Assembly Hall entryway to be named Ken Nunn Champions Plaza

Section J, Row 18 has been Ken Nunn’s home for Indiana men’s basketball games for each of the last four decades.

The Bloomington attorney estimates he’s missed only a handful games over that span, while his “Ken Nunn Loves IU Basketball” advertisements have become part of the Assembly Hall experience.

Now, Nunn will have a more permanent presence when renovations to the 44-year-old structure are complete.

Indiana announced Wednesday that Nunn has made a $2 million gift to the university and, in recognition, the new south entryway to the arena will be named the Ken Nunn Champions Plaza when the renovated Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall opens in the Fall of 2016.

“I love it,” Nunn said. “It’s a dream come true.”

Construction to renovate Assembly Hall began this week and a ceremonial public groundbreaking ceremony will be held in front of Cook Hall on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.

The renovation of Assembly Hall was announced in December 2013 when IU Athletics received a $40 million gift β€” the largest in its history β€” from alumna Cindy Simon Skjodt. The building will be renamed for her upon completion of the project.

This week, Nunn added his name to the renovation plans.

“They came to me and they gave me this opportunity,” Nunn said. “I said, ‘Definitely. I want to be part of this and thank you very much for asking me.’ It’s truly an honor to be here and be part of this and have something that I didn’t have before. You always want to be more a part of the project.”

For Nunn, his Bloomington basketball memories date back to his arrival as a young student in 1962, when he watched Dick and Tom Van Arsdale and George McGinnis play in the old fieldhouse. From there, his devotion to Hoosier basketball and attendance at Assembly Hall has spanned much of his adult life, from his time as a young father through today as a grandfather.

“We’re blessed in Bloomington to have this,” Nunn said. “This is going to be nice. It’s going to be better than it was β€” it’s going to be prettier than it was.”

Nunn also made a gift to support Assembly Hall in 2012 to help fund the installation of 350 aluminum handrails located throughout the seating bowl.

The upcoming renovations are part of an 18-month process that will improve fan accessibility and preserve the building for another four decades’ worth of men’s and women’s basketball. New escalators will replace existing ramps, along with expanded concession and restroom facilities. Club seating will be installed above the south loge, metal railings will be replaced inside the seating area to improve sightlines, seats will receive new upholstery and a new videoboard will be added, among other improvements.

Outside, where Nunn’s contribution will be remembered, a plaza will extend from a new atrium in the south lobby out past the current driveway in front of the building.

“We are thrilled and so very grateful to Ken for his generous gift to help renovate the future Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall,” IU athletic director Fred Glass said in a statement. “The Ken Nunn Champions Plaza will be a centerpiece to the new Assembly Hall and we are honored that it will bear his name. His gift helps ensure that we are preserving one of the greatest home court advantages in college basketball.”


  1. At least put Ken Nunn on coaching staff for men and Simon on women staff to make it more relevant.

  2. My wife and I are in the 70 plus age group, and we are I U season tickets for basketball and we greatly appreciate the hand rails that Ken Nunn donated. Also a lot of other older season tickets holders have made comments to us, that the hand rails made it safer for them on the steps in Assembly Hall. Can’t comment on the latest donation until we see the finished plaza.

  3. What would be the objective of honoring someone who seems to hate you?

    Go that route, we could have the Ken Nunn Plaza Entrance and the Chaz Exit.

  4. No doubt, Ron. As far as recognition goes this is all on RMK. If he ever showed anything other than total disdain for IU they would have renamed half the campus after him. His loss. The current students don’t remember seeing him on the court. To an incoming freshman he might as well be President Eisenhower.

  5. Bob Knight has made it very clear he wants nothing to do with IU or it`s fans. Unless He is charging them to sign autographs. I was as big of a BK fan as anyone but come on people it`s time to move on.

  6. Dear Hag, why would today’s IU administrators honor a man their predecessors unceremoniously fired after decades of excellent service? Why would they honor a man who their predecessors put on “zero tolerance” probation before firing him for the specious error of correcting a rude and disrespectful little twerp student who greeted him with “hey Knight?”? Why would they honor a man who filed lawsuits against the University that now employs them? Why would they honor a man who chose not to attend his induction ceremony into the IU Athletics Hall of Fame? Most, if not all of those former administrators and trustees are gone now (one of them is dead), but their legacy lives on. And why would a man who was kicked to the curb by an ultra PC and cowardly University President and Board of Trustees, not qualified to wash his socks, ever want to come back and be reminded of all the damage that was done to the program he built over the better part of three decades? The best thing today’s current administrators can do is to let him live in peace and learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

  7. And B K should be honored for promoting the success and careers of those who drove him from IU, regardless of his actions. Davis becomes head coach in storied national bb program, Brand becomes president of NCAA among others. They should be in debted to him. Brand would never had become president of NCAA if he had not gained self promotion from doing his disgusting and sickening decision making in B K fiasco. (again regardless of B K behavior)

  8. If Bob Knight were agreeable to being honored, I believe IU would do so. But he’s been nothing but a cantankerous old man with respect to that possibility. You people need to let this go. He’s been gone for 15 years.

  9. Banners, bitches. You can ignore Knight. You can deplore Knight. But hanging above McCracken are three NCAA championship banners that still represent a storied history, bitches. It may be a house of clowns now, but it was once a place that realistic expectations of excellence were the norm. Bob Knight’s name is on those banners, bitches. It’s the only piece of legit cloth inside a concrete dome to be found. But what a sad circus of incompetence it has become…Instead of driving to regain the luster we enjoy listening to preachers that have no clue in how to coach the game…They come in saying “Because it’s Indiana.” It’s not “Because” anything without the banners, bitches. …and all of that “because” nonsense every new coach gets to blow out his ass while walking through the grand Kenn Nunn entrance resides in the genius of the man that led young Hoosiers to those three banners, bitches. In 30 years time since Bobby walked into that hick Southern Indiana town, no other coach from the Big 10 has sniffed the ability to win the big game once on the big stage. Even the great Tom Izzo that forever hopes we keep employed his ball boy down at IU, has only one title to his name, bitches. Getting there ain’t quite the same thing as getting it done. The name is on the banners.. It’s really the only place that a name can’t be bought onto a plaque or a building where spoiled bitches and chasers of witches purposelessly wonder about the shadows of such greatness..

  10. #11 what does Brand being deceased have to do with anything. He was an arrogant jerk that was a major contributor to the demise of IU bb on national level. As I recall he did some negative things at Oregon sports programs before he came to IU. Yes, I know Brand is deceased an he was an arrogant academia jerk.

  11. and he (Brand) was an arrogant academia self righteous jerk. BK was also a jerk but wore his actions on his sleeve and pretty much everyone expected his jerk behaviors.

  12. Knight could be a huge jerk at times, but can’t we all? I met him on three occasions, twice as a student and once as an alumni. I must have caught him on good days because I remember being pleased and very impressed with each of those interactions. He was kind, engaging and very funny. But I frequently cringed watching Knight interact with the media on TV. But in the end, Bob Knight did a lot more good for IU, his players, IU fans and people throughout Indiana than he did bad (by orders of magnitude). Yes, he must take responsibility for his bad behavior, but he deserved a lot better than Miles Brand. In the end, he became a victim of political correctness. That can be overlooked if you’re winning championships, but when you’re not, it’s unforgivable. Knight should have resigned in the mid 90’s when he felt the support from IU’s administration had begun to recede. And if not then, he definitely should have resigned before that ridiculous “zero tolerance” bull sh– was applied by Brand.

  13. #14 his death is relevant because you intimated that he should be grateful to Knight for his position (which is slightly preposterous).

    #12 I know all about the banners, bitch. And I’m all for honoring him — hell, name the arena for him if you wish. Bob Knight Arena in Assembly Hall — I’m all for that. But 15 years later, he’s still bitter and angry and seemingly doesn’t want to be honored. So why keep pushing it? It’s a two-way street, and from what I understand, the door is open for him to come back and be honored. But he won’t and isn’t interested. There you have it, bitch. (By the way, Jud Heathcote and Steve Fisher won the big game on the big stage since Knight’s arrival at IU. Not singing their praises; just sayin’, bitch).

  14. Right on Harvard for hillbilles. Excellent post The ignorant fans refuse to acknowlege the genuis of the General.

  15. It’s spelled with a ‘y’….Myles Brand….for the 10,000th time.

    Crean should resign for losing three straight home games…Has any IU coach in the past 50 years achieved such greatness as three successive losses on McCracken that also included a bitch-slapping from our in-state rival, Purdue, at home. …? But all millions upon millions thrown at Izzo’s ball boy “hinged” upon a momentous victory against Northwestern in the opening round of a Big 10 tournament…..

    So sad how low the threshold for a preacher that will forever be more about hanging posters of Knight’s great teams on the walls of Cook Hall. This is what we paid millions to tolerate….? Well, at least Izzo will find Crean a couple nice seats at the Final Four….where he can feel he’s adequate “because” he still has friends in East Lansing and Lexington that invite him to watch a party exactly where the Establishment has built its tolerance for the hicks and their charlatan preacher.. ..Nothing like choice seats.. Nothing like a Final Four in Indiana while Hoosiers define their greatness upon a Joe Lunardi “I told ya so! In your face, Joe!” and a resounding win in the opening round of a Big 10 tournament to close out regular season highlighted in a momentous slide of ineptitude and dysfunction. We raised up again in Tom Crean “Hoosier Rising” fashion…. with the biggest win of the decade against the true “Wildcats” of college hoops.. I say this type of greatness should be followed by a lifetime contract for Tom Crean..

  16. HT guys….Jeremy, Mike, Andy….? Anyone?

    Does anyone know the last time/year(other than our most recent 2014-15 season) that the Hoosier basketball team has lost three straight games at home? I’m sure it likely happened in Crean’s first season or two when everything was “wrecked.” Did three straight losses on McCracken ever happen under Knight? Davis, or Sampson…Did two losses to Purdue in one season ever happen to Knight, Davis, or Sampson…?

    The program was supposed to be “back” after the back-to-back Sweet 16’s….We had the Hoosier Rising video…,etc. Is there anymore accepting of mediocrity than to keep a coach that lost three straight on McCracken along with two bitch-slappings against the team from Lafayette while in the prime of his 7th year of a contract?

    Somebody out there must know how to retrieve such stats….Prior to the Crean era, when was the last time that IU lost three straight on McCracken? In my humble opinion, there is doubly zero tolerance in a season that finds the Hoosiers losing three straight at home and two games in which the team was humiliated against the in-state rival….Thanks to anyone that can find such info of such things ever happening before Tom Crean’s excellence highlighted by such achievements in his 7th year..

  17. In the interest of full disclosure Harvard the Hoosiers lost five times in a row at home under Knight in 1984-85 (Michigan’s 73-71 was the last). The conference record was 7-11 (19-14 overall). They received an invitation to play postseason NIT and Knight at first wanted to refuse it (he thought that his team had not earned it, see page 366 in the IU Basketball Encyclopedia). They lost in the final of NIT to UCLA (led by one sharp-shooting guard named Reggie Miller, 65-62).

    This season was sandwiched between an elite eight and an NCAA first round. The year after next they were champions, Knight’s third banner. Crean should resign for consistent mediocrity. But he’s entertaining and the state of the Indiana Hoosiers basketball porgram under him is (as you corectly pointed out) quite unique.

  18. Post 12 is awesome Harvard. Hoosier basketball used to be like Tylonal but now it’s generic like Walmart’s Equate brand. Thought it was a mistake retaining him but it is what it is. I’m sure Knight understands why the fans want him to come back but he was fired. Why on earth would anyone come back to an employer they were fired from?

  19. It’s a huge mistake, Ben. And you are absolutely right about the ridiculous expectation pf any person returning to a place they were fired. Ain’t happening.

  20. The BKC (Bob Knight Curse) on Indiana basketball continues……..who knows when if ever it will end……perhaps when Coach Knight comes to the end of his life, perhaps not even then…….the Bob Knight Curse MIGHT be permanent……..

    Coach Knight didn’t put this CURSE on IU basketball, KARMA did ! Coach Knight merely decided that Indiana University is “dead” to him, (like the Amish shunning their apostates), so IU along with its basketball program no longer exists–it is DEAD as far as Coach Knight is concerned. Remember the puzzled look on Coach Knight’s face when Crean chased him down to shake his hand on live TV? “What?, Who are you?” seemed to be Coach Knight’s reaction to that attempted reconciliation. That’s what it means when something/someone is “dead” –they are gone, vanished, invisible like a ghost, just as IU is to Coach Knight. He will NEVER be back, there is nothing to return to, there are no earthly resurrections, no return from “DEAD”

    Karma took care of the villains that wronged Coach Knight in such a incomprehensibly arrogant manner. Karma put the BKC on IU, and did a pretty darn good job of it, too. First the BOB KNIGHT CURSE brought IU the divisive, racially tinged coachhood of Davis, which ended badly after creating much conflict and divisiveness among the IU faithful fans. Before that part of the CURSE was resolved, the dreadful, politically correct to the max Myles Brand (yes, I took note of the correct spelling, HFH)
    quickly exited IU for a promotion(?) to the NCAA which allowed Brand to add to the CURSE by imposing exorbitant sanctions on IU due to the now-legit phone call actions of Sampson which led to the so called “decimation” of IU basketball. Soon after and quite appropriately, the Bob Knight Curse turned its rewards toward Myles Brand himself and led to his untimely and quite awful death . Kind of scary, really….

    Then, the Bob Knight Curse kicked into high gear and brought us Tom Crean under the guise a used car salesman PRETENDING to be a basketball coach who would continue IU’s great legacy. Crean looked good to most of the faithful, but alas, as it turned out, this was also part of the Bob Knight curse. Instead of the REAL THING, Crean has proven to almost ALL of the IU fan base that he is incapable of being the elite coach he pretended to be. But before this chapter of the Bob Knight Curse was done, IU hired Fred Glass, famous now mainly for giving Crean that ridiculously expensive and long contract that Crean in no way deserved. Hahaha about that one.

    Same terrible bad luck came to the player who mendaciously helped Coach Knight be vilified. It’s actually enough to cause almost anyone to believe in some rule of justice operating in the universe. That pesky Bob Knight Curse again………

    So now we IU basketball fans remain in limbo waiting for “the end of time”, or at least for “the end of Crean’s contract”. The latter will NOT end the Bob Knight Curse, the former just might. But it could be a long, long time before “the end of time”, surely none of us older true IU hoops fans have any hope of living that long. And once we older fans who had such pride and joy from that era or IU basketball are gone, the youngsters of today won’t even remember those glory days. And they probably won’t care about the old days, the banners, the traditions, nor have the EXPECTATIONS of ELITE BASKETBALL that once was the norm of IU basketball. At that point, the storied IU basketball program will be in ashes, totally irrelevant to anyone outside of the mediocre teams IU can be expected to produce.

    It is over, folks. Brad Stevens isn’t coming here, he’s WAY too intelligent to fall into this house of cards. Absent Stevens, there won’t be any new coach that can resurrect the ashes. The IU basketball program is, has been, and always will be CURSED because of the actions of those ignoramuses that ran,( and still run, under new personnel) the University, the trustees that sneakily consented to allow Brand to fire Knight, the mediocre administrators that the trustees have since then hired, etc. etc. etc.

    As the years go by, it becomes more and more obvious that the Bobby Knight Curse WILL prevail. Even the mighty Indiana University will NEVER overcome it’s own powerlessness to defeat such a mighty show of JUSTICE !

  21. NoMendacity is silly. There is no Bob Knight curse. Bob Knight doesn’t care. It’s fine he was fired, he deserved it. Had he stayed we would have had to suffer through a few years of Pat Knight, I am sure. Leave the old man alone. He stands by the body of his work, both good and bad, alone, aloof and untamed.

    There is however a Sampson curse. It’s called Tom Crean. And there’s a Greenspan curse: AD Flintstone.

    For now we have to endure both of them. But they, too, will come to pass. Mediocrity doesn’t last. That’s all.

  22. The Bob Knight Curse befell IU basketball (and maybe the entire university) the day Myles Brand snuck about with the split trustee meetings in order to get permission to fire Coach Knight.

    As I said in my comment #28, Coach Knight didn’t put the curse on IU. That was done by the “reap what you sow” principle that operates in the universe, which I colloquially refer to as Karma. I’m not sure you are correct when you say Coach Knight “doesn’t care”, otherwise why is he be considered “bitter and angry” to this day. I’m sure he still cares a whole lot about how he was “wronged”, and he is handling it by “SHUNNING” everything related to IU, as if IU was “dead” to him.

    Apparently coachw doesn’t want to attribute any credit whatsoever to, nor even any mention of Knight, since coachw prefers to incorrectly attribute the CURSE to Sampson and Greenspan. OK then, lol. As if those two had any memorable role besides being patsies in all that followed the Coach Knight firing.

    No matter the specifics, coachw, just good to know that you, too, know how truly CURSED is the IU basketball program . At least we agree on that………..

  23. Silly NoMend: if a man walks to the beat of his own drum you call him bitter and angry.

    To blame Knight for Crean’s and Flintstone’s incompetence is most hypocritical. You sound like Podonkey…

    Here’s what his son, Pat Knight said:

    “I’ve tried, man, I’ve tried. Me and (former IU players) Scott May and Quinn Buckner, we’ve tried. We’re working on it. But the guy just doesn’t budge. It’s really not a big deal to him. He’s always done it his way, and right now, he’s pretty content just hunting and fishing.”

    At this point, Pat Knight can’t say if The Return will ever happen.

    Did you get it Mendace? It’s really not a big deal to him. Not angry. Not bitter. Just same old Bobby Knight.

  24. Bryant just committed to IU…when does Ryan Burton transfer? I saw Yogi yesterday at Kroger and all I said was “you gotta stay man” he flashed that great smile and nodded…might not mean anything but I believe he stays!

  25. I enjoyed NoMendacity’s post…

    I actually think God brought us Tom Crean….There is not a day of sun shining upon Bloomington that we should all thank the heavens above for such divine intervention. Prayers were answered. …..Bob Knight’s prayers in particular.. Glory days…? What are glory days without the glory of God? It was God that brought D-Wade to Tom Crean….and it was, thankfully, the same God that brought Tom Crean to Indiana. We are finally at peace and no longer need to fight for what we believed the candy stripes needed to earn. God has a way of opening eyes and usurping such tiresome and needless endeavors of things so ancillary to the cause. We have found a higher purpose….The “curse” was always the greed of winning under Knight without such reverence for the gifts of our Lord….IU was born again under Tom Crean and the sun shines forever upon the limestone hills filled with the blossoms of an eternal springtime. Tom Crean reminds us everyday what really matters in life….We should never forget that basketball is merely a game….It’s not what shall save a soul. We lived for far too many years thinking God should not be in our starting rotation. God doesn’t come off the bench…God is not John Laskowski….Pastimes should never be relished for the sake of simply being a place to forget the sins your daily compulsions and obsessions outside the world of God…There is no “outside” the world of God…God must be in every thought and every purpose…And thank God we finally have a man at IU to set a course for the only “glory” that can save us. Basketball is a rather passive endeavor compared to strength it takes for a true faith brought by Tom Crean’s example. I feel light as a feather….I forgive Bob Knight and only hope that the quicksands of perfection his “basketball” without acknowledgment the daily eternal divine spiritual guidance shall stop before it’s to late for him…I pray for a warm embrace with Tom Crean, a bucket of tears turned to smiles, as the internal turmoil begins a new search, a branch, an offering, to pull him back, leading to our light. Amen.

  26. Curses? Prayers from Harv? Karma? This is just basketball right?

    Please someone tell me why any big time head coach would want to come to IU ?

  27. I hope you didn’t creep out Yogi so much that he decides to leave…..I hope he didn’t see it as an omen to pack his bags. …You may have opened his eyes to his true worth far higher and important to “God” and his god-given abilities than anything he’ll achieve at IU under an extremely mediocre coach. You were a conveyor of a message from a higher place…Thanks a ton, Bart. Note to Bart: Leave IU players be….or just say “hi.”

  28. He was focused on the stunningly beautiful blond that was with him. Let’s just hope he isn’t reading this blog, with the crazed rants about God and curses.

  29. What’s next, Bart…? You gonna start blaming Crean’s mediocrity on this blog? We’ve had every other excuse for Crean….I’d go with it.

  30. you people seem to think you know so much about basketball, think about what we’ve gone through the last couple years(three now) We’ve had 8 players transfer, three to the NBA, and a few to graduation. I think it’s a miracle we’ve put together this good team we’ve got. I think that’s because of a man named “Crean”!

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