Thomas Bryant commits to Indiana #iubb

Help is on the way for Indiana’s frontcourt.

Four-star center Thomas Bryant committed to IU on Saturday, giving the Hoosiers the rim protector and low-post presence that they lacked during a tumultuous 2014-15 season. Bryant’s commitment marks the fifth consecutive class that IU has secured a McDonald’s All-American.

The Hoosiers are once again oversigned by one in their 2015 class, which also includes Missouri forwards Juwan Morgan and O.G. Anunoby.

“I just wanted to come here and be on TV and say I’ll be committing to Indiana University to play college basketball next year,” Bryant said during ESPN’s broadcast of the DICK’s High School National Tournament, where Bryant’s Huntington Prep team lost in Friday’s semifinals.

Bryant’s pledge to IU could impact Yogi Ferrell and Troy Williams, who are each weighing decisions to turn pro. With Bryant in the frontcourt, the Hoosiers are expected to be, at worst, a top 20 team heading into the 2015-16 season. Having Ferrell and Williams to go along with a lineup that would also likely include James Blackmon Jr., Robert Johnson and Bryant could propel IU into the Nos. 10-15 range when preseason rankings come out later this spring.

“I’m very excited,” Bryant said. “I’ve been thinking about this long and hard, and I’ve been talking it over with my mom and coaches. … We just felt like being at Indiana was the best decision for me.

A year after lacking the desired depth in its frontcourt, IU enters 2015 loaded at forward and center. Bryant will likely be backed up by senior Hanner Mosquera-Perea, who started 22 of the 26 games in which he appeared, averaging 6.5 points and 4.3 rebounds. Averaging 19.4 minutes per game, the 6-foot-9 Mosquera-Perea took a noticeable step forward in his development, but still lacked the consistency and required instincts to become a factor in the post for IU.

Collin Hartman, who started 12 games at the five spot, Emmitt Holt, Morgan and Anunoby add more size and versatility to the forward positions, while IU could receive a further boost from the possible return of Devin Davis.

National scouting services Rivals and the 247 Sports Composite both agree that Bryant is a four-star prospect, with 247 ranking him as the No. 27 overall prospect in the 2015 class. Bryant was thought to be leaning toward Syracuse until recently, when he told reporters at the McDonald’s All-American game that IU has been recruiting him the hardest over the last four months. Kentucky and Missouri were also in the mix for the 6-foot-10, 230-pound Bryant, who scored 27 points and added 19 rebounds in Huntington Prep’s opening game at this weekend’s DICK’s nationals. Thomas is a native of Rochester, N.Y.

Assistant coach Chuck Martin, who has major ties to East Coast recruiting, was a major player in Bryant’s recruitment.

Indiana becomes the latest Big Ten program to add a standout frontcourt player in the 2015 class, after four-star center Daniel Giddens signed with Ohio State in November and five-star center Diamond Stone committed to Maryland last weekend. Stone’s commitment to the Terrapins was enough to convince point guard Melo Trimble to stay in College Park for at least another season. The Hoosiers can only hope Bryant’s addition is enough to do the same with Ferrell and Williams.

Bryant, along with top 2015 big man Thon Maker, visited Indiana for its regular season finale against Michigan State on March 7, wearing a Hoosiers T-shirt while he sat behind the IU bench. As he walked off the floor later that day, those who remained in IU’s student section gave Bryant a loud round of applause.

“I loved the Indiana visit,” Bryant told the Louisville Courier-Journal this week at the McDonald’s All-American game. “Seeing all those guys, they all accepted me when I walked in, and it was like a family atmosphere there. Great fans always come out and support. It was really nice. … They need that one big man in the paint right there with them. If they get that, they could be a real good team down in the long run.”

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  1. Priller and/or April are on scholarship, correct? I wonder if one of them might “decide to transfer.” … I’d hate to see Yogi or Troy go. I don’t think either is ready for the NBA and would love to have Yogi back running the show for another year. And Troy is a phenomenal athlete — if he could just harness that a bit and develop a jump shot, he has All-American potential.

  2. Not sure if we are a top 15 team even with the addition of Bryant…more lofty expectations which if not met fuels the fire for the Stevens lovers…not sure if anyone heard the interview with Dane Fife on 1070 the fan last Thursday, but that guy sounds like he is primed to be a great head coach in the near future.

  3. This is a sweet 16 team next year atleast too much talent not to be in the top 3 in the big ten

  4. I’m just hoping Bryant can guard all 5 positions at once and still get his bible studies finished.

  5. Things are falling in place. In an earlier post, I said Indiana needed to make the tournament and get either Bryant or Maker in order to justify Crean keeping his position. Both of those things happened. I do not think Tom Crean is a very good coach but IU has a chance to be a top 15 team next year, Hoetzel and Robinson needed to go and they have. Priller and April need to go and hopefully they will. Perea needs to be a 3rd option off the bench, so Crean needs to get a strong rebounder/defensive presence to relieve Bryant. There are plenty of scoring options, so exciting times ahead.

  6. CTC STILL has to show he can coach against a zone. He has to show he can coach players other than the “Dwayne Wade” type. Can coach defense. What Happens if TB is a 1 and done?

  7. This is the mindset under Tom Crean: A “hope” that comes with every new recruit and a “necessity” for a cluster of worthless names to go that were fresh in memory the embodiment of the same “:hope” only a year or two ago upon the asses now being kicked out the door…. We had our “everything hinges” with Cody…Now it’s just more of the same old door….Boost a name up…Kick a name down….Same revolving door….Pray for a better result…Cast failures on an old “hope” we now choose to frown. Keep the same coach….Throw money at the same clown. Why? Because he keeps his holier-than-thou stuff clean while treating recruits and scholarships like.the next best crap.

  8. Everyone needs to get over the scholarship
    thing. It’s a part of college basketball just like 1 and dones are. A scholarship is renewable yearly and is not a 4 year guarantee. Very few players are here for academics and most want to play. Robinson wasn’t very good and he was going to ride the pine. Being a junior he needs to find a place he can play at and prove how good he thinks he is too scouts. Don’t forget that Bob Knight averaged about 3 transfers a year over his last 10 years so roster turnover is nothing new. It makes our fans look stupid that they just can’t grasp the concept that roster adjustments on a yearly basis are necessary. It happens everywhere but our fans put an emphasis on it and draws attention to the issue.

  9. I am sick of the anti-Christian comments displayed on this forum and ITH. Being a Christian does not mean being perfect. However, the academics under Crean are really close to perfect. The team GPA is amazing. Kids graduating in three years and a with a masters in four. The academic rating is incredible. The Indiana team is a class act on the floor and in the classroom. There were some of the court issues, but kids make mistakes. Crean worked with them and showed forgiveness resulting in better young men. It is fitting that Bryant committed on Easter weekend!!! Keep it going Coach Crean. Maybe some of these haters will realize just how miserable they really are and seek out the Christian path of love and forgiveness.

  10. Whether you like Crean or not, he does deserve credit for recruiting Bryant. And so does the staff and team. Now, Crean needs to find a good defensive coach to ensure the team plays tough defense for 40 minutes every game.

  11. Good – Good- Good. Is it too soon to complaint about not getting the ball in to the big guy?

  12. Ben_M, actually scholarships at IU ARE guaranteed for 4 years. At least that is what they claim in the Athletes Bill of Rights or whatever they called it. Obviously, they find ways around that but, in theory at least, it’s a 4 year promise.

  13. Great get CTC & staff. The glass half-empty folks will only give partial credit due to what went on at Syracuse. Yet they maintained all of their 2015 commitments, except Bryant. Watched this kid in the McDonald’s game as well as in two games in the Dick’s tournament. He changes ends in a hurry, he is very physical in the post and does not concede much in the way of rebounds and knocked down a couple 3’s. Thomas Bryant is a hard worker who also happens to be talented, and I am glad he committed.
    I would like to see April & Priller develop into low post threats as well as willing rebounders/rim protectors.
    I think Holt takes another step or two forward next season. The two areas of improvement I will look for in this program this season to a man are ball handling and a willingness to defend. I’m ecstatic to see Mr. Bryant commit. Go Hoosiers!!!

  14. This is one example of where the CTC haters lose a lot of credibility. The guy gets it done, lands a highly coveted recruit…and people show up here to bash him anyway. It’s quite possible you have some legitimate arguments about him, but that gets lost when you come after him after an obvious, major win. Seriously, need to get a grip.

  15. I have to admit I was skeptical they would get TB for reason of MOM wanting him to stay close to home and St Johns hiring Chris Mullin. Now that he has him, what will he do with him ? Crean STILL has to show he can devise an offense against a Zone other than “find a spot on the floor and wait til the ball comes to you”. Defense?? Perimeter HAS TO Play better defense of TB will spend time on bench for all the fouls he will get covering their asses. Shooters like JBJ ,Yogi and RJ HAVE to learn how to use screens and move without the ball better than running side to side.

  16. I’m in Geoff’s corner…Crean’s incompetence at coaching trumps in negative fashion any momentary momentum the result of holding up the Bible in a living room to attract a decent recruit.

    Funny how things worked out for the solid role players that were the favorites of Geoff, coachv, and yours truly…..Stan Robinson, Max Hoetzel, and Remy Abell all getting the ax. Three of Crean’s main detractors on Scoop find three their favorite names ousted or leaving. I guess it takes a smart baller to know one. And notice how they(the stronger role players) always depart before Crean has to filter out the real garbage…? Always make it look like they left on their own accord…Nobody will give a crap when it gets down to the perceived pushing off of the Prillars, Burtons, Etheringtons, Jurkins, etc.

    But, maybe at the end of the day, the smart kids(the kids that likely anchor the will and grit of a team as unsung their humble roles and tenacity on the practice floor) do leave on their own accord…realizing that basketball at Indiana is absent any form of coaching that could foster a rewarding experience for role players seeking to play on a team coached(as in a verb beyond the action in enticing a talent to play on the stage of Indiana) to improve collectively.. Indiana’s success is now measured by how high a few names enticed make noise on a draft night. Noise as a team deep in a tournament? The defeatists gave up on those sorts of expectations long ago….Just keep writing the checks to the charlatan and take it to the defunct game of basketball once representative of candy stripes like Bobby asked Connie Chung..

  17. I’m sick of this term “Crean Haters”. I for one do not Hate Tom Crean. Like many who post here I do loathe bad coaching. I personally don’t care if the guy is a Christian or a Muslim. Since when has it been a requirement to be a Christian to coach any sport at Indiana and why is it that people who dare criticize the coach are anti- Christian?

  18. Posts #5 and #8 have anti-Christian references. Post #8 is also vulgar. Critizing Crean is acceptable and sometimes understandable. However, attacking the man’s faith is ridiculous and immature.

  19. It’s a great get but we’ve also had 2 McDonald’s all americans on the team since yogi committed and results have been less than impressive. He needed Thomas Bryant because his job is on the line. Now he has no room for excuses. They aren’t young. They have seniors. They have at least 4 potential nba players. They have a great backcourt and the best front court of the crean era. This is year 8. I’m not going to belive in creans bs until I see a team that can compete. We could easily be 17-15.

  20. Crean is vulgar in the manner he uses faith as if the only faith and props it up as an excuse like a stage doll the moment his competency is examined/challenged. Nothing vulgar in those not falsely profiting from “faith,” acting to be holier-than-thou, while chasing the “wreckers” of the world.

    The preaching and holier-than-thou routines would be far more tolerable if the man could answer one question without a snidely untouchable tone at a press conference, prove some tiny amount of composure in tightly contested games, and exhibit some minimal form of competency at the X’s and O’s beyond simply clapping as an NBA beauty pageant judge.

    Get one recruit and the choir comes back with crosses fully loaded.

    1. OK, I’m going to cut this off here — probably should’ve cut it off sooner. Discuss Thomas Bryant and/or Tom Crean, but do it without turning this into an issue of religion, because it’s basketball.

  21. Good riddance Kentucky and ready to see if the season of hype lives up with the Cubs starting tomorrow. Must say I’m excited and haven’t seen the farm system this strong in years.

  22. I’m not sure UK wins a best of seven against Wisconsin..or ND? I’m not sure they win a best of seven against Butler. I sorta feel basketball regained a bit of its mystique tonight. Wisconsin just never lost their composure….It truly did remind me of the teams Knight won his championships. Just a wonderful mix of kids that think together and are crafty as all hell within their individual moments as well….. Actually got to witness some marvelous shot fakes and guys simply taking their creativeness and smarts for the game to make shots possible that would never otherwise be there. The art of basketball sorta won tonight over the superior advantages of size and above-the-rim dominance….Wisconsin tamed the giant trees as if Tarzan swinging in confidence to the rhythm and old game not seen since the 90s….Just the right mix of throwback hoops; a discipline displaying such a needed relief to the same old “in your face” raw talent and draft night shows that have left me jaded to coaches like Crean and Calipari…A night that proved something more powerful in five playing a game of clutch thinking and reacting in the now can still trump the models of winning based on the hyper and excessive adulation over the individuals independent of such collective worth and beauty that old peach basket game. But hats off to Kentucky, as well. They played with great heart, character, and sportsmanship …and they were certainly a collection of some of the most talented basketball players seen on one team in many,many years….. The game of basketball was the victor on Saturday.

  23. I’m glad Bryant committed to IU. Hopefully we’ll get to see him for at least a couple years. Maybe a Maker for one?

    Anyway, the reason I popped in was because I am so (darn) elated over UK’s loss. Just needed to share in it with the Scoopers. I was texting with a few coaching buddies of mine during the game, and made the note that Ryan’s composure during his halftime interview was exactly the reason the UW would come out on top. That is the type of stuff that you need in a tight game, the type of stuff that rubs off on your team. Ryan seemed like it was halftime of the preseason game against UW-Whitewater…. Coaches like Cal and Crean always either operate with a sense of nervousness or arrogance. Ryan was pure class and placid reserve.

    No matter what happens on Monday, this was a huge win for the Hoosiers and college basketball!

  24. Geoff, I hear ya.

    Great season for UK: 38 and 1-and-done. Love it whenever the Calipari formula falls short. Wisconsin is did the sports world a huge favor.

  25. Ryan may be the best coach in the country. He produces UNC/Duke/Kentucky quality teams with a bunch of kids from Wisconsin and surrounding states…but mostly Wisconsin kids. Let’s see how many games Cal wins with just recruits from Kaintuck and Tennessee.

    IMHO, there was no comparison as far as the caliber of team play between the two squads. Kentucky has amazing talent. Wisconsin is a great basketball team.

    It was great to see the team game win out…for a change.

    I wonder if the fires are out in Lexington yet? Who knew they had discovered fire?

  26. Can someone explain how Duke/Coach K can succeed with only 8 scholarship players? Why does IU need 13 players on scholarship with resultant necessity to “run guys off” in order to sign new recruits?

  27. WOW! What a great Saturday: 1) IU lands the really good “Big” that they have been searching for! Welcome to Indiana Thomas Bryant. Enjoy the candy-stripes, take advantage of the great academic support, develop your basketball skills, and enjoy a “Banner” season at IU!; 2) the arrogant strut of Calipari and crew at KY is turned to ashes, literally in Lexington, figuratively in Indy. It could not be a more refreshing sight to Hoosier eyes! The 2015-16 IU men’s basketball season is off to a grand start!

  28. Mike, how can you write a story in which you tout IU’s strength at forward and FAIL to mention Emmitt Holt who played so well as a freshman? Give a great kid some well deserved love!

  29. to all the Crean haters, who are at the present Bo Ryan lovers today and today only!!! could Bo Ryan have maintain a head coaching job at Indiana University?? i doubt it!! with all the great basketball fans in the stat of Indiana or dare i say all the knowledgeable basketball fans in the state of Indiana…truth be told, the Indiana basketball fan would have ran Bo Ryan out of the state years 15 years at Wisconsin, Bo Ryan has only made the final four twice in the last couple of years and his failure to recruit what the so call fan calls a top (McDonalds All American) recruit would have doom him at Indiana University…..But Bo Ryan has done it the right way or better yet his way and that is a great thing….Tom Crean is building a very good program and is building program the right way!! the kids/athlete are graduating on time and the true athlete (victor, cody, etc) is developing. past recruits are returning to the University and contributing to the University…..all you Crean haters and couch coaches need to stop all the criticism and start supporting Tom Crean for doing a good job of returning this program.

  30. IU79. IU would love Bo Ryan. He over-achieves every year with his teams and they play with heart and actually play defense. I don’t understand where you are coming from with this one. Every year they have been competitive since he’s arrived in Madison

  31. Only a handful of coaches that I care for from the Big 10….Last night, like most Final Fours, was a choice of the lesser evil…Normally, can’t stand Bo Ryan and his snidely undertones….Next to Calipari(Crean’s slimy brother of another mother) the Badgers’ coach looks quite appealing and genuine.
    Izzo seems like a decent guy….But there was a day he had very little understanding of the game until he hired a very brainy assistant to gain favor with the big money donors in the state of Michigan.. And then we have Duke….Anyone love Duke? Bottom Line: Hard to invest much heartfelt emotions in any of these games/teams. One thing they all have in common? The more money we throw at the bewildered one heading our program, the more these storied coaches have Indiana right where the Establishment loves to see our stagnant mediocrity….Our program stands in a frozen state of uninspiring directionless purpose in exact fashion our confused team fouling the best shooter on Wichita State while precious seconds evaporate off the clock. Keeping Crean will land the occasional stellar recruit while precious seconds turn to years….A Final Four in Indianapolis with Hoosiers nowhere to be found and all we can do is put our heads between our legs, give kudos to elite programs we once were an equal, and talk of how we text all our “coaching friends” in admiration for nothing Indiana can seem to harness.

    Crean is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to coaching competency….If you can’t see it, you don’t want to see it. And it’s very difficult to understand how fans can accept that while gloating over Izzo, Calipari, Ryan, and Coach K. I would honestly take Coach Collins at Northwestern over the whispers of what all our Big 10 peers smile ear to ear in knowing how we live on a diet of posters and slogans over substance and knowledge of the game…..The seconds become years and soon the tears will turn to indifference….very soon. Hard to not talk faith when indifference is the choice….Why is it the choice for Indiana to defend this until the death our legitimate standing when we all know we can do better? I, for one, am losing my faith in Indiana and what they choose to represent in the world of teaching excellence over teaching podium posturing and gibberish. I see our program much like the discrimination laws we let pass….I see weakness instead of true stances and solid belief in something at the foundation of respect….

    If you want to call that “hate,” so be it……I see chasing people off the campus as more “hate”: while we accept not fighting for a respect far more difficult to earn when based on our own merits.

  32. my comments may have been a little off base, but all i am saying is that IU fans are not patient enough and that we still need to give Tom Crean a little more time….we forget that this program was in total disarray a few years ago….all i am for is given Tom Crean enough time to bring and establish this program again….lets not be to quick to pass judgement of his ability to coach… his brand of basketball is pretty good a lot better than some of the other coaches out there….all our players/team is IU missing is the ability or DESIRE to play defense, IU team/offensive can now score with any team in the country….. i for one do not want the Kevin Sampson era ever again or any coach that resemble that brand of basketball (cheating,scandals, etc)!!!! Maybe Tom Crean is not the coach to get use over the hump, but in my opinion he deserve a chance (a few years) to see if he can maintain or sustain a higher standards in academics and basketball

  33. Seven years is more than a chance. The “disarray” garbage is old and tired defeatism…It is also an excuse quality coaches grateful of a unbelievable gig at Indiana would never fall back on. Time to find someone that can teach the game..

    But what’s to defend…? Crean fans can struggle through the detractors knowing our few voices will not change a thing. Crean hired his own AD. He is secure until Fred is gone. We howl to the moon for change, but things will remain. You have the same voice the obvious backing of the university for this coach…Why do you really care that a few here(primarily Geoff, coachv, and yours truly…Maybe add NoMendacity) can no long\er buy into this coach to be a man of teaching and composure under pressure? Why must our voice be completely squashed? What is there really to go “off base” over when the majority of Indiana’s decision makers and top brass agree with your position….We are the minority. This is a blog site that has absolutely no relevance. (though Price’s constant oversight may make it appear more than a dozen people even visit this place)….Why so threatened by such a small percentage of dissent on a blog site 99.9% of a fan base wouldn’t even know existed? Sampson’s thugs playing their boomboxes down Walnut Street projected more than anything written 10.000 times over on Hoosier Scoop. We are howling to the moon….We can not change the darkness of the stagnancy.

  34. I am in hope Coach Crean can achieve to big time recruiting in the next 5-7 years. This average recruiting is killing us. How heartbreaking. Of course those 3 statements are silly. Bravo for landing TB. As big as the TB commitment is the hiring of the next Assistant is just as big or personally to me bigger. Because it will determine Coach Creans future at Bloomington. If he makes a hire from an another traditional BB school he may set up IU for higher success. I thought the pUKe/Badger game was the game of the year but Monday night has the possibilities to be bigger. Coach Crean please take notes and spend lots of face time with worthy/needed assistants to choose from. Congrats to Bo and the Badgers.

  35. I agree HC that average recruiting is killing us. This isn’t acceptable for a caliber school like Indiana. What bothers me is Crean is always wasting scholarships on projects like Jurkin, April, Bawa, etc. I think he’s burned one or two of these in desperation. Why not hang on to it? For all the trouble Sampson caused, it sure did look that good talent was coming our way. Hopefully it will turn around if we can sustain sucess. Watching the Cubs tonight?

  36. What a great weekend. Bryant giving us a BIG, Paul George back with Pacers AND UK LOST.

  37. Reading this garbage is depressing. Bunch of immature trolls. Crean is a very good coach. If you don’t understand the list of active coaches who have been to a final four and multiple Sweet 16s is very small, you’re oblivious. The man won a Big Ten title outright just two years ago. All you trolls who coach from your couches and feel great putting down an accomplished guy like Crean, that’s just sad. If you’re sn IU fan, please just enjoy the ride. Crean is your coach. Let’s be excited about Thomas Bryant and this coming year’s team and stop with the petty crap. You trolls ruin IU basketball for us all.

  38. IU should be a program that controls recruiting in the state of Indiana always getting one of the top 2 centers, one of the top 2 gaurds, and one of the top 2 forwards each year. A really good coach would control the state because IU would sell itself with the right coach kinda like Duke does now and IU should.

  39. T, what you’re saying is antiquated and ludicrous. Show me one coach, just one, who got one of the top 2 guards, forwards and centers from the same state every year for even a three year stretch. Show me one. Same state.. Top 1 or 2 C, PF and G. I’m only asking for a three year stretch… Can you name one? No, there are zero. Your expectations of Crean are insane. No wonder he can’t meet your expectations. Crean brought in s McDonalds All Anerican from Indiana in 2011, 2012 and 2014.. And he can’t recruit Indiana?? Unreal.

  40. Some people just are not happy in life unless they are complaining about something or criticizing someone. This blog has a few of those types of people. For all of you who are constantly complaining about Tom Crean or the basketball program at IU … Maybe you should become a coach and work your way up to the college ranks and put all of your so called knowledge to work. I wonder once you got there, how many people would criticize and complain about you. Just like many of you, I do not like the way the season ended either and watching IU play at times was very frustrating. But I also remember when this program was in the gutter with only a few scholarship players and a bunch of walk-on players. I can remember those days when I wondered if we would ever win another game. The IU basketball program is not yet where most of us want it to be, but thankfully we are not where we were either. If I remember right, Coach K also had a slow start at Duke to the point he almost left, but along the way, he got it turned around. I am not comparing Coach C to Coach K, but I am saying I still believe the best years with Crean are still ahead of us. If those on this blog would stop all their childish complaining about a man whose shoes they have never walked in and started giving some positive support … maybe that would make a difference in attitude and recruitment. I am sure some of you criticizers are now going to criticize me, but that’s OK … If it will make you a happier person to do so and make you feel more satisfied within, then go for it.

  41. Ben, I agree, a little. Bawa(same with Jobe)was a stretch but you have to have a big or 2 to practice against. Jurkin w/o the lingering leg injury could have developed to have been a help. I think April will develop and be the post player that can work in Coach Crean’s type of O. I do not believe in banking those scholarships either unless you have a bonafide commit for the next class. You never know when 1 of those incinerated 1’s turns out to be VO. I like Crean’s instincts for those situations. I worry more about his game prep. As far as MLB, not so much. To many teams, To many games. A single win doesn’t mean much, a single loss doesn’t mean much. Hence to many marginal, wanna be pros to watch. To me it has became more of a technical process than a competition. Sorry I just don’t like what it has evolved into. 25 years of allowed doping also turned my thumbs down. On the other hand collegiate is a different matter.

  42. Harvard, just for shtuffs and giggles, I give you permission to address iu79, HtownMike, and IU FAN IN NC on my behalf… you’ve always loved putting words in my mouth, and this time I think it would be entertaining to watch… that is all.

  43. Allow me to re-state: getting one of the top 2 players at each position should happen on a consistent basis. I realize after you get to a point the need and opportunities for program and players will not match. However, IU should be able to recruit the very top players from state of Indiana on regular basis. (not second tier players). Thomas Bryant is an excellent get for IU. Now, they need one more 6’10” or bigger forward or center 4.8 star or higher recruit if IU is going to compete on elite national level status. HtownMike, I agree my post 49 was somewhat ludicrous. Enjoy competing for middle of big ten honors with the likes of Northwestern and Penn State, making tournament, and winning a first round game and every 10 years making sweet sixteen. The players at forward and center IU has recruited the last couple of years are simply not good enough.

  44. If there are ” Crean Haters” there must be “Crean Lovers”. Let your imagination run wild with that one the next time one of these morons gets on here and uses the term “Crean Haters”. If Harvard feels so inclined maybe he can write one of his masterful essays on what a “Crean Lover” is and what the do for excitement.

  45. Not sure we need to divide into Crean lovers and haters. The latter just don’t recognize that despite the fact that Crean is no Izzo, K, Calipari or Self, he is a really damn good coach. The number of coaches in the last five years with 2 Sweet 16s, a #1 ranking, a major conf title, 7 total NCAA tourney games, and a McD’s All American each year are surprisingly small. He’s not a top 10 coach, but we could do a heck of a lot worse. The “Haters” are really just whiners being unfair to a solid coach who wish he was Coach K or Bobby Knight.

  46. As evidenced by some of the posts in this string, news of another major recruiting victory for IU requires the Crean-haters to do ever more strenuous contortions in order to justify their disdain for IU’s coach. And it has really become entertaining. If you like stupid comedy, witnessing Tom-Crean-Derangement-Syndrome expressed on the Scoop is funny. Some of the criticisms directed at Crean on this string made me laugh out loud. And one can’t help but laugh at the “logic” used to write some of these posts. #55 is an great example. Thanks for the chuckle, RAM. A good laugh makes Monday mornings more tolerable.

    HtownMike, IU FAN IN NC, iu79, and Countryboy, thanks for reminding us that their are still some rational, fair-minded subscribers on the Hoosier Scoop. For far too long, Hoosier Clarion was carrying that load all by himself. And Countryboy, your post #21 hit the bullseye and articulates what I believe is a big part of the Crean-haters’ motivation for expressing such continuous disdain toward Crean. Not in all cases, mind you, but with a lot of these people, they frequently combine their disdain for his faith with criticism of his coaching style and tendencies. It’s often difficult to see where their religious bigotry and intolerance stop and their criticism of his coaching ability begins. I find that very interesting.

  47. Calling someone a “Hater” just because they have a different opinion of the man is asinine. As for dividing the fan base, the ones who coined the term “Crean Haters” have already gone along way towards that. Tom Crean IS a top ten coach according to his salary.He’s the one who said “It’s Indiana” so don’t blame others for “whining” about high expectations.

  48. Podunker nailed it. I wonder how many recruits are turned away by the criticism and negativity displayed on this forum. More support could possibly lead to signing more of those high level in-state recruits.

    IU FAN IN NC – I totally agree. Maybe if one is so disgruntled with Indiana basketball, the person could find a different team to “support”.

  49. Mark Few (2006) and Tony Bennett (2008) each cited the enormous (read: hostile) fan pressure IU fans place on their coaches as their reasons for turning down the job. As a result, we get Sampson and Crean. That said, I think Crean is a good coach and I’m proud to have a clean program with strong academics, so thanks to Crean for both. I also think he will give us a shot to go deep in March more often than not. But it will never be enough for the irrational IU fans.

  50. More stupid logic. That’s like saying if someone is disgruntled with Obama they should leave the country. Now we are going to play the blame game about recruits. I’m sure the coach being the Great recruiter he is can dispel any fears the young men may have.

  51. i would suggest that maybe a fan so infatuated with protecting a horrible X’s and O’s coach no other Big 10 program would hire as a head coach, should find a different team to support rather than perpetuate the decline of Indiana Basketball.. Other Big programs have no problem competing with Tom Crean’s absolutely mind-boggling recruiting marvels… Maybe, just maybe, it takes some sort of talent close to what the Messiah can bring into Bloomington to get to a Final Four and defeat Wildcats not Northwestern variety? But let’s give Crean the edge and say his recruits have always been top notch and the right mix to compete against other top programs int the talent department…

    If you believe:
    a) Having a coach in his seventh season losing six of his last 8 games during what all viewed as a favorable schedule going down the stretch.
    a) Beating Northwestern is a landmark victory securing all the necessary respect worthy a great coach at Indiana finally catapulting a team ready for the NCAA
    b) Three losses in a row at home is proof of a team finishing strong with a seasoned coach infecting enthusiasm and preparedness into his team as they ready for March
    c) Time to chest bump your Steve Alford poster when Purdue makes Indiana their personal rag doll twice in one season.

    …you are protecting something that is not competency in a profession. This coach may be able to recruit inside the Indiana name while providing a marvelous stage to play the game. He may be able to use his personal beliefs and the reputation a solid university with top facilities to sell us in a living room. But that’s where our equal advantages end, my friends. We witnessed what he can do with a #1 team…Yes, we won the conference with Cody Zeller dominating the middle…But when we hit the true masters of X’s and O’s, Crean is left with teams clueless in matching adjustments made by their opponents…Seven years of evidence a coach that can’t run any sets to breakdown a zone…A coach that can’t adequately design in-bounds plays….A coach whose teams are aloof while precious seconds run off the clock as he hops frantically on the sideline and the result is fouling the best shooter on a team in critical situation….Victories, upon victories squandered…..Not because of a lack of talent….The “because” we can’t win these games is not “because it’s Indiana.” ..

    Should I even begin to mention the fear of scheduling a storied rival game against the team from Lexington ….Funny how Wisconsin could make them look like mere mortals.. And ND did as well…
    But Tom Crean is afraid….”because” when the other team does have a much higher grade more talent, the embarrassment based on the total lack of coaching acumen is grossly accentuated. Calipari could never do that to his clueless friend in Bloomington. Just wouldn’t be right.

  52. oops…a)..b)..c)…d)

    This coach should be matching his abilities to the history and size his employer…Lipscomb would be a good fit….or the school he sent Jonny Marlin back to….or any of the schools(some may be a bit too challenging) he forced solid, role players.. Why? Because he’s a “role” coach…His “role” to vilify the “wreckers” is over. Nothing left in his cookie jar. Time to bring in a starter.

    I see Tom Crean the “coach” as much like a Max Hoetzel the “baller”…Hire me because “I’m Tom Crean..and that’s all you need to know.”

  53. Harvard – I will destroy your opinion of Crean with numbers… Actually, just one number. You claim that Crean cannot design inbounds plays, however, in late half and late game situations, IU ranks # in the B1G at successfully inbounding the ball on average over the past 5 years. How can that be if Coach cannot design an inbounds play?

    You and your brethren get called haters because your comments are irrational, not because everyone else is a big meany.

  54. I honestly assumed some of these Crean apologist posts were a joke. Like a candid camera like attempt to defy logic and common sense to elicit a response for the sake of saying – “gotcha!”.

    That aside – HtownMike from your post # 60 – would you please provide me with the site(s) where I can read up on your claim of the following:

    ” Mark Few (2006) and Tony Bennett (2008) each cited the enormous (read: hostile) fan pressure IU fans place on their coaches as their reasons for turning down the job.”

    It should be interesting reading.

    OldIUgymnast : I’d also like to read up on your inbounds play stat you mentioned in post # 64. Would you please provide me the link so I can read through it. Thanks.

  55. Stop with the “haters” BS…..

    The coach you put on a pedestal advanced “hate” over forgiveness and moving forward than any competent coach would ever wasted his time over…Chasing an assistant coach down five years after taking a job in order to scream at him like an irrational hate monger is the definition of the emotion. The man is an average coach that plays to defeatists that chose(and continue to choose) to blame Kelvin Sampson for 10 years the state of average his ability lives. It’s a great strategy…Christ, the man gets to a Sweet 16 and it’s as if somehow this God of a man brought Indiana back from the depths of a hell Sampson had caused on his very own..

    Any other coach would have moved on without any reference another man’s faults….They would have not required the crutch …nor the hate…nor the never-ending excuses that we became damned because firing Knight…hiring Davis….hiring Sampson…..19 F’s….3-way call investigations…etc, etc, etc. It is the world of defeatists…Capable coaches relish the opportunity to work at Indiana and have so much talent in their own backyard…Incapable coaches chase villains and excuses to the point they loose the heart of their teams…The build their own image in the faults of those that came before because they don’t have the knowledge at their disposal to truly restore or resurrect anything. And to even use the words “resurrect” …”decimation”…”ashes” is disgusting in its parallel to an immortal force so often associated with such words….If their is a higher power, I’ll choose to reserve bringing anything from ashes to life to as a “good” no man could ever possess. To even be so delusional to equate basketball as something that was “burned to ashes” only displays how far fools will go to defend their flat world of Indiana under their savior that must have raised us from the dead….

    I never used such words as “decimation” …”wrecked”….”resurrection”…”ashes”…”cancer”….I could never match that level of hyperbole and insult to elevate any man. He is a coach…a very average coach with a very slick tongue and mind to sell the villains as the roadblocks to his own greatness…It’s so damn weak…and it’s so damn defeatists. And it’s so damn arrogant that his “followers” that never stop “hating” on Sampson(or any past hiring/firing “mistake”) continue to hang their hat on such defeatism.

    It is defeatism and the hatred of what any mortal flawed man is capable that is wrecking and cheating Indiana out of any real future. I can assure you that the next coach that takes over Syracuse, NC…after the turmoil and deceptions found by the NCAA will not use such dark days of history to chase villains for seven years…They will pick up the programs in a positive frame of mind and not waste the time to infect young minds with the pathway of excuses.

  56. And please quit with the complete BS that any recruit cares what is written on this blog. If you continue down such delusional roads, I will start cutting and pasting passages from historic American documents to up the dismal level of understanding the history of this great country and its founders. Most of these recruits care about furthering the greatness their own reflection in the mirror….Get to the NBA as fast and easily as possible….Get the degree done in as speedy fashion as possible because Tom Crean isn’t into developing mature teams and veteran excellence….Very few care to learn basketball anymore than the history of their country in an elective American History class….And they certainly don’t come to Scoop to learn anything that will ever change their mind of their own reflection and perceptions of a fulfilled challenge….Do you really honestly believe that anything I type could change a recruits decision to be on the bright stage that Indiana and Tom Crean’s promises will provide them? There is not a place in college basketball with bigger stage matching low expectations in earning your court time. This is far more the NBA farm system than Kentucky under Calipari will ever be. Not because of the numbers that can make it to the NBA, but because of the demands in valuing the team game and a thing called defense to earn your minutes….

  57. I do not dislike T.C. (Tom Crean) (Top Cat). Simply put, IU has to recruit another top big man as good as or better than TB. They will have to stay a couple years a long with what they have now if they are going to be a top 4 or 5 team. Otherwise they will compete to be a top 7 team in big ten. Yogi and Troy become unavailable next year without good replacements even that would be down the drain.

  58. For what it’s worth, I completely disagree with the theory that more talent will help Tom Crean….

    Give him Calipari’s team tomorrow and it’s simply a larger disaster and waste of more NBA/1st round talent.

    Butler nearly defeated ND…ND nearly defeated UK….Wisconsin basically embarrassed UK in the final minutes.

    Indiana vs UK…..? That would have been very, very, very ugly. No defense from IU…No awareness(just having bigs doesn’t equal awareness that comes with solid coaching)…No stopping penetration…No chance whatsoever. All the talent in the world doesn’t fix sever coaching deficiencies. It may provide nice preseason rankings and Sweet 16 appearances if the fortunes of favorable brackets allow..But it will never get you over the hump I witnessed such marvelous coaching in ND vs Butler….ND vs. UK….Wisconsin vs. UK….It’s such a beautiful thing to see talent that isn’t wasted. It’s such a beautiful thing to see the hearts of gritty kids not wasted by a teacher at the front of the classroom that is simply lost. There is no losers in such games….These were not beauty pageant basketball where only talent made the difference…The mind for the game is a terrible thing to waste. …and even a more horrible thing to waste in a state with such storied embodiment of the term “collective” meaning more than the sum its parts found in in the lore of Hoosier history.. The tournament has saddened my spirit because Indiana has drifted so far from what playing above your individual talents can actually look like… But what brief moments of escape that sadness in the joys it can bring when watching this year’s teams exhibit such togetherness.

  59. Harvard, good work. I can’t wait to see what all the Crean lovers have to say about all the valid points you made.

  60. “Please stop, please stop.” Whaah, whaah, whaah. Is the Crean-hater label starting to annoy you, Harvard? Or is it that a few folks have dared to interrupt the anti-Crean soliloquy? Your post #66 reads as if you’re beginning to lose your infamous cool. Well, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

    You want “the haters BS” to stop? Then you and your MENSA buddies should stop writing derogatory personal attacks against Crean. Stop representing lies as truth and speculation as fact. Stop including in your basis of criticism the continuous (and monotonous) references to Crean’s expression of his Christian faith. Stop referring to him as a “clown.” Stop the nitpicking criticism on everything from his hair style to the shirt and tie combination he wares on the sideline? Stop making up stuff about him out of hole cloth. Stop going out of your way to criticize Crean. Hell Harvard, I’ve seen you insert an anti-Crean rant into a string of 20 comments written on the subject of IU Football. You’ll look for any excuse to express your hatred of Tom Crean, and frequently do so without any prompting from others. Stop participating in, or at least join in the public condemnation of those that directed derogatory chants toward Crean’s teenage son during one of his basketball games (that’s really low life, scumbag behavior). You and your like-minded buddies don’t seem to have the ability to separate personal attacks from legitimate criticism of Crean’s coaching tactics and tendencies. That suggests a level or derangement and hate, not to mention arrogance (as if any of you know more about coaching basketball than Crean does). I mean, just look at how people responded, in comments written above, to the news that Crean signed yet another McDonald’s All American! It’s ridiculous, and just more evidence that some people posting comments on this site who seem to hate Crean more than they love IU basketball. If the shoe fits……

  61. RAM, just thought you’d like to know that when you use the term “Crean-lover,” it reminds me of a very dark time in America’s past in which some real haters used a similar term as a means of trying to intimidate and stifle fair minded people who objected to the hateful and unfair treatment of others. I’m sure it’s not your intent to sound like one of those Bull Connor types, but you’re giving people the opportunity to interpret your comments as if you are.

  62. IM not a “crean-hater”, but I am a realist. IU got the big man they sorely needed BUT if the defense doesn’t improve Thomas Bryant will spend more time on the bench saddled with fouls than on the floor. Crean has to devise an offense that can run thru the #5 position; whether its a zone or a Man-to-man. Inability to coach against the zone makes me believe he doesn’t know or understand HOW to use a #5 position on offense. Not much difference in coaching against a zone or a man to man as far as setting screens or high post..

  63. Crimson – Ask Alex B. He was the one that originally provided the stat in a comment earlier this year. Not your research librarian. All I know is that Alex provided the #’s and it was 180 degrees from the claim. Of course, folks like you didn’t notice the 5 on 8 nature of the Syracuse game and pretend that Jordan Hulls didn’t suffer a separated right shoulder a few days before the game.

    Also, the thing everyone should understand about “common sense.” First, it isn’t common – and second (and most important) what people call common sense is hardly sense. It is usually based on gut reactions and flat out stupidity – and a lack of dispassionate analysis.

    I don’t know if Coach Crean is a good coach or not at this juncture – but I do know that most of the objections to Coach Crean are little more than hyperbolic screeching. Harvard’s posts frequently border on insanity – and he isn’t even the worst. IU should always be ranked in the top 5 t? Please. That is true of no team ever. IU should win a B1G title outright every 3 years? Come on! Also happens at a scale of rarely to never. IU should be in the Final Four every 3-5 years? That wasn’t even true in the salad days of wonderful Coach Knight’s career (which is often only looked at as 1975-1987 as if the ’87-2000 didn’t happen). The reason I don’t like the “haters” is not because I think Coach Crean is the best coach in the world – I think his place in the history of NCAA coaches is yet to be decided. Rather, it is because you so frequently rely on rumors, innuendo and flat out made up stuff as the basis of your often wildly lacking in foundation opinions. Nobody knows what happened with Matt Roth – who by the way got a degree and 4 seasons – other than Coach and Matt Roth, no matter what Doyel claims. But then again – who can blame those who post on this site for being outlandishly hyperbolic in their hate when a guy that writes a feature column in the Indiana paper of record gets to just make up unfounded things and gets them published.

    Oh – and Harvard, the one place we agree is that Coach spends way, way too much time talking about his “faith.” I am not anti-christian, everybody in America has a right to believe in (or not) whatever deity they please. But IU is a public institution and there is a problem when it seems like a non-christian would not be welcome on the team. I think that is wholly inappropriate. Coach has every right to think and believe those things – but he should be careful to not make it sound like IU Basketball is only for Christians. It isn’t – or at least it shouldn’t be.

  64. Podunker nice try but that’s not going to fly. Just another example of you trying to put anyone who dares disagree with you in a bad light. THE ONLY THING DARK HERE COMES FROM YOUR POST AND YOUR MIND. I can’t help what YOU are reminded of AND DON’T EVER TRY TO PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH PAL.

  65. Matt Roth left IU with, at least, 2 degrees including a masters degrees. He may have earned 2 masters but I’m not certain.

    There are a whole lot of great muslim high school players I’d love to see represent the candystripes before they move on to the League. It seems like more every year. I hope they feel welcome.

    It looks like we will probably have an incredibly deep team with 3 McD AAs next year. It’s not likely to get better than that any time soon. It’s reasonable to expect a Final Four run. If it doesn’t happen next year don’t hold your breath until the next time we have a team with that kind of talent.

  66. So if Thomas Bryant will turn into the new Luke Fischer what will the creanapologists say?

    Crean is like the cubs: next year is always going to be better. “Obsessed” with “improvement”,

  67. Podunker that being said I would love to meet you face to face and have a beer old buddy. ANY TIME ANY PLACE.

  68. Oh – and Harvard, the one place we agree is that Coach spends way, way too much time talking about his “faith.” I am not anti-christian, everybody in America has a right to believe in (or not) whatever deity they please. But IU is a public institution and there is a problem when it seems like a non-christian would not be welcome on the team. I think that is wholly inappropriate. Coach has every right to think and believe those things – but he should be careful to not make it sound like IU Basketball is only for Christians. It isn’t – or at least it shouldn’t be.

    Thanks for that, Old IU Gymnast. That’s far better put than most my attempts…They’ll mean more not coming from me.

  69. Podunker, does the term dog lover or cat lover or animal lover remind you of dark things too? If so maybe some professional help is in order. If not the the gutter intent of post #74 is very clear. Not a big surprise coming from the likes you.

  70. They’re your words, RAM. When you use “Crean-lover” in a derisive way, it’s nowhere near the same connotation as dog-lover or cat-lover. You used it in an attempt to denigrate people defending Crean or those arguing against people who continuously write derogatory personal attacks against Crean. I’m simply suggesting that you should reconsider the context of that term, your intent in using it, and how others might interpret it. And based on #82, I guess those beers are out of the question.

  71. Stop participating in, or at least join in the public condemnation of those that directed derogatory chants toward Crean’s teenage son during one of his basketball games (that’s really low life, scumbag behavior)

    I did speak up against the lowly behavior of teenagers that made derogatory remarks aimed at Crean’s son… I will gladly search for it and place the comments I made if you’d like the proof…I said that the kids that were guilty of the cruelty should be identified and given suspensions.

    But I’ll be honest, Podunker…I don’t care much for Tom Crean. and it has nothing to do with his faith. I can’t get past the vilification and the chasing and the calling people “wreckers” of Indiana. Even if I felt he was a competent coach, I know my opinion of his actions when he first took over IU would never set well in my gut. I don’t think the man practices behavior anything approaching what I think a faith should hold in the form of decency and forgiveness. I don’t think anything was gained by holding up 19F’s of kids that failed for many reasons most of us can’t fully understand….I could just as easily play the cards you are choosing in the use of terms like “thug” and “druggie” assigned to a handful of Sampson’s players…It can easily be argued that it was hatred coming from a place those same “dark days” you speak of…And I think this coach did nothing to quell such hatred. He added to it and he used his faith as justification to do so. And five years after such broad gestures to make all of Hoosier Nation think of any kid that played for Sampson a total degenerate of despicable character with absolutely no redeeming qualities, he was still chasing down an assistant coach …and still not done with the “wreckers” labels and the fueling of hatred a fan base that he thought still needed more. It was o.k. to do that to kids that made mistakes under Samposn….Maybe Mr. Crean can’t understand how those sort of permanent labels can hurt someone unless its only his own blood….or own choice followers of whatever he’s selling in living rooms. But targeting and hurting people shouldn’t be justified simply because kids failed in the classroom….

    Tom Crean’s players have been in plenty of their own problems off the court…Maybe they are bright kids with solid foundations in education before coming to IU, but they are far from perfect. I don’t hear the same hatred when they screw up. I don’t hear terms like “drunkard” and “reckless fool” …..I can only assume that a faith they adhere serving as the main reason such labels can’t be cast that were easily assigned by Crean onto a Sampson degenerate getting his F’s.

  72. Harvard for Hillbillies #35

    Monday, March 23, 2015 – 2:49 PM EDT

    Those that yelled profanity at Tom Crean’s kid should be identified and punished….There should have been suspensions handed down from the school….Mellencamp-ish thugs abound in that town and I feel for any new coach that has a young family he/she will try to make a cultured life for in that very odd and regressive place

    Now spit out that last piece of flesh, you hungry wolf of defeatism. …and say you’re sorry for labeling me as someone that would support what was done to Crean’s son at a basketball game.

  73. Podunker, and when you use the term Crean haters it is reminiscent of a tactic used by the Third Reich against a whole group of people that they despised because they weren’t like them. Pretty clever tactics to use against people who don’t agree with you but reminiscent of a bunch of war criminals.

  74. Harvard, you’ve been very,very,very,very clear about why you don’t like Tom Crean. It’s no mystery to anyone who has been on the Scoop for any length of time. Not all my comments in 73 were specifically directed at you, but to the group of Crean-critics and denigrators that seem to jump at any chance to find fault with the man. I read your original comments condemning those who made chants toward Crean’s son and appreciated that at least you remain consistent in defending the underdog as you see it. But at the same time, don’t you have to take a little responsibility for contributing to the momentum and volume of anti-Crean sentiment? No one, and I mean no one on the Scoop has been more outspoken in expressing his/her extreme disdain for Tom Crean than you, Harvard. You set the standard for the volume anti-Crean statements and criticism of the man, and your comments are not limited to the man’s performance as IU’s Basketball coach. In fact, while I stopped reading all your posts a long time ago, I’ll bet that the majority of your anti-Crean comments are of a non-basketball nature. And in doing so, you and others, give cover to others who feel empowered to come out of the woodwork and express their disdain and even hate about the man in a public forum. You see Harvard, not all the other Crean-critics are as smart and articulate as you, so when they jump on the bandwagon and contribute to the anti-Crean “chant,” they are less artful in expressing their disdain. The result is more crude and strident rhetoric written by less sophisticated critics, that builds momentum and takes on a life of its own. Your buddy RAM’s comments serve as a good example. By the way, is it just a coincidence that his anti-Crean comments get posted immediately after one of yours? Be careful you don’t make a sudden stop, Harvard.

  75. Podunker anyone who has read my comments during the events of the last few weeks knows where I stand on prejudice of any kind and you do to. Your feeble attempt to paint me as a racist is nothing but raw sewage flushed out by a petty man. If you think I am a racist come out and say it on this public venue or quit dancing around it like a coward. I really would like to meet you but I suspect that you would never come out from behind the slippery persona that you portray on this web site.

  76. On April 4th at 1:49 pm Ben made a nice comment on what a good pickup the new recruit was for IU. After three days and currently 85 posts later we have gone back and forth on the unfairness of the Crean haters, the stupidity of the Crean lovers, recruiting and transfers, religion, and finally even have a word on the Third Reich (No offence intended Mr. Ram at all). If you think you have heard it all just stick around here for awhile as I have been doing and something else comes up to ponder. I like to leave but I can’t stop reading the next post. I even enjoy Mr. Harvard and most of the time I have no idea what he is talking about.

    And we wonder how we could possibly still go to war.

  77. This Crean/Lover-Crean/Hater stuff is nonsense. I don’t dislike Tom Crean, I just do not think he is a great basketball coach. His offense against a zone is ridiculous. His defense ranked as one of the worst in college basketball. The argument should be about expectations. Duke now has 5 titles. IU has 5 titles. Why shouldn’t the expectations for IU be the same as Duke, Kansas, etc. IU is a storied program that needs a coach who can compete for a Big 10 title every year and at least reach the Sweet 16 every year. I hope Crean can be the man. This coming year should be the line in the sand for Glass. Crean needs to do it this coming season. If he can, great news! If he cannot, get someone who can.

  78. Please go back and read my post# 20. I was clear that I DID NOT HATE TOM CREAN. Yet Podunker insists on painting anyone who dares CRITICIZE the coach as a” HATER”. He reads what he wants to read into any post and when you disagree with him he tries to put you in a bad light. Inferring that someone is a racist is over the top I don’t care how much you love the coach.

  79. Bryant will be good medicine, as will the 2 forwards. Improvement coming; how could it be worse with the talent we already have in place, albeit disorganized?

    Crean gets another shot at coaching a big man. The Vonleh experiment was a failure. The kid left no better than he was & started his NBA career in Ft. Wayne. Here I thought the NCAA was the real “D” league.

    The problem in B-town is that we red-blooded fans want teams like Wisconsin’s. Players who are smart and stay around for 4 yrs. That has them competing for Big 10 champs yearly and now two Final Fours in a row. That is what we want and what we were brought up on. We want Frank Kaminskys. A guy who couldn’t even hold onto the ball as a freshman or soph. and developed into a stud. Wisc. and MSU, develop players, can withstand 1 or 2 & dones and have a system build from young to seniors.

    Instead, Crean has a penchant for recruiting McDonald’s All Americans that he doesn’t develop or surround with the enough 3-4 yr. players. What about the 3 pt. line weave is going to make Bryant a stud next yr.? He doesn’t mold teams that play together, like Wisconsin or Duke or UK, or work for the best shot. It seems like “take the first shot” basketball. There are not enough shots to go around on his teams & there appears to be no chemistry. Does anyone think that Yogi and Blackmon actually enjoy playing together? When we had Vonleh, he left no better than he came, yet he was also a top-10 “big” in today’s vernacular. We play hard and go to class. That’s a positive. But there aren’t enough Hartmanns, Hoetzels, Abels, Ethringtons, Holts, etc… in the Jr. or Sr. class each year. That is Wisc. and MSU formula and it works! Everyone seems to cite Davis as a key injury this yr. but many of us know this kid was far better than his freshman playing time showed. He didn’t get significant minutes until Feb. last year, much like Holt this yr. But many of us saw this kid was good around the hoop ALL YEAR, not just in Feb.

    This adds quite a bit of evidence that “the system” is flawed. The players are in place. Our talent, with a strategy on offense and defense, would flourish. The strategy is run and gun and don’t play defense; wear them down, score more points. Personally, I prefer the traditional work for the best shot offense and defend every possession defense. Like Wisconsin.

    Wisconsin is the new IU (from the 70s – 90s).

  80. AWinAZ, this coming season Tom gets to prove his doubters wrong. Analysts are ranking IU in the top 15. I think he still needs one more big man to take Perea’s minutes, subbing for Bryant. Nevertheless, this team has enough talent to be a very good team. It is up to Tom to coach these players to play together. Time will tell.

  81. Tom Crean’s incompetence as a coach is given a pass because….?

    a) seven years is not enough to prove competence?
    b) he places one or two recruits every season in the NBA(none this season…by the way) and Glass will tolerate horrible late-season slides because a couple Dipo’s every few years serves as an equalizer for being the worst defending team in all the Big 10?
    c) he can leave whenever he chooses because he hired his own AD(sorta nullifies choice ‘b’)?
    d) we benefit immeasurably in feeling whole again knowing who “wrecked” Indiana some time after Jesus and banners BC?
    e) a fear he’ll throw a lightning bolt from his twitter page straight through a journalist’s heart daring to ask one single question concerning the methods his coaching(a.k.a. “madness”)?
    f) we’ve learned to love football failure so much that we’ve become greedy losers?
    g) Podunker is tied up in Tom’s basement and any dissent means something like that scene in the Bond movie where James is strapped to a chair and the bad guy(Crean)has a very large rope with a huge knot on the end that will be swung up under the chair…etc, etc..etc?
    h) comedic relief is too satisfying compared to the unrealistic expectations to bring in a coach that knows a little bit more than identifying Hoosiers from the 1970’s in Cook Hall?

    i) f & g only
    j) most the Establishment contributors of Scoop, the East and West Coast blowbags on this site, are members of a Seth Davis yacht club and keeping Crean at IU is payback for hicks from Indiana playing basketball better than their daddies could have ever imagined in their toe-tripping heyday?
    k) All of the above

  82. Hey HT Guys, or maybe just Jeremy. Got a question.

    One contributor to this site was recently, uh, benched for personal attacks, right? So how do you justify allowing the onslaught of personal attacks on Crean? I know, it’s that free speech thing. But will you ever draw a line? Is there even a line to cross? I mean really, some of the attacks on Crean sound pretty close to pathological. Dangerous. Unhinged.

    This forum is provided by the local paper – covering IU sports. I feel you guys provide an honest appraisal of IU sports, both the good and the bad. Honest and to the point. Than, when a visitor wanders onto this site, I would think any credibility HT Sports has would be lost.

    Does Crean have areas to improve? Many. Maybe too many to list. But reading someone list them 20 times a day, seems that would pass that ‘line’. Again, almost scary.

    I’m at the point where I hope IU plays Grambling State (ranked last by KenPom) as the first game this fall, and wins, followed by ; cutting the nets and Fred announcing contract extension for Crean. That may be enough to throw a couple people over the edge.

    It’s been 4 years I’ve followed this site and over time it’s turned into a cesspool. Please – Please- Please put me on the “do not enter” list.

    1. Ron,
      I appreciate the honest question. The honest answer is I’m not sure where the line is. I think it’s fair to say attacking his family is off-limits, as is innuendo/slander about his personal life. Do I think some of the criticism here is over the top? Of course it is, but it’s also a caricature where everything is exaggerated only because of some element of truth, and I think that’s true both of the critics and supporters. That said, there are days I badly want to click on the button to turn off comments, but I think that would be a disservice as well. Hopefully the actual content supersedes the banter on the side of the page more often than not, so hang with us.

  83. I would suggest getting over yourself…No one is attacking you. The banning was for attacking fellow bloggers with every other word laced in homophobia attached to words like stupid, moron, idiot, best friend something or other….”go slit your wrists” , and you mother should have “aborted” you, etc, etc, etc.

    And if we’re talking about heavy criticism, you best go back and read some posts from coachv and Geoff regarding Crean’s competence at this profession.

    And what’s worse than criticism of someone present acting as a public figure in a high-profile job/situation? How about the vilification Crean levied five years after the fact at kids barely over the age of 18 that had long been punished for their horrible deeds at Indiana? Now that’s what I call relentless stalking…And look at Jeff Meyer’s face when Crean chases him(not after a heartbreaking loss, but after a victory…a Big 10 championship no less) down and claims he’s a “wrecker” of Indiana when he hasn’t been near an Indiana campus in any employed capacity for five years. There is nothing more “pathological”…. “Dangerous:”…. “Unhinged.” I would also add the possibly of a very deeply rooted inferiority complex which has almost flipped over itself(with the help of a higher power I would assume) to turn into delusions of grandeur like never before in someone merely a basketball coach at a somewhat washed up(in terms of sports relevancy on big stages/deep tournaments)village that once prided itself in sportsmanship and humble teaching excellence…

    It’s carnival….and it’s no different than what Crean has been selling you at his booth since the day his hire.

    And what you are doing is weak intimidation….and attempting to build a politically correct world where all would one day fear to banned for sarcasm, cynicism, and mockery of public figures that often do the real mocking the very institutions they represent by abusing the privilege of a job via their excessive power and connections holding such said positions for far too long with grotesque amounts of money and contracts building even higher walls of untouchable double standards very few could ever take to such levels of job abuse.

  84. I’ll tone it down for Jeremy……I’m sure they’ve heard enough …And I’m sure the newspaper business is pretty tough as it is…and the last thing they need is intimidation based on a nutcase getting unhinged on their IU sports blog getting more hits than the Huffington Post.

    Chill out, Ron.

  85. “Chill out, Ron.”

    That’s classic.

    Yeah, I think we need to put a straitjacket on Ron. His manifestos are way over the top.

  86. You went after Ben with far less “chill” than anything I’ve ever thrown at Crean…or anyone else on this blog..I really doubt Ben and Tom Crean are that far apart in what they practice allows them to preach, accept, deny, filter, condemn, frost, etc. So can we quit pretending to be holier-than-thou, Chet? You are obviously far more afraid to “cross a line”: with a basketball coach because it takes you out of a Scoop yacht club…I would suggest the “lines” are also very close to being crossed where our claims of “hospitality” for ALL can become more empty blow than truth at one of our higher institutions in this state as well. And things that make us unique are not denied to an individual, but instead used by those in power or ownership positions to perpetuate/cast broad strokes that actually create an atmosphere that that goes against classrooms, basketball courts, businesses, etc. where public places no longer have a foundation in terms like “equal” or “equal service”(military, patron at a business, public university basketball team) or “equal opportunity.” A doctrine to filter out people doesn’t end at a bakery. ….Your stance may end at a very young man named Ben that you now refuse to “engage.”

    … (edit)

    Funny how your stances against “filtering” out people in Indiana end with a kid commenting on a site talking about a basketball team, but the public institution seemingly oblivious to actions building something close to a policy(I would certainly say it’s definitely a climate knocking on the door of exclusion) of “one” doctrine serving as the “only” doctrine is protected as if one belief should have such rights to dictate and implement decisions to who wears the colors of the university’s basketball team.

    I’ve always found myself pretty aligned with your way of thinking, Chet…(Not that it makes it solely anchored in some unyielding better “truth” than Clarion’s or anyone else here). But I do think you choose very easy targets….And you prop up formal service to country as something a bit different than my own father decided to let in mean…My experiences around those that served in my family(father, uncle, and nephew) were that they never made me less the human being because I didn’t make the same choices. There’s a different set of politics surrounding much of our disputes in the world today…and I don’t see young people as flawed because they wouldn’t want to represent America in the fashion many a war mongering politician has placed this country in the past few decades. My dad was a WWII veteran and he was lucky…Always told us how lucky he was…Not that working in an engine room a ship while knowing a torpedo coming through the hull makes your time here quickly over…He also witnessed a ton of terrible torture the Japanese did to fighting U.S. Marines that had been captured or horribly wounded …He said you could here their screams in the night coming from the islands….

    My dad never spoke much of religion…Maybe he did or didn’t find it on those islands…i just get tired of hearing how somebody will save this…or somebody will save that….or somebody wrecked this. …or wrecked that.

    My bad for going after Tom Crean or exaggerating things….Lines are funny things. We see some very clearly and blur some to the point they become by choice invisible if they serve some need we don’t want to let go.

  87. Ron, I applaud your question. But you must realize that posting 20 negative comments attacking Crean is an average day for Harvard. He’s probably posted thousands of such comments on the Scoop. As I referenced previously, he’s actually inserted negative comments about Crean into strings discussing football and other sports, without any remote connection to basketball or Crean. He’s obsessed! Post #100 is a classic example of the problem. This man uses the Scoop to write manifestos and to carry on his soliloquy. His language may not ‘cross the line,” but his volume and regularity makes up the difference. I some times wonder what Harvard would do with his life if a) IU wins an NCAA Championship under Crean, or b) IU hired a coach who publicly stated that he was agnostic or an atheist. At the very least, I think he would be very unhappy.

  88. About as unhappy as you would have remained if Doug Mallory was not fired and not made the scapegoat for decades of football mediocrity(mediocrity being a compliment). Don’t we all just love our scapegoats?(escape goats)….And how long will be blame Kelvin Sampson for the 20 years it will take Tom Crean to sniff greatness?

    I have countless posts that have supported countless players that have been attacked on this site….I’m a pretty despicable character because it was all done with no intent to be sincere or genuine…..Is that what you think? So be it. Do you watch Indiana Basketball, and you see a product happy in its own skin…? So be it, as well. I see what Chet mentioned a few weeks ago…I see guys that just don’t appear to be enjoying themselves or the moment(hope I’m not putting words in your mouth, Chet…but that’s what I took from your comments about other teams looking like they actually have “fun” are living in the moment of something that should be cherished)…I see weight that doesn’t need to be there…I see pressures to perform and protect something they shouldn’t be called upon to do. ….If you see a love for the game and confidence in what they bring to the court as a team? So be it. I don’t.

  89. Crean winning a championship….? I believe that to be as comical your “happy” feelings that Doug Mallory could ever teach a team to tackle.

  90. On to a different topic….? How ’bout those Pelicans…? Now in the 8th spot just 1/2 game ahead of the Thunder. Go Pelicans! EJ is very close to finally being on a playoff team….finally getting over the hump. Couldn’t happen to a better young man that has endured numerous setbacks from injuries and doubt. Maybe, just maybe…he’ll finally get a chance to play on a brighter stage. Sorta weird that a UK standout is a huge part of potentially make that possible.

  91. With all due respect Harvard, don’t bring me into this discussion. Chet and I had our dealings and we moved on. He wished not to correspond as I’m honoring his wish. This is nothing new. Stop stiring the pot please.

  92. Harvard, your writing reminds of the cartoon of the guy chewing out his dog, Ginger. The dog only hears, “Blah, blah, blah, Ginger.”

    That’s kinda how your posts come across to me anymore.

    I said I thought Ben was a decent guy with some humanity issues. I also said when I was his age I had a lot of growing to do as a person and I hope the same for Ben. I’m betting he hopes the same for himself. I certainly hope that for myself. Every day.

    I hoped the same for HC but he generously suggested I not hold my breath. I appreciated that.

    As several have suggested, it’s probably best you not attempt to put words in people’s mouths. The responses will usually be, 1) nothing, or 2) ‘quit putting words in my mouth’. No one is going to thank you for your efforts.

  93. I could just go back to cutting and pasting the exact words….I actually thought post #100 was one of my better efforts as it concerns much of my inability to feel warm and fuzzy over our current coach. Suppose it gets lost in the rest of the “volume.” I’m pretty sure Dustin always understood it fine and rarely suggested that I was ever crossing any line…

    But thanks for supporting my recollection of your comments about a team appearing to have “fun” in the moment/game. It’s very difficult to search for old posts now…Not sure why that is..I’m not an expert at how these search engines work. I used to be able to find the old posts easily..And I’m pretty sure that I haven’t put any words in Goeff’s mouth that caused much harm…I do know that he pretty much communicated that the ship of his support for Crean’s ability to make proper in-game adjustments had, for the most part, sailed to hopeless sea. Not the exact words, of course. but I’m thinking his heart was no longer invested in the hopes for this current coach and he agreed their was too much “defeatism” as if Indiana can do no better and shouldn’t bother testing those waters.

    Take care Harvard haters.

  94. …[there] was too much defeatism.

    Anyone care to revisit Final Four/championship game picks? Double Down? Geoff? Anyone? Any thoughts on EJ? Anyone happy for EJ?

  95. Harv,

    My Final Four picks sucked. They always do because I don’t pick who I think will win, but who I want to. Hence no UK and Duke.

    But if I remember, I think you crushed it. Did you get all 4, plus the winner? Hope you had money on it!

    Not posting much right now because of some tough life stuff happening. I’ll be back regularly soon. 🙂

  96. Double Down-

    I had ND, MSU, Duke, and Wisconsin in the Final Four….I did get the championship game and winner correct. Just missed on ND getting in. I did want Wisconsin to win though Duke was my bracket champ. Wasn’t real invested either way….My real preference would have been ND…Thought Auguste played a sensational game against UK….Not sure if he has the goods for the NBA game, but he was sure fun to watch…Loved his attitude and his smooth style.. I think ND would have had a much better chance against Duke in the Final…primarily because of the overall speed, strong backcourt, and outside shot capabilities.

    My best wishes for happier times with regard to whatever tough days you or a loved one are currently experiencing….Sorry to hear it.

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