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Replacing Tevin Coleman is going to require a running back by committee approach, Mike writes.

Former IU women’s player Taylor Agler announced plans to head to Texas Tech Tuesday morning, then her father, Brian, hired former IU coach Curt Miller as an assistant with the L.A. Sparks in the afternoon, I wrote.

Indiana baseball rallied past Kentucky on Tuesday afternoon in Lexington, we reported.

It’s two different paths to perfection when it comes to ’76 Indiana and ’15 Kentucky, Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Members of the ’76 Hoosiers are actually rooting for Kentucky to finish its unbeaten quest, Alec Brzezinski of The Sporting News writes.

Indiana quarterback Nate Sudfeld is back this spring leading the Indiana offense, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

A Q-and-A with rising sophomore receiver Simmie Cobbs, by Sam Buishuizen of the Indiana Daily Student.

IU’s Jason Spriggs is still growing into one of the Big Ten’s best offensive linemen, Brian Bennett of ESPN.com writes.

A Q-and-A with Indiana target and McDonald’s All-American Thomas Bryant, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

Let’s combine April Fool’s Day and sports to get “Foolish Games” by Jewel.


  1. When are we going to strike the iceberg Geoff was referencing a couple weeks ago….? According to Geoff, the transfer of Robinson was only the “tip.” Hoetzel is the rest of the entire iceberg…? Hoetzel….? Sure sounded like much more than a couple transfers was going down.
    Often puzzled by where Geoff is heading in such imaginative ventures….while surfing amongst the giant bergs of a J Pat rumor..

    Were The Ventures featured in “Pulp Fiction”…?
    Question: Name the four coolest commenters from all Scoop days past and present to make up the blogging equivalent of the The Ventures?
    I’ll go with SpankyBtown, Rico Chet, Seahawk Tom(drums), and the masquerading bass guitar player of Scoop that Jeremy always puts “troll” next the ever-changing screen name.

  2. Lots of verbiage was tossed about predicting the tumultuous off-season of IUBB.

    So far, all quiet on the Western Front.

    Lots of trenches between here and there on this battlefield of mediocrity.

  3. I appreciated the ESPN piece on Jason Spriggs. It’s impressive that he has played in all but one of IU’s games since his (true) freshman year. At 6’7″ and now 305 lbs., with his speed (4.82 in the 40) and strength, if he can stay healthy this season, he could be a first round draft pick in the 2016 NFL draft. Seems like yesterday that he was starting as a true freshman. And to think he was not seriously recruited by any major conference teams other than IU coming out of High School. What a find!

  4. That’s an insane 40 time for a player of his size. Jameis Winston ran a 4.97 and he’s considered a running threat.

  5. I don’t think Kevin Wilson and company get enough credit for the players they recruit. They have an eye for talent for sure. There is no arguing Wilson recruits better than Lynch. It is however getting to the point where he produces some winning seasons and gets us to a bowl. The argument could be made to let Wilson coach beyond his current contract to stop the revolving door of coaches. I think the program has suffered in general due to the foundation of a respective coach getting dug up and starting over again. It’s not like we’re competing for championships. Might not be a bad experiment.

  6. I agree Wilson is a more effective recruiter than Lynch, but what’s that really saying? Both coaches found diamonds in the rough, but neither coach recruited enough quality players (at least up to this point) to produce a winning season (I don’t attribute IU’s last winning season to Lynch. That was Hep’s team). I like Wilson and believe he’s on the right track. But he must produce a winning record this year. Otherwise, all the justification that allows him to enjoy the benefit of the doubt will begin to evaporate, and support for the program will unravel. I’ve seen it many times before at IU. There are no more excuses. All the players on this year’s roster are Wilson’s recruits. Each recruiting class has been rated higher, relative to the previous class and IU’s past classes, in general. He’s got vastly improved facilities. He’s got a veteran starting QB, and a lot of players with significant experience at the college level. His assistant coaches all have at least a year of experience in his system. Everybody should be on the same page. It’s time to produce a six-win season and go to a bowl game. Players like Spriggs give me hope that it can finally happen.

  7. Hopefully it will happen. Many journalists from last season pointed at this coming season being the year to go bowling. Hopefully the fan will pack in the stadium and support this team win or lose.

  8. Ben, I’m growing concerned about IU’s fan support for Football. Fan apathy seems to have taken over. Wilson is putting an exciting product on the field, the ticket prices are relatively low, Bloomington is a great place in the fall, but we’re seeing declining attendance at football games. Forget ticket sales, it’s butt in seats that matter. A lot of people buy tickets but don’t go to the games. And today’s IU students just don’t seem to care. A great many of them, if not the clear majority, would rather get drunk and throw beanbags at a piece of plywood than go in and watch the game. I’ve actually heard IU students proudly boast that they’ve never been inside Memorial Stadium to watch a football game! Let’s hope a winning season this year regenerates fan support for IU football.

  9. Ben, You are so right about the top notch, class act that is FB’s Coach Wilson. We still are not yet far enough in the grow-up process where all success can be gauged by the W/L column. Talent for a pleasing on-field product is present and enough talent to increase quality depth is progressing. That is why this was never about it being a 3-4 year year journey. It may not be a 4-5 year time span. It will be a long year again if NS is again lost for the season and we have no Coleman to pick up the slack on the O. It will take 2 more years to grow depth to be able to transition successfully from that type of issue. But the outlook is more positive than at anytime in the last 60 years. Mallory never had the kind of expectations that are on Wilson, his staff, recruiting, the facilities and the roster. But there are still concerns. I think the WR corp will be vastly better this year. But will they for sure? OL, DL, RB, LB and S are going to be B1G caliber in performance but how about depth at QB? I have concerns about the CB position. Are they equal to last year or are they marginal at best. ST’s, will they be kicking it up a notch? These Q’s can’t be corrected in a handful of years when you are the rut that was IU FB for the past 70 years and the apathetic fan base which is the last cultural change to take place. I’m an odds betting kind of gambler and I’d bet a ton on Wilson and even more if he is given the next contract. If NS stays upright will be a promising outlook.

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