1. FWIW, fellas, nice job covering the Hoosiers this year. Looks like you’ll be busy this off season. 😉

  2. Jeremy I came by and said hi to you at the end of Hoosier Hysteria to kick off the season and thought it held a lot of promise! I come away at the end thinking we digressed quite a bit after the Maryland at home victory? I think Coach Crean’s teams seem to crest about midseason, and then kind of self-destruct down the stretch! Nothing personal against Coach Crean, but I truly believe it’s time for a change as far as Coaching is concerned! I want to give you guys Kudo’s for the excellent job you have done all year, and look forward to a new beginning next fall at Hoosier Hysteria! Thanks so much for your great work!

    1. Randy,
      Thanks for the kudos and guessing a lot of folks like you don’t feel like the promise of this season was fulfilled. Hope to see at Hoosier Hysteria again!

  3. Georgia State – Xavier game. So many state of Indiana connections. Would have been nice to have Remy and his defense this year. But it looks like he made a good choice.

    Probably just me, but ‘hot’ would be that woman in the Hardee’s commercial. Or the UCLA cheerleaders.

  4. What was the promise of a team with 2 juniors, and the rest freshman and sophomores that were picked to finished 10th in the big10?

  5. Izzos is rebuilding and doing it in the sweet 16. Creans best team could only get to a sweet 16. That’s Michigan States floor? Time to move on

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