Hoosier Morning

Not even the friendly confines of Bart Kaufman Field could shake Indiana out of its Big Ten doldrums, Mike writes.

Former IU women’s basketball player Larryn Brooks will be joining ex-teammate Taylor Agler at Texas Tech, Jon writes.

As Kentucky found out, repeating IU’s perfect past remains an elusive task, I wrote.

Brian Jones was dancing to his own beat before his appearance at a Tom Crean press conference and kept dancing until his death from ALS last week, I wrote.

A look at Hoosiers in the NBA, including Noah Vonleh finally getting his chance, by Quinn Saturday of IUsportcom.

Tom Crean landed the big man he needed in Thomas Bryant, Justin Albers of AllHoosiers.com writes.

Crean mourned the loss of Brian Jones, who went out dancing, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Crean is keeping busy with decisions yet to be made this offseason, Michael Marot of the Associated Press writes.

A song for Kentucky by Hannah Montana, aka Miley Cyrus, “Nobody’s Perfect.”


  1. JP,

    Great front page article on Brian Jones. Thank you for that. You told the story wonderfully. I know the family has appreciated you and your writing a lot since you guys met. I’m relieved for Brian, crushed for the family, but his spirit and relentless ability to see through it all and still paaaaartaay, lives on.

    Again, very touching article. Well done.

  2. I’m not a fan of Wisconsin or of Bo Ryan, but boy did they get hosed tonight by the referees. It’s a shame that the game was determined by the refs and some whopper non-calls. Give Duke credit, they seem to always know how to get the calls to go their way.

  3. He’s 74 years old. Probably not interested in traveling as much any more. But I can also imagine him getting sideways with one of the ESPN Executives. Has he ever had a boss that he did not get sideways with?

  4. Anybody care to revisit picks for the Final Four, championship game pairing, national champs……that a few of us shared a couple weeks ago?

    Gosh…There’s been such silence.. Can’t imagine why….?

  5. It was nice of Bobby to teach Duke how to play basketball….It appears to have stuck.

  6. I’ll tell you what is even a bigger deal is giving Bill “Big Fella” Raftery a chair and a mic to announce any sporting contest. Let alone the NC game. What a maroon. If were to have idiots to listen to during those games I’d just as soon listen to Packer. At his age Raftery’s drink of choice lingers way to long after he heads back to the hotel.

  7. HC, I agree. It is very difficult for me to listen to Raftery. He’s so bad he becomes a distraction to the game. The other night, while watching one of Raftery’s games, my wife blurted out, “who is the idiot calling this game? He’s terrible.”

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