IUWBB: Muensterman heads to Belmont

Maura Muensterman announced Tuesday via Twitter that she will continue her basketball career at Belmont.

That makes Muensterman the third former Hoosier with a known landing spot. Sophomores Larryn Brooks and Taylor Agler are reportedly transferring to Texas Tech, while Liz Stratman intends to transfer after sitting out last season in Bloomington but has yet to announce where she will head for her senior season.

Belmont, located in Nashville, Tenn., finished last season with a 14-17 record and lost in the second round of the Ohio Valley Conference tournament to U-T Martin.

Muensterman, a 6-foot wing from Evansville, was a runner-up for Ms. Basketball her senior year at Mater Dei. She logged 60 minutes for the Hoosiers last season, scoring 13 total points.


  1. Wonder if Moren will ever schedule Belmont again once Muensterman starts playing, knowing what kind of shooter she is. it’s too bad she didn’t utilize Muentermans shooting ability this last season. Still stumped as to why.

  2. Ha! Are you kidding? Coach Moren spent considerable effort to hide Muenstermen’s talent. IU women have had all they can handle playing Belmont the past 3 years (regular season, WNIT, pre-season scrimmage). Moren is not about to completely embarass herself by scheduling Belmont and showcasing a talent that she deemed not worthy to play for her.

  3. Maura will probably avg. 20+ and about 7 assists but yet couldnt get on the floor for Moren. A big mistake? You betcha. She didnt win back to back state titles and miss indiana runnerup for no reason at all.

  4. All this has me wondering even more about our leadership where IU Athletics is concerned. You would hope a new hire would be a better fit. I feel like we are watching a demolition. I hate it for these super talented girls that are left with little choice but to leave. I am a big fan of Tyra Buss and wish her well with what is left of the team. Maura is one of a kind. With her talent and great work ethic, she will be super for Belmont. She is the ultimate team player. Brooks and Agler have so much talent…they will shine.

  5. I am sure that Maura is a fine young woman and a good student-athlete. But she is transferring to a 14-17 Ohio Valley Conference team. I lived in Nashville for years, less than a mile from Belmont. No one would ever confuse their women’s basketball with a B1G or SEC program, even the lower ranks of those conferences. The same is basically true of TX Tech. The talent and/or maturity of these transfers was not such that any powerful woman’s program was interested. Larryn Brooks was talented and will be sorely missed by IU. But she has probably made a big mistake with her transfer. We will see. The others will not be missed. However, the Stratman transfer is puzzling. She appeared to have a starting spot next year and had just finished sitting out a transfer year.

  6. BeatPurdue, its apparent you have a very thick skull. Maybe stratman left because all the players she came to play with left. Well, she doesn’t want to play for moren.. Can’t blame her. And as for the jab at Muensterman’s choice of school, very classy. I would check and see how our iu has fared against Belmont in the past, it seems the programs are pretty evenly matched. Not to mentioned Belmont’s coach was offered the iu job BEFORE T Moren..we will never know …she cant be foolish enough to get potentially beat by her former players that “weren’t good enough”

  7. BeatPurdue… Maybe do a little research. Belmont was 14-17 because SIX players this season got hurt. Many of those were in starting spots. Belmont beat IU in a scrimmage at the beginning of the year. Cam Newbauer is a superb coach who could coach Moren under the table. Muensterman clearly thought her decision through very well. Anyone who follows Women’s basketball well enough, would be well aware of the caliber of coach she is about to play for. Congratulations to her. She will be phenomenal, like she should’ve here. Sad to see her go.

  8. I know, no way. So many games Muenstermans shooting would have been helpful, I’m specifically thinking of losses against Purdue and isu when no one was hitting anything.

  9. I guess now that “Catchings” transferred, we are doomed.

    No inside info, but one could guess she didn’t fit in defensively. It’s not the first time a steller high school player goes to the next level and struggles….None of us were at practice to know how she played…and there were five or six at that position. Someone was going to sit….

    I wish her all the best, but all this, “How could they let her go when she was the greatest?” Come on…

  10. Beat purdue, i hate to break it to you but no one on our roster would have U-Conn or Notre Dame calling. Also look at Belmonts non conference schedule. Kentucky, Louisville, Georgia. Cam was using players he did not recruit that weren’t big enough or athletic enough. Sound familiar? Except he didn’t make excuses and he didn’t run anybody off. He did the best he could with what he had which is what good coaches do. He also kicked IUs butt in a scrimmage. To be continued………

  11. Steve.. Many boosters sat in at practice along with other fans, recruits etc. Muensterman easily held her own. Every single time she appeared in a game this season she kept up just fine IN A POSITION SHES NEVER PLAYED. Never been a post, and played and practiced it all season at the division 1 level for the first time. If you didn’t notice, none of the girls played to their potential this year. It all comes from how a coach utilizes a player. Putting people in a position to succeed.. Instead of one to fail.

  12. Sarcasm Steve, first we have no catchings on our team, just a bunch of average athletes. Also, anyone who thinks coaches don’t run players off is stupid. If you don’t give them a role, play them out of position, and tell them they’re not athletic enough, they’ll probably leave. Then no matter how good they shoot consistently in practice, ignore them. As far as transfer being the norm Mike C check on Moren’s last year at Indiana state 9 transfers on her team. Just the facts.

  13. The best thing to happen to Indiana State WBB was for good ole IU to hire Moren. Sometimes you get what you wish for but not what you thought you were getting and paying for?

  14. Casual observer, the point I was making is that transfers are a very normal in college basketball. Everyone wants to jump off a bridge because of 4 transfers, they are a normal reality especially when there is a coaching change. This is a statement of fact. Muensterman was understandable, she didn’t see the floor for whatever reason? Agler was understandable, her playing time was drastically reduced after the halfway mark because her offense fell off a cliff this year, 19% field goal percentage. Brooks was a bit of a surprise but, possibly understandable because her and the coach were not seeing eye to eye on her offensive approach. The only one that really surprised me was Stratman, have no idea there? Again, coaching change and transfers are as common as it gets. It is a fact that 500+ transfers last year were a fact!

    IUFAN, I would take exception with your statement that no one played to their potential this year. Potential is a delicate word since we are not aware at this point in a player’s career of how good they really are? I thought the freshmen for the most part played pretty well, Cahill and Walter played very well in their first year of college ball. Cahill averaged close to a double-double on the season. Walter had a terrific year coming off the bench. Buss was up and down as you would expect a freshman to be but, had some very good games during the year. Two sophomores that had very good years were Gassion and McBride who was terrific off the bench. Cahill did not fail in her role, Gassion did not fail in her role and Walter and McBride did not fail in theirs! When you speak of potential, please don’t expect a girl to approach her high school stats when she comes to college, that is not realistic. We really have no idea what a girl’s potential really is? This team was short on athleticism and size the whole year due to inadequate recruiting by the previous coach, that is a fact! While this team has talent, it simply doesn’t have the athletic talent needed to compete on a regular basis in the conference against the better teams. We have enough talent to compete on occasion but not enough talent to get over the hump every night.

  15. I love that were recruiting a wing that’s 2 inches shorter than Muensterman now

  16. Rejoinder: to #6: I may have a thick skull or not, you certainly have no clue or knowledge of that. But when your comment starts “maybe” and you look in the past for IU women’s teams under Jack, you surrender any pretense to objectivity; to #7: we all know that injuries happen to every team (Hulls and Jakubicek at IU come to mind), so what?; to # 10: there are lots of teams in the B1G, ACC, SEC, Big East, PAC; Atlantic 10, etc. beyond ND and U Conn. We all know that smaller programs play bigger programs for money. Has Belmont won any of those games, “0 for” I believe? I have no idea if Coach Moren will be a good or poor coach at Indiana. However, I do KNOW that, as of right now, she has not been given enough time to show any of us anything. You have an uninformed (because there is no solid evidence either way), but very hostile opinion of her. OK. I don’t. After 2 more complete seasons we will both know something to base our opinions on.

  17. Actually, IU women are 1-2 against Belmont in the last 3 years (Curt Miller and Teri Moren), not Jack. Belmont beat IU by 4 in season 12/13, IU beat Belmont by 1 in WNIT in season 13/14, and in preseason scrimmage this past season by double figures. Multiple sources confirm the results of this scrimmage. These sources were present at the scrimmage; they played in it.

  18. Several posters have referred to this scrimmage against Belmont as something of some significance? I really think to much is being made of a scrimmage! Scrimmages are played so that you can play ALL of your players to determine how they may adapt to the college game and to each other. They are not approached as a make or break win or loss. Good grief people, get a grip, it is simply a practice game.

  19. Good coaches take the talent they have develop it and get the most out of it. They dont constantly make excuses and blame the players. Look at the job coach G did at butler this year under worse circumstances than IU. Amazingly not once all year did i hear coach G make an excuse for a loss.

  20. Belmont played every one of their players equally and tried to work on certain things. IU played starters 90% of the time trying to win. I know its just a scrimmage but they kicked our ass with much less talent. Try to know what you are talking about before posting. Also Cam was playing players he did not recruit who aren’t big enough or athletic enough but i never heard him make that excuse after a loss. I can go all night long if you want.

  21. Mike C thank you for making my point. The scrimmage and to a lesser extent non conference schedule are for playing all your players seeing who can do what in game situations and trying different combinations. That’s why during the scrimmage and non conference schedule we left our best shooter rotting on the end of the bench while we were up 30- 40 points. i was at several practices when she would shoot lights out against our starters never given a chance. Just the facts..

  22. Casual observer, you are getting more like our buddy, H4H, posting multiple posts back-back-back :-). Not to make excuses but that is where you went here but, as a women’s season ticket holder, I saw all but one home game this year and taped and watched every big 10 conference game on the big 10 network and I am here to tell you that the only team in the conference we were bigger than and more athletic than was Wisconsin. That is not an excuse but, a fact. Our struggles against conference teams is understandable when you consider that fact. As stated many times before, we will be more competitive when we add athlticism and size to our roster. Instead of constantly criticizing the coach, it would seem more prudent to give her a chance to see if she can win with her players. While I still think it was a mistake not to give the job to Brian Agler, Moren still needs to be given the time to prove if she is capable of doing the job? My guess would be that if Glass did speak to Agler, he probably would not commit to being here any longer than his daughter? If that were true, I could understand Glasses reluctance in not getting him. Just a guess?

  23. Hey, keep me out of the Hoosier women’s game….It’s your one safe haven.

    Why did they fire that Miller dude..? He was fun and a great dancer…Not puritanical enough? We do hate our fun at Indiana.

  24. Agler was going to interim coach to give glass more time to find a replacement in the offseason when we would have had a lot more job candidates. He wasn’t going to commit to a long contract

  25. IU women basketball before T. Moren and currently is and was just not that good. Not one player who left with the exception of Stratman was no loss to the IU women for future wins and losses. When looking at top 25 teams in country IU has and is like a jv team playing against superior athletes. In 2 or 3 or even 4 years it will be determined if we have a winner or not.

  26. Mike C, I have a few questions for you since you know so much about IUwomen’s basketball.
    1.why does Liz s not want to play for moren?
    2.why were Brian Agler and JC hulls banned from coming in cook Hall?
    3.why did k Hulls quit in the middle of the season when all she wanted was to be part of the team and mentor the younger girls.
    4.why can max and stan come in to cook and still practice while the girls were run out immediately?
    5.why was muensterman not allowed to red shirt when moren knew she would never use her.
    6. why are two assistants constantly telling the girls to be all in or get out while they are both applying for other jobs?
    7.why if Jenna Allen’s dream was to play in the Big Ten did she leave to go to Michigan State.
    8.why would the coaches make a narcissist the face of the program?
    .take your time answering these.you can watch all the games and game film you want but never know what’s going on in the locker room or at practice.

  27. you want the truth T? Give me Stratman, Allen, Muensterman, Brooks and Adler and I’ll play IU anytime. IU was going in the right direction but because of three people now we’re not. Curt miller for his indiscretion. Fred glass for telling the girls he would find someone with a system similar to Curt’s. And last Terry moren for saying she wasn’t going to reinvent the wheel then change everything once she got the job. The people who suffered were the girls. You can’t handle the truth!

  28. Casual Observer, your first 4 questions I obviously have no answer for since I have no communication with the players named in the questions? Sorry, I am not a savant.as some people on this site seem to be? Question 5, do we know that she asked Moren to redshirt, haven’t heard that? Question 5, haven’t heard that either, do we know this for a fact? Your question 7 is so stupid it is hilarious. If I remember correctly, Michigan St. is still in the Big 10? She obviously wanted to play for Miller and since he resigned (???), she moved on, simple as that. As far as question 8 is concerned, I know for a fact that when Miller signed Buss, he made the statement to all who could hear that she would be the face of the program! That was Miller’s statement. Your last statement, since I have no access to the locker room or practice as many on this site claim to have, how could I possibly know what is said or done in these venues? After all, there seem to be many of you so-called insiders that are giving us all of this vital information:-) How cool it must be to be a fly on the wall in the locker room and be able to inform all other IU fans as to what is up.

    Any opinion I give on this website is from following IU’s women’s program as a season ticket holder for years going back to the Izard area as well as following women’s basketball for over 25 years. Having access to DirectV’s sports package, I tape and watch over 250 women’s games annually. Now don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t make me a basketball expert but, I follow it religiously. I have been retired since 98 and this is what I do in the winter. so, I think I do have a feel for the game. Unfortunately, I am not on the inside of IU basketball (since I live 100 miles from Bloomington) as apparently a couple of people on this website are, or at least they want us to believe they are? If you were to believe some of the inside information that a couple of people on this website claim, they must be parents of the players?? How else could they know all this? I simply give my opinion when I have one and make no statements that I actually can back up by actual fact as some on here claim. Just my opinion, that’s all 🙂 And Nathan, you are correct, this all started with coach Curt Miller, we owe all of this to him!!!

    1. Let me see if I can curb the bickering a bit here by weighing in. As I wrote in a column for the paper two weeks ago, this past season wasn’t exactly the turning of lemons into lemonade you might’ve hoped for Teri Moren’s first year. A number of sources indicated, though only Maura’s AAU coach would say it on the record, that there were the chemistry issues alluded to here, at least a portion of which stemmed from the way Moren and staff handled the difficult situation into which they were put. That said, we know she wasn’t the first or even second choice as coach, and as mentioned, did not meet the preferred criteria of the team. So that, and other internal factors played a role in this storm as well. And to address the Agler thing delicately, Brian was an option on the table, however his history with the NCAA at Kansas State made it a non-starter.

      Moren’s style and system may well work in the future, especially once she gets her kind of players in. But there was certainly a clash this year, although I will repeat that the W-L record may not have been much different with Miller as coach given the roster imbalance. Which direction is the program headed now? To be determined, but this whole thing has meant a step back, at least temporarily.

      And since ‘casual observer’ brought it up, assistants Rhet Wierzba (Austin Peay) and Todd Starkey (Western Carolina) have been linked to head coaching jobs that remain open to my knowledge.

  29. I have many friends on the team but that doesn’t make me cool Mike C As far as the jenna question she live 30 minutes from I U and I U is in the Big Ten last time I checked so why would she decommit. I’m not stupid Mike. When you have a player who you think needs time to develop and you have any future plans for her you redshirt them. You spent a lot of time telling us how smart you are then claim not to be an expert. Don’t remember Miller ever saying buss would be the face of the program. Maybe a social media lesson would help. My point Mike C. is how this coach treats people. Alan, Stratman, Hulls, Muensterman, Adler, Brooks and I hate to use my cool contacts but several more on the team would like to leave but can’t. We need to recruit Indiana but how can we. None of these girls would say anything on the record but do you think they will lie if asked? Should have great chemistry in the future.

    1. Actually, Miller did call Buss the face of the program last year when comparing her to what Cody Zeller was for the men’s team. Of course, he also liked to call Brooks the face of the program, for what it’s worth. In some ways, you’re both right, and we’ll all see what happens next.

  30. you want answers? so do I. Mike C, I said Curt Miller deserves a lot of the blame but so does Fred glass and Teri moren.. I don’t understand B Agler and JC hulls situation since both are class acts who could help our program for years to come. Let’s just see what Teri replaces these girls with. Chemistry can be more important than talent. These posts seem to heat up when cheap shots are taken at the girls who are leaving. Just kids stuck in a bad situation. You can’t handle the truth.

  31. Jeremy, thanks for confirming the “face of the program” statement concerning Buss. That statement was made about a week after the letters of intent were signed, the statement was on a video interview with Curt Miller and Jeremy Grey and was on the IU athletic website. Trust me Casual observer, never referred to you as being cool but, as stated in my answer for Allen, she obviously wanted to play for Miller? Most girls select a school for the coach. At no time did I state I was smarter than anyone else, simply said I was a huge women’s basketball fan and follow it with great enthusiasm! Never said I was right and everyone else was wrong. Simply stating my opinion based on what I read, see and hear. Simply said I was a long time follower of all women’s basketball and have had IU season tickets for a long time. I like to think I know a little bit about women’s basketball but, obviously am not privy to the inside information that you might process. Doesn’t make either one of us any smarter than the other. You claim to have inside information and lets leave it at that. I do know quite a bit concerning women’s basketball over all but, I would like to know more about the inner workings of our program? You being closer to the program helps us all out in understanding what is going on. On that note, bashing the coach for what ever reasons before she has had a chance to prove herself is a bit crude to my way of thinking. However, do what you will and we will see what happens in the future?

  32. I followed these posts all year long and refrained from making any comments. I did noticed one thing Mike C. You don’t like it when someone might know something you don’t and you always want the last word. So this is my last post then you can say something so you win. I go to IU. I love basketball and some of our players are my friends. Sorry! I know how coach Miller treated them and I know how coach moren treats them now. I wish the best for the team. maybe after this season things will change for the better. Go IU.

  33. With all these “it’s a fact” and “expert this expert that”. Let me tell you some facts. TIA ELBERT will be better then Buss and Buss’s dad ever wanted her to be. Royster is better then any post we have. The future is so bright. Get some more transfers. I could keep going but I need to watch my recorded games.

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