IUWBB: Marquette transfer Tia Elbert coming to IU

In the midst of an offseason where four players have decided to leave the Indiana women’s basketball team, Teri Moren has now added her first piece.

Point guard Tia Elbert, one of three freshmen to leave Marquette following the season, has decided to transfer to IU. Elbert averaged 8.6 points and three assists per game with the Golden Eagles in 2014-15 and was named to the Big East’s All-Freshman team.

Ursula Elbert, Tia’s mother, confirmed the transfer Monday night.

Elbert, who is a native of Oakdale, Minn., was considered one of the top 100 prospects in the country coming out of Tartan High School, where she averaged 36.4 points per game her senior year. While Elbert will have to sit out a transfer year, she will eventually add to this year’s incoming freshman class, which includes forwards Kym Royster and Danielle Williams.

The Hoosiers were in need of guard help following the departures of Larryn Brooks and Taylor Agler to Texas Tech. Because Elbert will have to sit out, this move may not preclude Moren from finding another ballhandler, possibly from the junior college ranks.

IU now has four available scholarships.


  1. Congrats Coach Moren on recruiting Elbert! Well done. The transition to getting players for your team is tough. And our fans need to be patient as you seek to restore the team to excellence.

  2. While this is all well and good, we need help next year! In the weekly sports chat last week, there were four players mentioned that coach Moren and her staff were actively recruiting. A couple were JC point guards and another was Elbert and then one was a wing that is 5’10”? OK, so where is the size that we so desperately need? Yes we do have 6’2″ Kym Royster and 6’5″ Danielle Williamsr coming in but, losing Stratman is huge! She would have made an incredible difference next year! Williams looks like a project while Royster will be very good immediately! It is sure nice to know we are going after another 5’10” player that our roster is currently full of, really? This team desperately needs more size. I certainly hope that 6’3″ Darby Foresman is still coming in 2016, haven’t heard if she is a fan of the current coaching staff one way or the other? She committed while Miller was still here. Coach Moren, get some more size in here for next year.

  3. I agree with Mike C about needing size….the problem is, like the Men’s game, we need to see what is available….and as a previous article states, Buss is the only point guard on the roster. So another point guard is needed….the player from Alabama that Jeremy Price listed during the chat, seems intriguing…

    Will the available talent make an impact come spring or do you take a couple of extra schollies for the next recruiting class? (Besides Foresman, there is one opening if they would use ALL scholarships available.)

    As for Foresman, I saw an interview around Women’s State Finals. She was quoted that she is still solid….But until November, minds could always change….

  4. We currently have one point on the whole roster-tyra. We have Gassion, Walter, McBride on the wing. Anderson, Cahill, Leikem, Royster, and Williams in the post. We have a much bigger need for a point guard and wing help when we do in the post.

    Actually, over half the current roster are post players. I hope Coach Moren can bring in some help next year at the point and some perimeter defenders.

  5. For the first time in recorded history, I must respectfully disagree with MikeC on this one.
    Tyra can not play 40 minutes a game (nobody can), and as I look at the current roster, I honestly have to ask who else can bring the ball down the court?
    It’s really too bad Nicole Bell isn’t available, and I say that in all seriousness.
    She got dinged too may times, and it’s a real shame, because we could use her relief minutes big time next season.

  6. I think she just wanted scholarships so she could get her “own” players. Cant blame her but i don’t agree with the ones she decided to run off. Now we are short guards and have little size. Buss is talented but she’s not gonna carry this team and next year the teams will have their best defensive players guarding her she probably is gonna struggle a little. And i will say it again the one girl from Texas is a waste of scholarship. But i guess we will see

  7. Yes Darby was just a junior and only a verbal towards IU. Im not sure when she gave the verbal was it toward Miller or Moren. Even if she does come to IU she is still about 18mo away before you can see her in an IU uniform. She would be in the same incoming group as Elbert. Yes I agree point guard help will be needed for this coming season. IU still needs that large presence inside that can actually play with her back to the basket with athleticism and strength.

  8. Nat, I was assuming we might pick up the 2 point guards that were mentioned in the chat last week and I know what happens when you assume? Therefore, I was figuring if we get one of the two mentioned we would be OK at the point. The reason I made the statement about the lack of mentioned size being recruited in the chat was because I agree with Hoosierfan about Williams potential? I, along with Hoosierfan was not impressed with her video tape. She will be a real project with maybe being able to help in a couple of years? With the loss of Stratman and with Royster (who I think will be outstanding) coming aboard, we are still in need of another big who can add defense and rebounding. Anderson has yet to prove that she can play more than 20 minutes a game. Her conditioning must improve for her to make the impact she could be capable of. So, you see Nat, I don’t think we are where we need to be up front?

  9. DW needs to join the cross country team followed by weight lifting. She seems to be uncomfortable being tall girl who is playing bb. Currently, she has trouble running up and down court let alone making any kind of impact. Seems she would be better if they only played half court. It is concerning what kind of sacrifice she would make including getting along with coaches or following what they want her to do to be any good and not giving up or quitting.

  10. Sounds to me like someone hasnt watched the vid of DW on the court , she can barely make it from one end of the court to the other , she sure cant run track, most likelly another one Moren will push out the door.

  11. Maybe I’m naïve, but I don’t like the phrase “Moren pushing them out the door”….I have no inside info to dispute it (other then HT articles ran in the Scoop or Jeremy Price info). Agler’s minutes diminished (aka she got passed on the depth chart)…Munsterman didn’t play at all (it does happen with players), I guess there was a differing of opinion with Brooks. With the latest transfer, who knows the official word. But someone tweeted she has tweeted at least two or three other times…
    I don’t know…the bottom line is what I said the first time. The players were recruited to play for another coach. I’m guessing the Girls will struggle next year, too…maybe the year after will be more stable…As for fans’ patience? um, right…

  12. OK, lets introduce a fact into this transfer issue. Last year, there were over 450 transfers from one division 1 University to another after the 2013 season was complete. And then, there were an additional 50 between the first and second semester halfway through the season. That comes to 500+ transfers before and during the 2014 season. Transfers are a part of college basketball, that is a fact. There are many reasons for transfers; new coach, lack of playing time, home sickness among others. On a personal note, my youngest son (a track and cross country athlete) transferred from Tri-State to Indiana St. because his high school sweet heart (who he later married) was there. I agree with Steve as to his questioning “her pushing them out the door”. This is totally unfounded until we hear from one of the girls involved. While some of our posters would like to believe that the players were” pushed out the door”, we do not know this for a fact? Some posters simply say this because they hate the coach and it simply reflects badly on the coach. This is a simple statement of fact. Coach bashing is a product of fans that will remain in all sports of all kinds as time exists. And Steve, it is to be noted that a couple of our dedicated posters were coach bashing only 5 games into the season, ridiculous. To settle all of these accusations, I will believe it when one of the players simply states that she was “pushed” out the door.

  13. I think these girls have more class than to speak ill of their coach(es). Even if it were true, it would most certainly reflect badly on them. I wish those girls luck. Any program would have been lucky to have them.

  14. Sarcasm Steve, first we have no catchings on our team, just a bunch of average athletes. Also, anyone who thinks coaches don’t run players off is stupid. If you don’t give them a role, play them out of position, and tell them they’re not athletic enough, they’ll probably leave. Then no matter how good they shoot consistently in practice, ignore them. As far as transfer being the norm Mike C check on Moren’s last year at Indiana state 9 transfers on her team. Just the facts.

  15. First of all Casual, thank you for spotting Sarcasm….I was just picking up on the pattern of the player who transfers (saw it with Hoetsel last week and with Munsterman)…let’s see what is the words I saw, “If we play Belmont, Munsterman would make us pay….oops….that’s another list of posts)….I’m not saying she won’t do well at Belmont…I just feel it deserved pointing out for the overreaction….the girl played spot minutes….maybe out of position, but post play was scarce this year….

    So, we’ll see what the Spring Signing period will bring. I still say use two now and save two for a full recruiting period this summer….but that’s the armchair coach in me….

  16. I think Clint said it best ” Opinions are like A__holes everybody’s got one” and it is especially true in the sport of basketball. I am beginning to wonder about Moren though as one poster commented maybe on a different thread that they were happy IU hired Moren away from ISU,, perhaps theres some truth in that, time will give us that answer.

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