Report: Ferrell expected to return #iubb

Yogi Ferrell is expected to return for his senior season.

According to a report from Gary Parrish of CBS Sports, Ferrell will announce today that he will stay at Indiana for his final season of eligibility.

The IU point guard was scheduled to announce his decision on Saturday night in Indianapolis, but postponed the press conference after the death of 22-year-old IU senior Hannah Wilson. The deadline to declare early entry to the NBA Draft is tonight at 11:59 p.m.

NBA Draft experts viewed Ferrell as a second-round talent after he averaged 16.3 points and 4.9 assists on the way to an All-Big Ten First Team selection. His return is expected to make the Hoosiers a top 15 team — maybe higher — when the preseason polls are released.

With Ferrell’s return, Indiana remains oversigned by one scholarship for next season.

Ferrell ranks 22nd on the Indiana career scoring list with 1,379 points and is sixth in career assists with 438. By returning, the Indianapolis native will have an opportunity to extend his program-record streak of consecutive games with a 3-pointer, which stands at 65.

More to come.


  1. There are several players in college basketball that are as good as IU players not making the spectacle that IU boys are making.
    Then, if Yogi is staying go average 23 points, 10 assists, 5 steals, 5 rebounds per game or shut up.

  2. Agree with “t”. Are you kidding me, I would stay too if I was going into the draft with the 6′ 6″ Kentucky twins. Both my wife and I both said, “Duh, yeah. You’re staying.” And that goes for Blackmon and Williams too. When did everybody get such a big head? Especially since they didn’t do anything. Yes, they need to be held accountable for IU standards. Getting in the tourny and winning one game, ain’t gonna cut it. Get a banner, then you talk, and strut all you want.

  3. I think most of this isn’t Yogi’s idea. This was supposed to coordinate with a fund raiser at Ruth Chris for his dad’s foundation. The idea was that the announcement would draw a bigger crowd to raise even more money than planned. So I am not sure that Yogi is 100% to blame for this circus.


  5. So, Yogi will be our star. He will be the one to take over the game at the end and take the last shot. He will be the one to try to break the record books and put up numbers to get him into the NBA. It will be HIS team. And Crean thinks he can walk on water. I believe that didn’t work so well last year.

  6. So we are a top 10 team that should be in the top 3 in the big 10 and make a run at the elite 8…if that happens it secures CTC for another 3 years…and we all get to read more from the Lord of the rambling!

  7. I guess I don’t understand why Yogi made a big deal out of this? Don’t get me wrong I’m glad to have him back but what’s up with the whole decision? I can possibly understand going first round but he was iffy going second round in draft! Either he was starved for attention or it was tied to the charity described in #3.

  8. Lord of the Cook Hall Scholly Crunch Shootaround(a.k.a. Throwing Farewell Kisses at CharlaTom ValvoCrean) says:

    These kids are young…Let them have their fun and their moment.. Let them talk of announcements and decisions as if the world is watching. God, can’t any of us remember how it felt to be young and immortal…and to strut around like your ego was made of solid gold? Sooner then they think, like many here nearer and so seemingly irritated by these outbursts of fighting against the inevitable while holding onto the self-indulgent swagger of youth, they will be long departed into the irrelevancy yesterday’s news and food for the worms.

  9. Scoop Hall of Fame Starting Five:

    Husky Tom / Guard
    JPat / Guard
    Tsao / Center
    Geoff / Forward
    Punjab / Forward

    Double Down (Super-Sub)

  10. Why all the cynical criticism of Yogi’s method of announcing his decision? Looks to me as if he wanted to generate excitement and support for his school’s basketball program. Knowing that his return will have a positive influence on next year’s team, why not take the opportunity to generate confidence and excitement for the program that he obviously cares about and has dedicated three years of his life to. If the news is good for IU, then his method of announcing it is O.K. by me.

  11. Crabs walk sideways, but lobsters walk straight #1

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011 – 9:26 AM EDT

    Tis a glorious February morning. February? Feels more like mid-March. The sun’s path has shifted since the frigid days of January. The light enters the bedroom at a slightly different angle, with noticeable increase in intensity. Snowpacks are almost gone outside. Still a lot of broken branches on the ground from the ice storm, but a sure hint of Spring is detectable. Friday we are supposed to hit 65 degrees.

    To my friends PizzaWhat, Cupcake Hogwash, Hoosier Clarion, Chet, TERRY, and Juan Blanco: carpe diem!!! Make a pizza tonight! Have a pork tenderloin at the TroHo! (with the crispy pounded-thin pork sticking out far beyond the bun) Savor thoughts of a tournament-caliber Hoosier team a year from now!

    Hope you’re doing well, Seahawk….Annecy trip this summer? How’s life treating you? Planting a garden? Find any great new restaurants in your new stomping grounds? Cubs vs. Mariners World Series? THIS IS THE YEAR!

    I miss you, old friend.

  12. Lord of the Hillbillies – things are fine. How about you? Thanks for digging up that old post – one of my few lucid thoughts. I miss Bloomington! But I have some good restaurants around here. One of them offers a free shuttle to Progressive Field, in case you wanna have an extra pint of IPA that day.

    Hope all is well, Downing.

  13. Husky-

    Be careful…Don’t get to close to my boxes. TCDS is highly contagious in its current state. I am currently experiencing a TCDS temperature four degrees over a normal witch hunt reading. Don’t be alarmed. I have seen Dr. Penny Podunker and she has administered a full injection of Mallorydougcillin(a derivative Hypocritimockucillin persoanlly developed by the renowned expert in treating TCDS) into the left side my end zone…wide left. This process required full sedation…I was very sick and my Pollyanna cell counts were so low that that my REI (Reasonable Expectation Inhibitors) markers had nearly fallen to levels that she later compared to something nearly as deadly as JCDS(Jay Cutler Deficiency Syndrome) . Dr. Podunker assured me that the reoccurring images/memory flashes of Tom Crean filling in for Tom Cruise during multiple scenes of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ are merely manifestations of the drug taking hold of my last vestiges of a soul. .

    I look forward to chatting with you again…I suggest we spend the time wisely by applying warmest slathering of buttery adjectives to all things great in our square box worlds because of Tom Crean. Wow..I’m feeling better already. These boxes just need some new vinyl curtains and a few more pretty florescent tube lamps….I have order wall to wall carpet from Korman’s House of Rugs in a nice soft beige Hugh….I couldn’t turn down the great Price. .It was hard to pick the color from the many shades of lovely neutral… Dr. Penny P. helped me pick the best shade of pleasant neutral that goes with everything…I was first leaning toward a color called Graham Cracker Gray….I finally decided on a soft creany tan called Cody Corn Silk….It was Dr. P’s favorite…I must admit, she is not only a marvelous doctor, but she has quite the hand for comment box decorating. Next week she plans on helping me pick out a new headboard made of imitation wood in a beautifully repetitive pattern of exacting grains depicting normal tree growth ….because she insists(and I totally agree) that real wood is as dangerous a case of expression a knotty argument made of natural living order that could hideously take shape of anything against the grain.

  14. Husky-

    Doing my best…But it’s admittedly tough now that both my parents have passed on. They always called and lifted me up when spirits were low… Not matter the age, there’s something a voice of reassurance that you long. And losing my beloved Yellow Lab always my constant source of devotion has also made for a home and heart still looking for meaning to this daily grind….Just seeing her happy face and fast wagging tail when I’d come through the door late at night was where my buried old smiles found a warm place eternal in this world of “man” choking on its “causes” and “wars” and “gods in heavens” of creation and likeness where it all revolves in narcissistic and ungrateful existence on our tiny rock in the universe we treat with no concern tomorrow..

    But you know me….I keep the things closest my heart off the podium to hold up. My true sources of happiness would be demeaned by these boxes of weakness to a tone of darkness and fear.

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