Statement from Big Ten on Indiana’s “religious freedom” bill

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany isn’t ready to take a stance on Indiana’s controversial “religious freedom” bill.

A statement released on Friday says the conference will discuss the state’s new piece of legislation in the coming weeks.

“The Big Ten Conference and its member institutions believe in promoting an inclusive environment in which athletic competition can operate free from discrimination,” the statement reads. “The conference is aware of the bill that was recently signed into law in the state of Indiana and will further review its impact at the next scheduled meetings of its administrators, presidents and chancellors.”

NCAA President Mark Emmert released a statement Thursday saying his organization will examine how the bill would affect future events in the state, as well as the housing of NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis.

Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis will host the Big Ten football championship through 2021, while Bankers Life Fieldhouse is set to host the league’s men’s and women’s basketball tournament in 2016. The men’s tournament will also return in 2020 and 2022, while the women’s tournament will be held in the city from 2016-2022.


  1. Mike –

    I come to Hoosier Scoop and to other Indiana sports sites to get away from the agendas and politics that get thrown at us from the news media every day. Please don’t inject any of that into a site dedicated to IU sports. Perhaps you could have spent your time reporting already about Fred Glass’ most recent comments regarding Crean.

  2. same redneck, backwards, hicks i remember from when i lived there. same white trash picketing the streets of indiana when cable tv arrived because they didn’t want anyone messing with their tv. lol. same backwards state that had the largest kkk rally in the history of our country and the most recent lynching north of the mason-dixon line. aside from bloomington, they should flush the whole damn state down the toilet. too embarrassed to even wear my indiana sweatshirt anymore. pathetic

  3. Thankfully you left Indiana for the nuts and fruits of San Francisco. We don’t miss you or want you back.

  4. Mike, thanks for covering the Big Ten commissioner’s statement on Indiana’s “religious freedom” bill. I’m sure there are many bloggers on this blog who don’t want you to cover it. And I find that unfortunate. They prefer their politics to be divorced from everyday life, especially sports, the great escape tool used by many Americans to cope with life along with alcohol and other drugs. But they can’t. Politics is an integral part of life. Nor is it something dirty as they make it out to be.

    Unfortunately, many prefer to believe in the illusion that their lives can be lived free from differences and conflict. Yet, they don’t mind getting into petty sports conflicts on this blog. But every citizen is involved in the political sphere, whether complicit or not. Unfortunately, those who sit on the sidelines and don’t want to be involved in life lest the purity of their lives and comfortable lifestyles become tainted, represent the greatest danger to America. It’s these apathetic folks who represent the greatest danger to the thrival and survival of our democracy. They’d rather mooch on what others do to provide for them and our democracy, rather than do the hard work required of all citizens in a democracy to maintain it.

    Having said that, this pseudo- “religious freedom” bill will impact sports at IU and every college coach in the state of Indiana adversely. Make no mistake about it. There will be highly competent recruits from out-of-state, whether members of the LBGTQ community, or heterosexuals, who will not want to play sports in a state which supports the religious beliefs of tyrants that support hatred and bigotry. And we will lose sporting events involving good people from other states and nations, too.

    Young adults today, whether athletes or not, are far wiser, more broad-minded, and more caring then our white male privileged politicians who are afraid of their sexuality and sow hatred, bigotry, and oppression in the state and our world. Young adults of all colors can see through this bill and it’s purpose, namely: to demonize anyone who is not a white, heterosexual Christian. That’s just a few things that will happen in sports in Indiana. And I haven’t addressed what will happen to businesses and conferences which will leave Indiana or not come here.

    So bloggers who don’t want to get involved in the political realm because it stirs them, can sit on the sidelines and watch how these politicians undermine our democracy and sports. But you’ll never get away from the impact such promoters of discrimination, aka hypocrites, will have on your life, your children’s and grand-children’s, as they seek to turn Indiana and America into a 21st century plantation.

  5. Good post.

    This sham of a law is going to prove financially catastrophic to the state for the brief time it will be in place before businesses demand it be rescinded. It may take decades for the state to recover from the damage.

  6. Recently in Florida and had lunch with a Physician friend originally from Egypt 15 years ago. His concern, the United States is edging closer and closer to a type of ‘sharia law’. Between women’s health issues and restrictions and the growing religious freedom bills passed by so many states, than add the government monitoring of communications. To him, it seems as if whoever is the ruling party is only interested in delivering policy for those who supported him financially and the needs of ordinary people are not considered.

    Considering the separation of church and state, it gets pretty confusing. Maybe it’s just a confusing time we live in.

  7. But, than again, we had a young Physician from India who was worried his two young kids were becoming too ‘Americanized’. He moved the family back to India and after two years he returned. Asked him what happened and he said “there are worse things than being too Americanized”.

  8. Ron,
    I’ve got a nephew who is the adventurous type. He has paddled the Amazon and he has worked in such diverse locales as Antarctica and Swaziland, where he is on his second go round sandwiched between government overthrows. In between the two Swazi tours he landed in India.

    I asked him about living in India.

    He just replied, “It was a mistake.”

  9. andrew,

    yeah, like i’m dying to come back and live with hate mongering racists and bigots like you. hey, you’re about to miss the next episode of duck dynasty

  10. You tend to hate on this blog quite a bit coachv, so I’d be careful what you say. I assume you support ISIS too?

  11. Also if you hate Indiana so much this must be your swan song to blogging anything that concerns Indiana. Bye bye coachv.

  12. Andrew – you should be ashamed. First off some of the finest, most creative, decent human beings I know are “fruits” from San Francisco. Your hate is limiting you. Second, becaus Coachtv and I moved away from Indiana doesn’t mean we gave up the right to expect to be treated as full citizens. I am not gay, but I am not a believer and I have every right to not believe and should have every right to enter any business and expect to be treated as a co-equal citizen. I don’t particularly like the way you religious bigots behave (and here is a little hint – you have zero high road when it comes to morality) but you have every right to believe the things you do – what you don’t have is the right to treat LBGT, Jewish, Muslim and Athiests as second class citizens. Again – if you think that is okay, you should be ashamed. It is shameful how blatantly unAmerican the supporters of this law are. This is not and never has been a Christian nation. What makes us exceptional is that we specifically rejected divine right and rejected theocracy.

  13. If it’s my business I can do what I want with it. If I don’t want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple I shouldn’t made to if it infringes on my beliefs. I can also think as I feel thank you very much. If you don’t like how this country believes I think their are many choices outside of this nation.

  14. If the NCAA is going to move sporting events out of Indiana then they must do the same to Il as thy have the same bill. Perhaps it is a good time to review the History of Thanksgivng and why the Pilgrims came her. Add the establishment of Rhode Island. Or maybe the first schools. The First Admendment of the Constitution would be a good review. This whole situation is sad.

  15. Taking a cheap shot back at me won’t do morals any good so I suggest you take a hint and not pursue evil for evil. It’s a shame people can’t coexist, but it’s where we are as a nation.

  16. Hey, we can start by banning the people we don’t like from lunch counters.

    The governor said it’s legal.

  17. This is almost as memorable a week as when the Klan relocated to Martinsville.

    Andrew, what day do you usually celebrate that on?

  18. Andrew, the wedding cake thing, I can understand and agree with the owner. But where do you draw the line? Pharmacist in Florida refusing to provide the morning after pill. Catholic hospitals refusing to perform abortions. Physicians personal beliefs affecting patient care. Example; friend and wife, both love vacations on bikes. Stomach problems for the wife. “No motorcycle riding” instructions by the MD for three months. Finally when asked why not, Doc said she ‘ hated motorcycles and nobody should ride one’. But, you are wrong with the “it’s where we are as a nation”. This is where the whole world is. Me, I’m looking for a cabin in the middle of no-where.

  19. does anyone have any idea what junebug is trying to say? i’m not even sure what side of the issue he is on

  20. Neither the world nor this country believes this idiocy. It’s just isolated pockets in places like Indiana, Mississippi, and Darfur.

    Watch the economic wasteland Indiana is about to become.

    Conversely, California’s economy has never been healthier for those of you who don’t keep track.

  21. Oh man. Don’t start with the Martinsville thing again.

    Did you know that backward Martinsville High School has won the state academic decathlon contest 17 out of the last 18 years? And won the National Academic Decathlon 10 out of the last 11 years?

    Believe it or not, things change.

  22. Andrew – if you make cakes for everyone else you should make a cake for the icky gay people. You don’t want freedom, you want special rights because you think your super freaking special. You aren’t. You would gain a lot by not self limiting the way you are. You are missing out on some great people.

    Ron – it would be awesome if martinsville really changed. I will never forget the redneck at the gas station that set his shotgun on his counter and told me to buy my gas somewhere else because my passenger was black.

  23. Also Andrew – this is EXACTLY the argument the white supremacists used in the 40’s and 50’s to justify not serving black people. Nice company you keep.

  24. My late mother-in-law attended the conservative Disciples of Christ Church in Tennessee back in the day.

    They HAD planned on having their 2017 convention with 8,000 attendees in Indy, bringing $6 million church dollars with them, up until a couple days ago.

    Not anymore.

    It’s only just begun.

  25. Even if I did decide to bake the cake I’d donate the money to an organization that supports traditional marriage. Who said I hate gays, ethnics, etc? I think you’re getting ahead of yourself. I have many black friends. Bottom line us I can believe as I like. If believing my bible condemns me to hell than I’ll see you there IU Gymnast. Must be bitter…

  26. Can you read the words you are typing?

    I know what you mean about those damned ‘ethnics’, though.

  27. Typical Chet always tying to insert himself in a conversation. This don’t concern you. While myself and Gymnest don’t sgree, I hope we could at least be cordial to one another in life outside of this blog.

  28. 11,800 people….97.5 white……0.2% African American, 0.3% Native American, 0.4 Asian. So I would guess Martinsville has a ways to go on diversity.

    Many yrs ago, organization meeting at Edison Community College in Ft Myers, Fl. Moderator asked everyone to introduce themselves and where from. I said Martinsville and a black Physician said ‘I hate Martinsville’. Said he got 5 speeding tickets there while attending IU. Asked if he was speeding and he said yes but he got stopped because he was black. A Speech Pathologist spoke up, ‘I hate Martinsville’. Turned out his ex wife lived here. Meanwhile, Wisconsin looking good over Arizona.

  29. OldIUGymnast,

    Thanks for your excellent post — #12. Thanks for standing up for equality of opportunity for everyone. Unfortunately, in today’s political climate, too many folks have forgotten that is the American way.

  30. This is a folly. Blown out of propotion by big media because Governor Pence is 1 of a multitude of 2016 GOP candidates. In other words it helps thin the field for the Dems chances. 19 other states have the RFRA statute. So does the federal government. It was authored by Chuck Schumer and signed into law in 1993 by Bill Clinton. BO voted for the law that passed when he was a legislator in Illinois. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
    I’m 1000% with Andrew, I would not bake their effing cake either.

  31. I also recall you referring to someone as a f****t on the Scoop not so long ago…and you were quite proud of yourself for doing so.

  32. …DD slapped me down?…that implies he changed my way of thinking…hardly…it only supported it !!!…Hell your buddy BO voted for it…You got it both ways, be happy…I damn sure am…

  33. I’ve already bought a cabin in the middle of nowhere but it’s still in Indiana.

    I can’t believe anyone in a small business can afford to reject a sale.

  34. Let’s be honest. In an era of hyper-partisanship, it doesn’t pay to be reasonable. It only pays to be standoutish and newsworthy. And my beloved home state has not exactly been known for reason throughout the years. (I’m from Bloomington, but my wife is from Vincennes. Does it make me a bad person that every time I travel back there, I am deeply disappointed with the ignorance and behavior of Hoosiers as a whole?)

    I’ve had six people at work shake their heads while asking me about this law. One of them is from Kentucky. I do my best to assure that that not all Hoosiers are the same… just like not all West Virginians are toothless, banjo-playing, inbred hillbilly murderers. But it makes us look really bad.

    And saying that 19 other states have similar bills doesn’t excuse it. My 3- and 6-year-old daughters routinely try and use their one-year-old brother’s actions as an excuse for their behavior– “Atticus did it too…” My response? “Atticus poops his pants. Is that what you want to model yourselves after?”

  35. on the contrary. it’s a business decision. i’m sure they think this reserves a spot in heaven. kind of like investing in a retirement condo in del boca vista

  36. I’d make the cake but donate the funds to an organization that supports traditional marriage. If the customer says thats ok than let’s proceed. The customer has their cake and I put my money in what I believe in. Sure beats more laws and paperwork.

  37. Chet,

    HC made a mistake using that word on a public forum. I’m sure you’ve made some errors in your personal life also. No need to keep harping on it. It’s over and a bit old. Stick with basketball. You still in Colorado?

  38. Just curious Ben ( post 41 ). Here’s a hypothetical scenario for you. In this bakery of yours – lets say it take selling 150 per week to break even and profits come only after cake 151 and beyond are sold.

    Lets say you get orders for 200 cakes per week – but 100 of those are from non-traditional marriage parties. In your comment you would lose money each month ( due to donations ) and ultimately be out of business in short order. The same out of business scenario would exist if you refused to make the cakes. Just curious if this is the actual business model you would chose? Just curious. Because – the donating the money for cakes is not actually realistic.

  39. I might lose business, but I’m also not the only bakery in town or a radius of 50 miles. I’d be a risk I’m personally willing to take. Also take into account I might have been in the business for years and built a solid customer base. Their is pros and cons to everything in life. Good question and thanks for being respectful about it.

  40. Ben, would you then attribute your business failure to your bad management decisions or would you blame ‘the gays’?

    It’s rhetorical. I know the answer.

  41. BTW, Ben. If you go back and read you will see the HC in no way considers his comment a mistake. He reiterated that he is quite proud of it. It is safe to assume it is part of his daily lexicon.

    Are you good with that, too?

  42. You’re putting words into my mouth Chet. Businesses fail everyday. At least i kept my integrity at the end of the day if I did fail. I have many gay friends so I don’t appreciate you thinking I want to cast them to hell. At the end of the day I can think what I want to think as can you. That is what makes this country great. You can’t have have it your way and eat your cake too. Takes both sides to compromise.

    What HC believes is his opinion. He has a right to it just like you do. That is what makes the country what it is. Different people bring different ideas and I’m good with that sir.

  43. Ben, Thanks but you need not build cover for me.

    Chet, I enjoy the way of life we enjoy in Indiana as there still is religious freedom now equal to 30 other states(19 by state statute and 11 by judicial decree). I would not enjoy the way of life in the state of Colorado. A state you moved into as soon as the retail sale of dope was legalized. I am quite sure it is just a coincidence for both us as to our way of life preferences. Although I do not see much difference. Now you boys can rant on till the cows go dry. So can I.

  44. I’ve lived in Colorado off and on since 1983 and I don’t imbibe but that’s obviously quite a bit above your thought processes. I met my wife here 32 years ago. You may now return to 1952 and/or Saudi Arabia where your views are more the norm.

    Ben, have you explained to your ‘many gay friends’ (snort) that you are in favor of discriminating against them because of how God made them? There is no other truthful way to describe it.

  45. I’ve never seen anyone try to use ‘integrity’ to justify discrimination against an entire class of people.

    You have broken new ground. Bravo.

  46. Good old Indiana conservatives. They still have the blood of Robert W. Welch, Jr. running through their veins.

  47. Chet, I take your compliment graciously and to heart. I always strive to break new ground. Except in the fact I do not justification ragging on Kentuckians.

    Keep it up Chet, I can last just as long as you can.

  48. BTW, it looks like a cat is walking on your keyboard.

    What exactly is “I do not justification ragging on Kentuckians” supposed to mean?

  49. Chet
    Oh I agree. I was the first generation of my family to be born there. My blood lines are clear of that thank God!

  50. HC, one more thing. I always notice how conspicuously absent you are when we Scoop vets discuss our service. You obviously were of draft age during the height of the Viet Nam War.

    As such a good conservative hawk how did you manage to dodge military service?

  51. ben,

    you don’t have any integrity. go tell your gay ‘friends” that you believe they have no right to fall in love, spend the rest of their life with someone, and have their union recognized where they live. what possible harm does it cause you? if you discriminate behind the pretense of religion you are still a bigoted homophobe. you have already proven to be gullible and stupid by believing there exists some mystical, magical being controlling your life.

    congratulations on upholding the centuries old tradition of using this gray-bearded apparition to hate, kill, enslave, and discriminate against people who do you no harm. religion is making you a truly better person. if it were 40 years ago i’m sure you and that white trash hc would have a great time getting drunk on cases of pabst and beating the living hell out of anyone you thought walked a little funny.

  52. Indiana, Our Indiana
    Indiana, were all for you ….Unless you’re gay!
    We will fight for the cream and crimson
    But if you’re gay, No wedding cake for you…
    Never daunted we cannot falter
    To refuse an open door, If gay are you
    Indiana, Our Indiana
    Christian bigots Our laws and flour are all for you!

  53. Ok coachv I’ll tell them. Thanks for the love. I can still think what I want and you can do nothing about it. Take care.

  54. Your’re so far off Chet it’s hilarious. Come to Ft. Rucker sometime and meet up with me.

  55. What are talking about? Did HC serve at Ft. Rucker with you? I just said he appears to have dodged the draft during Viet Nam.

    Where does Ft. Rucker fit in?

  56. Many of my gay friends Chet know where I stand. There is such a thing as getting along for the common good, but not agreeing on certain views. You must think I’m some kind of monster. Your view of things isn’t the end all. You’re just as guilty slamming your views in my face. I highly doubt this blog is going to change our minds. I just bought a home, got married and a kid on the way. You might think I’ll put them under shia law, but I promise I won’t. This is just something we will have to agree to disagree with or keep tearing each other down. Pick your poison.

  57. If you are implying you serve with a bunch of bigots I’ll take offense for them. That’s a horrible thing to claim about those you serve with.

    Perhaps I just served with a better class of person.

  58. You claim you know this area so well I thought you knew where Ft. Rucker was. That was a fast response. Are you hitting the refresh button? beings we keep tearing each other down I thought I’d invite you to chat. man to man. What you say?

  59. Yes, I know Ft. Rucker. I taught some ground school classes for the Army there in the 1980s. It had nothing to do with the conversation. “Where does it fit in” does not mean the same thing as “where is it”.

    But, your post does clarify more.

  60. I’d be happy to chat.

    I don’t think you are a bad person. I know you have a very narrow view of the world.

    Living on Army bases in different locales is not the same thing as experiencing the world. You are having the same experience in different places. I was pretty naive when I was your age, too.

    You seem like a decent person so, one day, you will probably be appalled at what you have recently posted.

    BTW, I’ve been waiting for a couple hours to do some volunteer work with some kids so this is just killing time. I’ll be sure to take a close look at their parents, though.

  61. How does refusing to serve someone based on a sexual orientation in opposition to your personal and unyielding Christian beliefs that different than a coach ignoring and not recruiting kids outside his unyielding Christian beliefs? ..other than the fact that the state university is a public entity placing the name “Indiana” at its front door before it sticks its nose up at you for being of different belief systems and personal choices not aligned with the sect practicing their “rights” to filter you out of “their” selection process to be on ‘their” basketball team. Where does your :”right” to only search for one type of person with a set of personal beliefs matching your own cross into a refusal becoming a denial to fairly look to anyone else interested in Indiana?

    I find the people running this bakery no different than the man running our basketball program…..And whether the icing on the cake is “sexual orientation” at odds with their perfect faith, the narrowness and premise of both exist in the argument that a “right” is a “right of refusal.” When you enter the public realm(whether in business serving law-abiding citizens that pay taxes for the streets in front of your business or in public institutions), do your personal beliefs from your dining table so protected in the public realm that they be free to be challenged and compromised and the expense of denial and exclusion those that think differently? Sell the bigoted cakes out of your home….That’s where the only door a bigoted right of refusal in your pathetic pious existence unchallenged belongs.

  62. oops.

    …free to be challenged and compromised [at] the expense of denial and exclusion those that think differently?

  63. On this date today of March 30 in 1940, 1981, and 1987 Indiana won three of its national championships.

    For whatever it is worth to anyone I was stationed in a southern state (North Carolina) in 1955 in the army and witnessed the ultimate level of discrimination with absolutely no pretense while posting their colored only – white only signs. Governor Pence says he is misunderstood and does not understand all the furor. If he wishes to give me a call I can explain it to him.

  64. This law protects the self righteous and the holier-than- thou who reserve the right to pass judgement on other people who don’t walk ,talk, think and act exactly as they do. The same mentality was used to oppose the civil rights act in 1964.If this is not their intention then they need to clarify this law and do it fast.

  65. Great post, Mr. Walker.

    To lack the decency or understanding of how it must strike to the heart of someone fully invested in a nation valuing diversity and differences standing patiently next to other customers that will be accepted/served, how it must feel, when it becomes your turn, to hear “we will not welcome or serve your kind.” How can we not see what we are protecting in such “rights of refusal? “

  66. Thank you spelling police. 🙂 That would be great. Get with Price and let him know what days and times you could make it. I’ll email Price back and settle on a day and time.

    I never thought you was a bad person either. I’ve been told a time or two that I have a narrow mind but I am who I am. Look forward to it.

  67. Pence wants to run for President. To meet the criteria for the Republican Party, he needs to appeal to the conservative agenda. Hence, this bill. If he were to back down, he would not be considered a legitimate candidate. Hope companies do start pulling out.

  68. This piece sums it up pretty well…(which is much like my analogy above as you wait to be served and told “your kind are not welcome here”). College campuses were once an only safe haven and a place the aura of “one way” being a “right” way wasn’t smothering someone outside a majority….Sad day in Indiana. Sad that a law was constructed to guarantee a right of refusal in the realm of business and public exchanges…..I have a feeling that many of these bigots and hypocrites are baking cakes for something far more demonic than a couple sinfully in love outside their “faith.”

  69. ben,

    you abslolutely WILL pass on your chia pet laws and hateful views of the world to your children, thus the cycle of prejudice continues. it works the same way parents pass on religion to their offspring.

  70. Interesting how when I asked HC how a right wing hawk like himself managed to dodge the Viet Nam War he disappeared.

    I come from a military family. All five of us, including my sisters, volunteered for service, though one sister was only in the reserves. Both my older brothers served during Nam. One Army, one Marines. Those of us that are still around are all appalled by the Indiana Sharia Law.

  71. My uncle was a Heavy Machine Operator Chet in Vietnam. Basically on the front lines. From what he says the Vietnamese sent kids on the front line and it wasn’t pretty.

  72. Ben, Make sure you have coachv instruct your kids as to how to shoot a BB. If you do they will send home so much $ from the NBA you will not be able to spend it all.

    Chet, On May 10, 1964 LBJ sent me on a 13 month vacation of the Orient, I did the job that was intended for me to do and I did it without batting an eye. You damn right I’m a meat eating HAWK.

  73. HC- I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂

    Chet- He won’t even talk about it which I respect. Just bits and pieces here and there.

  74. Hoosier Clarion,

    The “facts” you’ve stated in post # 34 have no relationship to truth. The RFDA law passed by the 19 states is not the same as the Indiana RFDA law signed by Gov. Pence. The law of the 19 states pertains to disputes between “persons and government.” The Indiana law pertains to disputes “between citizens.”

    Second, the law Clinton signed was supported by both conservatives and liberals. It related to the case of two Native Americans who were fired for using the drug peyote as “part of a religious ceremony.”. President Clinton, and politicians on both sides of the aisle, were angry our Supreme Court ruled against these Native Americans for using peyote as part of their religious ritual. And rightly so.

    Third, the law President Obama signed as a state senator was passed by the state senate of Illinois 56-0. That law, too, was different from the law signed by Gov. Pence. Plus that state, Illinois, supports same-sex marriage. Indiana doesn’t.

  75. WaltD,
    Thank you. I knew all that but, as is the case with most of the things Fox News puts into the heads of the misinformed, I didn’t want to waste the time providing correction.

    It’s fascinating how often the false meme gets repeated over and over until the easily swayed believe it is true. Hermann Goerring called it “the big lie”.

    He was its biggest fan.

  76. Ben,
    You know, everyone sends kids to the front lines, some younger than others. People are often willing to do horrible things when they feel they are protecting their homes and families.

    To think, it all started out protecting French banana plantations from, well, the people who lived there.

  77. The Indiana law is also between government and citizens although i am well aware the secular progressives say it is different. Also the 11 court rulings in those corresponding states are so similar to Indiana I would not want to live on the difference.

  78. apparently some “journalists” around here believe certain constitutional amendments only apply to them. a discredit to your profession

  79. Hoosier Clarion,

    The other day this conversation was pure folly for you. Now it’s about minimizing differences in the laws. Yet, both secular and non-secular progressives, even conservatives and others, see major differences in this law as the uproar grows louder not only in Indiana but throughout the country. But you don’t. Okay.

    But help me understand? I assume you’re a good person, Hoosier Clarion. I assume, too, you’re a fundamentalist Christian who seeks to honor the commandments of your faith, who values Jesus’ words, and seeks to live them out in your life 24/7. Not so! So tell me. What’s your position on Jesus’ words to love your neighbor as yourself? What’s your position on this Jewish person from Nazareth who was killed by the Roman Empire because he practiced unconditional love with all people, a love that knew no boundaries, a love that was shared with persons regardless of their sexual orientation, skin color or gender? So help me understand how you reconcile your beliefs with a law, couched in the euphemistic phrase of “religious freedom,” yet which most people recognize is discriminatory and will prevent some persons from being free?

  80. WaltD, Yes I could easily explain it to you but making you understand it is something of the impossible which I can do nothing about. I will state this, because we are all free and equal there is no discrimination if you do not want to associate with me, for being equal and free means you can go down the road and find someone who will associate with you. Neighbors do not have to be neighborly, you can’t make kids play together and you may not like my church so you go to your own.
    I know your mind won’t change but make no mistake, neither will mine.
    Now I kind of think Chet and I have have put this to rest on this thread before Price and Miller crap their pants. If you wish to carry on I’ll oblige ya but you’ll be shooting BB’s at a concrete wall. But please do as you damn well please, I do.

  81. If anything positive came from this it is that we all now know who we are dealing with.

    Ben, I decided I really don’t want to chat with you. I’ve spent the better part of six decades doing everything in my power to exorcise the racists, homophobes, and other bigots from my life. I’m not starting over now. You might be able to justify your bigotry to yourself but that is a ‘you problem’. Good luck with that.

    HC, I’ve always known you were powerless against the hate. I hope you find peace.

    Lastly, coachv. While you have honed being a horses patoot to a fine craft I must admit you were dead on regarding Ben. It’s a vicious cycle and, like you, I hope he educates his children out of it. The world is quickly becoming less tolerant of those without tolerance. There are a lot more bigots in trailer parks than on college campuses.

  82. Hoosier Clarion,

    You’re right. You can’t change me. I can’t change you. Only I can do that. Only you can do that. But I can change. So can you. For me, facing an issue rather than avoiding or deflecting it, plus obtaining good, quality information, has enabled me to change my mind and change my life on more than one occasion. It always will.

    Of course, that’s not always easy. But it can with you, too, if you’re open to it,. So I hope you, like others who believe Pence’s bill is a good bill, will see it for what it is: a restrictive, discriminatory law. Above all, I hope you, and they, will grow love larger in your lives. If so, you’ll help make our world a better place. And Indiana, too.

  83. jeremy,

    take some time to read through the first amendment. take even more time to understand it. you don’t get to set the bar. you let people spout and spread their homophobic hate here and you censor my rebuttal which included no profanity. you’re a joke

    1. coachv,
      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      This isn’t government, so I do set the bar here, and the bar is not constantly making personal attacks on people, denigrating them or their family. If we’re going to have a dialogue here, we’re going to try to have it with class, not just shouting down the opposition or declaring them of lesser value, which ironically is the same kind of intolerance you decry. How about you sit the rest of this one out?

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