IU women add Juco guard Victoria Kemokai #iuwbb

Indiana added backcourt depth on Monday, picking up Texas junior college transfer Victoria Kemokai per a tweet from 3rd Coast Elite coach Trey Phillips.

The 5-foot-3 point guard was named a Women’s Basketball Coaches Association All-American, while averaging 11.4 points, 3.0 assists and 2.4 rebounds per contest this season at Tyler Junior College. Kemokai, a native of Houston, is the third guard Indiana has added this off-season.

Indiana announced the arrival of Wabash Valley transfer Tyshee Towner on April 15 after taking Marquette transfer Tia Elbert a day prior. Kemokai and Towner will be immediately available, while Elbert will sit out next season per NCAA transfer rules.

The Hoosiers have three scholarships open for the 2015-16 season.


  1. Yogi Farrell is undersized too, but he gets the job done. Let’s see what happens on the court before we rendered a verdict on this player and the coach’s decision on this player. The team needed an additional point guard period.

  2. Obviously, I expected more the “Five-foot three” reaction.

    I won’t pretend to say I’ve watched her play or watched her film. She has to have some heart to make First Team All American.

    So, two JUCO first team All Americans….has potential…

  3. So can moren give an official statement saying that she basically was making excuses all year about size? And too many guards? She said it so many times…

    And it may be a little early to compare a 5’3 juco pg to yogi ferrell

  4. Hoosierfan…

    Don’t forget, we needed a point guard after Brooks transferred….and Elbert will not be available until the following season…

    In a perfect world, we could add at least five inches to her….

  5. Every interview from Moren included the phrase “not enough size”! Now you go out and get a 5’3″ guard who will not be able to match up with anyone in the Big 10. Moren in over her head! I can’t believe I read stuff on hear saying Brooks was not a good player or won’t be missed?? Are you all crazy?? This kid was all Big Ten second team as a freshman, contributed to a school record 21 wins and a national ranking early in the year!! She also had an offer from Kentucky and Matthew Mitchell before deciding to go to Texas Tech. Last time I checked Kentucky is a Top 10-15 program and they thought she was good enough!! I am just an outsider who coached one of these kids, but the comments I read on here are ridiculous. I wish the girls at IU the best, the have been put in a terrible situation by the athletics department. It’s obvious the AD did not do his due diligence for either hire. Big time recruiting will not happen at a school having 6-8 kids turning over every year. I’m no genius, but something tells me when your two best players leave (Brooks and Stratman) your program is in serious trouble. Heck, Stratman is going back to her former school she just left, what does that tell you? JUCO’s may get it done at Indiana State, wont happen here!! Get ready for a long 2-3 years until a coaching change is made.

  6. We lost two guards who played to varying degrees and replaced them with two guards. Whether the new guards can play as well as the two who left is yet to be seen. It can’t be denied we needed help at the point following Larryn transferring.

    I do know size is not the determining factor in being a good guard. Isaiah Thomas is 5-9 and in the NBA. Allen Iverson wasn’t big.

    We have two posts coming in as freshman. One is 6-2 and the other 6-5. Again, I am not sure how they’ll do but we have our post players back-bigger need was at the guard spots for next year.

    Bob Knight won an NCAA tourney adding Keith Smart and Dean Garrett from JUCO. So saying JUCOs can’t win at Indiana isn’t totally accurate.

    No idea how this will turn out but most of the arguments on here are not factually sound.

  7. Yogi Being undersized at 6′ in the men’s game is not the same as being 5’3″ in the women’s game. I really don’t see how this 5’3″ point guard will improve us! One of our biggest problems this year which I mentioned earlier when Towner was signed was that I was happy to see a bigger guard signed and how much it would help us, we were really hurt this year defensively by having 2 guards that were small (Buss 5’7″ and Brooks at 5’5″), now we go and sign a 5’3″ guard, great!! Yes, we may need another point guard but, a guard this size can’t guard Mitchell or Alston of Ohio St.! Big guards killed us all year long.
    NYHoosier, When you are speaking of Isaiah Thomas and Iverson, you are talking about players in the top 50 of NBA history, they are most certainly the exception to the rule, that is not a legitimate comparison. Steve, Towner is advertised as being a versatile guard who can play point or the 2. So, we do have a point guard who loves to play defense and when she is out of the game, Buss can play the point. Sorry, just can’t justify a 5′ 3″ point guard considering our needs defensively at that position? In a more sensible world we would be recruiting bigger guards.

  8. NY Hoosier: I’m not talking about two guards, I’m talking about your starting point guard for two years. Played most minutes on the team, led team in scoring and assists, scored most points by a two year player in IU history, second team all big 10 voted by media and coaches in the league, a kid that was possibly on her way to becoming the best player in IU history! The other is Stratman who was only the Big East Defensive POY. How can those not be actual facts?? If the JUCO’s were worth there salt, top 25 programs would be trying to pick them up. These are all facts. Love IU just like you I am sure, but you have got to see that something is wrong? I guess it just bothers me that we had a really good thing started a couple of years back and now we are reduced to this situation.

  9. Towner sounds ok. I am not sure how good the junior college women bb is. Probably not good. The only thing latest recruit brings to the table is a place on the bench and designated to play in certain situations for a few minutes when called upon. This is ok, however rest of recruits need to have good size at whatever position.

  10. MikeC,

    Isaiah Thomas and Isiah Thomas are two different people. Isiah Thomas was 6’1″, attended IU, and led the Hoosiers to a national championship.

    No one will ever mistake Isaiah Thomas for a top 50 all time NBA player. Maybe in a given season. I don’t know that he’s ever won anything.

  11. I was just doing a little searching and max preps listed Kemokai as a high school senior as 5’2″ and also on the 10 member All America team they also list her as 5’2″ and thats not surprising as most players tend to tend to stretch their true listed size for recruiting purposes, just sayin.

  12. Isiah(Hoosier/Piston) never cheated like that Isaiah twerp that now plays for Stevens and the Celtics….Did anyone catch him in the frantic comeback attempt a few nights ago in game 4…? Did you see the replay of him swatting at the ball from an out-of-bounds position behind LeBron when LeBron was attempting to inbound the ball? Refs couldn’t review the dirty playground antics…He was grabbing at guys shirts all over the place and doing all sorts of classless garbage that was a complete embarrassment to an organization like the Celtics and a coach like Stevens. Where were the refs? Does the parquet do something to the retina..?

    Isiah carried guns and cash in suitcases in his car…but he kept it legal on the court. I respect that more than Todd Leary as my mortgage adviser…

  13. I wonder if Stevens is getting sick of kissing up to NBA prima donnas that will never play anything resembling a disciplined team approach to the game..? What power does an NBA coach truly have…? They can’t bench these guys for not listening or scrapping a coach’s designs any play/game plan…The fans would be outraged to see their stars sit ..The Dallas coach walked a very fine line with Rondo….Carlisle only got support because Rondo never a “Hondo” is near washed-up status(thus the interest from the Lakers), Then again, I can’t stand Cuban meddler…I’d probably give that organization the middle victory sign as well….

  14. I don’t think it is “factually sound” to compare many coaches to Bobby Knight, in the men’s or women’s game.

  15. Overtime, are you insinuating that brooks wasn’t offered by UK? Seems like a no brainier, but you didn’t visit the campuses and meet the coaching staff? Seemed like a no brainer that Muensterman would go to Butler, but she chose Belmont. Or how about why Stratman is going right back to the place she just left? We all have some questions!

  16. Chet, sorry, I was referring to the “real” Thomas, my mistake. Harvard, for God sakes man, let us women’s fans discuss our womens team. Just because somebody got on here comparing a women’s player to a couple of men’s players, you go off about the guys. Give us a break, please, isn’t there enough men’s talk on this website? Overtime, very good question about Brooks, why wouldn’t a very good player not go to a top 10 program if offered? Very odd indeed?

  17. So I guess I’ll ask…what’s with the little cult here that hates Coach Moren? There is often turnover after coaching changes. 5’3″ is small, but it’s not that unusual in the women’s game. I stopped reading”coach”‘s rant after he said he coached a former player.

  18. Common sense says in Spring Recruiting, you get the JUCO players/players that fell through the cracks.

    Jimmy, I’m guessing that there are a few reasons for the negative reaction.

    1) She graduated from that team up north.

    2) While it looked like Coach Miller had the team on brink of something, it came back down with Moren (we’ll never know if he would’ve gotten more wins with the lack of height.)

    and when five players leave, the red flags will go up.

    But, that’s for another time…

  19. MikeC-

    Sorry I stepped on your lady hoops toes ….I really have no interest..I’m sure it’s as pure a game left since ball first found peach basket, but I just can’t get into women’s basketball.

    I’ve made many references to those that get the spelling or our great former point guard from the ’80s wrong. I saw Chet’s post in the sidebar and i was just trying to agitate an old Basketblog sparring partner that was a big Washington Husky fan(where Isaiah Thomas of the Celtics played college hoops)…I think Tsao muffed up the spelling of the Isiah from Indiana a few times as well…Tsao has been absent from Scoop for a very long time…I realize that a lot of participants on Scoop thought Tsao was a bit of braggadocios old fart that liked nitpicking on journalists and other Establishment defeatists, but I liked him….I loved his tales and admired his eloquence and passion for writing.. I was hoping that Tsao might finally give in and take the bait attached to my Isiah pranks… Sorry my intentions were so contorted that they disregarded your lady hoops pride…. And for what it’s worth, I’d gladly swap coaches so all could see what little Crean knows of the game when it’s built around team principles and defensive discipline rather than the simple salivations of skills that can be used in the NBA.

  20. I didn’t compare Bob Knight to Coach Moren. I didn’t even mention Coach Moren. My point was refuting that JUCO players can’t make it at IU-which was clearly not the case with Jadlow, Garrett, Smart, etc.

    My other point was debating the need to recruit guards-not that the Larryn wasn’t good nor the new guards are better than her. Just that we needed guards, which someone earlier said we didn’t.

    I’m guessing most of the people on here have some connection to the players that left. I understand your frustration and will refrain from posting on here.

  21. I searched and couldn’t find anything about Stratman transferring back to Butler. Only from Butler to IU last year. How many transfers does a player get? The NCAA should just change the rule that makes them sit out for a year. At least for a one time transfer.
    Everyone transfers now a days anyway so what’s the point? It would allow a quicker reset and shuffling of the deck and really every team would be on an equal playing field for continuity.

  22. Andy Graham forwarded a well evaluated opinion in answering the 1st question of last Fridays chat concerning the past several months movement in the IUWBB program. Take a look, it’s a good read and damned enlightening.

  23. Good insight Hoosier Clarion
    Andy wrote:
    “Circus, maybe, who was the ringleader for the circus? I’m hardly an expert on the women’s program, but I sense this team perhaps had a clique or two. I find it intriguing that Brooks and Agler both ended up at Texas Tech. And that Agler’s dad, Brian, reportedly angled for the IU job and didn’t get it (and if so, just guessing here, perhaps due to some NCAA transgressions while at Kansas State in the mid-1990s). And that Agler’s dad just hired Curt Miller with the LA Sparks. All of that at least implies, to me at least, that Coach Moren probably had some issues to confront upon her upon arrival in Bloomington, both overt and covert. Could she and her staff have handled situations better? Maybe. I’m just looking in from the periphery. But I also don’t know that I’d lay all of the off-season “circus” at her feet.
    I imagine Stratman, who ended up never playing a second for Indiana, will head back to Butler. Muensterman, who seems like a great kid, wasn’t going to be a great fit, given the style Coach Moren wants to play, and Belmont seems a good avenue for her.
    As for expectations next season, well, the roster almost certainly isn’t set as yet. But there will obviously be some growing pains as Coach Moren rebuilds the program and reshapes it in the image she prefers. The hurdle got a little higher with the transfers, to be sure, but in the long run the program might be better off with players who are happy in Bloomington and anxious to play for Coach Moren.”

  24. Anyone who finds it a mystery as to why a player did not go to UK is only looking at the basketball side of the equation.

    The campus isn’t much. It looks like a large community college. In Kentucky.

    The education is even less impressive. Name 3 UK grads that have found big pond success success that can be traced back to their collegiate education.

    My oldest was offered a full ride in engineering to UK. We visited the campus and toured the engineering facilities. He went to Virginia Tech.

  25. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about the IU women’s basketball situation. Let’s take a look at the cold hard facts. Curt Miller 1st year record 11-19 (2-14 Big Ten) Coach Moren 1st year record 15-16 (4-10 Big Ten) Fact: With the addition of Maryland and Rutgers the Big Ten schedule was much tougher than during Miller time.
    The outgoing transfers. Fact: Brooks and Agler had the lowest field goal percentage on the team in Big Ten play last season. Brooks .332 and Agler .209 (that is not a misprint) Brooks led the team in turnovers. Stratman never played. Not a factor.
    Fact: The incoming freshman class will add size and depth to the front court.
    Opinion: The program is in a much better position than a lot of you ‘Johnny Rain Cloud’ types think.

  26. after some internet searching i discovered that curt miller (allegedly) sexually assaulted a male basketball staff member which led to his quick and stealthy exit. i know we have a couple insiders here, anyone care to verify or elaborate?

  27. Again lets look at the facts Filthy Harriet. Fact: Miller inherited numerous experienced front court players : Aulani Sinclair, 6-1 SR (one of the all time leading scorers in school history), Sasha Chaplin, 6-4 JR , Simone Deloach, 6-3 JR, Linda Rubene, 6-3 SR , ( current European professional) , Milika Taufa, 6-0 JR. In the back court he had Jasmine McGhee, 5-11 SR, Andrea Newbauer 5-9 JR , and Nicole Bell SO.
    Fact: Coach Moren inherited 2 front court players, Jen Anderson 6-3 SO, with limited playing experience, along with Amanda Cahlill 6-2 FR with zero experience.
    Fact: Coach Miller inherited a
    more experienced and bigger team by far.
    Fact : Coach Moren inherited an extremely inexperienced, much smaller team.
    You all can draw your own conclusions based on the facts.

  28. Fact: Miller inherited a team that went 11-19 his first year.
    Fact: Moren inherited a team that went 15-16 her first year.
    Fact: Moren inherited a better team than Miller did.
    You are the one looking at records and stats. The records bear that fact out.

  29. I think it could be said that Miller inherited a more experienced team, while Moren inherited a “better” team.
    Better in that I think she received players who were well coached under Miller, who was excellent at bringing out a player’s potential (just look at what he did with Simone in just two years)

  30. After a long hiatus, is it a coincidence coachv shows up next to a name like “Filthy Harriet?”

    I tried many months ago to get some explanation regarding Miller’s departure…I believe there was no response from any of these passionate women’s fans or any our trusty HT journalists…..I recall commenting about the highly entertaining a Hoosier Morning YouTube clip courtesy Jeremy showing Miller and his team dancing to the Pharrell’s “Happy” song…Next thing I know, Coach Miller’s happy song turns to happily gone…disappeared…hasta la vista….sayōnara..

    Always wondered why the baseball coach left a great gig so quickly as well…..Newly renovated stadium…recruiting momentum after taking a team to the college world series.. an abundance of support from Fred Glass….a great town I thought the baseball coach was going to stay for twenty years. Weird how people exit B-town with little goodbye interviews from journalists to give us a handle on the feelings and motivations. Never any follow-up stories…Everything is always just hunky-dory. …A guy that loved IU as much as Cheaney and then gone?…nothing. The assistant that went to Louisville(Kenny Rogers…?)…Poof…nothing…Doug Mallory..Hired by great Hoosier name..Left in shame…nothing….Curt Miller..I’m happy..I’m Houdini…I just disappeared…nothing.. Tracy Smith…There’s a long drive deep…deep…It might be out of here…? He is out of here! He’s gone! …and I didn’t even see him cross home plate…Nothing. Seems like many the good coaches exit quietly with nothing of pin drop and the mediocre stay loudly…and obnoxiously …and “entrenched.” and suck our programs dry of cash.
    I guess it’s much like corporation hierarchies: The deader the weight, the more secure.

    But it’s all sorta warped…Knight eventually became dead weight…But didn’t he somewhat earn that right to be entrenched? Now we get mediocre coaches and give them contract entrenchments and the “winners” hop away like happy bunnies. There is a system in place at IU Athletics right now….I’m not sure what that system is, but it reminds me of an Atlanta public school system married to Walmart corporation. A lot of good people making nothing and a lot of “entrenched” running the show via collusion and thick arrangements.

  31. I think this appeared in a Hoosier Morning….I’m saving it for Crean.

    Did I mention that there was no exit interview with Max Hoetzel? Stan Robinson? Remy? Etherington(the happy Hoosier that was instrumental in bringing happy Cody)…I’m happy to leave IU and that’s all you need to know….Clap along.

  32. Did I mention Dustin….? Poof…Gone. Happy. His assistant, Tsao….Poof. Gone. Happy? Dead? Who knows…? Vanished. Poof. Leftover Dust of Dopirak Scoop comet, I guess. Entrenched Scoop “moderator?” Here forever. “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”….and build us an Inside the Hall log in wall.. Adreian Payne’s grandmother?

  33. Those last three were for you, MikeC…Now you can kiss my Filthy Harriet goodbye..

  34. I read this(comment #13):

    “Peegs chat rumor is that Miller sexually harassed a male assistant coach.”

    Was it alleged harassment or alleged assault? And coachv should name his source for his internet find…

  35. harv,

    google works like this: type “curt miller basketball coach sexual assault” in the box and hit the enter button on your keyboard. that’s pretty much all there is to it

  36. I’m still using dial up a gaggle of googles….I’ll get back to you as soon as my current search page loads…I’m still waiting on the other half Hannah Davis riding on on a white horse..Image almost up to horse’s kneecaps. Still trying to figure out how to get this image stopped so I can reload from top of page first…

    You really shouldn’t spread rumors…unless they’re sung by Stevie Nicks.

  37. If the coachv rumor is true than good riddance Coach Miller. Hopefully coachv has his sources readily available if HT reaches out to the good coach. 🙂

  38. Just now realizing what a wasteland TV is w/o college basketball.
    Can actually feel the IQ dropping.

  39. [then] good riddance.

    than is for comparison….It’s cloudier than yesterday.
    then is for a + b or a sequence of events ,,,,The clouds dissipated, and then the sun popped out.

  40. Thanks spelling police! (Harvard) That’s big coming from a man who regularly takes a beating on these boards and has no clue how to use Google. 🙂

  41. I do like those cute smiley faces…Google than vs. then….And you didn’t misspell “than”…You simply used it in place of the correct word.

    And why should I Google anything…? I’m not spreading the rumor and I thus don’t need to substantiate anything.. If you make such a strong accusation(and it took Jeremy to insert the word “alleged” which was not present in coachv’s original statement), then it’s a bit more responsible practice to provide the highly legit source feeding the rumor you choose to extend..I understand we don’t expect journalistic standards and integrity in these boxes, but I don’t recall anyone from HT offices so confident to put in print even an “alleged” claim of a sexual assualt committed by Curt Miller….Maybe I missed the story and Jeremy can provide a link…You know, like the hundreds that have been provided in Scoop Morning editions that have already been Mr. McGooglecuddied and ready for exacting avenues to the exact story..and the exact source?

    If you like Mr. Google, maybe you should check out his new wife…Mrs. Link Mia Paige.. She has a hot place called “history” she keeps all her latest outfits and she’s easy as the click a mouse when offering up her URL’s to strangers.

  42. Should have known it was the “troll.” But I like the troll.. The troll often takes my side and does Podunker drive-bys. Hope you know that I’m just kidding around, Troll …Troll…Troll..your boat…gently down a Google internet stream…Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a link to Ben Vereen…I bet troll like Muppets.

  43. But is there one “troll”…or many a “troll” that Jeremy loosely identifies as some sort of imposter..? And does Jeremy know the true identity these trolls he tattoos with parentheses …? Is it a monkey barrel amount of trolls? The trolls do seem to like meteorology..and references to weather patterns. We’re in the clouds…and they’re into clouds, I guess..

  44. lord of chicken george,

    ben vereen? damn, you’re old.

    as there is no hot chick on the planet named harriet, i don’t want to see her getting filthy next to anyone, especially me

  45. Well I just cant wait to see who the coaching staff selects with the remaining 3 selections. Who knows maybe TM will find 3 more 4′ 9″ All Americans.

  46. Jesus, I am old. “I know. I’m Jesus.”

    I’m so old, when I went to ancestry.com, it only came up Zinjanthropus. Now I know where the cheek bones come from.

    I have containers in my garage moved by Mayflower……and what a beautiful ship it was.

    Last year I went on a wonderful trip to explore cave paintings…I found my birth certificate. I weighed six boulders, three pebbles.

    My kids tried to get me to see the animated film, “Ice Age”…. I thought I spoiled it by telling them the ending.

    Wireless? When I was young, the radius to talk on a phone was only as far as the cord could stretch.

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