Reports: McClain to be named UIC coach

According to Jeff Goodman of ESPN and Gary Parrish of CBS Sports, Indiana assistant coach Steve McClain will be the new head coach at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Chris Emma of CBS Chicago had reported late last week that UIC had interviewed McClain and former Oregon State head coach Craig Robinson, but Emma tweeted Saturday that talks with Robinson broke down, leading to McClain getting the job.

Goodman tweets that the news conference for McClain’s hiring will be Wednesday.

McClain has been part of Tom Crean’s staff at IU for the past five seasons after spending three years as an assistant coach at Colorado. McClain was previously the head coach at Wyoming from 1998-2006 with an overall record of 157-115. He made the NCAA or NIT Tournament in four of his nine seasons with the Cowboys.


  1. Yeah because most assistants wouldn’t leave for a HC job. Abandon ship. Fans are losing their minds.

  2. Congratulations to Coach McClain and to Coach Crean for helping another assistant to get back to the head coaching ranks.

  3. Good for McClain. I do not know the facilities or resources offered by UIC but it is certainly in the middle of talent rich country. IIRC he had contacts in the Windy and surrounding area.

  4. Good call Andy P, all assistants are looking for head coaching jobs. This is typical rhetoric from Coachv, his strongest asset is stirring the pot. He will never change. Delt with him all through the women’s season where he never made sense either.

  5. McClain seems good fit in Chicago. Could he not get a Chicago big for IU the last couple of years. Was not there someone around there, not counting Cliff Alexander and is he having issue at K.

  6. Podunker, if you would have followed his posts concerning the women’s team and our coach, you would understand what I mean by stirring the pot!

  7. Unfortunately Coachv, not all of us poor IU fans have your intelligence. We just muddle along from day to day trying very poorly to impress those of you with a higher education. I assume you must be an English major since you are constantly correcting everyone on this site on their grammar, spelling and sentence structure instead of reacting to the subject matter. Your best attribute is deflection! BTW, a degree at the age of 68 seems like a waste of my very valuable time which I may be short of?

  8. Most impressive he was able to beat out Queen Michele’s (aka 1st Lady) brother for the job!

  9. MikeC, I think you misinterpreted my post #8. I generally support your conclusion, but suggest that he’s not “stirring the pot,” he just makes ridiculous and inane comments. He’s like a young child who misbehaves just to get some attention. To those children, negative attention is better than no attention. Spewing insults and criticizing Crean, or anyone who disagrees with his disdain for Crean, is all that he has to offer.

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