s comments on the team, and ask him questions of their own.

After fielding a playful question from one of the show’s regular attendees, Crean took an opportunity to thank IU fans for their loyalty through the turbulence of this season.

“The support that all of you have shown over the years, especially the last week, I can’t tell you how much that meant to me to walk into here and see so many people being that way,” Crean said. “That gave me a huge jolt for the rest of the week. Again, it’s little things like that that make you really appreciate what people are all about and the way this place was, and the way you’ve been all year long, and the support you all show — it’s beautiful out today, but we’ve also come in here when it was zero degrees out.

“The loyalty that all of you have to Indiana basketball and what you’ve shown to the Creans and to what you’ve shown to us, that never, never goes unappreciated. I promise you. If I had a hat on, I’d take it off. My hat’s off to you. Thank you for all you do.”

Crean was also especially complimentary of the work done by emcee Don Fischer, closing the show by thanking the longtime IU play-by-play man for sharing the mike with him.

“I’m just gonna say this,” Crean said. “There’s a lot of great honors that you can get in any walk of life, but especially coaching basketball. Being able to partner up with you over the last seven years, being able to be in here with you this year and being here at this podium with you, I’ll put them right at the top and I’m dead serious.”

During the call-in portion of the show, Crean was asked about Emmitt Holt and his progression as a freshman. The caller also specifically asked whether Crean views Holt as a starter down the road.

“When he’s playing the kind of minutes he’s playing, he’s definitely a player that’s capable of being a starting player,” Crean said. “He’s doing an outstanding job and he was really good the other day. He’s had his freshman times. Obviously, he’s a young player that, up until August, he was going to prep school for the year. He’s ahd some really tremendous moments for us going all the way back to the Pittsburgh game, but he continues to get better.”

Crean went just a little further on Holt, but was non-committal about whether he would start the freshman on Friday as Hanner Mosquera-Perea works his way back and Collin Hartman searches for the same consistency that made him a key player earlier in the year.

“Could he be a starter in this program? There’s no question about that either,” Crean said. “It’s just a matter of continuing to get better. Will we do it on Friday afternoon? I don’t have an answer to that yet. The bottom line is he’s improving constantly and we’re really fortunate that we have him.”

The Indiana frontcourt was a hot topic during the second portion of the show. Crean was also asked how he manages minutes between his regular trio of Mosquera-Perea, Hartman and Holt.

“I think you need them both, just like you need Collin,” Crean said. “We had Jordan Fuchs, certainly, ready to go that could’ve played, too, against Maryland. It just so happened that Emmitt really played well. I think with what we need to do inside, and the way that we get attacked inside, we have to do a really good job of making sure that everyone’s ready when we play them in stretches.

“The bottom line is … with that group, there’s rarely been a time when Hanner and Collin have been at the top of their game and healthy all at the same time inside of the Big Ten. Obviously, we don’t have that right now, even though Hanner is getting better. Because of our play this year, because of our inside play, we do a lot of different things based on not just how we’re matching up, but how they might match up with us. What happens sometimes is you have the five-man guarding Troy when you have Collin in, you get the four-man or the three-man guarding Troy when you have Hanner or Emmitt in. We have to keep an eye on all of that as to what could be advantageous to us. I’m glad we have both of them, and I hope we have Hanner in a healthy place for Friday.”


  1. Crean is not going anywhere. How about supporting the team? I have never realized until recently how most of the “fans” on these boards are gossipy old ladies. Why would anyone want to coach or play here with fans like these? No successful big name college coach is going to drop what they are doing to come here, stop kidding yourselfs. There are things about Crean that drive me crazy, but he is our coach, so I will support him and the team for as long as he is here.

  2. I would agree LH, we can only be so lucky if he resigns. Interesting that he praised “Fisch” after getting snippy with him earlier this year a few times in post game interviews. And making specific mention to getting a jolt for the rest of the week??? Doesn’t being in vs. out do that already???

    Life is all about timing. Although I’d love to see Stevens, he’s only 2 yrs. into Boston and improving. I’d hate to hire someone else only to miss out in a year or two when Stevens is ready to go “Back to School”. But I can’t watch this pathetic brand of basketball anymore. It just isn’t what we value as Hoosiers. It is the NBA regular season, which sucks.

    Crean is a salesman. He sold the administration & he sells recruits to come in and run and gun without the discipline required to win in the Big 10. He believes what he’s selling. True fans don’t because we know better. His “plan” is based upon “we will score more than you”. But bad shots, stagnant offense, no defense and standing around equal losses. The one thing this team DID DO this year was rebound. We overachieved there & that’s about it.

    Wichita St. will be a good matchup, but they don’t have defensive lapses & piss the ball away like we do.

  3. In today’s society whether it be; pro sports, some mid major & almost all major college & pro coaches & players, entertainers, politicians, CEOs, company executives, major players on wall street, etc. — you usually hear the same old sickening story about thanking the people, supporters, fans, being appreciative with both, sometimes happy and sad trears whether successful, failure or somwhere in between. Translation: The emotional side of making multi millions of dollars for something he or she loves to do. What a gig! I am not making reference to just T. Crean but it is all of them and it is simply unjustifiable regarding every single one of them. The answer is a definite unequivocal Yes, I would love to be in a similar position like them and gladly receive as much as I could get so I could project that same old sickening story.

  4. What a bunch of pathetic trolls.

    Thank you coach Crean for a fun season and an NCAA bid. If we can get out of the first weekend, it will be three sweet 16s in 4 years.

  5. Why are people that are reporting real info trolls?

    Joanie wanted maybe still wants out of btown
    Crean got permission to negotiate with bama
    The buyout has already been negotiated if Crean wants out
    Creans seemed to be having second thoughts but in the end it’s 100% coach Crean and his family that will determine if he comes back next year

  6. I’m not sure about that rumor….but isn’t Mike Davis an Alabama alum?

    I’d go with that rumor more than Tom Crean being Bama bound….

    Just what I would check if I were Alabama’s AD

  7. omega

    how did you come by this fantastic piece of info? if the creans are changing their minds they should brace themselves for the s—storm that will come down if we get blown out by wichita st. that will change it back.

  8. TJ,
    Donovan would be my dream pick if a change is made.

    While not likely, there is a rationale. He has done an amazing job at Florida but that was before Calapari brought his criminal enterprise to the bait and tackle shop across the river. Now that he has the wheels greased at UK, Florida will forever be a bridesmaid. Florida is a pretty respectable university. As an SEC school I’m sure the rules can be gotten around but they aren’t completely absent, as they are in Kaintuck.

    There are several Big Ten coaches that are considered among the elite. The club is not closed. Every year (this season is an aberration) the title is up for grabs. The sky is the limit.

    In the SEC (barring the rare total flameout of Kentucky) second place is the limit.

    If a coaching change were in the works I’d certainly give Billy a call.

  9. Omega – You may well be correct with your statements but there will be those who like myself find this kind of post lacking in substance. Most of us simply state an opinion for others to accept or disagree but you are not stating an opinion but rather what is a done deal. It is fine if you wish to make these kind of assertions but you then have a responsibility to back them up with absolute specifics. Who is your specific source of this information? Who specifically advised you that he was given permission to speak to Alabama and when did he specifically meet with them. Would any AD really permit a coach to negotiate with another school during his teams season? If he is resigning to take the head coaching position with Alabama why does he need a buyout negotiated?

  10. alum – a colorless astringent compound that is a hydrated double sulfate of aluminum and potassium, used in solution medicinally and in dyeing and tanning.

    So…there IS such a thing.

  11. Fine, Fine…Alumnus….I forgot being so close to a college there were so many English professors on here…

    For the record, I like Mr. Walker’s questions regarding the rumor that Omega laid on us…

    Speaking of which, who is going to start the “I know a realtor in Bloomington and Brad Stevens and his wife are looking at houses in the Bloomington area?” rumors??? Always a classic…

  12. One more thing on potential coaching changes…do you guys REALLY want to watch Virginia-style basketball night after night? I understand we all appreciate defense but the Cavs are almost painful to watch.

    Do Charlottesville pizza joints give away free pizzas whenever the Cavs scores 70?

    Talk about a school that high scoring recruits are not going to consider. I am of the opinion that, once the rest of the ACC catches on to Bennett’s game plan that it is going to be less and less effective. When high value recruits become more familiar with the future holds they are not going to want to be a part of it..

  13. I have Virginia as the runner up, but was kicking myself when I put the final score of KY 84 UVA 60…What was I thinking?

  14. chet

    i never said there is no such word as alum. i said there is no such thing as being an alum. reading is fundamental. so is comprehension. and steve, just because it is in “common usage” doesn’t make it right, so don’t listen to chet unless you want to appear equally ignorant, which i am sure you are not. just some preventative advice.

  15. aren’t you on this board “gossiping” BA88. that’s what I thought…

    anyway, I think its not necessary to look into his comments. it seemed pretty straight forward to me that he is not going to be around after the season and he was having an “honest” moment, which is probably therapeutic for him after this season.

    at the end of the day, I think the fans, the program, the school and whatever team puts on a uniform next year deserves a reset. ever since knight was let go, nothing has been quite right. Davis was an odd choice, Sampson was a bad choice, Crean seemed like a desperate choice. Its time for the right choice.

  16. and while we’re spreading rumors, don’t count out sean miller. here in AZ it is said his wife is no fan of Tucson and didn’t he look around a little bit a couple years ago? and I would think he’s probably more comfortable closer to the east/Midwest and family. pac 10 basketball blows. I wouldn’t count him out.

  17. coachv, if you really want us to appreciate your brilliance you might want to try writing above a 12 year, 4 month language development level.

    I didn’t even bother to factor in the absence of punctuation or capitalization. That would have been just mean.

  18. If Crean does leave, what does next year’s team look like? Yogi is probably gone, could graduate early and transfer without sitting out. Blackmon would probably go along with Williams and Johnson. The recruits may decide to change their minds as well. This team might look pretty ugly in a new coaches first year trying to patch something together. Everyone going to be patient while a new coach takes a couple of years to build his team? Or are the fickle IU fans going to be ready to run him out after 2 years of no progress? I think I know that answer.

  19. Wow….Cody Zeller only averaging 7.7 ppg.

    It would have taken about about 7.7 yards off the bolt in banner cloth to have become a legend in Indiana the likes of Larry Bird….

    Frank Kaminsky…Frank Kaminsky…Frank Kaminsky…Frank wants another shot at UK. What’s Bo Ryan without Frank Kaminsky the last two years? Absolutely as average as Cody Zeller on the most pathetically depressing team in the NBA.

    We can blame Crean until the cash buyout cows come home, but Indiana will never be “deep tournament run” relevant until we find inside the paint talent that is committed as the head coach to hanging the next championship banner in Assembly..

    It was Mark Adams that hung Crean with all the A-Hope projects…..Crean took them all…He put Jobe, Jurkin, Bawa, and Perea in Hoosier uniforms and massaged Adams and Indiana Elite to utlimately get his “everything hinges” Zeller…..He honored a scholarship for Etherington as well….Five scholarships and horrendous ligatures in talent and wasted roster spots…

    Tom Crean should never be fired for his lack of coaching skill…He should be fired for letting Adams and Indiana Elite manipulate the dignity of our storied McCracken where roster spots should be earned instead of negotiated for one player that had very little hunger for resurrecting the program.

    We took on a slew of toe-trippers that could never challenge a quality big in practice …We took them and let them extend their long legs on the bench…We watched them come into games and embarrass the art of the game with clueless instincts and flailing arms…We let mocking journalists turn it all into fun-loving “Tijan Forever” slogans that were uttered at the end of LiveChat’s as a hip way to close out another evening of Hoosier loses and growing irrelevance…..

    And for those that never shut up about how it was so beautiful that we were using Indiana Basketball to validate whatever “Tijan Forever,” Christian goodness, and Adams’ manipulation of Crean was providing while stealing our chance to become truly “elite” in the sport again,…….? Where are you now? You are the people that should be falling on the sword for Tom Crean. You have disappeared….You don’t even stay to wish Tom Crean on his marry way.

    If you want banners back in Assembly, close the shop to meddlers and Establishment brain-washers that use the place for everything but winning basketball….If it’s a business, better start treating it as one instead of place for average journalists to clap their hands over the charity cases we give precious roster spots….Better learn how to say “Frank Kaminsky forever” and leave the meddlers outside without a ticket ..Leave them to snooping around in the showers of their own Penn State locker rooms to save the world…While they were at Indiana meddling with our precious basketball roster spots and enjoying a wholesome righteous slice of American Hoosier apple pie, Dipo going home parties to a DC posing as James Madison, and a “Tijan Forever” scoop of ice cream on top of Crean’;s enormous pushover salary of existence, Sandusky was doing plenty of “forever” in the halls of their alma mater they seemingly forgot how to keep careful and watchful eye as our washed up and dusty banners.

    You gave them the program to do as they please, Tom….Did they thank you before they wished you off to Alabama hell?…..They are silent as “forever” a deed of honor to defend you as well.

  20. I don’t believe S Miller at U of A is going anywhere soon. He was “looking around” a couple years ago as a negotiating tactic because his original contract’s compensation package was way below average. AZ fixed that problem very quickly. If he were to leave AZ, it would have to be for a program more prominent than IU is right now. IU would be seen as a “lateral move.” It would have to be KY, DUKE, Louisville, Florida, UNC, UCONN, or etc., where they’re used to paying HUGE dollars to their BB coach. If Miller were to move, it would be to a school that he believes gives him a better chance of winning NCAA Championships and one that can afford to pay him Calipari/Coach K like dollars. Otherwise, from a facilities standpoint (recently renovated), fan support (phenomenal), and recruiting ability, he’s got everything he needs in Tucson to return AZ to national prominence. AZ will be at or near the top of the Pac-12 Conference year in and year out under Miller’s leadership, so the offer would have to be huge to pry him out of Arizona.

  21. It would be nice to get Sean miller from U of Arizona. Since we are playing in Dayton, Fred Glass should take the opportunity to interview Archie Miller (Sean’s brother).

  22. I thought we were playing in Omaha…..?

    Wish I could make the trip…There’s a fantastic restaurant just outside of Omaha that I visited while on a family out West vacation last summer….

    J. Price- You and Mike should check it out.. You could probably even hit them for lunch…They also do a weekend(possibly just Sunday) brunch…It’s sorta pricey, but it is really a find. Delirious offerings….Farm and filed to table concept…The desserts are not to be passed on.

  23. Harvard, is this your current position? Fire CTC?

    I thought you were saying he should stay. I lost track somewhere along the line.

  24. I never said it was a done deal. I stayed it was where things were a few weeks ago. Joanie wants out and Crean told the university for his family he needs to leave.

    However those thoughts are wavering. Glass would give Crean permission to talk to Alabama because he wants a smooth exit with no drama like my family has been treated like crap the last few months.

    You would negotiate a buyout because if Crean wants out he would not get the full buyout but IU would leave him with money for resigning ala Sampson but not as bad a situation. Alabama is not a done deal but he is under consideration period.

    Not a fact he is leaving but a fact the door is open if he wants to go.

  25. Po, are you saying that Louisville, Florida & UCONN are more desirable jobs that Arizona? Oh boy, no way.

    I have a little more insight into the Arizona situation and that flirtation with Maryland was way more complicated than the silly notion that his wife wasn’t happy in Tucson (it wasn’t true). I have friends that played there as well as a friend now who works in the UofA Athletic Department. So, what I’m saying isn’t the Bible, but it is certainly more insightful than your normal, run-of-the-mill internet rumor stupidity.

    Here’s the “scoop”: Lute Olson in his last days had a small stroke. Unfortunately, no one, not even he, knew about it. But it affected his thinking and, even more importantly, his personality. One day he just divorced his wife, while his players and folks around the basketball program started seeing an erratic, short tempered and unreasonable person. A man known for his coolness and focus under pressure was all of a sudden flipping his lid over the most random things.

    He took his leave of absence. Then that disaster Kevin O’Neil took over. He took over thinking he’d been given the job for good. O’Neil stunk up the place, his cancer of a personality alienated a lot of people in the program. Lute tried to come back, but he still wasn’t well. The program was falling apart before Lute finally decided to retire. Shortly after, it was discovered that he had a small stroke. But the damage was done. Arizona hadn’t dropped as far and as fast as Indiana after Sampson, but they were in pretty bad shape.

    Sean Miller originally turned the job down when he was offered it (sound familiar). They didn’t have any talent and he was unsure, at the time, of what Arizona’s commitment to upgrading and modernizing facilities was going to be. He took the job after his brother Archie (who was an assistant at AZ State) told him that he’d be crazy to turn down that gig. He said, “Those people take their basketball seriously down there. You’ll be fine.” He took the job and in his 2nd year AZ surprised everyone–AZ won the Pac 10 and knocked off #4 Texas to get to the Sweet 16. His stock skyrocketed.

    In the offseason, Maryland came calling. He knew he was going to lose Derrick Williams and his rebuilding project was still an uphill battle. The negotiations fell apart and Miller stayed in Tucson. Since then, the UofA committed to a $30 mil upgrade of McKale Center and the recruits have responded. Most importantly, Lute Olson has gotten better and not only embraced Sean Miller, but publicly reinforced to fans that this is Sean’s program. The shadow had lifted. Tucson is Sean Miller’s town now.

    Tucson is a town of over a million people and that community’s support of the UofA is up there with any other college town. They are crazy about their Wildcats and support it with money and butts in seats. Add in 340 days of sun a year on top of that.

    My contact there says Sean is extremely happy and settled in his current gig. He knows he can hang banners there. Never say never, because who knows what offers come in or circumstances, but I’d say other than Duke, Kansas, Kentucky (my fingers puked typing this), maybe UNC, there’s not another better job in the country. Maybe a few equal, but not better.

  26. Chet-

    I think Crean should be given one more season. But, in terms of hypothetical, I think the pushover mentality and the backroom negotiations allowing so many to meddle with the program(including the Indiana Elite people that manipulated countless A-Hope projects into our laps knowing full well they were “hopeless” basketball players stealing roster spots and killing legit interest from the likes of Mitch McGarys…Branden Dawson…Gary Harris…Zak Irvin, etc) is the reason for failure(and, likely an ultimate conclusion that caused Crean’s demise) than any complete lacking in the X’s and O’s department now serving as the label upon his inadequacies….He could never run the program with backbone and sold out roster spots to get his “everything hinges” recruits……We were forever short a couple key components/recruits on our roster because of that selling out….And when you let others that always have their own agenda in that reclusive village that meddle into your decisions in building a roster with limited spots, you’ll soon be only measured by those that went high on draft night….

    When the program sunk…those that wanted a piece of IU Basketball picked the guy with the spongiest spine….They should be falling over backwards for him right now….Where is “Tijan Forever” now?

  27. Short version…He was hired because he was easy…He was easy to manipulate…He was easy for the empty blow and the marketing of villains…He was easy for meddlers to get their stepping stone jobs….He was easy to position into giving the current AD his job….He was easy to paint Christianity all over the walls while making a basically decent man like Sampson look more the crook than 100 Caliparis…

    Tom Crean was never hired to be a winning basketball coach…He was hired to be manipulated and left tied to his silly “Because it’s Indiana” slogan coming out his mouth like a pull-string doll.

    He can be a winning coach….Indiana didn’t want him to succeed….When you throw that much money at someone that’s not really a household name, it’s pretty clear that it was to purchase failure.

  28. Such short memory the IU faithful have when it comes the the state of the program after Sampson. Crean deserves accolades for accepting the job knowing that he would be crushed the first 2 years racking up 50 plus loses. He has brought us back to some respectability and has graduated his players. Do I think he is a great coach, not really but I believe the difference between good and bad coaching is about 1% and the real difference in college basketball is recruiting. Harvard is correct about his recruiting misses and until we can recruit with the likes of Duke and puke then even RMK or Wooden himself could bring another banner to the Hall.
    I believe that the IU job is one of the hardest and most undesirable jobs in the country due to the passion of the fans here at IU. The talk shows, blogs, fan knowledge of the game and lack of a football power makes this a pressure cooker for any coach. What is the pitch we make to a coach? Come to IU where everyone knows more about coaching than you do, a college town with nothing for your wife to do but listen to fans bitch about you husband, your kids have to live in a bubble or listen to chants that say your dad sucks, coach in the shadow of 5 banners and RMK, and 20 blog sites breaking down your every move. Would Stevens leave the Association and a team on the rise for this? Donnovan leave a football school where winning in basketball isn’t life and death? Come coach at IU where you are recruiting against puke, PU, MSU for half the salary of Calipari and you must graduate 98% of your players. If a coach does his homework and sees how the faithful have treated the last coach who took us from nothing to 3 NCAA tournament bids in 4 years he wouldn’t touch this job with a 10 foot pole.

  29. I’ve been chewing on this whole idea of “accepting mediocrity” lately. What does it mean? If you can quantify it, how do you do it? I’m not a huge fan of computer rankings because numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. But you have to have a measure of objectivity. So for this exercise, we’ll average RPI, BPI, and KenPom rankings.

    In terms of where we stand vs all teams, IU is 54th out of 351 teams. In other words we’re in the 84th percentile (85.8, 84.3, and 83.5, respectively), in the top 16%, or better than 6 out of every 7 teams.

    If we go back over the last four years (assuming I’m allowed to not factor in the first three “rebuilding from scrap” years), the three rankings are all pretty consistent (within 8, 7, and 4 of each other) with the exception being last year, where RPI had us at 99 vs 68 and 67 BPI and KenPom, respectively. Starting this year and going back, our average computer ranking is 54, 78, 4, and 13. The average ranking then has us about 40th out of 345 teams (39.75 to be exact.). If you factor out the lone anomaly, we’re closer to an average of 35th or 36th, which has us just outside the top tenth percentile (ranked higher than about 89.8% of all teams) during that time frame.

    By most standards, that’s a B+ grade, which doesn’t quite fit the definition of mediocrity.

    If you want to argue that we shouldn’t even be graded against the Grambling States and Binghamptons of the world, that’s fair. But that goes back to the original question? How do we determine mediocrity?

  30. Indiana basketball is far from unique in that regard. How do you think 7 seasons of mediocrity would reflect upon your personal/family life for the Alabama or Texas football coach? How long did Billy Gillispie last in Lexington? Matt Doherty can tell you how patient UNC fans are. I doubt Kansas basketball fans would be very tolerant.

    Many premier programs have the same issue. It just takes the right coach.

    I’m often fascinated by the reaction people have to stress. When I left the military I trained to be a paramedic. At the time my wife was an ICU nurse. We both liked our jobs. One day she came home and snapped at one of the kids. She apologized and said it had been a rough day at work. Our 4-year-old put his hand or her arm and asked, “Did everybody die?”

    That was the standard, our kids assumed, for what constituted a bad day at work. Everybody dies.

    Maybe basketball isn’t all that stressful.

  31. Punjab,
    I think I can safely say that IU fans expect the Hoosiers to be ranked in the top 25 pretty much every year and in the top 10 more often than not. I don’t know if that is fair or not but I’m pretty sure that is the expectation. It is at Duke, UK, UNC, and Kansas.

  32. 3.7 million is supposed to be special? Maybe to hoards of the IU faithful, but I think that the good coaches look at the environment in which they will be living and working in. We all believe Indiana basketball is special but what does the outsider see when he looks at our program? Stress, pressure, living in the shadow of a HOF coach, with expectations to win now with Crean recruits. Crean has done a decent job of handling that pressure and if he is replaced then the next guy would be well served to look at how Crean handed himself.
    If we hire a guy that comes here for 3.7 million reasons then we have found the wrong guy!

  33. personally i would hate to see Tom Crean leave Indiana University..I think he has done a overall good job considering the problems he inherited…to all you guys that want Sean Miller and Billy Donovan what has their programs done lately??? for that fact what programs beside Kentucky, Louisville, Duke and Kansas have been consistent lately……oh yeah!!! Gonzoga (which has not gotten past the sweet 16 in 6 years), also Wichita State (which has a nice resume for the last couple of years….lets see how they do Friday). yes, Tom Crean will probably leave and we will probably get some coach that runs the old Princeton offensive or somebody that runs this program into the ground again….Crean has done everything the right way and yeah we continue to push the coach out the door….so if he leave we get what we deserve….another person trash is someone else treasure!!!! be careful what we wish for at IU

  34. I think that’s a fair assessment, Chet. And given the resources, tradition, and fertile recruiting grounds that IU Basketball has going for it, I don’t think those are entirely unrealistic goals. But to me, not meeting such lofty expectations doesn’t make us average, it just means we’re not elite. Many– if not most– of our fans decry accepting mediocrity when what they really mean is probably much closer to “good is not good enough.” Them’s dangerous waters, folks, considering we’ve been living in disappointment for most of the past 20+ years… At least according to our own standards.

    It’s not my business to tell people what their expectations should be. But I hope we can at least be honest about what those expectations are.

  35. Bart, great comments in #46. But I also think the best coaching candidate evaluates his chain-of-command, their stability, their track record, their aptitude, their level of commitment, etc. The best candidates will have a lot of options, and money is only one of the factors they will consider. The ability to win championships and have control of the program are amongst the other factors they will consider. Which leads me to my response to Double Down.

    DD, your post #35 and my post #29 agree on almost all the same points. I appreciate the additional detail you provided. Obviously we both have contacts directly affiliated with AZ Athletics. I’ll leave it at that. But to answer your question, yes, I believe there are probably a half dozen schools that are and have been for some time perceived by college basketball coaches and insiders to be better programs than IU Basketball. That’s the point I’ve been trying to make in a number of various posts over the last few weeks. IU basketball, due to the neglect and mismanagement by former IU administrators, was allowed to decline from the ranks of elite programs many years ago. The way Knight was terminated followed by the Sampson debacle, and then giving that job to Davis, all but destroyed a once great program. I suspect the damage began year’s before Knight’s termination. Crean has been trying to return the program to elite status since arriving in Bloomington, and until last year, seemed to be well on his way to achieving that. What Crean’s critics don’t appreciate is that such a process is not quick, easy or a linear progression. You don’t fix something that has been neglected and mismanaged for 25 years in four or five years. Once fallen, a runner has to run twice as hard for twice as long, just to get back in the race. It’s painful to admit, but over the last 25 years or so, IU basketball has been allowed to recede from the ranks of the elite college basketball programs. IU’s rich basketball tradition, like UCLA’s tradition, is mostly ancient history, having last played for a national championship 14 years ago and having won its last NCAA Championship 28 years ago. Look at all the basketball programs that have won a championship since then.

  36. Sorry, I meant to write, “The way Knight was terminated, then giving that job to Davis, followed by the Sampson debacle, all but destroyed a once great program.”

  37. While this might come as a shock to some, very few people outside of the IU family think that RMK casts much of a shadow on the program anymore. He’s Adolph Rupp or Barry Switzer or Woody Hayes to the average fan outside of Bloomington…an historical figure they might have read about. Isn’t he that old guy doing ‘color’ on regional games? High school seniors have no idea who he was…very few even in Indiana. I’ve asked them. You might as well ask them about Knute Rockne.

    While Dick Vitale might slobber all over him, Dickie V is 100 years old and thinks he talked to Adolph Rupp last week. When any of us talk about ‘following a legend’ we’re simply showing our age.

    There is no ‘following a legend’ in Bloomington. Mike Davis did that a loooong time ago.

  38. I can’t forgive CTC for losing that sweet 16 game against the orange. No excuses! coached against that zone for many years in the big east and he couldn’t figure it out. Roll Tide

  39. This whole thread (the blog itself) would be sub-mediocre if it weren’t for the frequent flashes of genius (both in carefully crafted words and in creative image manipulation) of Harvard. The “Flight of the Sweet 16”, for example, is an instant classic. Meanwhile Punjab struggles to define mediocrity and concludes (in about 2,900 words) that it means “not good enough”. Wow, what a breakthrough. But it would have been so much easier for the writer (and far less tedious for the unfortunate readers) for PUnjab to simply open up a dictionary. Does one need an above average mind for that?

  40. Outside of two banners when black guys weren’t allowed to play the game, Indiana would have had the movie “Hoosiers,” not the team in Bloomngton, as their legendary shadow…..How sad that would have been….They are talking on ESPN about the ’76 undefeated team as I type this….

    You better come to Indiana knowing the name Bob Knight….I’ll personally ride your Sweet 16 ass out of town if you think Indiana is anything without Knight…Those three banners under the General remain the envy of every other Big 10 team in the historically mediocre basketball conference(in terms of NCAA championships and the type of success Knight had at Final Fours that put the conference on the map) And its’ criminal to put Knight in the same sentence with a racist from Kentucky. Bobby was an equal opportunity disciplinarian….He’d eff you up no matter what color your shin….It was purely about basketball and nothing else…His “bible” was to make you into something to be proud. There was nothing exclusionary…There was no filter necessary in being a “good Christian” to wear the uniform… Good cutter…good rebounder..good passer…good listener…good teammate….good work ethic…good student….And if you lose to Bolikermakers twice in one season…? Better be “equally” good at taking pain.

  41. Thanks coachw….Glad you enjoyed the “Flight of the Sweet 16.”

  42. Thanks for the English lesson, CoachW. Since I’m new to this whole interwebs thing, would you mind looking up something else for me? I’d really like to understand the term “rhetorical question.” And while you’re in there– if it’s not too much trouble– could you also see what you can find on “quoting out of context?” I’m a little confused on that as well. Please and thank you.

  43. Chet,

    Time has a way of making people forget. That’s true in life really. Young kids more or less don’t care about the legacy of a coach, except the hardcore fans. It’s only as they get older do they care to expand their mind. Often young people “know it all” but only realize as they get older they knew hardly nothing.

  44. I would surmise that if you could gave “young people,” barely casual fans of sport, a list of 20 random names, relatively well-known figures from the 20th century, (insert politicians, prominent names in American history, famous businessmen/women, world class athletes, NBA stars, movie stars) while including Bobby Knight within the list, that the most correctly matched name to profession/historical achievement will be Bobby Knight to “legendary basketball coach.” Most other names will be matched correctly at about a 20% success rate….

    You could go halfway around the world, mention Knight’s name in a Japanese strip club full of 21-30 year old software engineers, and some barely distinguishable version of INDEEYHANNNA WHHHOOOOSIERSSS will be shouted by at least six happy drunks and the stripper doing her best to mimic an Alford jump shot..

  45. I think Jeremy could quickly set straight the accusation forwarded by coachv….

    “Lord of…”(mostly for doctored images) and Harvard are the only two names I bring to Scoop…It’s many of the rest of you that continually change and masquerade.. If your many names were known for their one original source, it would encompass far more the changing of positions and bipolar tendencies than I could ever amass under my commitment to not play such hiding games.

  46. We should leave those for your homework and practice, Punjab. How else are you going to learn? And while you’re at it don’t forget to look up “vicious circle” ([t]hem’s dangerous waters, folks, [blah blah …] for [blah] of the [blah blah…]). Also: “gordian knot”.

  47. You people have all forgotten how to relax and enjoy a bit of laughter within all your constant condescension, drama, and “perspectives”….If one could somehow consume in one sitting all your anal retentive thoughts, a crowbar would be needed to squeak out a mouse turd of humble care and effortless spontaneous chuckle of the “irrational” kind…. Oops.

    Thanks again coachw….Give a guy one dose of a kind compliment and you really get these blog professors roused.

  48. They’re all jealous, D5. “The Flight…” with Tom and Joe reminded me of the old black and white Twilight Zone episodes, you know, from the time of Rod Serling. Your montages are sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful and most of times there’s a deep vein of tragic running through them. This one has a truly cinematic quality to it like a combination of Amarcord and La Strada (both Fellini). Take it easy, and just ignore the riff-raff.

  49. Whether or not the outside world remembers RMK isn’t the issue, the IU faithful remembers him and will compare him to every coach we have for next 25 years. That is the pressure I speak of when you coach here, those banners cast a huge shadow. We are no longer an elite program and we all need to get used to that fact. In this day of one and done we will play second fiddle to the pukes and Dukes of the world.
    I have a sense of humor Harvard but after a years of you preaching about your false prophet we believe may be you might need a chill pill and please read your previous comments which contain plenty of condescending drama filled perspectives.

  50. We are as “elite” as Cody Zeller decided we should be. If he had the stones and commitment to Crean and Indiana as Kaminksy has to Bo and Wisconsin, we’d not be having this conversation. We would be living up to the “We’re Back” t-shirts,. …”Hoosier Rising” videos would have waked off the shelves in 2014….and Crean would be your coach until growing his angel wings into sixth and seventh banners. You’d wallpaper your garage with his quotes….Elite is only as far away as the competence and hope a coach can bring to those wearing the uniform….Indiana will always have the nearby talent to foster greatness again in a heartbeat….This coach let the meddlers take too many spots on the roster and his “everything hinges” recruit had far more faith in his giant glowing cross on a Twitter page than he did in Tom Crean.

  51. Eff any Establishment elitist who thinks Indiana is not elite… Go cuddle up with Seth Davis and that a-hole that called Jordan Hulls the worst defender in all of college basketball.

  52. Indiana will always have the nearby talent to foster greatness again in a heartbeat???

    I completely agree but this isn’t the 70’s and all those elite players don’t come to Indiana just because we are Indiana anymore. The greatest recruiting tool is the fact that Cody, Vic and Noah have gone to the Association. We have to recruit more one and done players if we want to complete for banners.
    Being ELITE means winning championships and you were young the last time we hung a banner Harvard. My guess is you will be typing from the retirement home the next time we sniff another.
    Do we ever hear puke talk about being Elite? Hell no because the live in the now and they know they will win because they have players. They don’t have Roth, Remy, or even Mitch because those players can’t make the pukes team and would have never been asked to go there. They don’t say if this guy stayed or if that guy didn’t transfer we would have won. We are on the brink of seeing a new era in college basketball which we haven’t seen since UCLA. I hate puke and their gangster coach but I see them being elite because they don’t take projects like Priller or April that’s because they don’t have to when 7 McDonald’s all Americans walk in the door every year.

  53. Interesting read at CBS Sports. NC and the NCAA plus a little Scott May. ‘Comments’ are interesting.

  54. Players from everywhere go to the “association”…It’s not a great recruiting tool to get your ass spanked at a Sweet 16.. You don’t go to Ruth Chris expecting a Ponderosa steak….It’s a great recruiting tool to have a coach that builds confidence via his acumen for the game….You’ll always lose top recruits to the association, but your program only thrives via recruiting sustainability that can maintain something approaching “elite” by having a man in charge that is more than just a beauty pageant judge for the runway models strutting their NBA curves…..Belief in Crean was, at first, very strong within his narrow filter he aligns all his hand-picked phenoms to his faith agenda…But even that belief is fading. He hit a home run with Zeller because his personal doctrines aligned with a top local prospect that many thought could accelerate Indiana back into more than just temporary “elite” status….But how much of the original “Movement” was about confidence in Crean’s coaching vs. opportunity for a lot of local prospects that saw Indiana as hungry to fill roster spots? When Cody committed, there was eagerness beyond the alignment to Crean’s constant Christian spiel that fueled recruiting momentum.

    It was Zeller that built 90% of Crean’s momentum…Most of it died against Syracuse and the subsequent decisions of Zeller and Dipo to leave Indiana after that sad showing.

    Where does Crean now find his momentum? Where was its source from the day he was hired? Where would it have died without Zeller’s decision to come to Indiana? Can you build something “elite” with only a coach serving as a beauty pageant judge for the “association” while his disjointed teams, only united by by their coach’s “exceptional” faith in symbols(linking his personal doctrines to the lore of banners and Indiana’s great history), rarely show exceptional results when tested or slightly undermanned?

  55. I don’t really care to be “puke.” Calipari is a farce. He is a good friend of Crean…They operate with about equal acumen for the game: none. The only difference between the beauty pageant judges for the “association” is that one works in a disease-infested brothel in the hills and the other works in the Church of Latter-day Bobby Knights……in the hills.

    Don’t think UK is much different than Indiana….The two bozo coaches operate at very similar skill level…But you need papers and shots to get into Indiana.

  56. …”beauty pageant judges”…LOL

    Now none of you go stealing that one, you hear now? …That’s now formerly registered as an H4H original…

  57. Harv, was there a sale on Wild Turkey at Kroger this morning? You’re hitting it early, my friend.

  58. It’s the Madness…..and I’m also enjoying some basketball…But you are fun, Double Shots…You have a sense of humor and you don’t cross the line to become vicious… You’re dignified. You’re delightful…You’re doubly smart…You’re Double Down.

  59. Going with ND, Wisconsin, MSU, and Duke….Wisconsin vs. Duke in the final.

    Picking Duke as national champs…

    UK can kiss my Wild Turkey.

  60. Time to go watch some games…You all take care. Here’s Crean looking at Cody cross-eyed.

    Go Remy!! Go Xavier!

  61. DD-

    Forgot to ask….And you’re Final Four picks?

    Phew….Northeastern was tough.. Don’t know a that many coaching names, but my first impression of the Northeastern coach is very favorable…He looked like a class act in the handshake line at the end of a very heartbreaking loss for his squad. I’d hire that guy. Ran some nifty stuff that caught ND sleeping….That’s why I hate filling out brackets…I’d rather see the upsets …Brackets eff with the mind…

  62. Harv, mine is flawed, but here’s the bracket I filled out early this morning:


    AZ over Virginia 52-45

  63. I’ve honestly never touched whiskey…drank a ton…Just never touched it. I do think the barrels are pretty.

  64. How can you not love Ron Hunter from Georgia State? The man’s enthusiasm comes from the heart, not caffeine. It’s infectious.

  65. ^^ Hunter. I agree. Would not want to be his health insurance provider. Or, maybe would be covered under worker’s comp.

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