IUWBB: Brooks joining Agler at Texas Tech

Taylor Agler and Larryn Brooks might be leaving the Indiana women’s basketball team, but they won’t be leaving each other.

It was announced Sunday via Twitter that Brooks intends to transfer to Texas Tech, joining up with Agler, who announced five days earlier that she would continue her playing career in Lubbock, Texas.

The week after IU’s season ended, Brooks, Agler and freshman Maura Muensterman announced their intent to transfer. Last week it was former Butler forward Liz Stratman who announced she would not suit up as a Hoosier, opting to find another place to play her senior year after sitting out 2014-15 as a transfer year.

Brooks and Agler, who were recruited to IU by Curt Miller, will be reunited with one of Miller’s former assistants at IU, current Texas Tech assistant Brandi Poole. The sophomore from Richmond, Ky., was the Hoosiers’ leading scorer each of the last two seasons and scored a combined 912 points, more points through two seasons at IU than any other player in program history.

Her freshman year, Brooks averaged 16.3 points per game and was named to the Big Ten’s All-Freshman team. In 2014-15, her scoring average dropped to 11.9 points per outing.

When it was announced she would transfer, Brooks’ high school coach, Madison Central’s Robert Cooksey, cited the coaching change at IU, from Miller to first-year head coach Teri Moren, as a factor in the point guard’s decision.

Brooks had also visited the University of Kentucky, but faced with the choice of a nationally ranked program 30 minutes from home, or a place with familiar faces, Brooks chose the latter. Shortly after Brooks’ announcement, Poole went to Twitter and wrote:

“As if my day couldnt (sic) get any better after spending the afternoon on a yacht…it did!!! So excited about the future of Lady Raider bball!”

In their second year under head coach Candace Whitaker, the Lady Raiders were 15-16 in 2014-15. That is an improvement from Texas Tech’s 6-24 finish the season prior.


  1. Blaming Moren is unfair….These were players who expected to play for Miller and it was a new system, different coach, ect.

    We’ll never know how different it would have been under Miller with the “mighty mights” team….the frontcourt and lack of athtletes were going to hurt…

  2. Your right that is unfair. The style of play and loyalty wasn’t there. Just disappointing because it seems as if a good foundation had been laid.

  3. It looks like Ms Poole has been a “mole” in the IU program. That should be the end of the transfers. Now Coach Moren needs some good news on the recruiting front. GO IU!

  4. When Moren got the job she said in her press conference “we are not going to change anything just tweak a few things as this group is already very successful with their style of play”. Well, stuff happens and things change apparently and not always for the better?

  5. As a parent of a player recruited by both staffs, the players Miller brought it were not the type of players they ultimately wanted for the program but had to make progress. They knew there was a need for athletes who could score. The new staff has a different emphasis in philosophy but like with Miller, it takes time to build and get the players who fit your program. Just in a wait and see mode.

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