Ferrell to announce decision on April 25 #iubb

Yogi Ferrell’s decision to stay at Indiana for his senior season or go pro will go down to the wire.

Ferrell will announce his plans on April 25 at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Indianapolis, one day before the deadline for early entry to this year’s NBA Draft.

His mother, Lydia, tweeted that Ferrell has yet to make a decision.

“Yogi has NOT made a decision,” she tweeted. “He is still researching so don’t jump to conclusions! Just a deadline he gave his family.”

Ferrell’s return would make IU one of the top contenders in next years’s Big Ten, while likely jumping the Hoosiers into the Nos. 15-20 range in next year’s polls. Troy Williams announced last week that he will return for his junior year.

Ferrell’s father, Kevin Sr., told The Herald-Times that the family has sought guidance from both NBA scouts and front office officials.

“It’s just a combination of people that we’re discussing things with,” Ferrell’s father said. “We’re tyring to figure out what’s gonna be the best option for him. We’re just trying to weigh everything.”

McDonald’s All-American Thomas Bryant, who committed to Indiana on April 4, said at last weekend’s Kentucky Derby Festival Classic that he hasn’t spoken to Ferrell, but the possibility of playing with him was one of the reasons he chose Indiana.

“Stay, please, just one more year,” Bryant said after Saturday’s all-star game. “I wanted to play with him and Troy. I’m glad Troy is staying, so hopefully Yogi is staying.”

NBA Draft experts view Ferrell, a 6-foot point guard, as a second-round talent after he averaged 16.3 points and 4.9 assists on the way to an All-Big Ten First Team selection. ESPN draft insider Chad Ford told the Herald-Times last month that Ferrell could benefit from coming back for his senior season and leading Indiana deep into the tournament.

Ferrell’s size will always be an issue at the next level, but following the lead of Shabazz Napier, a 6-foot-1 point guard who guided UConn to a national championship in 2014, would help his draft stock. He wouldn’t need so much as a national title, Ford said, but leading Indiana deep into March would add to his profile as a floor leader.

On his most recent projections, Ford ranks Ferrell as the No. 88 prospect in this year’s draft class. There are only 60 picks between both rounds of the draft.

“When you’re undersized already you have to have something else to put in that column that’s gonna really help you,” Ford said. “Yogi’s a good floor leader. He’s a really good basketball player, and I don’t think there’s any question about that. But you think about the Russell Westbrook’s and the Derrick Rose’s, all of these elite sort of point guards out there, and they’d eat him for lunch. So what else can you bring to the table? I think that’s the big question mark at Indiana. That’s his task.”

DraftExpress.com’s latest mock draft has Ferrell going to Brooklyn with the 11th pick in the second round.


  1. I don’t think Yogi will benefit from another year under Crean….It’s just about banners and a good filet at this point. ….

    Did I not just mention sizzling thick cuts of prime steaks being offered on the Tsao-inspired Scoop Train? And was I not just mentioning steaks and lobsters in a post Yogi’s name and coaching(cooking) was being discussed? This is why you go with my predictions….

  2. Size and issue….? Look how Isaiah Thomas is ripping it up on the Celtics of late…

  3. Isaiah Thomas

    #4 PG 5′ 9″, 185 lbs Boston Celtics

    Born Feb 7, 1989 in Tacoma, WA (Age: 26)
    Drafted 2011: 2nd Rnd, 60th by SAC
    Experience 3 years

  4. jeez, stop being a little attention hound and just announce it. a presser to announce if you are turning pro? never heard of that before. even the kentucky guys don’t do that. “attention, please! is all the media assembled? i would like to announce my intention on making myself available for the second round of the nba draft”. must not be getting enough attention from mommy and daddy. yogi, your leadership status just took a hit

  5. I believe Yogi could be effective if he got with the right team. If he goes later he could go to a team like Cleveland, etc and that could be advantageous. With that said, I hope he comes back to lead this team.

  6. If he was staying why make the announcement in Indy when you can make it during Little 5 weekend which is that day? He gone.

  7. I don’t think the “eat him for lunch” comment from Ford was appropriate. A healthy D-Rose and Westbrook can serve just about anyone the lunch.

    Yogi can offer a ton ….Phenomenal court vision…Yogi’s energy level is pretty hard to match…. And I’m not sure if Ford realizes just how much more confidence Yogi is stroking the perimeter ball…That changes things….The kid also elevates on that jump shot negating a bit of the height disadvantage.

  8. Just ridiculous drama that is unwarranted and kind of comical…the 88th ranked player having a presser at a steakhouse he could barely afford as second round draft choice is like cutting down the nets after a loss! But unwarranted drama is all he has known for 3 years. Come back and show people you can guard someone and hit a game winner with your stunningly blond bombshell girlfriend.

  9. This situation sums up Yogi’s 3 years perfectly and we can finally put “The Movement” to rest. From the fake id to the get mine point guard who was the leading scorer in so many losses to the never made a game winning shot always choking on big free throws. Never liked him as a player or rep for IU. I hope he has a stellar career in the NBA but I won’t miss him for a second.

    I’d rather see Robert Johnson work on his D and run the point with Troy.

  10. Do confirmed (no chance of first round) second round picks leave early when: if the stars line up and the cards fall right he could have a good chance of being a first round pick the following year.

  11. Everything hinges on juicy filet mignon with a nice char on the outside…salad wedge with blue cheese dressing and generous basket of warm bread……shoestring fries….Plate of buttery sauteed mushrooms.

    Ruth Chris is sorta stuffy….You can get a really good filet at Cheesecake Factory…You’ll spend 1/2 on the total bill…Really tasty kale salad at Cheesecake aw well.

    Oh, how I long for the old Bonanza Steakhouse coach of Bloomington….

    The stakes just go higher….with regard to Bryant getting that pen to paper.

    Anyone know any point guards still available?

  12. Doc Libby @DocLibby · Apr 4

    I haven’t seen a draft board WITHOUT Yogi’s name on it. Can someone direct me to that board?

  13. Fecicious post Harv? Or did Yogi’s mom really Tweet that out?

    I mean ranked yes in most draft boards. However this is not pre-1989, so the Doc should be on the upity on that.

    This is one of the weirdest announcements this side of the Jordan River post, April Shower.

    Is Yogi already getting advice from Derrick Rose’s team? I kid.


    1. To provide full context, Yogi’s mom followed that previous tweet up with this: “When has Yogi been a first round pick? Never. We do not have blinders on. Lots of things go into this decision.”

  14. Screw all this hoops talk. Once steak was mentioned, all I can think about is Little Zagreb. I really, really, really miss that place.

  15. Ah, well then out of context rightfully applied in this case. Thank you Jeremy.

    But why not Little Zagrebs with a post round of celebratory yards at The Irish Lion?


  16. Well”, if you want to make yourself a complete jackass and local pariah announce you’re leaving the university the state is named for at a steakhouse. Hopefully for IU fans he stays but the whole thing smacks of a prima donna who’s getting really bad advice from those closest to him. It’s all so ridiculous but not as ridiculous as mentioning his name in the same sentence as Isiah Thomas. Isiah was stronger, longer, much more athletic and had a nasty streak as a player that helped make him one of the all time greats. Yogi Ferrell also has very short arms and that’s a huge factor. Very effective college player but Chad Ford has it dead on correct about him.

  17. Isaiah Thomas on the CELTICS! (not the Hall-of-Famer and Detroit Piston that played for the Hoosiers and led us to a banner in the 80s)…Read my post #4. I’m saying that if Isaiah of the Celtics can build a successful NBA career(went late in the 2nd round out of the University of Washington), maybe a kid like Yogi has a shot as well. And maybe taking that shot this year is what’s in his heart…I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  18. Remember Jay Edwards. He was pretty good though he had some problems. Never made by coming out to early.

  19. At a team like Duke Yogi stays and does not even have this situation based on going in second round. Duke has first round players leave but it seems as though their second rounders’ are happy playing at Duke until completion of eligibility. IU had first rounders’ also but IU forgets to win NCAA tournament championships which make second rounders’ antsy and not as happy. This also causes underclass transfers whether encouraged by coaching staff or by player decision) and results in breakdown of IU BB program family.

  20. Why is Isiah even in this conversation? Ridiculous to even bring these two together in the same sentence. One thing for sure, when the game is on the line the ball is not leaving the possession of Yogi and it is NOT going in the bucket. Press conference in Indy, give me a break.

  21. If he was a lock to be a lottery pick or getva nice contract that would be one thing. That is not going to happen. Not one prediction has him in the lottery. He should return and enjoy the experience. He can write his name as one of the all-time greats in IU history.

  22. Yesterday’s forthcoming announcement by Yogi at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse means Yogi is going to the NBA. Now that the announcement has been made, no need to keep the reservation.

  23. Yogi obviously doesn’t get the finer points of South Central Indiana dining. The presser should be held at the Gnaw Mart in Gnaw Bone over the finest tenderloins on this or any other planet. They even have room out front for the satellite truck he needs for the live broadcast of “the decision.” And speaking of Little Zagreb (I’m really getting hungry here), I hope Yogi enjoys next year leading the Zagreb Ants (I looked that one up) of the Croatian League.

  24. ‘Ron’ is pleased to announce his future plans on April 24th from the Waffle House.
    The 6’2′ ‘Ron’ is expected to reveal a) his ‘Yogi Watch’ location on April 25th and
    b) his final choice of ‘Lawn Fertilizer’ for 2015.

    Anticipated time of announcements – 1pm. Please note exact time will be affected by
    a) menu selection and b) rare vs. well done steak.

    ‘Ron’ is not expected to be in the company of the stunningly blond bombshell due to
    a) she has a prior engagement and b) it may rain and she does not like riding motorcycles
    in the rain. Helmet hair.

    ‘Ron’ understands the importance of his decision, has thought long and hard and received guidance
    from trusted advisors Bubba, Billy Bob and Home Depot.

    UPDATE ‘Ron’ notes if he has any luck on April 23th he may have a half decent redhead with him.

  25. IU bb gets big man commit and so called leader of a team gives his teammates and bb ball program food poisoning. If you do not want to be a part of team that may be headed in right direction and could actually improve your game…..LEAVE!

  26. Wasn’t referring to Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas but the fact that people have mentioned Ferrell along with IU’s Isiah. There is simply no comparison. That being said the announcement of the announcement at a local steakhouse is incredibly pretentious regardless of his decision. He is the only point guard on the roster so it would be a huge loss for IU. There is another thing to consider though, since there is a scholarship shortage it is conceivable he will announce he is staying at IU and going off scholarship, cementing his place as one of the all time, altruistic IU athletes. If not this event should take place at Steak & Shake.

  27. Wow…How quickly they turn on a kid. He has a chance to be the next Isaiah Thomas who also decided to forgo his senior season{see below blockquote). He kept plenty of promises…He probably should have transferred after Zeller decided that banners weren’t worth the risk of giving up millions….It was only having Zeller in the middle that gave Crean his extensions and added millions while Yogi carried the load of poor coaching on his back…The kid did more than enough and gave his heart every night…He certainly did nothing to harm what the candy stripes should always represent…His effort and motor was like nothing I’ve ever seen in a Hoosier uniform….He emptied the tank every night..

    And maybe that’s a reflection of where Crean’s recruiting really is….For a coach that loves his guard play, he’s had none in seven years that could sniff the 1st round of the Draft… Without Yogi, things would have been very ugly the past three years….Michigan had their Trey Burke…MSU had their Gary Harris…OSU had their D’Angelo Russell….Yogi just kept putting his head down and plowed forward through the “everything hinges on Zeller” BS ..Yogi never hung his head for so much adulation and slathering of praise on Dipo and Zeller…..And when people began to doubt his shooting capabilities, he got his ass in the gym and put the doubt to rest this year….But the real contribution is his motor…And the motor of this team for the last two seasons has been Yogi Ferrell. And whether he enters the Draft on the 25th of April or stays…or whether he finds a place overseas to take his talent, I’ll be far more supportive than the recruit that leaves fully knowing the riches are already there….I’ll remain more than a bit baffled by the lack of appreciation for what this young man put on his own shoulders with a very mediocre coach at the helm. And when ten years from now gives opportunity for reflection, I would not be one bit surprised to see this young man as one of the more successful former Hoosiers in the NBA…It’s not where you start the race, it’s where you finish..This kid is smart and he’ll never need a jump-start. He is someone I wouldn’t bet against in basketball and career.

    Before the 2011 NBA Draft, Thomas participated in his own pre draft documentary entitled “Road To The NBA-The Isaiah Thomas Story”. Thomas was drafted as the 60th pick by the Sacramento Kings in the second round of the 2011 NBA draft. He was the final pick in the draft. On February 19, 2012, Thomas recorded his first double-double with 23 points and 11 assists against the Cleveland Cavaliers.


    Hell, at least Yogi isn’t making his own documentary…..He’s just going out for a steak.

  28. Some folks miss the point. The point is the announcement preceding the announcement at a restaurant is bad form, publicity seeking nonsense. Isaiah Thomas leaving The University of Washington early doesn’t get the attention Yogi Ferrell gets leaving Indiana University if he does, and it is getting attention which appears is being sought. Tom Crean never had a guard sniff the first round?! Was Victor Oladipo the #2 pick in the draft or did I miss something? And Crean did ok at Marquette with Dwayne Wade and managedd to get Travis Diener to the NBA. Everybody has the right to make a choice but a little humility ain’t bad, see: Jordan Spieth.

  29. If I am not mistaken Yogi is graduating this year so the choice is his. He played for the duration of his degree just like Oledipo did. I would love to see him stay but can’t blame him for leaving. I disagree with the hoopla around the announcement but I will surely be rooting for Yogi in whatever endeavor he pursues. Best of luck young man! Thank you for choosing IU. Would love to see you stay one more year.

  30. The walk-on coach, Crean, is the only one that should go off scholarship…..if we even dare hint of altruism while considering the millions flushed down the toilet for expertise in clapping and pacing ? It is Yogi, Zeller, and Jordan Hulls that put Crean in the limelight of where a small taste of prime Hoosier talent can take you…It is Blackmon that secured Crean more excuses and more scapegoats for this coach I’m amazed at how much effort and heart these young men play with while watching one of the highest paid coaches in college basketball never having to meet the same level of accountability. If Yogi’s mom must defend herself in not being blind with regard to her son’s lack of appearance on a 1st round draft board, then it would sure be nice if Hoosier basketball fans could have the same humble truth for an eye not blind when assessing what level of “elite” our current coach.. So sad that Hoosier born and bred talent is continually wasted on a greasy hamburger coach that couldn’t ever take them to a place beyond their individual prime cut skills.

  31. Plunk- EXACTLY.

    I’m sure Isaiah Thoma’s decisions got plenty of attention from the U. of Washington fan base….I doubt anyone other than Indiana fans care much about what Yogi is deciding. The only point of comparison is that the Thomas kid took his chances(much like Yogi may do the same), barely sneaked into the draft(was the final pick of the 2nd round)…and, by all appearances, is making a solid NBA career..

    And if Yogi chooses the same pathway, I’m not so arrogant to bet against him or not wish him the best…He’s going to have to do it on effort more than early round hype…I sorta admire that sort of gumption and determination(whether the “experts” want to call it “blind” or demean the kid by saying he couldn’t keep his lunch next to D-Rose or Westbrook)….Yogi has an unbelievable motor and heart that can take a kid pretty damn far. Now I’m not saying the Isaiah from the U of W wasn’t damn lucky to land on a NBA team with a coach far superior than the born confused wind-up clapping doll we’re printing money for. Isiah Thomas had Coach Knight…Isaiah Thomas has Coach Stevens…Yogi has Coach Steak and Shake and Bake…and I helped!

    But at the end of the day, I’d, obviously, love him to stay….Why in the hell wouldn’t I love him to stay? Why wouldn’t any Hoosier fan love him to stay? I don’t care if he’s blind to his own true worth at the next level… Where he has vision supreme is in running this team far more by himself than I’d ever expect the guy getting paid the millions by Fred to figure it out.

  32. Yuk….Couldn’t stand Jordan Spieth…So, so little personality. Don’t care how good his game is…He’ll never put the cheers and enthusiasm into a crowd to match the likes of a Tiger Woods or Michelson…or Arnold Palmer…or Nicklaus….or Trevino….or Norman.

    Golf is losing its personality much the same as the NBA. It’s looking like a crowd that would be more than allowed in an Indianapolis cake bakery…..Hell, give me more genuine found in a John Daiy. and kids coached by their military dad in a garage over these glorified frat rat “choir boys” of the new golf era. Spieth’s caddy even looked liked a lifeless egotistical knucklehead….They both reminded me of the snotty and evil villains of Hogwarts in a Harry Potter movie. The announcers were trying to sell it as all humble pie and warm and fuzzy….But Golf longs for the old personalities that put the sport on the map….These guys just add more nap than “map” time to an already hard to watch game without Tiger and headlines of sneaking around at California night clubs…and wives busting out windshields.

  33. I have seen dumb things on the blog before but the HB comments towards Jordan Spieth takes the cake. Hands down. Now I know why I usually skim over his comments, now I just need to completely ignore them.

  34. Oh, Charles…Lighten up. I’m sure you are just another “dumb” troll that floats around here changing his screen name whenever you want to take a shot….You bozos can take shots at Yogi(e.g. post #23) and it’s all good..

  35. Yogi has been great for IU basketball. Cannot deny it. The question is should he go? By now he has the research and if people are honest he knows late second round is his likely outcome. There is also a pssibility he is not drafted. I think longterm Yogi benefits more by playing one more season at IU and it has nothing to do with his draft spot. He becomes an all-time great in the state of Indiana that helps him for a lifetime.

  36. Dakich on his radio program said he didn’t think Yogi was going anywhere and due to the fact that he didn’t make a big commitment press conference when choosing IU. I guess Dakich thinks this is Yogi’s way of making up for that and announcing that he is staying. Take that for what it’s worth. Also, the Ruth Chris tie-in might be the fact that Ruth Chris just did a big fund raiser with Yogi’s dad’s foundation and that might be why he is making the announcement there.

  37. Dear Yogi-

    You may one day want to go back to the Kroger and hug your old blond lover….Old Lang Syne, Yogi. It’s all gone before the blink an eye. It’s Indiana…It’s Kroger…It’s Dan Dakich and a Fogelberg tune playing in your headset walking through the tunnel for one final year on McCracken…It’s pure. It’s eternal. It’s banners, bitches.

  38. What benefits does Yogi get if the “quality” of play isn’t any better this coming year. Judging from previous 2 years there is no guarantee that defense will improve or the “offensive stagnation” disappears. Poor game coaching will undercut any chances Yogi has for next year IF he stays. At this point , Crean is a liability.

  39. TJ – EXACTLY.

    And if only the so-called talent and draft “experts” that Scoop and ITH enjoy quoting could find some similar level of “truth that hurts” honestly in assessing the real liability on this Hoosier team. They have no problem stating Rose or Westbrook would “eat him for lunch” when cutting Yogi down to size ….Strange how they can’t seem to know just how many more chances IU would have at banners if our “liability” could even hold his X’s and O’s lunch against the newest names of the Big 10…..We don’t even need to compare “lunches” between Crean and the “elite” world of college coaching… Give Chris Collins up at Northwestern the talent Crean gets from our borders? Give Crean a Northwestern job and give Indiana a Collins(or any other coaching name currently in the Big 10) and you’ll see IU back to the norm of once again eating Northwestern for lunch….rather than treating an opening round BIG tournament game like a Final Four.

  40. I take Yogi’s Mother at her word. I’m guessing that right now, it’s 50/50. Will be pleased if he returns for his fourth year, but won’t blame him if he leaves. I remember being a senior and being extremely ready to move on with my life. As much as I loved IU and enjoyed Bloomington, I was chomping at the bit to embrace the “real world.” Silly me!

  41. Yogi has been a GREAT Hoosier player for 3 years. He has worked hard, improved every year, and will graduate in 3 years. For the last 2 years he has been the unquestioned leader and best player for IU. I wish him great good luck with whatever decision he makes. But, “stay…just a little bit longer…please…please…stay”!

  42. In this day and age of horrible wage disparity and the rich getting grotesquely richer while most Americans struggle to make ends meet…yet have the financial means to send kids to college without borrowing that puts more nails in retirement coffins…?
    I would take anything over six figures and run with it. So the NBA thing doesn’t happen in the second round for Yogi…? Whoop. It’s not like he goes to work at Men’s Warehouse….He can go overseas, see a new part of the world, and probably make bigger bucks than what mom takes in as an anesthesiologist. in five to seven years Yogi could go back to school and work at becoming a doctor. Never too late to live multiple dreams.

    Reminds me…Ever going to bring back Jordy Hulls updates from Poland?

  43. I think Yogi gains nothing as far as NBA readiness by staying another year. He is what he is, which is a very good offensive player. Yogi can really shoot the ball and he is good at taking the ball to the rim. He is not a great defensive player or a great passer. If Yogi stays it may because he thinks IU could have a very good team next year and he would like to be part of it.

  44. If Yogi stays and the defense is every bit as porous next year as it was this year( and IM not talking rim protection but cant stop anyone getting to the paint ) ; then Yogi’s status plummets more from where it rests now. If Yogi leaves then everyone will see Crean for what he is AND isn’t as a coach because he will have 5 returning players AND his Big man in center. Blackmon, Johnson, Zeisloft, Hartman, and Troy; then add Bryant. He can have Davis and the 2 freshmen coming off the bench. If IU fails at point guard its NOT like CTC should have realized that Yogi could leave because of Graduation and done more to prepare another player for PG. THERE”S the rub with the complaints about CTC…he DOESNT develop the players he recruits for the positions he will need.

  45. I think he leaves as a favor to Crean.

    -More scapegoats
    -More excuses…More scenarios that no “rational” coach could have ever foreseen or prepared
    -Probably another “defeatism” extension with a bonus/publicity clause in five years stating Crean must chase Yogi down at halftime of one of his future NBA games ….”You wrecked the program, Yogi!…You wrecked the program!

    If this young man leaves, this team will get full court pressing defenses like there’s no tomorrow….and it won’t be pretty. Most of us have no idea the amount of motor required from Yogi in Crean’s system. Most of us have no idea just how much everything the team did was dependent on that motor. He leaves and it’s a momentous hit…..and there should have been a backup plan.

  46. Celtics will get Cleveland…Stevens will get the biggest stage…Celtics are 23-12 since early February….I thought they were done…Makes one wonder just how fast a coach anything like Stevens could have propelled IU right back into “elite” status” and influenced guys like Cody, Fischer, and Vonleh to stay for realistic chances at banners. It’s not that chasing the dollars when they call is an easy thing to pass up…It just makes me rather sad at the terrible waste of talent that never got to truly play as a unit to full potential.

    Wow..Celtics vs Cavs….Hard to believe. Geoff knows far more about this stuff…But do the Celtics have any sort of chance…? Seems like one of those teams they talk of in the NCAA tournament that nobody wants to get in an early round…And speaking of Isaiah…..I talk steak on a train and Yogi decides to have a date with destiny at Ruth’s Chris….I talk Isaiah Thomas on the Celtics, and they soon get a date with the Cleveland Cavs for a stupendous opening act in the NBA playoffs… Better start listening to Harv….There is a finger on the pulse of future events….Be at one with the Harv…

  47. Yogi has always played hard and played to win basketball games for IU. Any ‘selfishness’ I’ve seen has been the result of him having no one else to do what needed to be done in order to win. I hope he stays but wish him nothing but luck should he decide that going is best for him.

  48. I think Yogi’s going to announce that he’s decided to go to grad school.

    Now, which one… find out on the 25th.

  49. It’s the air of mendacity that surrounds Yogi’s announcement which concerns me. It doesn’t seem congruent with the person I thought Yogi was. Having said that, he can make his decision wherever he wants or however he wants. That’s his choice. No problem. If he leaves, as i expect, I’ll be disappointed. But I’ll also wish him the very best in his pro career.

    As to you, Harvard for Hillbillies, how about brushing up on your golf history? Jordan Spieth is much like Bobby Jones, one of golf’s greatest golfers who contributed to this civil and honorable game. Like Jones, Jordan’s not narcissistic. He doesn’t draw attention to himself. He’s well disciplined. He’s articulate and bright. He’s a solid and decent human being. He’s worked hard to achieve what he has, especially at his age. He does his speaking with his golf clubs, not with a loud or disingenuous mouth. Plus he cares about family, and others, a rare characteristic in this age of individualism, of the selfie, of me and mine.

    It’s rare to find human beings in this age like Spieth, especially for his age. He’s truly a very mature, respectful, and competent human being. He’s a class act who puts people and family first, and golf second in his life. He’s got his priorities straight. So Spieth’s a rare individual. And you and I Harvard are now blessed to see him play on the world’s stage. Besides, he’s the golfer golf needs now, for a sport that’s in decline. His presence will make a big difference for this game, as golf now transitions itself to a new period in its history with Spieth, and a lot of other great young golfers by his side, too.

  50. Spieth just doesn’t have a coach like Stevens that can motivate him and propel him to the next level of “elite” status. Young men now a days can’t be successful without the influence of a great coach. If he had a great coach he might be playing for a NCAA championship at Stanford instead of playing with the greatest players in the world on the most storied course in America. Maybe if he found the son of a great coach that has used his father’s name to reach the heights of his profession he could have won multiple championships instead of an old green jacket. Maybe he will decide to hop a train and be seated next to some men with grey in their beards, with wisdom and knowledge of the truly great coaches. They will tell him to stay away from snake oil salesmen that may have found a faith higher than just golf. A lifeless clone with no personality is no way to go through life they say, pace around the green clapping your hands like madman while reciting the the preachings of Joyce Meyer. Poor Jordan will step off that train, head swirling, wondering when the limo arrives. The limo is late, traffic is backed up from the huge crowd surrounding Ruth Crist. He looks around and all he sees is a lone green and white cab. Exhausted, he flags it down and ask if the cabbie knows a good place to get a cup of coffee, the cabbie nods and the head off towards 3rd and Jordan.

  51. Well sometimes the dead horse hasn’t had enough and bringing up the past deeds of our head coach isn’t mentioned more than once daily. I must admit that the eloquent manner in which that same old drum is beat does amuse me at times. His thesaurus must be hard bound because a paperback version would be worn to pieces by now.
    Writing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result is a definition for a disease I don’t have or want.

  52. It would be wonderful to learn that “The Decision” at Ruth Chris was just Yogi trolling internet commenters.

    Or equally as wonderful to learn that he is making the same mistake Lebron did in announcing heartbreak to a loyal, but extremely frustrated fan base by leaving. At least in Lebron’s case, he depressed one city, but made another ecstatic.

  53. I expect Yogi to leave either NBA ,European league or grad transfer; he has lost ground playing for CTC. Crean’s inability to devise ANY kind of offensive game plan has hurt Yogi’s chances in showcasing his playmaker and passing skills; Crean HAS allowed Yogi to showcase his dribbling skill. IF the Defense doesn’t tighten up then Yogi will never get the chance ,whatever that chance may be, to forward his career. Crean is a liability to Yogi at this stage. What happens next year? TB is a 1 and done( speculative) ; TW will have finished his JR year,JBJ and RJ finished Soph years. Could be wholesale cleanout ( or Creanout) and will the old excuses to follow of a “young team” suffice when CTC has to Know this year the leaning of the aforementioned players.

  54. “I must admit that the eloquent manner in which that same old drum is beat does amuse me at times.” Hopefully, you’ll get over it! Eloquently expressed delusion is still delusion. I’m reminded of a street preacher that used to eloquently harangue students on the IU campus as they walked to and from their classes. He used different words to loudly and eloquently inform us that the end was near and encourage us to repent, but his message never changed. Two weeks into the semester, while still eloquent and passionate, it was obvious this man was harmless, but delusional.

  55. We called him “Mad Max”. He used to set up shop outside Ballentine Hall. I got a bigger kick out of the students who would try to argue and reason with him. Ahhhhhhhhh college, my dad told me to enjoy it because it would be the last time my opinion would matter.

  56. We are worse without him, no doubt. But I don’t think he and Blackmon get along, at all. Frankly, I do not know how his stock could improve over a tournament run. That’s hogwash & from his angle, very risky. His play and numbers were pretty damn good and his matador defense if perfect for the NBA. I think he’ll make an average NBA player, and last I checked, that makes one a multi-millionaire.

    I can’t wait to see how many times Troy’s antics end up in a collision with Bryant. I’ll be sure to count those deflections.

    & one more item of note…..I had plans to go to the Maui Classic again, my 4th, but have opted out so as not to support a coach and his style of play that I do not agree with.

  57. AWin….I made my observations before learning that “officially” Tyus Ullis Jones had made decision to leave Duke. He is 6′ 1″ MVP of Final Four and ranked 23 by service. Yogi has 2 more years of playing time ;BUT since CTC cant do anything offensively but put 5 players on the floor, he suffers because lack of “exposure” to quality opponents with a team that’s “quality” coached. That is why I think Yogi leaves . Next Year maybe the “Mother Hubbard Cupboard” evacuation of IU again ..well wait CTC will have April and Priller.

  58. Ballantine Hall….(B-A-L-L-A-N-T-I-N-E) Named for Elisha Ballantine

    Sure you clowns went to school at IU?

  59. The preacher outside Balantine that doesn’t want to leave and is obsessed with “improving”… we all know him. Bravó, Harvard, that was priceless.

  60. Podinker,

    Class of 97.

    Just because I can spell the dorm name of Pasquerilla West correctly doesn’t mean I went to Notre Dame you Jag. Why don’t you write some self aggrandizing book that no one will read because your prose lack any substance. Just because you write volumes on here doesn’t mean you have actually said anything important or interesting.

    You’re like Mad Max. You have plenty to say but no one really listens or cares. That’s probably why you are constantly posting on here. Because in the REAL world no one really listens to to you or cares about what you have to say. Why don’t do us all a favor and stop wasting our precious time by forcing us to scroll past your nonsense.

    And for the record if there are any grammatical or spelling errors in this post. I DON’T CARE! IT’S A BLOG AND I AM TYPiNG ON MY PHONE ON THE TOILET!

  61. Pfunk, could Mad Max have been the same guy that was doing that, in the same location, many years after I graduated? I don’t know which is more disturbing? To think that that obviously delusional man could have wasted so much of his life, or to consider that another person suffered the same fate? We can only hope that there is only one Harvard on The Scoop.

  62. I cannot imagine Yogi leaving . Being # 88 should tell him that another year even if he is stuck with CTC . He knows by now anything he does will be all him with zero coaching to count on except maybe Martin if he is allowed input . CTC will figure a way to screw next year up as once again he has a team that could be really good or very bad . Bryant is a ray of sunshine great attitude and skills. But once he finds out CTC will not play through him and his stats will fall he will be gone just ask Zeller or Vonleh they both would have stayed another year if they would have had coaching to improve. CTC was killing their game because he is unable to communicate with the players nor does he make a effort too get to know them . He continues to live the dream fake coaching, Huge salary, and still has a job ! Worst defensive team ever. Scoring 80 points a game does not work when you give up 85 ! I just hope Yogi will stay he will be our coach and that would mean we at least will compete every game .

  63. I love it when someone types “:REAL” world while sitting on the toilet…..My toilet actually speaks to me. Here is a cover of what my toilet usually has to say..

    Price- When did you graduate?

  64. Sometimes it even recites poetry….

    Plunk rhymes with drunk…rhymes with flunk…rhymes with junk…rhymes with skunk…..rhymes with punk…rhymes with a sound into a porcelain lavatory of something stunk out the trunk that could make such a splash and just as quickly vanish right after it sunk?.. Who would have thunk? I decided to name this piece of _______ disposed by chrome handle, a Hunk of Ker-Plunk Slam Dunk…AND ONE!.

  65. Son of Sham,

    It has been fun but now I am done. No more Dr. Seuss for me. Back normal life. REALLY.

  66. correction: a Kerplunk Hunk of a Pfunk Slam Dunk.

    There once was a Harvard of Ballantine
    Would ramble to the angels a valentine
    A crowd of trees and a sidewalk his church
    Birds found pointless a song from a perch
    An old broken soul that no one would listen
    His words caught in delusion to he they did glisten
    In days of sadness and those of sunshine
    In a tear of prose and a smile of rhyme
    Until all would echo in the end of time
    He was the Harvard of Ballantine.

  67. When you “graduates” can compete……let me know.

  68. It took six years but I didn’t owe a penny when I was done.

    Those were the days…when you actually could work your way through college.

  69. Pfunk, I graduated in 1980 after the best four years of my life. The older I get, the more I appreciate my time at IU. And all the alumni that I stay in touch with agree that there could not have been a better college experience anywhere! We’re not sure how any of us graduated, but we all treasure the memories from those four great years. Having said that, every time I return to IU, the campus is better and more beautiful. As for IU Athletics, I was fortunate to be taking my campus visit to IU when Bob Knight’s 1976 team went undefeated and won the National Championship. That made the decision rather easy (I’ll never forget the scenes on Kirkwood and around campus that night). And I was at Nick’s when Knight’s 1981 team won it again. In between, I got paid to be an extra during the making of Breaking away and stayed on campus to watch IU beat sixth rated BYU in the Holiday Bowl. Great times at a wonderful school.

  70. Po, my freshman and sophomore years were the two undefeated teams. We were pretty much ruined for normal expectations.

  71. I started out briefly playing baseball at Vincennes. Realized real quick I needed to focus on my education and transferred to IU. Best years of my youth. I drove with my kids cross country from Seattle to Bloomington this summer visiting National Parks and relatives along the way. My two boys were able to participate in the IU basketball camp. My older son has Down’s Syndrome and during a period where all the players were supposed to partner up he had difficulties and was left out. As I was getting up to point this out Coach Crean pulled him and partnerd with him for about 10 min. and had him help dematrate for the other campers. Say what you will he is a decent man. Elston was his player coach and he was outstanding. Great trip and great memories.

  72. Pfunk, I am not a soft , warm, feely kind of person but your experience about Elston, Coach Crean recognizing and working with your boy is worth more than any ad hoc government program or B1G banner. Whether he wins on the floor or not Coach Crean will always be a winner with your Son.

  73. An even better story from camp. In spite of my son’s condition he is an excellent athlete and ambassador for the Down’s Syndrome community. He has been playing on my mainstream little league team for 8 years now, has multiple medals from the Special Olympics, and just finished his first season on his middle school basketball team as a player. He is super competitive and hates losing.

    So, Elston was completely hilarious and fully engaged with the kids, a total clown. During the games it was set up where the player coaches positioned at the top of the key and if the kids shot after they passed the ball to them it was a 2 pointer. If they passed to another teammate and scored it was a 3 pointer. (great idea in my mind) Anyway, Elston passes it to my son and it gets away from him and and as he chases it out of bounds just slightly got a hand on it. Elston immediately starts in about how he didn’t touch it and it’s our team’s ball. He walks up to him and asks him, “Did you touch it?” Without hesitation he totally lied and said no. So, Elston springs up, “He didn’t touch it! He didn’t touch it!” I caught the whole thing on camera, hilarious.

    Then there was a big thunderstorm and the lights went out in Assembly Hall. As they were warming back up the kids were encouraged to ask the players anything they want. One little guy decides to ask Elston why he cheats all the time!

  74. Pfunk, Fabulous for your Son and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. It also supports how blessed my Bride and I are with our 3 rays of Sonshine.

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