IUWBB: Hoosiers add Tyshee Towner

If there was ever a player that matched the direction of Teri Moren’s program, Wabash Valley head coach Zach Loll couldn’t think of anyone better than Tyshee Towner.

Will she defend?

“There aren’t a lot of players that say they want to thrive on being a great defender,” Loll said. “And she really does. She looks forward to that challenge.”


For that, it was hard for Loll to even contain his comparison to the basketball court. He harkened back to a Hall of Fame running back instead.

“Her lateral quickness, my mind immediately thinks of Barry Sanders, because of her ability to change directions so quickly.”

In Moren’s second add of the offseason, announced Wednesday, she acquired a player that couldn’t check any more of her boxes. The junior college All-American not only averaged 17.1 points and 5.7 rebounds per game, but she fancies herself a defender first.

In fact, there might have been no greater draw than the competition in the Big Ten, and the offensive players Towner could match up against.

“Going up against Kelsey Mitchell from Ohio State and Lexie Brown from Maryland, that’s a challenge for Tyshee,” Loll said. “She liked Coach Moren’s personality, what she was about. And Tyshee wants to be part of something, and something that’s bigger than herself.”

Towner is the second guard IU has added this week. Tia Elbert’s transfer from Marquette was officially announced Tuesday. A member of the Big East’s All-Freshman team in 2014-15, Elbert will have to sit out the 2015-16 season, but Towner, a 5-foot-9 sophomore from Aurora, Ill., will be immediately eligible because of her junior college status.

Along with incoming freshmen Kym Royster and Danielle Williams, Elbert and Towner add to a roster that had lost four players to transfer. Loll said he had been in contact with IU about Towner during the season, but once the Hoosiers’ roster began to turn over, including the departure of leading scorer Larryn Brooks, IU’s pursuit of Towner intensified.

Towner visited Bloomington this past weekend. She also had interest from Illinois and several mid-major programs, including Illinois State and Appalachian State, according to Loll.

“Tyshee is an excellent addition to our program,” Moren said in a statement. “She is a strong guard who has the ability to defend multiple positions. Tyshee also is an explosive athlete who can get to the rim and finish. We are excited to be able to add an All-American to our roster who is going to help us raise our program.”

While Towner played point guard for Wabash Valley this past season, filling in once the Lady Warriors’ original starter went down with an injury, Loll sees Towner more as a two or a three. On the offensive end, Towner exemplifies another quality that is to Moren’s liking.

She attacks the basket.

In the Lady Warriors’ Round-of-16 loss at the national junior college tournament, Towner struggled from the field, hitting only 2-of-12 shots versus New Mexico Junior College. But she converted 18-of-20 attempts from the free throw line on her way to being named to the all-tournament team. For the season, Towner was a 79.9 percent free throw shooter.

The hope is, with proper training, and better strength and conditioning resources, Towner could better harness her athletic potential.

“I don’t think anybody knows how good Tyshee can be,” Loll said, adding that Towner is the best player he has coached in his 14-year career. “I don’t think Tyshee realizes how good she can be because of the physical gifts she has and her ability.

“Her best basketball is ahead of her.”


  1. Very good news, an athletic guard who relishes defense and will be able to step in next year. Adding athleticism to a team that is void of great athletes is a terrific step in the right direction! Not only that, good size for a guard, something we lack. Most of our 5’10” to 5’11” girls are actually wings. This is encouraging! Go Hoosiers!

  2. I’ve seen Towner listed anywhere from 5′ 7″ -5’10 ” anyone know how tall she is? Her JUCO coach also said she’s more of a 2 or 3 not a 1! If she runs poiny and Buss is 2 where does Jess fit in?

  3. Interesting question…who plays where….

    I’m guessing the staff uses one more scholarship for the point guard….carries the other two to next year…obviously, I have no insights, but that’s what makes recruiting so much fun….

  4. Hoosier Fanatic, Jess played the wing all year long and was very effective! I can see no way that Towner can’t improve this team. She will be replacing Brooks who was a 5’5″ point guard. Her and Buss at 5’7″ were a problem for us defensively in the back court. With Towner, who most say is 5’9″ and has a propensity for defense, the back court should be improved. We had a problem this past season stopping big guards all year long, this signing should make a huge defensive improvement out front! If she is as quick as is said, this should also help stop guard penetration which was also a huge problem for us. Now, we still need another “big” to go along with Royster who will be very good!

  5. If they say she’s 5’9″ she’s probably 5’8″. we need another post. That way we will be 2 deep at every position. When Elbert comes in the following year it will be a little crowded at guard. they say she is better than Buss.

  6. This sounds like the end of our remaining guards playing time. Still recruiting guards while claiming we need 4&5

  7. hoosierfan, of course it is. Coach has to get rid of the slow, short, un-athletic, non-defensive guards in order for IU to compete. Miller must have been a crappy recruiter.

  8. A lot of good things are being said of towner in spite of the size quotes that are variant, good defender, outstanding leaping ability and this “The Lady Warriors are led in scoring by 5’10 sophomore guard Tyshee Towner with 16.9 points per game while 6’3 sophomore forward Desiree Rhodes leads the team in rebounding 7.9 boards per outing.” She also received “POY’ award in the wabash valley. I would like to think she is more toward the latter sizes than smaller after watching the vids. Also concerning buss I would look for her to be stronger and better able to hit the 3pt shot when needed. There should be good competition for playing time and the best players will play. Next lets get some athletes at Post.

  9. Filthy Harriet. Miller was a good recruiter and a better coach. With Stratman and Allen coming in we would have been fine. now we go in another direction. I worry about chemistry which this coaching staff seems oblivious to at times.

  10. Chemistry issues on most teams normally have nothing to do with the coach, it is usually because players don’t get along because of either jealousy or playing time. Coaches can’t force players to like or respect each other. When freshmen come into a program and take older players starting spots or playing time in general, the older players can react in one of two ways, either accept their new role on the team and work harder to try to get more playing time back or become a teammate that is hard to get along with thus causing chemistry problems. Having had 4 sons who played varsity high school sports, I have seen this in action. At the college level where egos are even larger than high school, it is crucial for players to accept their new roles each new year and become “good” teammates! Not saying that is what happened here but, Jeremy mentioned last week of the supposed chemistry issues amount the team, makes you wonder? Again, blaming the coaches for the team not getting along is a bit of a stretch?

    1. MikeC,
      You may not want to blame the coaching staff, but in this instance they definitely were culpable in creating some of the chemistry issues. Now the situation they walked into was not of their making and the contrast in style of play was a hiring issue, but I honestly believe things could’ve been handled better. That’s not to say they can’t eventually win their way or they aren’t good coaches or even that they aren’t good people — and as I’ve said before, the win-loss record may not have been much different no matter who the coach was.

  11. I wonder why Inside the Hall doesn’t add stories on IU Women’s Basketball…? Don’t they also play inside the “Hall?”

  12. have to disagree with Mike C on this one. The type of kids you recruit has a lot to do with team chemistry. Also how the coaches handle situations affect the team chemistry. I had 5 kids who played sports and I’ve seen it in action and coached it. Social media can also be a problem if not handled correctly. Go on Twitter Mike C and follow some of these girls, if you can’t figure out who’s a team player and who has ego problems you’re not as smart as I think you are.

  13. IU women basketball was not good before Curt Miller, improved temporarily under Miller, but still not that good. See what level play will be raised both, physically and talent level to compete at top of big ten.

  14. t, again, are you delusional? If I am correct, the 2013-2014 team tied IU record for number of wins in a season. You may not consider that good, but it is the best in IU history. It appears that CTM is recruiting some athletes, but she is just replacing the guards that she got rid of. And she claimed that she had too many guards. Where are the bigs she needs? You still can’t teach height.

  15. Johng I was thinking the same thing. She pushed these other girls out and replaced them with more guards. Makes no sense. She didn’t utilize the talent she had. Where are the post players she so desperately needs? Miller had this team on the right track with the players he needed to run his strong offense. Too bad ctm didn’t follow through on her statement about not making a bunch of changes.

  16. Nathan, you do realize all of the kids on this past year’s team were recruited by Miller, right? So that means that he is parcially responsable for the lack of chemistry? Johng, although a year ago Miller’s team won over 20 games, they were only 5-11 in conference play.
    Where we go from here depends only on the recruiting that is currently being done. Another athlete or two, hopefully at least one with size will help very much.

  17. Yes, Johng, you can’t teach height…however, let’s not forget like the men’s game, The decent post players were signed in November…Unless you get a high rated recruit (Like Bryant in MBB) slipped through the cracks to spring, you may get a “tree”…non-athletic…and the first ones fans will say, “What was she thinking recruiting her???”
    I looked at the JUCO all-America list and it’s tallest player was 6’2 or 6’3….and she may be a VERY popular player for the coaches right now…

  18. Johng, that’s right you hit the nail on the head. IU women basketball history is just not that good. IU women basketball is going through some growing pains in a serious attempt to make it significantly better; at a much higher level.

  19. 69-57 isn’t anything to write home about. So i guess she plans on doing better than that …with a higher level of competition than she has ever had to deal with as a head coach. I guess i admire your confidence (esp your gfs confidence) but lets wait til you actually do something to talk down about a more successful program. You aren’t mid major anymore time to buckle down.

  20. With all due respect Jeremy, “chemistry” doesn’t mean cra*! You need at least 2 great players to have a chance of being a top team. You don’t have to “love”, “respect”, or “care” for your teammates. You DO have to pass to the open player, hustle all game long, provide weak-side help defense, etc. and play team basketball. If you don’t you sit and rot on the bench and are shunned! Michael and Scottie did it and how could you have “chemistry” with crazy Rodman as your 3rd best player? Shaq and Kobe did it and each was an “unlovable” ego-maniac. However, their teammates enjoyed the Rings! The difference between Izzo and Crean is that one uses the whip well, the other doesn’t own a whip!

  21. beat purdue, , while I agree if we can recruit two studs things will be easier, ( we currently have none). Saying chemistry is unimportant and comparing 18 and 19 year old girls to NBA players is stupid. If girls on the team don’t like each other you will never come close to maximizing your potential. If they don’t like or respect the coaching staff it’s almost as bad. Chemistry is important with boys but 10 times more important with girls.

  22. Seems there was a whole lot more going on on the inside besides change of coach and playing style. Did Brooks leave because she couldnt be A#1 if so she has a rough road ahead. Why did Stratman leave after not playing a minute for IU , did she see enough she didnt like just sitting on the bench and in practice and locker room something seems very wrong here. Considering the IUWBB tradition or lack of it how hard will it be to get a quality post to actually come here and help bring this program out of the ashes and Im not just talking post Im referring to size at least 6′ 4 and athletic. Since we can do nothing we will bide our time and hope the coaching staff is better than first glance. Time will tell.

  23. beat Purdue, are you kidding? Chemistry is not important on a womens team? The girls are together all the time. Have you ever spent time with a woman who really didn’t like you? Mike c. The chemistry problems this year were mainly between coaching staff and players and the problems between the players the current staff never knew about because they have no relationship with the girls. Other than the fresh folk 3

  24. Towner has some nice credits to her resume

    17.1 PTS 5.7REB 3.2 STG 79.9% FT

  25. Steve W. Good question. Don’t know why the walk on quit and Allen decommitted shortly after Moren took over. don’t know why K hulls quit around Christmas. don’t know why Taylor was a shell of herself this year. don’t understand why the best shooter on the team was never given a chance. Brooks and Stratman? don’t understand pedago hulls Stratmann Alan muensterman agler and Brooks? What I do understand is a pattern five of these seven are Indiana born and raised. how many of our new recruits are from Indiana? Zero!! We need to recruit our own state. Curt got it!

  26. K Hulls though a good person, talent wise no loss. Taylor not good enough. Brooks definitely not good enough to be winner in big ten. Wish Allen would have signed with IU. Wish Stratman would have stayed. Pedagogy not good enough. Muenster man not good enough. Alger not good enough. I do want Indiana kids who are good enough. Stratman and Allen are the 2 losses for IU women. I wish the others who are no longer a part of the program, well.

  27. t, so nice of you to say Hulls was a good person but not good enough. She was * hurt*. Her contribution would have been her great leadership, something non-existent under this staff. Brooks, our best player before moron came along not good enough? Agler definitely struggled under Moron after showing promise the year before. Muensterman not good enough? According to multiple sources she shot extremely well practice after practice against all the starters. We have no idea what she can do. Stratman and Allen would never play for Coach moron period. By saying these girls aren’t good enough I guess you’re saying all our existing players aren’t good enough as Brooks was as good as anyone and Muensterman scored at will in practice. Should Buss McBride and Walter look to transfer to? You are right about one thing, somebody isn’t good enough. Could it be coach moron? Very few teams are loaded with superstars. Great coaches take what they have and mold them together making everyone better. Did coach moron make Agler Brooks and Muensterman better this year? if coach moron was going to completely gut coach Miller’s team and force her style down their throats I wish she would have told Fred glass this during her interview. Not close to what she said she would do.

  28. Casual observer I love how you are calling Coach Moren a Coach Moron I love it. you better watch out so T.(tracy) does not get mad at you for calling her girlfriend a moron. To everyone that thinks chemistry is not important you must have never been around a group of girls. one bad apple can spoil the whole team. when dealing with women it is ten times worse than men. men will fight for a few minutes and the be buddies again. women problems will go on for ever. T how can you say all those players were not that good if they never had a chance. 1 player who led the state in assists runner up in Miss Indiana won Hoosier hysteria never was given a chance. you have Buss who is probably good but not great starting as a freshman and not letting others even have a chance went up by 20. in my opinion coach moron really should have taken more time to learn her bench players when they were playing no name teams. but instead let’s play out of starters run up the score to make Moron look awesome against Little Sisters of the Poor. coaching that way Is ignorant I have never been a coach but I know when you are blowing a team out you play your bench so the players can learn the game you can learn the players, and players can adapt to college ball in case a starter gets hurt. again chemistry is everything.

  29. The players I noted not good enough would peak at playing at or below 500 win percentage in big ten. Same thing as past and CM was a flash in the pan. So now a coach comes in looks at potential of players who were currently at IU and is upgrading personnel so IU women basketball can compete to win championships. Why? Because players I mentioned not good enough were not big ten caliber championship players.

  30. you want the truth? Coach Miller knew this years team would struggle without necessary size and athleticism. He had a five year plan to gradually climb the big 10 ladder. All the girls he recruited have the ability to contribute to that goal. Coach Miller was a great coach and a great recruiter but his greatest strength was molding a team. His outstanding coaching record bears this out. Coach morens record at Indiana State was very average. Her Indiana State team this year, while they beat us at home, finished 7-11 in the powerful MVC. While she wasn’t coaching them this team was loaded with seniors, all who were recruited by coach moren. Coach Miller forged great relationships with his players, coach moren has had nine months and has seemed to forge relationships with a few freshman. Now maybe all her new recruits will be great student athletes and we will move in the right direction, but at what cost? I would still take a team with all these players who have left that T has deemed not good enough and play coach Moren and her team. Just give me coach Miller. Seems like from her history coach moren just throws people out until she finds her team. My father always told me where you end up in life isn’t as important as how you got there. Good luck and Godspeed all the girls who left, may you find a coach who appreciates what you can do and develops you. IU will miss you

  31. So, casual observer, although you profess to being a college student you have lowered yourself to 5th grade name calling, very classy? Agler’s terrible field goal % (19%) this year was not due to bad coaching, that is the reason her playing time was cut and others were playing better (McBride&Walter). As stated before, Brooks & coach did not agree on Brook’s approach offensively, Jeremy confirmed that a couple of weeks ago. No one has ever said that coach Moren was a “great” coach. Our women’s program has never had a ‘great” coach! As far as AD Glass and his interview with Moren, we don’t know what was said there? Muensterman’s lack of playing time is a mystery no one has the answer to? Yogi, you are correct about chemistry among girls, it is crucial, having coached girls, I know this for a fact! Great high school stats don’t always transfer over to college, the difference from high school to college is like night to day. Nathon, yes coach Miller’s record was great in the MAC, which is a very average conference, mid major schools. He tried to recruit the same players for the Big 10 that he recruited for Bowling Green. They could all shoot the ball but were very average athletically which really hurts you in our conference. Nathon, the MVC is not a powerful conference, not nearly comparable to the Big 10. Nathon, your father may have been right, it’s a shame coach Miller didn’t listen to him or he would still be here. His indiscretions cost him his job. Even if coach Miller had walked the straight and narrow line and was still here, his lack of recruiting athletes would have eventually been his demise. Just my opinion?

  32. The true test of this coaching staff may well be can they get even one athletic big post to come here, the women tradition at this school is set and will be hard to break. Even so there is one thought that can override that if it can be brought out ” will beats skill” but there has to be some athletic ability there also.

  33. Mike C, Nicole Bell and maybe one other player were involved with the hiring process with Fred glass so we do know some of the things said during the process. Girls wanted a coach with a style similar to coach Millers and we know that didn’t happen. From some of Coach morens comments after being hired it’s fairly easy to surmise that she said one thing to get hired then proceeded to do what she wanted. Nothing wrong with that but be truthful in the beginning. You seem to be all over the place on chemistry issue and you also want to blame coach Miller for everything. My comment on the MVC being a powerful conference was sarcasm by the way. The MVC and the MAC are similar conferences so check out how each coach did the last 5 years if you want to compare coaches. Last thing, Mike C, my father was right but he wasn’t talking to coach Miller he was talking to coach moren. You seem to be unable to blame her for anything that happens.

  34. I agree with mike c and t . None of the girls miller recruited are good enough . Get rid of all of them . Coach miller is a flash in the pan and as far as k hulls being a good person I dont know her so no comment

  35. T, why are you making a post using someone else’s name? That’s just crazy. We know you aren’t hoosier fanatic. Anyway, anybody have anything to say about tyshee?

  36. Of course the players wanted a coach whose system was comparable to Millers, that only makes sense. It would be an easier transition for them but, in the real world when you are looking for a coach, it is very hard to find one comparable to what you just lost. BTW, coach Miller is an easy blame here, he is the reason we are in the situation we are in, if he would have done his job as a person of good character should have, we would not be here. But, we are here and this process has become very painful for a lot of reasons and a lot of people. Really, all over the place about chemistry issues? Jeremy is the one who revealed the issues a week or two ago, the only thing I have stated about that is that when these things occur, what has transpired is what we get. Nathan, your father might as well of been speaking about Miller, as far as his actions causing him to be out of Bloomington and has ended up somewhere else. The problem being how Miller got elsewhere, right? Your father sounds like a smart man.
    Nathan, as far as Moren is concerned, in a year or two as she recruits her players and we see where we are, it will come much easier to judge her? After all, we are still in the process of judging coach Wilson as he now has his own players throughout the system? Pretty hard to evaluate someone after one year coaching someone else’s players in all reality. We will see?

  37. Actually, T. Moren coaching at IU only 8 plus months as she started Aug 9 or there about. True, one season even though she started late. Actually, her evaluation should start after 2014-2015 season….and then go from there. Lynn Dunn/women Fever coach and Indiana State men’s coach speak positive about Moren . Indiana State men’s coach referred to her as a serious no nonsense coach and stated IU women were getting a very good coach.

  38. Casual, while you want to get all emotional about what has happened to the team (transfers), just read in an article last week that there were over 700 transfers last year, not the 500 that I mentioned two weeks ago. Anyway, this is the real world that we live in. Continuing to whine about it is really getting old. I know, they are close personal friends of yours so that makes it personal to you. As stated before, this is the real world of college sports, which we all follow with emotional concern. Your friends will move on in their personal lives at another school and I am sure will be successful. Holding a grudge against a coach is juvenile and certainly not healthy. You should move on beyond this as your friends have as shown by them selecting another school and coach. If you must continue to hate and name call, I guess that is up to you? But, as far as the end never justifying the means, this is bussines as usual in college athletics, get use to it. Whining and complaining about it is not going to change it.

  39. Mike c. Are you the tin man or the scarecrow ? Way to get the last word . Er paragraph .

  40. I have recently watched the womens Mcdonalds all american and the Jordan Brand Classic east-west all american games. Both with thrilling finishes which shows the good competitive play at that level. Patberg was very important at the end of the game to help the east steal the game after trailing most of it. But it was watts back to back 3ptrs along with Patbergs assist on both which got the win. I was disappointed with Marina Mabreys showing. These references though were for the JBC game which was the inaugural game in the classic. Nice to see the women added to that classic which shows the upswing in womens basketball. It was a shame that Katy Lou Samuelson was not able to play was looking to seeing the #1 player via espn hoops rankings. Perhaps the west wouldve won had she played. I thoroughly enjoy these games hopefully one day IU will get their stuff together.

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