1. ” no room for error on the front line” ; Hey Tom whatcha gonna do for next year when again you wont have a big man and there will be “No room for error on the frontline”

  2. Hes so FOS that his blue eyes are brown. Keeps talking about getting better yet WHERE IS IT??? Its not on the floor that’s for sure and obviously his “coaching techniques” are not reaping the “getting better” he keeps promoting. Tom Crean has the wrong career He should be a promoter for a boxer or for a WWF wrestler; both need hyperbole and bluster to talk up the product

  3. “Lord it’s the same old tune fiddle and guitar where do we take it from here?
    Rhinestone suits and new shiny cars It’s been the same way for years.
    We need to change”
    Waylon Jennings

  4. Right on TJ! The last 4 min. of this are priceless. Everyone should watch this and watch this guy implode. For a coach, and I use that term loosely, to claim he is not in the know on statistics, when he’s busy counting “deflections” is utterly ridiculous. Crean getting “chippy” with the question about missing 20 layups or dunks is priceless. And the question about standing around and his answer. Pure incompetence at play.

    Anyone in IN can watch this team, and this game, and see that these guys just stand around and do nothing without the ball. This is simple stuff. Make yourself hard to guard. Keep moving. Etc…. These are simple, grade school tactics and this team cannot execute them. There are no fundamentals and I believe it is clear that Crean doesn’t teach fundamentals. I believe that his “plan” is too complicated to execute, when in fact, simplicity & fundamentals win games. The last part of this proves it. He says basically that these games boil down to who hits the best shots. This might be a miracle in the making. How easy is a 21 ft. jump shot vs. an uncontested layup?

  5. Even from an uninformed viewer like me, it is pretty apparent that the team is not buying what the Coach is selling and they are just not on the same page. So, if that’s true, something has got to change: either the team or the coach. Since the coach is responsible for the team, we need to take a hard look at the coach and evaluate whether or not there is sufficient reason to believe that he will be able to get the team dynamic working.

  6. Correct IUFan23! Just the fact that he sent these 6 out there to answer for themselves is proof that he thinks THEY are the problem and must answer for their ineptitude. I like the move as it is one of the very first times I’ve ever seen this kind of move toward “accountability”. Normally, the players with the best stats get sent to the wolves. This time, he sent all of them. And they too, had no answers, except the canned ‘we just gotta stick together and get better’. (I’m being kind and politically correct here.)

    This is a classic implosion. There is no leadership. Even Yogi isn’t the leader on or off the floor. How can the team look up to him if he’s using a fake ID to get into Nick’s? Or how can Perea be after an extreme DUI? Or Troy by failing a drug test? And on and on and on. There are no leaders on this team and therefore we can expect no players-only meeting to pull the band together and emerge with newfound attitude and purpose.

    “Leadership” just won’t happen and we should all continue to expect the same results.

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