1. Heres something to wrap your head around; Joe Linardi the “bracketologist” has Indiana NOW as last 4 in. Crean has coached this team in a few weeks from a solid 7 seed to basically on the bubble. Good coaching job CTC.

  2. Iu will not beat michigan state and will lose to Minnesota.Once again no improvement from start of season to the last.Same pattern as last year.

  3. A consistent rumor I have been hearing is Crean and IU will part ways at end of season and he will replace the Alabama coach Anthony Grant who will be fired at end of season. This makes sense due to Crean having a close relationship with Saban. IU will then offer Stevens $35 million / 7 years. However, Stevens won’t accept until end of NBA season.

  4. I will say 1 thing that would certainly be considered a RUMOR, consistent, Eh.

  5. People in Alabama don’t care about basketball. They only mildly cared when Wimp Sanderson was here. Half the kids on campus could not even tell you who the coach is today. Mike Davis hung around UAB hoping to get the Alabama job. It didn’t happen and he played for Wimp.If Tom Crean brought his condescending attitude down here the few people who do care would have his head on a stick within a year.

  6. james

    i don’t suppose you would care to share where you heard that rumor consistently because i haven’t heard it. you know what our parents always told us. if it sounds too good to be true….

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