Ferrell makes it official, will return for senior season #iubb

Yogi Ferrell will aim for one final tournament run with Indiana.

The Hoosiers’ point guard announced through a press release Sunday afternoon that he will return for his senior year, likely making Indiana a top 15 team when the season begins in November.

Ferrell led Indiana with 16.3 points and 4.9 assists per game as a junior. In a statement provided by the university, Ferrell said he opted to remain in Bloomington after considering his education and future goals, while thanking academic advisor Marni Mooney and coach Tom Crean.

“At the end of the day, I have decided that it is in my best interests to continue my education, to build on my involvement in the community, and to improve my skills as a basketball player as a member of the 2015-16 IU Men’s Basketball Team,” Ferrell said.

Ferrell’s decision to stay means Indiana remains oversigned by one scholarship for next season after Thomas Bryant signed last week as the third member of IU’s 2015 recruiting class. At least one more roster move will have to be made during the coming weeks, but Crean will gladly welcome back his point guard to pair with Bryant, who is now rated as a five-star recruit in the 247 Sports Composite.

“We will always support Yogi in his career and life paths, and returning to Indiana affords him an opportunity to leave an indelible mark in the proud history of the Hoosier program,” Crean said. “More importantly, he will earn an IU degree to carry with him the rest of his life. His continued growth and development on the court will provide him longevity at the next level and a bright future.”

A first-team NABC and USBWA All-District selection, Ferrell ranks 22nd on the school’s all-time scoring list with 1,379 points, sixth in career assists at 438 and fourth in three-point field goals with 193. All three of those totals will make him the Big Ten’s active leader in those categories entering his final season.

“Anyone who actually knows me knows that I am a fierce competitor,” Ferrell said. “I truly want to leave a legacy of accomplishments at IU, like the great IU legends of the past. I look forward to returning to IU to complete my undergraduate degree and to begin my graduate studies. And I plan to lead my returning teammates and our incoming players to our goal of achieving great things next year in Assembly Hall.”


  1. Great news – this may be the start of a big year for us. But, a word of warning to those of you who may want to leave comments on “other” sites dedicated to IU basketball: twice today I’ve left comments including the words “Priller” and “Creaning” and they were deleted as inappropriate. Cheerleaders only, I guess.

  2. I’m am thankful for yogis decision to come back for his senior year. The biggest reason being is there are no excuses now. Crean can not constantly make excused due to lack of size or youth or lack of seniors. IU has the front court. They have the back court. They have shooting ability, athleticism, and talent. There are no excuses for Creans team not to compete for a Big ten title or national championship. This will be an extremely interesting year for Tom Crean and the future of the Indiana University men’s basketball program.

  3. Crean said, “More importantly, he will earn an IU degree to carry with him the rest of his life.”

    Oh, that’s right! This is supposed to be about education. What a novel idea. Maybe that’s one reason Crean is still IU’s basketball coach.

  4. If you think the first thing players think when they get a scholarship is “Oh boy ! I get a free education” you are as naive as a ten year old. Their first thought is more like “How fast can I get to the NBA ? “

  5. Next season looks to be very exciting!!! Indiana basketball has not been where we all would like in terms of wins. However, the academics of Crean’s Indiana teams has been outstanding. I am very proud of how Indiana basketball has improved in character, wins, and academics since the Sampson era.

  6. “I’m am thankful for yogis decision to come back for his senior year. The biggest reason being is there are no excuses now.”

    To each his own, but I am thankful because it makes IU a better team.

  7. LOL! I’ve been accused of being many things, but naive has never been one of them. Aside from missing the point of my email, your statement is a gross generalization. I believe the vast majority of college student athletes, even male student athletes, know when they sign their L.O.I. that they have little to no chance of becoming professional athletes, but appreciate the opportunity to extend their athletic “careers” while getting a “free” education. Often, a young person’s athletic ability allows them to get accepted into Universities that they would otherwise not be able to attend.

    I simply appreciate Crean, as a leader of young men, reminding people that their is value in his student athletes completing the academic work necessary to get their degrees. Ironically, the problem you mistakenly referenced in your post results from too few leaders of young men emphasizing the value of academic achievement.

  8. If it were possible and Coach Crean could somehow draft Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Micheal Jordan, LeBron James, and Karl Malone for the 2015 – 2016 basketball season … There would still be some people on this blog that would find something to be negative and critical about. I for one am excited about Yogi coming back … I am excited about what the coming basketball season has the potential to be and for what Indiana fans have the potential to enjoy … and I am excited that other 4 & 5 star players are starting to look at Indiana in the future for a possible place to play. By the way, there is some crow on the grill for those who said that no 4 or 5 star player would ever come to IU to play for Coach Crean. I know it is hard for you to admit it, but you were wrong … I an anticipating a great season for Indiana basketball … For me, it cannot get here soon enough.

  9. In a perfect world.There is not one kid who picks up a basketball in grade school who doesn’t have hopes and dreams of playing in the NBA. If you get an offer from a school like Indiana accomplishing that dream gets a big shot in the arm. For someone who likes to paint people with a broad brush, accusing me of ” Gross generalization ” is laughable.

  10. maybe we get lucky and brad stevens takes crean’s job this week. if it’s in the works it could not have been announced until the celtics season ended, which happened sunday. a boy can dream, right?

  11. “There is not one kid who picks up a basketball in grade school who doesn’t have hopes and dreams of playing in the NBA.” If you Google the term “gross generalization,” you might find that sentence listed as an example.

  12. IU FAN; Crean could recruit them BUT he would still find a way to muck them up. While fans of the MAJOR college basketball powers get excited with the recruits; they pin their hopes on the coaches to develop them into a “TEAM” ; a winning team. I don’t see ANYONE writing about hope and faith in CTC’s coaching to bring this “team” together. There in lies the core of whether this team can win or not. So far in past 2 years IVE not seen much development in the players. I think reason Yogi came back was in that hope Crean can deliver what he promised 3 years ago; and Crean’s poor coaching has created a regression of Yogi as a point guard.

  13. IU FAN in NC; your post #10 was right on the mark. There are a lot of “Debbie Downers” and people suffering from “Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome” (TCDS) posting negative comments on the Scoop. More and more, these blog sites are becoming sanctuaries for pessimists and miserable people. Some of these folks simply love to wallow in their pessimism. I guess the old saying, “misery loves company” is true, and believe that many of these IU “fans” would become suicidal if IU won an NCAA Championship under Crean. I mean, having no one to criticize and nothing to reinforce their pessimism, they’d be absolutely miserable. I have to laugh because even when the best possible news about IU Basketball is published, such as “Yogi Returning for His Senior Year,” or “Crean Signs a 5-star Big Man,” these “fans” do mental contortions in attempts to twist that news into something negative, as a means to justify their disdain and contempt for Crean. I find this behavior entertaining, kind of like watching other people’s children throw temper tantrums. And it is fun, for at least a while, to point out how completely ridiculous and wrong their pessimistic predictions were. So I encourage you, if you have the time, to roll up your sleeves and start serving up that crow by name. Until then, I share your optimism about next year’s men’s basketball team.

  14. TJ, I don’t know any IU fan who is satisfied with Tom Crean’s performance to date, but some of us are willing to remain optimistic when we receive good news. And we have received a lot of good news this week. We all know that to this point in his career, Tom Crean has not achieved the same level of success as those coaching at “the MAJOR college basketball powers.” But since none of those men are are going to be available to coach IU in the future, we have to hope that Tom Crean will evolve, improve and change as a coach, and that the result will be increased success for IU Basketball. Since you question whether “this team can win or not,” what level of success defines winning for you? Do you mean winning the Big Ten Championship, making it to the final four, or winning the NCAA Championship? What level of success will satisfy you?

    In fact, Crean has proven he can win. His IU team recently won the outright Big Ten Championship, something that no other coach had done in decades. One of his former teams made it to the final four. The number of active coaches that have lead teams to the final four is very small. But if you’re saying that Crean needs to win the NCAA Championship with this team in order to silence his critics and keep his job, then I suggest you’re setting the bar too high. Furthermore, if that is your expectation, I suggest no coach available to IU will be able to satisfy your standards until the coaches at those “MAJOR college basketball powers” retire. Questions remain about Tom Crean, but he’s IU’s best chance of returning to the ranks of “MAJOR college basketball powers.”

  15. TJ,
    Podunker suggests no coach could meet your expectations and Podunker knows all.. He wants to lower the bar of expectations at Indiana and his job is to nitpick any post that suggests otherwise. Lower your expectations and take what you are getting. The fact that you expect greatness Is flawed thinking according to ole Po. There must be something wrong you! Be careful TJ or you will end up on his enemies list if you’re not there already. Jimmy Carter always preached about lower expectations and he was the worst president EVER. Ole Po is in good company.


  16. My expectations are not to watch teams that don’t need to look to the sideline for guidance. I’ve yet to see a Hoosier team under this coach that plays with a confidence that is anchored in early preparation…I’ve yet to see a team that gets better as the season grows closer to March Madness. It’s almost as if every season is sabotaged via confusion and gradual erosion of confidence due to opponents easily figuring out weaknesses in lack of game plans and halftime adjustments.

    Reasonable expectations don’t have to mean playing in Final Fours every other year. Reasonable expectations are based in having the essential X’s and O’s building blocks that can offer some inkling of hope that our success can grow beyond the individual talent components that so often appears stymied from synergy and unity…As these young men “learn” under Crean, it appears the only they truly gain is Crean’s expert counsel on their individual skill set as it applies to readiness for a next level. Those that don’t have any shot the ultimate NBA dream are forever on the Hoosier fence of being encourage to leave IU to claim the rest of their four years eligibility somewhere else. .

    There will always be a select number of top recruits that understand how Crean can pamper their way into the NBA. I’m not sure how many of them care about team success and positive progression to play better each game as a unit. When you have kids like Hulls and Yogi running things on the court, you’ll never be short of examples young men that play hard. There will always be a lot of knocking at the door with passionate kids that grew up under great high school traditions and coaching at the pre-college level…There will always be knocking at the door with select small subsets of talent that have the skills and athleticism to play at the next level….

    But what truly pushes the door down and allows teams to grow in confidence and evolve as cohesive and inspired units beyond their individual talent, is coaching. What makes teams play stronger(looking less to the sideline) as a season moves along is coaching. When our teams are on the cusp of moving into deeper brackets, the talent equation is not the major hindrance.

    And though basketball is a much more manageable talent equation than 60+ players that must make up a top performing college football team, you still can’t put a basketball coach with less coaching acumen than Doug Mallory and expect a high learning curve.

    If simply plucking the marginal NBA-worth talent, watching closely over kids so they stay on the right pathway in the classroom, and keeping a coach that will not get into trouble with the NCAA is where you find contentment, then why must it cost us so much? I thought the main reason to pay a coach big bucks is to acquire a level of teaching the game beyond being a glorified babysitter of beauty pageant NBA contestants. Nothing against nice uniforms and Adidas endorsements….But I’d like a team that can do more than look pretty in their outfits and sport impressive individual measurements/achievements…….. If that’s unreasonable expectations, then sign me up to the TCDS asylum. where I’ll watch Butler and ND play inspired team hoops without a micromanaging “coach” doing 40 minutes of contorting, pacing, huddling, jumping, and all other necessary body language without any teaching.

  17. oops..

    My expectations are to watch teams that don’t need to look to the sideline for guidance….

  18. I agree with Po and I agree with most of what the Lord of Ramblings have stated in the aforementioned post. But none of it matters because we have a solid team of talented players that should have a wonderful season that hopefully ends with a very deep run in the dance. It doesn’t matter because this is the team that is make or break for CTC, no excuses this time. We have the size this year, we have experience, we have a bench, and we will play a good pre season schedule. Good expectations or bad coaching, lower the bar or look to the sidelines, TCDS or 40 minutes of contortions? If we win and go deep in the dance CTC is here another 3 years minimum, if not he will be run out on a pole and we will start again.

  19. Nope…If you see a season go down to the tubes, losing 6 out of the last 8 regular season games(three straight losses at home), a double bitch-slapping from Purdue, and “tournament worthiness” for a storied basketball program hinging on beating a lowly Northwestern team in the opening round of the Big 10 tournament….? There should be no more excuses that can survive beyond that. We have been living the excuses from the “wreckers” to the ” everything hinges” years….We have been paying millions too long for excuses…There is no accountability for losses and underachieving from the supposed leaders…The buck is always passed and new talent is constantly sold as better than what’s pushed out the door. If you expect excuses to stop, then you are far more delusional than any accused and labeled as deficient of reason. Hoosier Basketball became an excuse village when they hired a babysitter with his might NBA connections to Doc Rivers instead of a coach. This man has been buying very expensive time. He is a master at it.

  20. Time will tell.

    Losing to Northwestern can’t be that bad Lord…they do have a great coach…right?

    IU is used to losing to Purdue…check out the series record sometime.

    There are a few trustees that have the power and will have the ammo to go rogue and fly off to some far off place like Oklahoma and lasso us a guy that can win.

    Finding a guy that can win, follow the rules, graduate players, and recruit is about as common as a 3 sentence post from Lord of the Ramblings with TCDS.

  21. Lament about coaching or about TCDS all you want. This is the proverbial “straw” in the CTC back. Or maybe we call it the “Season on the Brink”, Harv could write it using the ghost name Lord of the Ramblings.

  22. Northwestern has a great coach at a place not Indiana …nor at a place with a talent pool in the backyard that can make the admission standards of Indiana. Place Colliins at Indiana and you’ll have the beginnings of something that could honestly evolve without the witch hunts and need for yearly excuses…And you have a coach that puts some amount of accountability on his own shoulders. You’ll have a genuine man with a genuine mission that teaches rather than preaches.. But if you think a less than mediocre run in the NCAA(anything beyond a first round exit) will stop excuses for Crean, then you’ve been sniffing too much Podunker adhesive at a Doug Mallory fall guy party for bad football excuses.

    Crean is here until the man he hired(Fred Sparklers of Bedrock Bull___) is gone. All incompetency begins with the AD hired by a Caddyshack Committee that Tommy Bahama was in charge. Trustees are bought by the tycoon baffoons. They have no power.

  23. RAM, please try to get with the program. Your logic and interpretation of my statements are baffling. And trying to put words in my mouth does not really contribute to the debate. I suggest you look up the term “circular reasoning.” That might help. But one more time, because it’s been a good day. Yes, there are a handful of active coaches who have built their basketball programs into National Powers and that could lead IU back to greatness. But none of those coaches will ever become IU’s head basketball coach. In the last ten years, only seven active coaches have won NCAA Championships. Calipari’s not leaving UK, The Scumbag’s staying at Louisville, Coach K will retire with Duke, Self is a king in Kansas, Donovan wants the NBA, you could not blast Ollie out of UConn, and Roy Williams is praying that the NCAA won’t cripple UNC’s program. After those champions, you’ve got some well established men like Sean Miller, who’s very happy in Tucson, Matta and Ryan won’t leave for another Big Ten school, Izzo will retire with MSU, and Howland just resurfaced at Mississippi State. The only other active coach with experience leading teams to the NCAA finals is Stevens, who’s NBA future looks bright. So who is the savior that’s going to lead IU basketball back to the promised land? Which of the young up-and-comers gives IU a better chance to win a Championship in the next two years than Crean?

    Harvard, are you suggesting that IU spend more millions, in the form of Crean’s contract buyout to fire Crean because his team’s performance last year did not meet your expectations? Doesn’t sound like such a good investment for a University with one of the smallest athletic budgets in the Big Ten.

  24. “Finding a guy that can win, follow the rules, graduate players, and recruit is about as common as a 3 sentence post from Lord of the Ramblings with TCDS.” Best sentence written on the Scoop in months. Bart, you’re a treasure.

  25. Podunker if I have frustrated you and made you expend more energy than you wanted to trying to prove you are the sharpest knife in the drawer, my job is done here. GOOD NIGHT

  26. Hogwash Harv…Collins traveled his way to the NCAA ranks on name recognition…if you are a good coach you can win anywhere…who making excuses now?
    I’m not a CTC fan at all, just someone the sees the realities of the situation. You can write your War and Peace novels and it will make no difference at all…if CTC doesn’t make at least the sweet 16 he is gone no matter how hard he prays.

  27. Podunker-

    Didn’t meet my expectations? You need to get out more. Crean will be your gift that will keep giving…He is in Fred’s safe hands. He hired him that way. The millions in extensions were gross mistakes of incompetency(another gift from the grateful “boss” he gave a job)) and nothing any fan watching these teams as they’ve proven little other than losing ground and fading year after year had no problem flushing down in consideration one of the “smallest” athletic budgets in the Big 10. Please don’t accuse anything I wish to get us back on track(after the millions and years wasted on milestones of getting bitch-slapped at Sweet 16’s, never figuring out a zone defense, and tournament appearances contingent on defeating Northwestern) as something in my irresponsible court. There will never be another coach so many wasted dollars at Indiana than your King of Coaching Clowns.

    But the damage done to the reputation of the game is something Crean will forever remain priceless …We can’t pay him enough to undue such glorious mockery all in this conference now snicker in regard to our tolerance for such empty wind without results that pass the most basic a b-ball IQ test…..There is no amount of time or money that can change his indelible mark of turning IU Basketball into IU Football… Hell, it’s obvious…They’re now letting the candy stripes onto the helmets of the half our history just a few wasted dollars have been flushed for all those Rose Bowls narrowly missed…And look…Now the measure our IU B-ball gonads is defeating Norhtwestern….. . We are now our football equal…Thank you, Tom Crean. Thank you, Bart. Thank you, Podunker…Thank you to all defeatists that cut down nets after losses.

  28. You’re right, Bart…Collins will win at Northwestern despite the lack of draw a place like Indiana. He learned the game under a coach that learned the game under a coach that Tom Crean still longs an autograph and validation. Poor Tom…Never any validation… just millions upon millions in extensions for squeaking into Sweet 16’s before a regularly scheduled clock cleaning..

    And I’ll take that bet…Even if IU falls short of a Sweet 16, you can count on Crean going nowhere just as fast as our teams without competent leadership and b-ball IQ from the sideline….Fred is his cash drive-thru window: The Account of No Accountability. No Competency Deposits required. Just tons of cash until Hoosier Basketball = Hoosier Football

  29. Pointing the obvious makes me a defeatist? What do you call someone that writes the same 3 paragraphs over and over hoping to prove they are right or to prove we are all wrong.

    I will say it again, CTC is here for another year and writing 10,000 words won’t change it. If he wins this year, 20,000 words in a post won’t change it. If he hangs a banner he will be forever entrenched.

  30. Keep oiling up Bart…Hopefully he’ll be around for football season rather than just following every thread behind a Harvard fart. Dude follows me on Scoop Street like I’m his only cab fare in that Bloomington hell hole growing more irrelevant by every minute the charlatans in charge…. I must be perfect with Square Doughnuts…

  31. Football keeps Northwestern basketball alive…basketball keeps IU football alive.

    BTW have you ever met CTC? Have had a long train ride having a deep conversation with the man? Are you so sure of his character that you would say these things to his face? If you had the chance would you have the sac to look him in the eyes and spout the world according to Harv? You love the candy stripes right? I want to know more about the man called Harv. I want to know your commitment, face to face changes men. I’ve had many men spout off from a distance then grow silent from only feet away. I have my opinion, see if another 1000 words can convince me otherwise.
    I’m telling you that I didn’t think twice when I had my chance to vent my feelings about IU basketball.

  32. Not hard to follow the guy that writes 75% of the posts on the scoop.

    Funny how the insults fly when someone besides the Lord of the Farts makes a contradictory post.

  33. Can we cryogenically preserve his brain if he wins a banner….? I think it should be donated to Basketball Science….under the heading “Wrecked.”

    Another question…Since you’re so fond of counting words, I can only assume you were under contract from Podunker to more quietly dispose of Tsao? Do you remember Tsao? Boy, was he a big fan of Podumpster’s football defeatism.

  34. Square doughnuts suck…Crescent doughnuts are where it’s at Harv. Maybe you need to get out more.

  35. Bart-

    I’m sure you’re a much more honorable man than I’ve ever claimed to be….I’m pretty sure many on this blog couldn’t say the things to faces they spout in boxes…You may also ask Podunker if he would have the honor to repeating to Mallory’s face many of the undermining BS he placed here…And how about the hate fest aimed at Sampson…Where’s the nerve of many on here in that face-to-face…Would they look him in the eye and call him a “cancer?” Talk is cheap on here…Nearly as cheap the crap you hear from the backseat of an every sincere spout from the backseat your cab. Keep keeping it real, my bro.

  36. Last week I had the pleasure of transporting Myron Bloom who was a world class French horn player. I sat back and listened to him tell stories of his world travels, playing in New Orleans, Cleveland, and Paris. I barely said anything at all, I just listened to an 83 year old man talk about his great career and how he help influenced the lives of 20 years worth of IU students. IU basketball is awesome but the university itself seems to get lost at times.

  37. I think you’re right again, Bart. Sports is an easy place to get lazy and not value other people and places to find inspiration. And being a good listener is a rare quality. I think it’s natural to want to be heard outside the circles of relationships in our day to day…..And there is nothing more satisfying than someone that is willing to take interest outside the world of our everyday relationships we often cement in routines of expected norms and boundaries that often make a person feel rather small in this big world….So difficult to find a good ear..And whether “world class” or a sorry old soul that just wants to pour out his own simple tune no one else shows much care, you probably made that man’s day by merely being kind, engaged, and receptive. Things sort of fall to pieces in these boxes….and the typing on these keys becomes too easy without the real engagement another that comes from looking into the eyes to find the true heart of a voice. Take care.

  38. Bart, trying to argue/debate with Harv is like trying to nail jello to the wall. It’s unstable, slippery and keeps moving around. And if the temperature gets too hot, it starts to melt. It’s fun to try it once or twice, but one soon learns that it’s a waste of time.

  39. RAM, you’re not capable of frustrating me. I participate on The Scoop to keep in touch with IU Sports, and “discuss” or debate others’ opinions about the same. I welcome legitimate debate on relevant subjects of interest. But if you just want to use the Scoop to spew negative personal attacks against Crean or attempt to insult those participants who disagree with you, you should expect some push-back. If you make statements that are inaccurate, false or simply not supported by the facts, you should expect to be challenged. You’re welcome to your opinion, but when someone disagrees with you, there’s no need to take it personally.

  40. Podunker-

    There’s a stain on your name. Tsao left it there. Now you pour the Clorox elsewhere like a schoolyard bully after the one that kicked your defeatist ass graduated from Scoop elementary school. You just can’t stop terrorizing all that scary cherry jello stain on the perfectly pressed, starchy white shirt.

    I may be hypercritical of a “coach” that came into Indiana and built his stellar reputation by endlessly reminding and tearing down some people that made mistakes. If there’s anything jello and spineless, it’s men that can’t make their way on the quiet achievements their own expertise and command of a passion.

    I think Tsao identified the differences between Wilson and Crean pretty accurately. The latter, Crean, beat a cheap drum of obsession over past failures exhibited by those before him…The former, Wilson, shut down those immediately desiring to turn a conversation to the past mistakes and abuses of a program he became in charge… It can be debated forever, which man has the grandeur task…I tend to think this is far more a basketball state(in terms of available top talent) and, simply by numbers on a roster, fielding a competitive squad in basketball is something that other smaller programs have proven not such a daunting challenge with far less available than the immediate recruiting radius of Indiana. ….Wilson has far less to work(in terms of history and the numbers) but he refused the path of excuses and mockery(as in your supposed friend’s comment…”When did IU get a football team”). Tsao pegged Crean to be the same villain chaser as many with the defeatist attitude we got what we deserved(in terms of having to hire and require men not of “elite” coaching expertise) because of few mistakes the fans, administrators, and great Hoosiers our past(the mammoth majority in all our sports programs) had nothing to do …
    And thus, in some sort of warped fashion, your villain is IU and you desire any leader in place that will hold onto failure the past as an excuse for today(or for their own lack of command in their profession they are payed very large sums)and to perpetuate the victim role and deflect accountability. I’m not sure where it comes from…My guess is that it’s very deeply rooted in very strict adherence to a warped version of what some claim as “faith”…Suddenly, much like Crean’s assessment the world, everything needs crucified but the guy in the mirror.

    Maybe I’m that jello you can’t nail to the wall..But once again take a look at this thread …Somebody called you “naive” and you began your usual chase……Was it the man with TCDS that called you naive? .I’ve yet to see one admission a flaw in your skin and you appear to constantly desire IU to die for the sins of kids that made some mistakes under a coach that had some flaws…Was he the first man or coach on the planet to have some flaws? Do any of our current players exhibit mistakes? Were their mistakes rooted in vindictive and purposefully done to harm the reputation of Indiana/. I believe, much the same as Crean, you have JHCDS(you figure it out)…. and you’re so fast on the trigger when a mirror appears that you’ll whip out the nail gun for something as harmless as Jamarcus or jello. You just can’t handle the stain of it all…and heaven forbid, any stain find your flawless name.

  41. And for the record, I find a lot of agreement with Bart’s opinions…I certainly don’t believe he’s communicated a lot of confidence in Crean’s coaching ability… He simply thinks Crean will be “entrenched” if he gets to a Sweet 16 next year…I sorta consider that a defeatist threat…No job should be “entrenched”…Do any of us have such a luxury? But Bart sorta flips it on the other side of drastic in believing Crean will be fired if he doesn’t make a Sweet 16….

    I think Crean’s job is secure for as long as Fred can deflect levels of mediocrity being acceptable I don’t believe Crean needs to get us to a Sweet 16 next season to retain his position….And though the drums will fire for calls it’s time to “fire” Crean if so much talent were to fall short and only make it through an opening round game, I don’t think his job will be the least bit on the fence….If he simply gets our team into the Big Dance, it will be plenty for Fred to give him the benefit of the doubt…Why shouldn’t we give him the benefit of the doubt? Did he not take us from the valley of ashes? Hell, we will one day be singing a hymn for the savior from Marquette…it will replace the fight song..

    Oh, Tom Crean, Oh, Tom Crean
    You made our hoops , so virgin pristine
    I want to thank you for Hoosier Sweet 16 glory…
    Your motorized tongue, the shoe size a scholly crunched named Malik Story…
    Never daunted when the bottle Dasani chillin
    You slam dunked every podium into a cross for a Sampson villain,…
    And Dipo’s voice, how wonderfully sweet and mellow..
    Thanks for bringing the next Anthony Carmelo
    Oh, Tom Crean…Oh, Tom Crean…Tom Crean, we’re all for you….
    Tom Crean!!

  42. Harv, I only read the first sentence of your latest diatribe. The stain your buddy left on my name is a badge of honor. I will ware it with pride. When someone becomes so hysterical and unhinged that they must resort to calling someone a “terrorist” (especially in these times) and questions their patriotism on a blog dedicated to college sports, they’ve demonstrated their low character and very pour judgement. You may recall that your buddy earned an extended time-out from the Scoop for that attack. I don’t think he was ever quite the same after our debate exposed what his true nature. He was mean-spirited and intolerant to those that disagreed with him. And try as I might, I could never figure out how he failed to recognize his own hypocrisy. He would cheerfully bash Crean while taking such umbrage to my fact-based criticism of Mallory. Did he share your virulent disdain for people who publicly express their Christian faith?

  43. Again, you’re misstating my position…I have no disdain for the Christian faith…I have disdain for people that use something they mistreat as a “faith” to justify final judgments, witch hunts, and villain chasing with no introspection a mirror to reflect upon their own flaws.

    And I don’t agree with calling you a “terrorist.” I see you more as someone that can’t forgive. ….and that get’s back to the faith in your flawless image of godliness you claim as your own.

    i think you would feel much better if you just forgave Tsao….How can any faith root without forgiveness? I simply can’t visualize how it can….Maybe that’s my flaw.

  44. OMG Harvard and Podunker, there you go again, taking a women’s basketball topic and turning it into something else entirely. Since when did this become a men’s topic? We really don’t get that many women’s topics on this website as opposed to the men. It’s really nice for us women’s fans to be able to discuss things concerned with the women’s team and here you go turning things around, really?

  45. Oh Harv, you are one incredible piece of work! And the lens through which you interpret information is hopelessly and pathologically distorted. It is interesting to witness such a lack of self-awareness on display. Most narcissists have learned to disguise their condition.

    I wrote, “your virulent disdain for people who publicly express their Christian faith?” You’re on record with literally hundreds of posts attacking Crean’s public expression of his faith. You were apoplectic about his tweets and mercilessly attacked him for expressing his faith, so much so that it caused me (an others) to suspect you of being a religious bigot. Later on, when you began catching serious heat for your attacks, you began to “clarify” your position on Crean’s expression of his Christian faith. And just look at your attack on Crean written in #49. And you have the temerity to state that I am “someone who can’t forgive….and that get’s back to the faith in your flawless image of godliness you claim as your own.” Is that your attempt at damnation by faint praise? So, as you see it, I’m not a “terrorist,” I’m just someone who is incapable of forgiving others and who sees himself as having godliness?” The absurdity of your comments, made up from whole cloth, the naked hypocrisy, and the narcissism you displayed in that single post, is off the charts, Harv. I laughed out loud for 30 seconds thinking how challenged a group of mental health professional would be in trying to diagnose you.

    Harv, your buddy never apologized. He never asked for forgiveness or expressed a hint of contrition. In fact, on several occasions after returning from his suspension, he doubled down and repeated his juvenile attempts to insult/attack me. I was never injured or offended by his comments, so there was no need to forgive him. Forgiving your buddy would not make me “feel much better” because I feel fine. His injuries were self-inflicted. Losing one’s temper to such an extreme, especially in regards to something as trivial as college sports, in unhealthy. He needs to forgive himself. It will make him feel much better.

  46. MikeC, I sincerely apologize for my part in taking this string off the rails. Please forgive my temporary lack of discipline. It’s been a slow IU sports news cycle of late. I will try to return to my habit of ignoring posts written by “The Lord of Delusional Rants.”

  47. I don’t see anything Crean does as expressing his Christian faith.. Faith doesn’t need publicly expressed. The expression was merely a platform to justify his tearing down the “flawed”: people of the world and to vilify via his faith declarations. I have never wavered from that position. Dustin was a pretty bright guy…He understood it perfectly…He also had quite the joy in engaging Tsao…Sure seemed like respect to me…Maybe you can extrapolate that into chiseling away at Dustin’s character as well.

    Unfortunate that those that had no problem seeing through your defeatism and true disdain for IU have left.. And your constant accusations of mental health issues as your tactic to degrade have summed you up just fine. You keep washing that stain and you might just scrub deep enough to penetrate that fake armor.

    And Crean had no business putting faith symbols and Jesus of Joyce quotes on a site that included images of an IU basketball team part of a public institution. IU Gymnast made similar arguments very recently and you didn’t want to debate his position no different my own. IU is not a private Christian school. And even at a private school, it would serve as the same classless propaganda used as a filtering mechanism in place for the “right” sort of “good Christian family” people that should come to his home of basketball worship. Flawless as Podunker.. Right as rain. Pulls out his big pistol on Scoop to claim Harvard insane.. Keep scrubbing at the stain. Chase some villains off Scoop just like the flawless “Christian” way of the forgiving man you so admire. It’s always someone else “wrecking” your world. You are almost a bigger joke than the clown.

  48. Here’s your serving of jello…His teams play jello defense. Last in the conference. It’s fitting. Everything he does is offensive…brought to you by the Church of Ladder-day Saints.

    How does an IU Basketball coach get away with teaching his team to doing anything last in the conference…? He’ll forever be known elevating IU Basketball into IU Football. Last in defense ….but everybody else “wrecked” the program.. How much talent do you need to play defense at a level something above last place in the Big 10? 6 out of 8 games down the stretch lost…Three straight at home down the tubes. Bitch-slapped by Purdue on McCracken…Defeating Northwester in a first round Big Ten Tournament game as his defining success to stay “entrenched.”

  49. And is there anything coming from Crean’s lips that take any responsibility for a team last in the conference in defense? Is there any statement that losing six out the final eight games in a season falls just as much on his shoulders as his team? What do we get instead? His expert advise at a press conference dedicated to Yogi’s decision to enter, or not enter, the NBA Draft….Lord, oh Lord…And they call me out of touch? This is what the fans of Indiana Basketball had defeated themselves into listening? I would buy a 2nd mortgage on the Assembly and Memorial homes combined to buy out the millions long wasted on contracts to give a man an expert for his personal NBA counseling rather than inspiring young men to play the game with enough pride to occasionally put up an inkling of resistance and stand in front a Wichita State guard driving down the lane like it’s an abandoned 4-lane freeway. Because it’s Indiana, indeed. “Because” you can follow the yellow brick road once Big Red pride to a our new Wildcat rivalry a team from Northwestern…..

  50. What I’d do to hear some “public expression” of more than a faith in playing defense…Maybe some “public expression” that I went to a high school coaches camp to learn how to attack a zone defense…Maybe some “public expression” that D-fense is as important as applying a personal Bloomington massage to D-Wade’s holy knees…’.Public expressions” of a lack of defense being just as great a state of evil worthy a witch hunt when Wichita State guard assaulted the lane to the glass as if it was a defeatist check written for Crean from Glass.. God almighty would I love some free expression that Hoosier fans demand more than dumb slogans and biblical quotes to build a basketball team above something last in resistance and acumen to teach….Where is our “public expression” for learning over preaching? Then again, why should I be surprised…Man was created with the snap of fingers…Our teams don’t need coaches that can teach the game…Evolution will happen simply because nothing is better than the image itself.

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