1. The waiting game is not Crean buyout countdown, is it? Pretty clear after beating Maryland in Assembly Hall we have talent. After losing two out of three to Maryland for the season it’s even clearer the talent we have, although considerable, is not managed correctly by the coaching staff. I’d keep Crean though if I were Glass, for purely his entertainment value. Crean stays, it will be another bridge year in Bloomington. 😆

  2. From the latest ESPN bubble watch. I think all very fair comments.

    Which brings us to Indiana.

    The Hoosiers did not lose to a bad team Friday. They lost to a very good one, in fact. They did not play poorly, as they had for much of February; instead, they resembled their best version, the one that looked as if it might seize a No. 6 seed when February began. But despite showing well, and passing the proverbial eye test, they ended the day in the same place they began it: as Joe Lunardi’s last team in.

    There is no more precarious, nerve-racking position in college basketball. Indiana will spend the next two days rooting not only for any and all remaining bubble teams to lose. It will also be screaming at the television in the hopes that Connecticut, the country’s No. 1 bid thief candidate, falls short in the American tournament. It will be pulling as hard for San Diego State as any dues-paying member of The Show, hoping the Aztecs can stop Wyoming from shrinking the bubble out West. The Hoosiers and their fans will pull their hair the next two days, learning the intricacies of Wyoming’s offense and stressing about butterfly-effect implications of minor RPI adjustments. If Lunardi has the cut line right — and his track record is awfully good — Indiana is the bubble equivalent of the action movie star dangling, one-handed, off a cliff. Every other team is trying to stomp on IU’s knuckles.

    Then again, Indiana has no one to blame but itself. If the past two days of furious action were characterized by anything, it was the bubble’s stubborn collective refusal to seize golden chances. Wins are always good, but they mean even more when everyone else is losing. The task was simple, and IU, like so many others, failed.

    Now, the countdown begins. T-minus 36 hours until the NCAA tournament bracket is revealed. For much of the bubble, all there is to do now is wait.

    I heard CTC will order Final Four rings for the team either way. Final Four!! Final four in or Final Four out of tournament.

  3. Tiny Indiana\, once a storied basketball program, am I, bro …
    Or no longer “elite,” a defeatist shall utter all summer long
    With bubble to burst and more time to poke fun
    To the winds are luck will blow, my bro….
    Now the late season skid I must kneel to a Lunardi
    Bracketology MoJoe and that scary flying black squirrel toupee
    Somewhere in the mystery of the thin tiny bubble , my bro…
    Precariously to a fate floating above a Sunday selection show
    Now i da ho to Don Ho and a NoMendacity prayer that Tommy must go…..
    All those tiny bubbles I shall serenade, my Scoop bro

  4. haven’t name dropped in a while… I actually saw Don Ho perform Tiny Bubbles at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in or around 1988…

  5. ‘Harvard for Hillbillies’ will one day be your grandest name-drop….lol…..And one!!

    Watched ‘Groundhog Day’ this morning…..One hell of a fun movie…Love all the supporting actors/cameos(Chris Elliot..Murray’s brother, Harold Ramis)…And I’ve always had a boy crush on Andie MacDowell …Damn is she gorgeous…The closing song to the rolling credits featuring the sweet mellow voice of Nat King Cole….Just a perfect movie…. Agree? Talk amongst yourselves…

  6. Andie (she goes by ‘Rose’) went to the same little gym in Asheville as I did.

    She was always very pleasant.

  7. Her son and my younger son played for the same travel basketball club but her son was in an age group a year older. She came to most of the games. She dramatically dressed down. Khaki pants and drab sweatshirts with her hair pulled back. Before we met at the gym I must have seen her a dozen times at games and never had any idea who she was. She was just a mom blending in.

  8. Well – Wyoming just stole one at large bid by winning the MWC Tourney. UConn with a chance to steal another one tomorrow against SMU in the American Conference. Plus Buffalo leading C. Michigan at the moment in the MAC attempting to steal a 3rd at large bid today.

    Not good.

  9. Joe Linardi now has Indiana at last 4 OUT …if this holds true ..then good job “COACH” Crean taking this team from a 1st place tie in Big Ten to coaching them completely out of the NCAA tourney.

  10. Mike Brey at a football school (duh) in Indiana recruits in basketball well enough to be a force in the ACC over the last few years and wins the ACC Tournament tonight. Crean can’t recruit well enough (though that is supposed to be his strength) to finish better than the middle of the Big Ten and only gets to the Quarter Finals (after a win over that Power House from Evanston). With Wyoming’s win and the potential of UConn winning tomorrow, this is not looking Good for Sunday or the future.

  11. Let’s get one thing straight, folks: At this point, whether or not we make the tournament is completely moot with regards to Crean’s job security. It’s out of our hands. If Lunardi is correct and we were the last team in to begin the day, then UConn or Wyoming or some other “bid thief” sneaks in with an automatic bid they wouldn’t have otherwise secured at large– thereby putting us out– the difference between firing and retaining a coach lies in the outcomes of games between teams we have no affiliation with and situations he has zero control over? Yeah, makes sense.

    To be clear, Crean’s future is justifiably in doubt because he’s the coach of a team that wilted down the stretch and all but farted away a secure bid. He’s made lots of bad calls and mismanaged a lot of games. And poorer than expected/capable finishes have been a trend for a few years now. That lies mostly on Crean (although his players have certainly let us all down at crucial stages from time to time and deserve at least some of the blame…) So if you want to argue that simply being in this precarious position is enough to give him the axe, that’s fine. That at least has merit. But the job he’s done as a coach shouldn’t be judged by selection Sunday– if we were a tournament worthy team this morning, we’re no less worthy tonight or tomorrow simply because there are one or two less slots available. (Conversely, should we make the Dance, our late season collapse shouldn’t be discounted just because too few teams managed to take advantage and/or steal our spot in the bracket.)

    I guess what I’m saying is, our resume is written. We will be no better or worse a team– and Crean no better or worse a coach– if we’re selected for the tourney or not. Extraneous circumstances won’t change who we are or what we’ve (not) accomplished.

    That said, I read Lunardi’s stats. He’s really good at selecting the field. But he averages 1-2 misses per year. So yes, I’m saying there’s a chance.

    This does bring up an interesting question: would you rather make the NCAA and lose in the first round, or continue advancing in the NIT?

  12. I take that back. We do have a slight affiliation with UConn and Wyoming: SMU is a common opponent. UConn won the last meeting by 8 at home but got destroyed at SMU in February. They play again tomorrow. Wyoming lost @SMU by 13 early in the year.

    Take that for what it’s worth. It’s anybody’s guess how much– if at all– that’s a discussion point with the selection committee. But if they’re having serious debate over who should be the last few teams in, there’s a good chance this comes up. Like sands through the hourglass…

  13. As noted earlier – Wyoming stole a bid earlier – Buffalo took another – UConn is really the last chance to steal another.

    Lunardi – just for the record – has missed on a total of 5 teams in the last 5 years.

  14. Buffalo was considered a bubble team anyway, so they may or may not have stolen a bid. (Probably did.)

    I find this whole thing fascinating. If I’m on the committee, I spend most of my time debating 1 and 2 seeds and 11-12 seeds. The rest are automatic bids and/or teams that are more or less interchangeable within a seed line or three, and won’t be very controversial one way or the other.

    Lots of different opinions. How much does SOS trump W-L. How do we value conferences? (Does the SEC really deserve two or three more teams than the Colonial?) And we hear a lot about RPI vs top 50, but how much does point differential and/or quality of play come in? Can/will the committee members differentiate between a loss that ballooned from a single possession to double digits in the final minute, and a blowout that dwindled to a more respectable loss in garbage time?

    So many factors to consider. I’d love to be a fly on that wall.

  15. Punjab I completely agree with your point about the NCAA not being the sole point of Crean’s job security. I WILL offer this observation. The deteriorating quality of play has been a standard for his coached teams ,especially the last 2 years. They have played “confused” I do believe. The porous defense that has been Crean’s trademark the past 2 years appears to have been built out of confused understanding of what Coach wants( 2 years in a row they have played that way). I think their poor play stems from frustration they have and their own personal desire to play better. 1 minute its bad offensive play; the next its bad defensive play. You want to be a fly on the wall in the selection committee wall; I want to be a fly on the wall when these kids talk about their experience this year to their H.S. coaches and friends. The team the past 2 years have played without direction, confused, and frustrated. Now here is what Glass and the Trustees and Alumni have to think about: 1) CTC will essentially have the SAME type team next year and EVERYONE has seen that “small ball game plan already”2) How is he going to recruit players when he cant use that “Its Indiana ;we win championships” when he cant even get the team into the NCAA tourney. Then you waste another with him with possibility of again missing NCAA next years as well and the downward spiral in recruiting speeds because he cant get into the tourney. To Fred Glass ; I don’t think the fan base or the students will Buy anything CTC sells from now on

  16. I tend to think it’s pretty obvious that under the Lunardi toupee is the selection committee…..

    I also think that most consideration should be given to teams that played well down the stretch….We sucked down the stretch….We thought we had the favorable part of our schedule going into the closing weeks with the heavy concentration of home games….We had the most comfortable setup of all Big 10 teams …We had the bottom dwellers as our road opponents and we had no 2nd game against Wisconsin…We couldn’t beat Purdue once this year…We lost to Purdue, Iowa, and MSU in our final home games….Royally sucked.

    I don’t really care where Lunardi had us during the Big 10 tournament….We proved in the final weeks that we weren’t a team that deserved serious March Madness consideration.. We shot ourselves in the foot. We continually came up short against the stronger teams in our conference(especially in the final weeks of the season) ….We came up short at an Assembly Hall which is traditionally almost automatic in the ‘W’ column….We even came up short against a lousy Northwestern team in Evansville…

    The theme of the Tom Crean era is to come up short……The theme is also to make much bigger deals out of progressively lower bars to measure Hoosier Basketball success…It’s rather sad that we are forced to grab at so little in arguing we are worth so much…

    Our young men have done their best and they play hard…But I’m left wondering why the pieces never came together…I’m left feeling empty as I’ve watched talented basketball players just lacking the edge to get over the top…..Always scrambling for excuses….Always the bar getting lower for a very highly paid coach that everyone claims has no problem bringing in talent.. But, man, oh man….there is a lot of talent out there….I’ve seen so many good post players while watching the games this weekend… Things are amiss in Bloomington….Bracketology is all very confusing to me…..Maybe not so much confusing as just overkill….What is not confusing is that something is amiss in Bloomington…..something is amiss in Assembly Hall.

    Notre Dame….Wow. Nice to see somebody kick the ass of Duke and NC…..Something in their coach and their game is certainly not amiss in South Bend. I don’t need to stare at Lunadi’s brackets to forget his ugly face to figure that much out.

  17. J Pat-

    Whatever you shared with Goeff sure did the trick….Week by week his disdain for Crean was growing…it was palpable…The aim of his blame pointed at our coach was regular and it was with conviction.. Since you email exchanges, he has mellowed dramatically… He’s more mellow than Melo Trimble….He’s more like Melo Jello….with a dollop of whipped Crean on top. Don’t know what secrets you hold in that old Hoosier man cave of yours, but your promises to put him on the “inside” made the old Geoff go and hide.

    J Pat- I want to make sure of something…Many years ago(before a guy named Geoff ever started posting on Scoop), .I have this memory of you telling me about your basement/ man cave …I think you said it was an awesome retreat full of Hoosier memorabilia.. ..I don’t know ….maybe it wasn’t you…? Was there also a tale of a favorite Mexican restaurant that you and the family would enjoy while traveling to away football games at Illinois? And didn’t you mention some very clean porta pottys and some Illinois fans being extremely rude to your kids…? And didn’t you mention your wife was a teacher? I only ask these questions because I want to make sure that you know I’m always paying attention…And didn’t you mention your favorite place to grab a sandwich in Bloomington was Dagwood’s…..? We used to talk like such buddies on Scoop….And now I’m left on the outside while Geoff gets on the inside track…..Makes me wonder why I left so many nerve cells in my brain to store such worthless moments…..

  18. Harvey, as I originally stated, I’m pretty sure all you have to do is ask and J Pat will let you in… You don’t have to be a loner if you don’t want to.

    Crean beat me into submission. As the end of the year neared I guess I realized that my favorite thing was about to go away for a few months and I was hoping beyond hope that I’d be able to enjoy the last little taste… alas, twas not meant to be. Stay tuned for more Crean-bashing.

  19. Does everyone realize that out of all of IU’s losses, the only team that won’t be going to the NCAA tournament is Northwestern? Eastern Washington punched their tickets yesterday.

  20. TJ, I don’t disagree with your observations, but there are explanations (or excuses, depending on your point of view) for much of it.

    Three years ago, when we had arguably the best team in the country, we lost 3 of our last 7– all to ranked teams. The OSU loss at home was compounded by the net-cutting drama, but we followed that up by beating #7 (and eventual NCAA Runner-up) Michigan @ Ann Arbor. Wisconsin always gives us fits and indigestion. Then we lost to a really good Syracuse team that was a bad matchup in multiple ways– size, athleticism, scheme (tough to beat a zone when outside shots aren’t falling, and the refs are allowing gang initiation-type beat downs in the post on a center whose game was much more finesse than brawn)– and really was more of a Final Four calibre opponent than Sweet Sixteen. Yeah, the Temple win was also uninspiring, but it was a tournament win.

    Last year was just a bad year all around. Too much youth/inexperience, too few reliable offensive options, and too many bad apples. It was a disjointed team with no real leadership on the court, and a coach who was too often clueless how to fix it.

    This year we were close. Four times Yogi had a chance to win or force OT in the closing seconds, and all four rimmed out. Iowa was a horrible game and we just got manhandled in just about every way, but MSU and MD were great wins right there for the taking in the final minute. We couldn’t close. NW hurt. Going stone cold for 20 straight minutes (including ten straight completely scoreless) doesn’t help anymore than letting a bottom feeder score on almost every possession in the first half, but we did it to ourselves. Purdue– well, they had our number this year, thanks in no small part to a huge size discrepancy.

    If you look at most of these games over the last 4-6 weeks in a vacuum, it doesn’t paint as ugly a picture as it would if you looked at our late season as a whole. But the big picture is pretty grotesque. And coming close doesn’t pay the bills.

    I didn’t see anybody answer my question. Obviously we all want to make the NCAA and do well. But if we had a crystal ball, would you rather have a bad NCAA showing, or a good NIT showing?

  21. As far as recruiting goes, missing the NCAA two years in a row looks bad. Can Crean successfully sell the “we were close, and you can be the missing piece” spiel? Or is he just damaged goods at this point?

    If I’m a big man recruit, I’d have to give serious consideration to joining a team that will have shooters, an all-league senior point guard, a year of experience for all the returning sophomores, a player in Williams who is capable of making the same junior year jump to superstardom that Vic made, and all the PT I could ask for. The burning question then becomes, does Indiana have a coach that is capable of finally bringing it all together down the stretch? Not sure.

  22. Punjab, you express some good and valid points, but I would also raise these: 1) DEFENSE …it never improved thru the whole year. CTC has to know that if you cant stop the opponent from scoring you cant win many ball games; and that has been the same problem the past 2 years and CTC had Troy, Stan, Yogi, HMP, and to some degree Colin. The perimeter defense disappeared most of the time. 2) OFFENSE…. stagnation, for sure his inability to teach and coach against a zone defense. IF he can recruit a big man there is no guarantee CTC will know how to use him other than like an antelope running the floor. He didn’t use Zeller when confronted with Syracuse’s zone. He’s proved the past 2 years he STILL hasn’t learned how to coach against a zone. Maybe the biggest problem he has to face on recruiting trail is player development. Fans (on here at least ) questioned why he didn’t play Holt more or April because HMP had defense issues ; fouling too much. The Stanford Experiment appears to not have achieved the success level that was hoped for yet he had all summer and thru the season to make it better. JBJ was supplanted as freshman of the year at beginning of season by D’Angelo Russell at OSU. TOO many of CTC’s “coaching weaknesses” have added up to IU being a mediocre team. If you cant coach defense and you cant coach offense …what’s left to coach on a basketball team? If you cant coach those 2 areas how can players develop unless it’s done on their own.

  23. They lost 9 of last 13
    They don’t play defense
    Most importantly, on the AAU circuit no one trusts Crean can get kid to the next level

    Glass realizes his future is on the line as well but they have to get a slam dunk guarantee for replacement. That is the key to all of this.

    They don’t deserve to get into the tournament but that is not the real issue

  24. Punjab,

    Great posts. I’ve been marinating on your question bit on #28 for a while now. I’ve come the conclusion that I don’t think Crean is capable of sustaining a program of continued excellence and it isn’t about his Xs and Os, how he does or doesn’t coach attacking a zone defense, where his recruits come from, the year to year roster upheaval, off court issues or any of the regular, and valid, criticisms. These to me are more symptoms of the real problem.

    CTC lacks a key component that great strategists lack. And that is the ability to manage and control his emotional responses to events as they unfold–he’s more of a tactician (and you can argue whether he’s good at it or not) versus a strategist (most people are). Crean is a fighter and is pretty fearless, but he lets his anger and impatience take over and it seems to pervade his program, not just his game management. It colors the way he views events and the erratic behavior causes chaos. All these years after restoring the program, the same chaos is still there.

    This is nothing personal I have towards Crean. Many fans have personalized this battle and I think that is silly and reactionary. Crean wasn’t gifted with a silver tongue, but there is no amount of eloquence that can talk or explain away failure on the court. The way he often avoids taking ownership of these failures trickles down to his players and the way they take personal responsibility for their actions (on and off the court). Deeds do not lie. Applying the ruthless standards of looking only to results should start at the top. Tactics (Xs and Os) are just things that are applied in the heat of the immediate battle, but I feel our team is behind the 8 ball before they even step on the court.

    Going forward, here’s where I disagree with many other IU fans. I deeply and passionately respect the past and our traditions, and they are important, but I feel these are the handcuffs that keep Indiana from competing with the best. It makes one rigid instead of flexible enough to compete in a new world where a program to the south of us has turned college hoops on its head. I’m not saying we need to embrace their way of doing things, but it is going to take a real strategist that understands this to maneuver and beat them. Declaring war on some of our sacred cows is necessary. Fighting the last war is why time still ticks away on the last 1987 banner.

  25. Seth Davis thinks we’re not a “bubble” team! Seth thinks we’re safely in the field!

    Seth, have i told you recently that II love you?

  26. Just think of the dollars Indiana could inject into a upper mid-major conference..? Is there such a thing as an upper mid-major…..? Time to get out of the Big 10…Let them have their Madison Square Garden parties and the trendy focus to shift interest and add teams from the East. The Big 10 conference would sink like Shaq in a rowboat without IU…The television dollars would evaporate.. Let the conference attempt to live or die on OSU football..

  27. For those that would like Smart from VCU as a potential head coach, go watch them play today. They have only shot a few 2 point shots all game. As a matter of fact their offense is very similar to IU’s. Dribble dribble dribble shoot a 3. At one point they had missed 6 threes in a row on 6 straight possessions. Also name the last big man that VCU has had and used them. Smart isn’t known for recruiting big men and developing them. Sound familiar?

  28. We played more pressure defense over the last handful of games, and the results were promising. Why we took so long to start playing that way is beyond me, because it was too little too late. It doesn’t speak well for Crean that it took him so long to implement. As Dakich puts it, that man-zone-man gimmick wasn’t confusing anybody but ourselves.

    As for Stan, I’m just as lost as he was. He was one of my favorite players last year, despite the adventures at the FT line. All of a sudden he can’t finish at the basket– his strong suit last year– and he became more of a liability offensively. Much like Hollowell last year, i breathe a sigh of relief when Stan touches the ball and something bad DOESN’T happen. I can’t explain it. Maybe because he’s not playing stoned anymore?

    Great post, DD. Can’t argue with any of it. The only thing I would add is that, to me, Crean thought he had a long term strategy: get athletes and shooters and let them do their thing. The rest will work itself out. Well, that’s what we finally have, and he doesn’t seem like he really knows what to do with them. Troy is athletic as they come. If there are quicker point guards than Yogi, there aren’t many. JB is deceptively athletic– I think he’s so smooth and efficient with his movements that it just doesn’t look like it. (JB often does as much with one dribble and one step as Yogi does in four. Unfortunately, he’s not always as active as we need him to be.) Hanner is a physical freak, but still raw. The problem is, they seldom look like they have direction. Or if they do, it’s not the same direction.

    I don’t necessarily agree with the whole “lack of player development” argument. One can cherry pick examples and make a case either way. But if you take Priller and April out of the equation– they were long term projects to begin with, and it’s waaaay too early to judge their development as this point. Chances are at least one of them won’t be here for long, anyway. So let’s take the last four other bigs, for example. One transferred after what, an hour of game time? One was a one and done lottery pick (now averaging 2 points and 2 RBs per game it he NBA.) One was a two year guy, All-American, #4 pick, averaging just under 8 and 6 per in his second NBA season. (I know, I know, the NBA drafts on potential, so the Zeller/Vonleh draft position is not indicative of their development at IU. But how do you measure that development? Both were drafted higher than their HS ranking, so at the very least they weren’t hampered by their brief time here. And it doesn’t look like the pro development has done them much better to this point.) Hanner is the fourth. The jury’s still out on him, and he’s been injured and inconsistent at best, but you can’t argue you haven’t seen development from where he was to where he is now. Is it as fast as we’d hoped? No. But who had ever heard of Thomas Robinson before he was an all-American his senior year at Kansas? Hammons had loads of potential at Purdue all along, but he finally put it together this year. Hanner’s got one more year for the lightbulb to come on and stay on.

    Overall, there are at least as many players who got substantially better under Crean than there were those who showed regression/no development at all. And of the latter, most of those transferred out (some more voluntarily than others…) How much development have you seen out of them since they left? The whole player development argument seems like a lot conjecture to me.

    I would argue that it’s far less player development, and more team development. Lack of cohesion and/or direction has hampered us far more than individual progression. While good teams get better as the season goes on, we seem to peak around January. What seemed anecdotal at first has developed into a troubling trend. I keep hoping that we’ll buck it, but I’m more and more concerned that it’s less happenstance and more systematic. Hopefully there’s still time to prove most if us wrong.

  29. Dumbest comment of the week: “Most importantly, on the AAU circuit no one trusts Crean can get kid to the next level.” Three NBA lottery picks in the last two NBA drafts! One of which (VO) was on no one’s radar coming out of High School. LOL!!!

    Translation: the AAU circuit includes some High School players who don’t want to be required to go to class, do homework and pursue a legitimate college education. Those players want to play one year at a school where they won’t be held accountable for academic achievement, where they can get maximum exposure, and where they’re enrolled in a sudo-NBA Developmental program.

  30. iu-h-92, I am with you. I do not want Smart at IU. In fact I’d rather keep Crean than have Smart.

  31. didn’t Smart already turn down some high-profile jobs in the last couple years? Seems like he’s all set where he is… kinda like Few. I’m not sure that many are clamoring for him anyway. Personally, if we can’t get Stevens, which seems like the longest of long shots, then I’d like to take a hard look at Archie Miller. He has the pedigree and big ol’ nuggets. I bet in an environment like IU he could probably recruit as well as his brother.

  32. Yes, I believe Illini and maybe 1 other. I am with you about Miller, pedigree in spades, and of course I like the 1st name Archie, just like in Dees. I must be 1 of the few who considered the Hoosiers in after the NW game and double certain after a solid Maryland game. Although I did not vision the 10 seed. I watched WSU twice this season and thought them to be seeded higher than 7 but I guess Ill. St. loss hurt those chances. IU can handle Marshall’s WSU outfit if they can contain those 2 Jr. guards. JBJ is a problem in that respect. If he shoots well he neutralizes his D if not he is a liability in a single elimination format. Damn sure will be an interesting chess match as the Shockers will not want to play at the speed IU does. Rebounding again will have much to do with the pace and whose will, will prevail.

  33. as I look at this field, I’m realizing just how underwhelming CBB is this year. Just not a lot of good teams out there. OU a 3 seed? yuck. Baylor – meh… Once you get outside the top 10, there is just a bunch of mush.

    Might as well make a run at this thing.

  34. To your point, Geoff, I was listening to sports radio while running errands yesterday. The conversation was about why UK is the odds on favorite win it all and go undefeated this year, but wouldn’t deserve to be in the conversation of greatest team ever. The biggest reason is because Wisconsin is widely regarded as their biggest threat, but in most years Wisconsin would merely be just another top ten team.

    I can’t argue. If you talk about the top conferences, the Big 10 andBig 12 are probably the toughest top to bottom. The ACC is loaded with heavyweights, but is extremely top-heavy and pretty baron after the top five. And the SEC is just awful. The only reason UK has faced a ranked team since December is because some mediocre team has to rack up wins against hapless opponents. In a normal year, UK is probably still #1, bit is nowhere near the prohibitive favorite they are now. It’s been a down year all around.

  35. Geoff, to your point, that was a pretty sorry-assed UConn team that got to the championship game. Davidson jumped from a better than average SoCon team to the best team in the Atlantic 10.

    We played Eastern Washington and Texas Southern and the fans spoke of them as if they were the bottom of the barrel but here they are as conference champs.

    Even mighty Kentucky was pushed to overtime by a team that is looking to play in the NIT…in a down year.

    Duke, who did not win their conference and didn’t even make it past the semis in their conference tournament, is a frickin’ one seed!!??

    What a sorry year.

  36. Geoff- The pièce de résistance was the ending…Very funny.

    WE’RE IN !!! #10 seed…? Wow… It was a “breeze” after all….I hate being right when I thought it was wrong.

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