Hoosiers DL Ralph Green III arrested, facing battery charge

Indiana redshirt junior defensive lineman Ralph Green III has been suspended from the team following his Sunday morning arrest on preliminary misdemeanor battery charges after slapping a 20-year-old woman in the face.

Green, a 21-year-old native of San Antonio, Texas, was charged with battery, a Class A misdemeanor offense, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

According to Bloomington Police Department Capt. Joe Qualters, Green was trying to dance with the victim at a residence in the 1300 block of North Lincoln street. She refused to dance and attempted to get away, Qualters said, causing a disturbance between the woman, her boyfriend and Green. Qualters said Green grabbed her by her waist during the disturbance and slapped her on the right side of her face.

Bloomington Police Department responded to the residence at 1:09 a.m. Sunday, when officers were approached by a male who said a man wearing a New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony jersey had attacked a female. Officers located Green, who matched that description and was yelling belligerently. Qualters said Green attempted to enter a vehicle through the passenger side and began honking the horn and yelling.

Officers told him to stop honking and quiet down because of the large disturbance he was creating. When Green stepped out of the vehicle, officers noticed he had red and watery eyes, and was swaying back and forth while speaking. Qualters said a field test revealed Green had a blood alcohol content of .201, more than twice the legal limit.

Qualters said the victim had no marks, redness or swelling when police arrived, but indicated that she wished to pursue charges.

Green was taken into custody at 1:42 a.m. Sunday. He was released from Monroe County Jail this morning at 2:37.

Indiana released a statement Monday saying it was aware of the charges.

“Indiana University Athletics and the IU football program are aware of the arrest of Indiana University student-athlete Ralph Green III. We take this situation very seriously as we do all conduct-related issues, on or off the field, among our student-athletes.

Ralph has been suspended from all football activities effective immediately, and the IU Office of the Dean of Students has been notified of the allegations consistent with Department of Athletics policy. We will continue to gather facts, monitor the legal and university processes, and take further action as the evolving situation warrants.”

Green, at 6-foot-5, 315 pounds, is expected to be a second team defensive lineman for Indiana, rotating in and out of the Hoosiers’ 3-4 front. He made three tackles in Saturday’s Cream and Crimson spring game.

Last season, Green appeared in 11 games and recorded 19 tackles, including one sack. Green was a BTN.com honorable mention selection to the All-Big Ten Freshman team, while CollegeFootballNews.com tabbed him as a Freshman All-America honorable mention after he made nine starts, played in all 12 games and posted 25 tackles.


  1. After observing Wilson’s past tolerance/intolerance this will narrow the neck of the funnel for the whole team.

  2. A big story for your paper to cover. What about all the other underage students drinking that goes on every weekend in Bloomington and other colleges through out the United States. What about all the illegal drugs being used at America’s colleges and high school level. What about the upcoming “Little 500 Weekend”?

  3. IU South what makes this situation different from other underage students drinking, druging whatever is Green is a 315 lb, 6’5″ IU football player (who, like it or not, should be held to a higher standard) who grabbed the girl and slapped her. So are you saying grabbing and slapping are normal student behavoirs at IU?

  4. Assuming these allegations are accurate, this is a very serious matter for this young man. Whether or not other athletes or non-athletes have engaged in similar behavior, is not the issue here. ALL IU students must be held to a standard that does not tolerate this conduct anywhere, anytime. Running afoul of that standard should result in dismissal.

  5. Had this happened in Tallahassee with an FSU player we would have never heard or it or, if we had, the young woman would have been forced to leave school.

    I believe that’s called being ‘Jameised’.

    What kind of 6’5″, 315lb POS slaps a woman?

    Good for Coach Wilson.

  6. I still shudder at the thought of what my Dad would have done to me if I had ever hit or otherwise physically abused a female! That was and still is totally unacceptable behavior. Hopefully, this sad story will teach this young man a painful but valuable lesson. Who knows, if handled right, it could be a lesson that saves his or some other person’s life some day.

  7. What a coward. Hope the punishment is severe and will make him think about his priorities/actions as a man in life.

  8. I think he should be thrown off the team and dismissed from the school.

    Tom Osbourne looked the other way when Lawrence Phillips dragged his girlfriend by the hair down the stairs. I never respected him after he let Phillips play in the National Championship game after that incident.

  9. Tom Osborne is one of those people that looks good from a distance but not so much under scrutiny.

    The Lawrence Phillips issue exposed the true Tom Osborne as Derrick Rose did with Calipari.

  10. The list of Calipari’s shenanigans is long and distinguished. Just like my…..(insert Top Gun quote here).

    Wow, how about that Lawrence Phillips? I beginning to think this guy is a real jerk.

  11. Yeah I lost all respect for Osborne after that episode. That was about the same time Sheron Wilkerson beat up his girlfriend. One day starting for the Hoosiers, the next day watching them play KenSUCKy on TV in Jeffersonville. That’s the way it ought to be.

  12. Guys, whatever happen to innocent until proven guilty….don’t get me wrong, if he slap the young lady he was definitely in the wrong…an i agree totally there is no reason for a man to physically abuse (grab/hold) a woman. if the young lady did not want to dance, that should have been the end of the story. the only thing i found weird or strange about the story was that a 6′ 5″ and 315 lb defense tackle slaps a young lady across the face and there is no marks, no redness and no swelling within a few hours of the incidents. Granted the young man (Green) could have used better judgement at the present time…..to get intoxicated doing Spring training/game….i think that is very poor judgement and reflects on how he about the IU football program and his teammates.

  13. IU79, I’m kind of highlighting and benchmarking the same things you are. Wait and see is kind of how (in the view of many) this racist, chauvinist bigot is approaching it. So far suspending him from all FB action is appropriate. I am not without curiosity and would like to know how much a 6’5″, 315lb. man would have to drink to reach .201? It will all come out.

  14. I have no idea what race Mr. Green is. I don’t recall seeing pictures of him, it doesn’t say in the story, and I don’t research that kind of information.

  15. While clearly agreeing that Mr. Green is innocent until proven guilty, from everything I’ve read, there does not appear to be much controversy around the facts here. I think IU did everything right in suspending him immediately. My guess is he’ll probably leave IU voluntarily. I doubt IU will need to kick him out. My hope is that Mr. Green will take stock of what he has done, make the appropriate amends and changes go on to become a better person.

  16. I think what Chet was saying, and correct me if I’m wrong here, was that the IU program is handling this situation correctly. If it were another institution like FSU this would be swept under the rug. I for one, appreciate the fact that CKW holds his players to a particular standard.

  17. i feel Indiana University (Athletic Department) has done everything correct at the moment in suspending the young man from all football activities until the truth comes out….i agree with Pfunk in that i for one appreciate the fact that Coach Wilson holds his players to a particular (good) standard…to this date Coach Wilson and the Indiana football staff have recruited quality young man…..An i feel that if necessary the appropriate discipline (be it dismissal, suspension, return to team, etc.) decision will be made…i feel Coach Wilson has rebuild the Indiana football program the correct way (quality young man, student athletic, moral standard,etc).

  18. Of course he is innocent until proven guilty, and none of us should jump to conclusions, but regardless of the outcome of the criminal investigation, it is more likely Mr. Green will be suspended for one year/season and be allowed to return to the team next year after doing all the compulsory and court mandated apologies, sensitivity training, drug and alcohol counseling, anger management classes, and community service. Or the DA could make him a deal, allow him to plea down the charges in exchange for him agreeing to transfer. One way or the other, his young life is going to be altered by this mistake. Hopefully, he’ll learn an important lesson.

  19. William,

    A 315 lb male student assaulting another female student, after allegedly denying his advances, to me is grounds for dismissal from IU. All within the parameters of due process, of course.

    I’m no white knight either. I’ve been on the other side of the rape allegations at UVA and Virginia; concerned that there wasn’t enough evidence to support the allegations. In this case, however, it is pretty clear he did it.

    I agree with many here that CKW is handling it well, so far. Suspend him now. Let it all come out. If he did it, and the evidence looks pretty solid, he should be dismissed from football and Indiana University.

    Too bad. He looked like he was going to be pretty good.

  20. We are not talking about rape here. However, if he is found guilty of drunkenness, harassment followed with battery; no good for on the field, locker room, and IU football image. I trust the law and courtroom followed with KW on this one.

  21. Thankfully we have a coach who holds his players to high standards. Some schools can’t say that.

    I agree DD that he did look promising from what I saw. Hopefully the next man up will take the role seriously.

  22. Well seems as if alcohol played a factor in this situation. Will just have to see what really happened before we pass judgment on this young man. No marks from a slap to the face really has me curious to what really happened. No body really knows what happened. I have heard quite a few story’s where racism and racial profiling plays a factor when it comes to young black men on scholarship at I.U. There was another incident that recently happened at IU where a white female student said a black male assaulted her and he was going to be arrested but thank god they found it on camera and he was not arrested because it didn’t happen like that, she was the one assaulting and abusing him. She was also intoxicated, , Definitely something to think about.

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