Stan Robinson will transfer from IU

In the moments after Indiana’s loss Friday in the NCAA Tournament, Stanford Robinson said he had no plans to leave IU and he hoped others would follow his lead.

The five days since apparently led to a change of heart.

Indiana announced Wednesday that the sophomore guard plans to transfer from the program, citing a desire to seek more playing time and an opportunity closer to his Maryland home.

Robinson appeared in 32 games this season, making one start. He averaged 3.0 points and 1.9 rebounds, while recording 39 assists against 30 turnovers.

CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein first reported Robinson’s departure. The Hoosiers are now oversigned by one for next season, with an incoming class of two swingmen signed and scheduled to join the program.

“I respect Stan’s desire to contribute more on the court and understand that the opportunity to play closer to your family is something he would like to have happen,” IU coach Tom Crean said in a statement. “I think he has grown a great deal and matured in the two years he has been a part of the program and I hope he takes his experiences at Indiana University to remind him of what he can accomplish not only as a basketball player, but as a human being.”

Robinson arrived in Bloomington as a four-star prospect and started nine games as a freshman before seeing his playing time drop from nearly 17 minutes per contest in his first season to 11.4 minutes this year. He switched shooting hands during the off-season and never a measure the success or consistensy as his role changed and his opportunities fell off.

Robinson wasn’t without his off-the-court faults. He was arrested by Indiana State Excise Police last April for using a fake ID to gain entry to a Bloomington bar and was suspended four games at the start of the season after reportedly failing a drug test.

“I am grateful to Coach Crean, the assistant coaches and staff and my teammates for helping me become a better man,” Robinson said in a statement. “I hope to find something that is closer to family and where I can have more of an impact on the court. I’ve loved everything about being at IU and am thankful for the support of Hoosier Nation.”

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  1. With this transfer, we now need to recruit a guard? Also, will need three other transfers to get the two signed forwards and the big man for the middle on campus. I

  2. I couldn’t help but think Stan would be part of the “Creaning” process once the season ended.

  3. I wonder if this signals that Yogi is coming back for his fourth season?

    I can’t wait to read all the Crean-haters suggesting that SR is leaving because Crean “drove him out” of the program. HH will publish a virtual obituary for the young man, and pine on for months about how unfair he was treated by Crean (too bad you can’t start ten players each game, right?), suggest that this decision was forced upon him by the evil manipulator, that no one would ever freely choose to depart the paradise that is IU-Bloomington, and that now the poor helpless SR’s life has been ruined.

    SR’s playing time this past season dropped considerably. His “career” was headed in the wrong direction. He has options that may allow him to be a starter or at least play more than 11 minutes a game. He wanted to be closer to home. End of story. I wish him the best of luck in the future and thank him for his contributions to Indiana University Basketball.

  4. Seems to me IF you are going to ask a player to change shooting hands that you play him to give a chance to develop and grow from that “instruction” Crean didn’t drive him out (per se) but SR stand as ANOTHER one of Crean’s failed experiments

  5. By all accounts (and knowing that NCAA summer rules allows coaches only 2 hours a week in which they can even be in the same room/gym with players), Stan decided on his own to switch hands based upon an observation made by Will Sheehey. So maybe coach should have told him NOT to switch, but to call this a “coaching” experiment is silly. I made a kid switch his roundoff direction when he was 8. That young man had to have hip surgery 15 years later. Clearly, I am a bad, bad man and this was all my fault. Or at least that is what you would all think if my name happened to be Tom Crean.

  6. Stan Robinson is a limited player plus was’nt going to get any playing time next year with better players coming in bottom line

  7. “I think he has grown a great deal and matured in the two years he has been a part of the program and I hope he takes his experiences at Indiana University to remind him of what he can accomplish not only as a basketball player, but as a human being.”

    Sometimes CTC should just shut up…what exactly did SR accomplish? He was worse this season than last and he got arrested! Glad he is leaving…the grass is greener Stan…players leave teams in college basketball and my first thoughts were that he was creaned but after some thought I just believe he knows he wasn’t going to make a mark here at IU. But CTC getting his sound bite is predictable and I’m over it. Just coach this year and shut up!

  8. Good luck and I hope you find your way after a fresh start, Stan.

    This switching hands thing was a nightmare. Do remember, that it was Will Sheehey who convinced Stan to do it. It wasn’t Crean’s brainstorm, but he ultimately bears responsibility for not stepping in and putting the kibosh on it. The kid was mentally a mess almost every time he got in the game this year. Hard not to point this experiment as a major contributor to him losing faith and not working to get better in the other aspects of his game.

    Stan was switching from zone to man-to-man in his head every time he touched the ball.

  9. Best wishes Stan. I see two more of these requests in the near future, making room for OG, Morgan & …Bryant. Maker is more highly touted, but he’s a combo forward who would be forced to play out of position. Bryant is a banger who will also be around for more than a year. I’d also like to point out that Will Sheehey suggested Stan switch shooting hands, not CTC. Go Hoosiers!

  10. Stan looked promising during his first season. He was not a good shooter but seemed to be very athletic and could be a solid contributor. This year he was a total mess and looked lost on the court. Since when did Will determine how players should play the game? Nevertheless, it is best that he move on for both IU and Stan. Frankly, if IU lands Bryant then Priller, April, Max and Burton should also look to leave the program. For their own sake as well as IU. Those guys would get more playing time at other schools and did not display enough skill set to play at required levels in the Big 10.

  11. Every season someone leaves. If it was IU only, then the critics could say something. That is not the case. It happens at virtually every program. Good luck to Stan. I take him at his word that family and playing time are the reasons. IU could have given up on him for his actions, but they stuck with him. This is best for both sides.

  12. Will may have suggested the change BUT its COACH Crean who went along with AND continued it after Will left! Who’s the Coach and getting the money to BE the coach??? It certainly wasn’t Will. Will may have suggested it BUT the “experiment occurred AFTER Will graduated. IF Crean didn’t like the suggestion then he should have been more assertive and acted like a coach and told SR it wasn’t working. Cant pan this failed experiment on anyone BUT CTC.

  13. Are you saying Stan had no say in how he was going to shoot the ball? How he practiced? It is a moot point now. Time to move forward for Stan and the team.

  14. You guys are just joking around, right? Like it really matters what hand he shot with, it was bad either way. He has exceptional offensive talent around the basket but I struggled to see what other strong points he had. For whatever reason he is one of the few players not improving during his time in Bloomington so it seems it is not a good fit for him. Best for him that he tries something different, makes perfect sense and wish him luck.

  15. Not at all Sam; but what I am saying some direction and teaching and (heaven forbid) coaching would have helped . Confusion would not have reigned supreme but in the singular(lack of better term) failure of SR’s experiment; we get a glimpse of what’s potentially happening inside the IU program. The team has looked lost at times (stagnant offense being what it is),defense has been non-existent for most of the year( like him or not Dan Dakich did make a valid point: “In switching defenses the only ones getting tricked are the IU players themselves”). JBJ never seemed to learn how to get open for “his shot” other than stand outside or drive down the middle. After the past 3 years, a more powerful pair of glasses need to be used to evaluate the growth and development of this team and of the individual players.

  16. I was ready to switch to the “Human Blender” from “Ambi-Stan” after the 360 move against Wichita State…

    I don’t prefer any young man to leave…We get beat by 20 without Stan’s defense against the shockers…Also a very strong kid on the boards. The shot was going to get better as he moved back to the original side…He was still an asset because of his ability to work inside…Very crafty…I was too hard at times on Ambi-Stan. He has tons of potential and any comment claiming he’s disposable “mid-major” material is the exact reason this coach continues to fail.

    Crean invests in tons of mid-major talent…Some blossom faster than others. None receive any real coaching. Those with the most “next level” sex appeal, get the most PT. Soon he subs in the “mid-major” kid into a firestorm of a game and expects the kid to shine instantly. We all might be throwing the ball to the wrong uniform or into the stands. Being a ‘Super-Sub’ is one of the toughest gigs in basketball..It can be brutal. You take all the sh__t from the fans because you have little time to balance any possible mistake with a redemption play. But long story short, this kid valued playing defense…He had nice size to be a stopper…Maybe he had to be with the offensive side of things struggling, but he kept the effort on the floor nonetheless.

    I could see a kid like Stan having great success at Butler…..A program that believes in teaching rather than just adulation for those with the NBA stamp. Everyone has immature moments at college…Growth in those categories are often a function of the maturity the adults they are most often around.

    Good luck Stan. You played with real heart against the Shockers….Not such a bad way to exit and open a new door.

  17. Was it Stan’s mother on twitter in Nov/Dec complaining about IU fans reaction to her son? Pretty verbal if I remember right.

  18. “I don’t prefer any young man to leave…” Well, unless they’re miscreants, felons, or chronic trouble-makers, who does? I don’t prefer any college students transfer schools, but lots of them do. I don’t prefer any married couple get a divorce, but it happens every day.

    “Crean invests in tons of mid-major talent…Some blossom faster than others. None receive any real coaching.” A classic example of total bull sh– written by a person suffering chronic Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome (TCDS). They can’t all be McDonald’s All Americans and they can’t all be starters! And if they don’t want to pursue a legitimate education, or don’t have the academic chops to succeed at IU, then they won’t be signed to play basketball at IU. And by the way, Victor O and numerous other Crean alumni would ardently disagree with that ridiculous assertion.

  19. Back when the NCAA prevented freshman from playing varsity, and the rules limiting the number of scholarship players a school could have on the roster were far more liberal, the college basketball program with one of the highest transfer rates was UCLA, under John Wooden. For Football, it was Alabama under Bear Bryant. John Wooden, that wise and humble saint would sign a bunch of freshman stars and then evaluate them for a year. If they did not “develop” to his expectations, or if those “student-athletes” wanted to pursue a legitimate college degree, which differed from what Wooden thought was in the best interests of the basketball team, those players were forced to transfer. I know this for a fact because one of my best friends experienced Wooden’s methods and tactics first hand. In reality, those war not the good old days.

  20. Guy-Marc Michel…..Peter Jurkin…Bawa Muniru…Tijan Jobe….Hanner Perea….Tim Priller(Super-Sub)

    Ladies and gentlemen…I give you your new University of Kentucky McDonald’s All-American front line. Banners, baby!

  21. I think this should be the opening for every after midnight ScoopTalk….Just sayin…

    Wow…Where’s that bench-warmer Goeff when you need him to man up and fight the defeatists and the apologists…? Poof…Disappears like Crean’s coaching when a team needs leadership and calm from the sideline.

  22. Harv Quixote thinks he is Lord again…imaginary castles at 17th and fee…Chivalrous conquests to protect the scorned mid major cast offs from the 8 year war…the battle rages on with the Knight of Mirrors, the loser to be vanquished to lay down his arms and cease his acts of chivalry.

  23. But what has hurt Crean the most is his “major” cast offs…

    – Zeller hanging it up after being bitch-slapped by Syracuse.
    – Fischer transferring
    – Vonleh leaving while still in NBA diapers

    …and the Davis incident didn’t help.

    No loyalty…No confidence in Crean to take them to greatness. No teammates mature enough to look ou for their fellow teammates….It’s not the Remy’s and the Stan’s and the mid-major looking for more PT that’s preventing Crean from getting to another Sweet 16 Banner…..Hell, lets raise a Field of 64 Banner. Works for me.

    But, then again…Remy and Stan were probably the two best defenders coming off the bench since Oladipo….Remy has been clamping down opposing teams stars in the NCAA tournament.. I wouldn’t consider that achievement as a piece of wasted chopped Priller liver on a roster.

  24. Post 18 from Harvard sums it up. Nicely done. I imagine he will flourish at a smaller school and be taught basketball skills that apply to Stan and make him the player he can be. Good luck.

    Podunker, I don’t see what’s so delusional about #18.

  25. Question: If Gregg Marshall goes to Alabama does that put Alabama in the chase for Thomas Bryant??

  26. the question remains, who is next? burton is not on scholly so even though someone suggested he leave, it has no impact. if yogi leaves it will be to follow crean because, amazingly, yogi’s dad says the whole family loves crean. johnson really faded after mid-january but he’s probably not going anywhere. he’s the heir apparent at point since crean doesn’t seem to think he needs a season to develop one. who am i kidding? he couldn’t develop one in 4 seasons. blackmon probably truly believes he is going to the nba after next season, as does williams. sitting out a year with transfer rules does jive with that. they stay.

    hanner has missed enough time so he doesn’t want to sit out a year to play elsewhere. holt probably sees himself as ascending so he won’t leave. thank the tooth fairy for that. needs to start shooting from outside yesterday. hoetzel is totally being wasted by our inept coach. granted he needs to add a lot of muscle and shoot from above his head like a big boy, but man, he has so much potential. i’d have him running the offense once yogi leaves. but he will regress under “coach” and someone should advise him to get out of dodge while he can.

    zeisloft is an obvious stay. priller or april could be just as obvious to leave but they must have suspected they wouldn’t see much court this year so they may need a nudge from crean.

    my wild card entry is hartman. i love hartman almost as much as hoetzel so i hope not. hartman is probably a guy that realizes crean is an idiot as a coach and a person (as i suspect fischer did) and will hinder every ambition he has in basketball.

    caveat: any player on the roster would be wise to find a better coach to play for. i would rather lose crean than any of these guys.

  27. coach valvano,

    max wasn’t worth a hoot all season. major developing to do. Hoot Hoot.

  28. Hotzel, hartman, priller, zeisloft, holt, and hanger all have very limited potential to become high level big ten players that is why unless better players come in with some improved coaching by Crean and staff or someone else IU bb will continue to compete for middle of big ten honors.

  29. Harv, I’m taking a break from posting… I’m doing a little checking in to read. Here’s the thing. It’s going to be a very active off-season. I’m not going to make many assertions until I see everything that plays out. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll let everyone else react and over-react.

  30. to quote you CoachV” caveat: any player on the roster would be wise to find a better coach to play for.” with that statement ITs very possible that JBJ could transfer to another school . He and his dad may calculate better to sit a year out and learn a system that will develop his potential than waste another year with Crean going backwards; Theoretically KJ could recruit him (sorta speak) to Louisville. Pitino will need guards.

  31. oops..

    “I’m Max Hoetzel and that’s all you need to know”….. after one season of Crean..

  32. Geoff-

    You should man up and, at least, address the defeatists….And wish Stan luck, as well. You were very high on Stan…..But thanks for responding. You never divulged your Final Four picks…At this late stage, you have the opportunity to cheat…(not that I think you would), but, anyway,….care to share your Final Four picks?

    Just a reminded ….I had Duke, Wisconsin, MSU, and ND….Have Duke taking home the banner.

    Take care.

  33. I do wish Stan the best. He is better than mid-major talent. He needs to get in shape and get his confidence back. He showed a special talent when he had those things going for him to get to the hoop. He can defend and rebound above-average for his position. He’ll do well somewhere.

    IU will be fine. In fact, sooner than later. Defeatists are getting boring.

    My FF picks were: UK, UW, UVA, and Gonzaga… Unfortunately I had UVA beating UK 56-50… so things ended early for me.

    I’m looking forward to UK facing the gauntlet of Xmas past with potential match-ups of Wich St (whose undefeated season they ended last year in a game the refs screwed WSU) and Wisconsin (whose season they ended on a 28 foot game winner).

  34. ….Attaboy.

    Knew I could coax something out…..Yeah, I got UK going down to ND in the regional final…Probably won’t happen….

    Don’t be a stranger………………………person than Harvard.

  35. My championship game is Duke vs. Wisconsin…..Score prediction is a slim margin…Something like 79-76.. Won’t bother looking it up right now.

  36. As much as I ragged on Stan this year, I hate to see him go. Thought he’d be a four year guy. What is that, one senior the last two years? Unless you’re bringing in 5 McD’s AAs every year, it’s hard to win with constant turnover and minimal veteran leadership. And as much as I cringed almost every time he touched the ball this year, I had high hopes for Stan in the coming years. (Reminded me of a much shorter version of Matt Costello at MSU. If Stan could have cleaned up his turnovers– and maybe a become bit more dependable at the FT line– he could’ve been that glue guy that does all the dirty stuff… with the occasional offensive outburst. Much like Remy could have been. We may very well come to miss that in the next year or two.)

    It’s nearly impossible for us old fogeys to gauge a young person’s mind, but I never quite understand the rationale of transferring after your sophomore season– at least if your primary purpose is to get more PT. You go a year without playing, then you’re either battling underclassmen for a similar spot you just vacated, or you’re where you likely would have been in the starting rotation as a senior anyway. Unless you’re taking a major step down in competition. In which case… More power to you, I guess.

  37. In case you were wondering, Harv, (and I know you were…) I always have two brackets. In my homer bracket, IU won again this year, beating Duke 81-76 for its 28th straight National Championship. And in my other bracket, AZ over Duke, 73-70.

  38. Punjab- I didn’t do the “homer” bracket this year. …unless you’re talking “Homer” Drew…I had Valpo winning it all….

    Arizona…? Got a good one there…Watch out for Remy Remix..

  39. i loved it when max said, “i’m max hoetzel. that’s all you need to know”. gotta little california fun-lovin’ swagger to him. to those who said he showed nothing i counter, what can you do in two minutes while only handing the ball off in that stupid dribble weave. remember when he played point for 15 minutes early in the season? if you don’t understand the advantage of a tall point guard you don’t know much about basketball. hoetzel should succeed yogi but crean is too stupid to see it. max should have backed up yogi this season 8 minutes a game. what did we get from johnson and robinson?

    and, sure tj, jb could and should transfer. but if his plan is to go nba after next season it doesn’t fit. personally, not too sure he has the game for the nba but we’ll see.

  40. Alford and son, Bryce, currently giving a little Indiana fun-lovin’ swagger to the Bruins…

    I’m Bryce Alford and the absence of a brillo is all you need to know…..?

  41. Bart, #28 was brilliant. I’m glad you also recognize Harv’s Don Quixote complex.

    Ben, come on, you can find evidence of delusion in most of the posts Harvard makes on the subject of Crean or IU basketball. He likes to play the role of court jester to mask the delusion. For example from #30; “Zeller hanging it up after being bitch-slapped by Syracuse.” As if any rational IU fan would consider that’s why Zeller left IU. It’s delusional to even conjure something so ridiculous up from one’s imagination.

  42. From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Ye damned whale.

    Captain Ahab chasing the whale that somehow damaged him….The mockery at the institution….The terrorizing our small mistakes and using it as a cross for all to forever bear…The defense of a man playing to the same funeral march….The snidely remarks to defend incompetence as if the commonsense pathways to “elite” shall be damned like an old demon whale that shall die upon its refusal of such freedoms and hope…Harpoons after harpoons of defeatism until the drowning end.

    Choose your ship wisely, Ben….Some men are chasing more than just their own delusions of an incompetent coach. Some chase a villain much larger…Their soul be the entire Hoosier ship on an ocean of defeatism…Their demon some harm done now in the eyes that giant whale…. And that damn whale will be terrorized until the final breath.

    However he harmed we shall never know…..But you must see it, Ben. Please tell me you see it like Tsao before…and Geoff most recently… One felt as it the man was terrorizing Indiana…..Geoff so tired of defeatism he’s decided to just not listen anymore. It is a foul pursuit. It turns the stomach of hopeful men that don’t want IU to be something put on the cross….It is a desire to strap a cross of permanence. and justify those that want at its riches without watching it live again… …..It is the furthest thing from faith, hope, change, and becoming the best Indiana can be.

    And whatever other symbols of so-called “faith” be part of such bleak judgments upon IU turned into stone tablets as something so easily “wrecked” in our collective hearts, it is a faith I will never adhere to….It is only their doctrines of an already present destiny that I will not believe. Indiana does not need to die for the sins of anyone…There was never a “cancer” upon IU…nor upon this great state that has such rich traditions in sports: a belief in the undaunted spirit of underdogs, the power of achievement collectively as opposed to only individual adulation, and a belief that tomorrow, or the next game, is another chance to pick yourself up from the bootstraps when things get tough…It’s the sins of incompetence and greed harpooned for the throat our true brightness and possible vibrancy that fuels such tiny men feeding your soul with defeatism.

  43. The fact that you don’t recognize yourself as Ahab and CTC as the white whale in this little vignette is, in itself, somewhat amazing.

  44. H4H: Don’t listen to Chet – he is wrong. Moby Dick was a winner – therefore certainly could not be confused for CTC. CTC would be the maelstrom in the story sucking the good ship Hoosier to the bottom of the sea.

  45. The bottom line is CTC isn’t getting it done. He recently said “We’re going to do all we can this offseason to correct our wrongs”. Okay, why don’t you have that attitude every year instead of convincing yourself everything is ok? Sometimes he really needs to think before he speaks.

    I care less about his personal life but do care where the state of the program is. The man can’t simpily be defended anymore. It’s over. We need to cut our losses NOW.

    Podunker, your heart is in the right place and I believe you love IU. I never doubted that. I just don’t understand how you can defend an average coach at best. CTC has had plenty of time to right the ship but keeps crashing into glaciers. Time to throw the caption overboard as coachv stated.

    While it’s true Harvard and I agree on little, he’s the only one I’ve encounted on this blog to make it right and apologize whether right or wrong. I can’t say that for anyone else. Btw, I forget what Tsao thought, but I’m clear where Geoff stands.

    I remember talking about Coach Wilson and Tsao stated he don’t like to judge coaches when they are not in their last year of a contract. Other than health, that might be why he’s AWOL.

  46. Stan was the only player we had that played any effective defense. He defended guys that were 6 in. taller than him all year. Without him we just got softer, as impossible as that is.

    But, apparently offcourt things are more important to him than developing his shot from whatever hand he wants to use.

    Good Luck kid.

  47. Some season stats to ponder…..

    Robert Johnson had a better 3 pt. FG% (.388) than James Blackmon (.387), the supposed sharpshooter.
    James Blackmon was actually 2nd to last on the team in 3 pt. FG% with more than 10 attempts.
    Stan was 0 for 10 btw.
    Who led the team? Hartmann at .475 besting Troy Williams at .462 (6 for 13).

    Blackmon was actually 9th out of the 10 players with more than 50 FG attempts in total FG% at .420. Stan was last at .333.

    As a team, we had 28 more TOs, 39 less steals, 38 fewer blocks than our opponents.
    We hit 26 more FTs with exactly the same # of attempts.
    We out rebounded our opponents by 3 per game, a major accomplishment.

    Yogi had almost a 2.5 to 1 assist to turnover ratio, which is pretty damn good. Troy W. was almost 1:1 (64 to 71), which was actually surprising.

    Crean actually led the team in deflections….at his press conferences.

  48. We want to consider ourselves as an elite program. The fact of the matter is, we have accepted mediocrity longer than any elite program would ever tolerate.

    That’s where we are.

  49. This is no surprise ! We all new with the off court issues and very little improvement on court he was expendable . We can annalize all we want but we are stuck with CTC for at least another year ! Barring a top 25 recruit coming in we will be the same undersized nondefense playing team that we were this year! CTC is a bad coach at this level and we are forced to accept that fact. He has no clue how to coach these kids and he has no relationships with any of the players .He is a self centered intervert who in his mind thinks he is really good! Pretty sad when the fan base sets up a website to buy him out . He will push out more players he recruited to try and cover his own butt ! Indiana has fallen to a new low . The elite thing about the program is how far we have fallen. Most all of the team problems are coaching issues. The players are not buying into anything he says and therefore continue to look horrible and he just claps and acts like he has lost his mind ! It’s not the money ,it’s Glass and CTC joined at the hip ! It is very hard to watch ! AND WE ARE FORCED TO ACCEPT IT!

  50. See where Tennessee has an opening. Any possibility Dustin and ‘the smirk’ end up covering CTC.?

  51. I here through the grapevine that Harv is considering transferring to Yale…he wants more blogging time…waiting for his press release thanking CTC for all the life achievements that have allowed him to grow as a blogger.

  52. Is that the same Chet that beat up on anyone who said anything the least bit negative about the coach a few years ago…or is it a different one?

  53. Ben wrote, “Podunker, your heart is in the right place and I believe you love IU. I never doubted that. I just don’t understand how you can defend an average coach at best. CTC has had plenty of time to right the ship but keeps crashing into glaciers. Time to throw the caption overboard as coachv stated.”

    Well Ben, here’s my response. You are correct. I love IU and everything about it. So never doubt that. And it is for that reason that I don’t believe it is time for IU to fire Crean. I believe he needs more time. It would hurt IU athletics to fire him now. It would cost millions of dollars to fire him, and that money is better spent on other priorities. At this point, it is highly unlikely that IU could hire a coach that would have better success over the next three seasons. Flushing $7 to $8 million dollars to get rid of Crean would be stupid. And lastly, Crean has proven that he can achieve success, both before arriving at IU and since. Two seasons ago his IU team won the Big Ten Regular Season Championship and was highly ranked for much of that season. He’s had three players drafted into the NBA as lottery picks.

    I believe most IU Basketball fans fail to realize just what a train wreck IU basketball was when Crean arrived in Bloomington. The damage went much deeper than the obvious mistakes made by his predecessors. I believe most people have no idea the damage that had been done to IU Basketball during the years prior to Crean being hired. And I believe that it takes a lot more time and work to rebuild a demolished program than people realize. Crean has returned IU to relevance in college basketball. In some ways, Crean’s a victim of the success he enjoyed two and three seasons ago when he lead IU to consecutive Sweet 16’s. So many fans thought, “hey, we’re back! Next year we’ll make it to the Final Four.” And when that did not happen, they began to turn on Crean. And lastly, people need to realize that IU’s determination to honor and sustain the concept of “student athlete,” where the players must pursue real academic achievement, makes it much more difficult to recruit the number of talented players that a program needs to win a national championship. Crean deserves more time to lead IU closer to where we all want it to be. And if Crean’s team does not show improvement next year, you’ll probably read my posts joining the chorus of IU fans calling for him to be replaced.

  54. Po, I don’t disagree with you. But to say he needs more time is a bad way of framing it. It’s been, what, seven years?

    I completely agree he needs another year, if for no other reason than this is his final year with a group of players that have been there since we were decimated. He’s had some home runs and some misses with recruits. But this is the first year where the mulligan expires. This would be the first crop of seniors that didn’t have to endure purgatory from Crean’s predecessors when they signed. This is Crean’s team. This was his vision. We weren’t nearly as bad as some would have us believe this year, but we were deficient in several areas. And too many of them have the look of a trend.

    I’m with you. Unless there are catastrophic injuries next year, Crean has no excuses for not fielding a highly competitive team. Anything can happen in March with one game, but if we don’t win 24-26 games and earn a #5 seed or better (assuming all key pieces return…) next year, I don’t see how we can justify giving him any more slack.

  55. The church is crying for a new minister. Sometimes being qualified to speak the gospel isn’t enough. Something fades away…..And though the same things may be preached and the same pages opened, a new interpretation and a new voice is the only way to ignite the passion of a tired flock tired of one tone from one heart. The Hoosier flock is tired….They seek a new hope and a new understanding.
    The Church of Basketball has spoken….The hymns aren’t sung with the same spark…The movement out of the seats to a standing position to join with the choir has lost its devotional quickness and hop. It really doesn’t matter if it’s the halls of God….the halls of government…or Assembly Hall….The writing is on the wall of such hall for the basketball coach of Indiana. Now, it’s merely prolonging of the inevitable shift that cannot be undone.
    All know that that same old sermon falls upon ears that long for a new sunrise…It’s time to shake hands and wish well and search for the passion again. It has nothing to do with right or wrong anymore. It has to do with something you can only feel when amongst the faithful…It’s been fun watching the demons identified and fires of “it’s Indiana” fly off the tongue when it was young….But now we seek a higher truth and something closer to the genuineness our faith in basketball rather than merely the reading of its Indiana tale.
    There will be another church for minister Crean…..All the dust has settled our doubts and our defenses…and what is left is not the same hop off the seats, nor the same investment in the smiles returned for the minister to keep….Change has already broken its forces onto the beach….This is only the rolling back of the truth; a broken wave washing its waters back upon the fading footprints filling back into the ocean’s sands of impressions on a final sunset.. All have their time…Now the tide has come to say goodbye.

  56. What Podonkey says means nothing. He’s lost credibility long, long ago. Glass (aka AD Fred Flinstone) sent a lengthy letter to the Star two days ago where the message was clear: “from a program perspective, we are not where we want to be”. The state of IU Basketball is bad because of two incompetent sandbags: Fred and Tom. Together with “Win Today!” stooge Kevin “The Mad Pancake” Wilson they will continue to hurt IU Athletics for the foreseeable future.

  57. Wasn’t Podumber a big Crean critic a few years back? Now he checks under his bed every night for “Crean Haters”. So if things don’t go right next year he is going to call for Creans head? Flip flop Flip flop. The guy (?) has no credibility.

  58. Punjab, I think you’re looking at it wrong. It took four years! Crean had IU in the Sweet 16 four years after taking the job. But many IU fans, after those two good years, thought that “the recovery,” meaning IU returning to the final four every other year and winning a sixth banner was preordained. But it took about 21 years of terrible mismanagement to damage IU Basketball’s brand.

    Look at the coaches who lead their teams to the final four this year. In fact, look at those coaches that lead their teams to the round of eight. They’re all very successful, tenured coaches who have lead their teams to that level of success before. Those coaches are not going anywhere. They’re not going to get lured away by other college programs. They’re not going to the NBA. They’re not retiring any time soon. And they’re not going to be hired by IU. It took them decades of coaching experience and lots of support from their respective universities to build their programs to the level of consistent success they now enjoy. Do you think IU s going to go out and hire a coach that will, within two or three seasons, displace any of those tenured and highly successful coaches? It’s not going to happen. And while it may never happen with Crean at IU, keeping him on and supporting his efforts gives us the best chance of getting back to where we all want IU basketball to go.

    The bottom line is this. The way Bob Knight was “managed” during the last five years of his tenure at IU, the way Bob Knight was terminated, and then the way IU went about trying to replace him doomed IU’s once elite basketball program to mediocrity. It took decades of stupidity and incompetence, but the mismanagement eventually lead to a train wreck. It appears that it’s going to take more than seven years to get it back to where we’d all like it to be.

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