Troy Williams will return for junior season #iubb

Indiana’s off-season remains in its earliest stages, but the Hoosiers will proceed knowing that one key piece plans to return to the team next season.

Forward Troy Williams announced on his Instagram account Wednesday evening that he will be back next year, becoming the latest domino to fall in IU’s quest to solidify its roster for the 2015-16 season.

“So much pain and progression in my sophomore year,” Williams posted along with a picture of him pulling his jersey over his face during the Hoosiers’ loss to Wichita State in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. “And I wouldn’t want to undo any of it. Can’t wait to play with my brothers and new incoming brothers next year. Junior year awaits !!”

Four-star center Thomas Bryant committed to IU on Saturday, giving the Hoosiers the dynamic low-post addition they lacked last season. But his verbal pledge to the Hoosiers also means Indiana is again oversigned by one scholarship for next season. Point guard Yogi Ferrell has yet to decide whether or not to return for his senior season and another transfer is possible.

Sophomore Stan Robinson and freshman Max Hoetzel each announced their intentions to transfer within the last three weeks. reported earlier Wednesday that Williams planned to meet with his uncle, Boo Williams, to discuss the possibility of declaring for the NBA Draft. His return to Bloomington, which was later confirmed through a department release, gives the Hoosiers the ability to match Bryant with a cadre of perimeter shooters and Williams, one of college basketball’s best athletes.

“I’m definitely coming back for my junior year at IU,” Williams said in a statement. “I love my teammates and coaches and with continued work, I think we can accomplish so much. This is a special place and I can’t wait to see our team grow over the coming months.”

Williams’ size, length and athleticism is the only reason NBA scouts would have considered taking the Virginia native in this year’s draft. ESPN Draft insider Chad Ford told The Herald-Times last month that Williams would be the most likely Hoosier among he, Yogi Ferrell and James Blackmon Jr. to be picked at any point in June’s draft.

Williams was named an All-Big Ten Honorable Mention selection after he averaged 13.0 points and 7.4 rebounds last season. He shot 54 percent from the field and his 238 total rebounds led IU and was good enough for third most in the Big Ten.

“Troy Williams can become a better shooter, he can work on his jump shot, he can continue to work on his basketball IQ, he can continue to become a better ball-handler and a better defender, but you can’t teach his length and his explosive athletic ability,” Ford said to the H-T. “What makes Tory Williams unique is not only is he an NBA athlete, he’s on the high end of NBA athletes. That is intriguing. So you say to yourself, ‘If he gets that great jump shot, or if he blossoms a little more defensively, he can be a really good player in the NBA.”

That will wait at least another year for Williams, who will team with Bryant and others and guide what is expected to be, at worst, a top 20 team come November.


  1. if he can also work on bein a little more under control and not be so wild with the ball cuz he was at times this past season then he could become a top 20 prospect next summer

  2. Troy needs to take about 500 jump shots a day from now until practice starts. If he could develop a shot and get himself a little more under control, he could make a similar jump to the one Victor Oladipo made from between his sophomore and junior seasons.

  3. I am glad Troy will be returning to Indiana. I hope Yogi has the same mindset. I would think their main focus this coming season is to win a national championship for Indiana University rather than looking ahead to the NBA. Guys, finish the job you were recruited to do. Go Hoosiers!

  4. Why such minimal excitement? If this news had been anything negative about our team or coach, this thread would be blowing up.

    Very relieved to see Troy coming back. I predict huge strides in his game as well as IU’s as a whole. I wish fans had such enthusiastic opinions about our key players returning as they do role players transferring.

  5. Harv, I mourn with you, brother. The Wisconsin loss really, really sucked for so many reasons.

    I looked up the NCAA champs since 1987, and it gets real depressing after about 1991… Very little diversity.

    Then it gets worse after the NBA stopped drafting HS kids– no champs without NBA talent/McD’s AAs. In this day and age, Wisconsin would have been a veritable Milan had they pulled it out Monday. But alas, the team with the superior athletic talent won. Again.

    So what do we do? Stick to the dream that the Butlers, the NDs, the UWs, the Milans, and all the Hoosiers of old playing true, heartful hoops will once again break through? Or do we just want banners?

    Right now the two seem to be mutually exclusive. How long do we want to bang our heads against the wall figuring out which is more important?

  6. I had Duke as the champ, Punjab…. Trying to remember your pick…? Arizona? Just hard to bet against the level of talent at Duke that goes with a damn intelligent coach. .But as I said to Double Down, my real preference would have been to see ND get into that championship game.. It’s pretty amazing what ND did in the ACC tournament….From my own point of view, they were one of the more fun teams to watch during March…Really smart kids that appeared to have a ton of chemistry….Unique group of young men that I thought played with a lot of heart.

    You take care.

  7. Awesome…that is the right move for Troy Williams. If he has a big season next year, he could be a lottery pick in next year’s NBA draft.

    You got to believe Yogi Ferrell will now stay as well. Come back to IU and have a chance to win the B1G and advance far into the NCAA tourney, or spend a year in the NBA D-league. Hey Yogi…leaving leaving school for the NBA now would be a big Boo Boo!

  8. Next year will be the best team we will have for the foreseeable future. There’s an excellent chance that, besides Yogi (if he stays), Hanner and Nick, we will lose Bryant, JBJ, Troy and who knows who else. I’m sure I didn’t mention everyone.

    Sooo…if we don’t make a Final Four run next season what should be considered an acceptable outcome knowing that the following season we most likely will be in ‘we are young and rebuilding’ mode?

    Is there, or should there be, a line in the sand? What should be considered success or failure and what should be the price for either?

  9. Minimums: win 23 (at least sweet 16)

    Success hinges more on recruiting; Recruit, Recruit, Recruit…..Having troops waiting in wings to step in and if that is not happening = failure.

  10. As far as wins…just 3 more than this season? We could be around a .500 team in conference and still win 23 games with non-conference success. That’s an incredibly low bar IMHO.

    I agree that recruiting needs to be considered as part of a season’s success or failure but, with that in mind, does that mean that every other year we are to accept ‘we are young and rebuilding’?

    I am of the opinion that ‘we are young and rebuilding’ should only be allowed to hold water following at least a couple of consecutive highly successful seasons, presumably because we would be losing high level, and/or experienced players that got the job done. If we finish 6th in the Big Ten and have a first or second round exit I don’t want to be hearing about team youth and inexperience the following year.

  11. Current status of way things are: Every year IU will be young or have young players who will have to be impact players, but not rebuilding. Notice: 23 wins and sweet 16 are minimums if you read my post.

  12. Punjab, you posed a great rhetorical question and an accurate projection in #5 about what would have happened if the news would have been bad. I think it’s obvious that the answer to your question is that the majority of people who choose to write comments on the Scoop enjoy wallowing in the bad news that supports their narrative. I don’t believe that’s the majority of Scoop subscribers, just the majority of subscribers who are likely to post a comment. I think this site has become a convenient outlet for the anti-Crean segment of IU fans. I think those negative ninnies have taken over this site, especially when it comes to the subject of Men’s basketball. And as any regular reader has surely noticed, look at the response when someone stands up to or disagrees with their negativity and the vocal anti-Crean minority. The response is to attack, try to ridicule, or simply try to shout them down. Most positive fans don’t want to expose themselves to continuous stream of negativity that results from expressing support for Crean, his team or his program, because the passion of the Crean-haters is simply too unpleasant. It’s like the silent majority all throughout the United States. Most of those people have more important things to do than to argue with some idiot who argues that Tom Crean does not know how to coach basketball. You see Punjab, the anti-Crean segment of Scoop subscribers are very, very unhappy today. This good news for Tom Crean and IU Basketball is bad news for the Crean-haters. It makes them miserable because it contradicts their preferred narrative and could extend Tom Crean’s tenure as IU’s Head Coach. Those Crean-haters are sulking right now, they’re in a funk, and they’re desperately trying to figure out how to twist this news into some new way to attack Tom Crean. If IU were to win next year’s NCAA Championship, some of those folks would become so depressed and unhappy they’d have to be put on suicide watch.

  13. In reference to post 10, 11, and 12: if IU did the minimum of 23 wins and sweet 16, however lost a couple players to NBA and not recruiting same level replacements or recruiting quality dropped off that would equal program failure if IU wants to be top 1 to 5 to 10 program nationally. However, if level of recruiting replacements equal to or higher level quality regarding those who leave program that would be program success. Anything above minimum expectations eaual program success.

  14. t,
    I understand you mean 23 is a minimum but that also means 23 is acceptable. If we just win 23 games next year with the best team in the foreseeable future what it probably means is ‘take a look folks, this is as good as it gets’.
    Hey, maybe they win it all. Then all bets are off and nobody gets to complain about anything.
    However, assuming our All Big Ten point guard stays we are have a HUGE dropoff at point the next year…unless there is the next Chris Paul coming in. Bryant? Who knows? If he leaves, maybe…MAYBE…we get another difference maker in the paint coming in. Williams, Nick, JBJ (likely gone)? I don’t think we are going to have 5 freshmen coming in that will replace those guys at anywhere near the same level of production.
    I just think next year is gonna show us what we can expect our ceiling to be. Good or bad.

  15. **You enjoy wallowing in the wallowing of the narrative you claim everyone but yourself is wallowing. And your claims are completely false.

    a) Could it be your own constant defeatism aimed at IU Football drove one of the most positive and creative minds from this site? Where is Tsao Tsu Gonzalez?
    b) Year after year you have been sniffing at the heals of Kevin Wilson like a ___________ (choose whatever of the various words Tsao frequently used to depict your constant undermining of a coach with a far more daunting task than what it takes to build a team of five to seven standout basketball players in a state like Indiana).
    c) The negative people have remained? Where is coachv? coachv has had plenty of negative. Where are the people Jeremy continually labels as “trolls” that don’t often support Crean? Where is Goeff? In terms of educating the more casual fans of the game, Geoff and coachv have been two of the best contributors on this site. They understand the game because they have coached the game. They bring many different insights that even our very interesting and talented journalists that run this site. Please give me any name on this site that has shown as much expertise regarding the X’s and O’s of basketball as Geoff and coachv(not to mention Geoff’s abundant knowledge on talent throughout the country and at the next level), that have shown confidence and support for what Crean brings to the teaching aspect of the game?
    d) I would also say that Geoff did his best to support Crean, but finally tired of those that bring blind warm and fuzzy to Tom Crean without really having much knowledge of basketball from a game-planning/game-adjustment perspective.

    It is those that don’t choose to terrorize a football program attempting to be taken seriously(anyone around here long enough can remember Podunker’s snidely remark quoted from his make-believe friends…”Wait, IU has a football team?”)…
    It is those who used to comment on Scoop that gave Crean ample time to prove his coaching ability that have tired of the defeatism and excuses…Those that have reduced their commenting have watched their favorite basketball Hoosiers leave the program….Many of these very POSITIVE contributors have likely tired of the season after season spent investing emotions in solid kids(Remy, Hoetzel, Stan Robinson, Luke Fischer, Vonleh) only to see them prematurely leave our Hoosiers because the coach can’t utilize their unique skills via sound teaching the X’s and O’s rather than shotgun approaches that every new pool of talent will change things.

    It is defeatism that has taken over IU Basketball….Many a smart mind for the game that called Scoop a place to chat(many that fell in love with decent young Hoosiers sold the goods by this coach and tried their damn best to support this coach ) have left the site as disenfranchised as the players Crean continually passes through a revolving door of “not good enough.” Is Vonleh not good enough? Is Stan not good enough? Was Luke Fischer not good enough? Was Remy’s defense not good enough to help a team last in the conference in defense? Was Max Hoetzel just about his ego and not good enough?

    What is not “good enough” is an IU Basketball crushed by excuses and defeatism. What is not “good enough” is watching smart minds for the game leave Hoosier Scoop because they are tired of blind support when they know(through their own broad experiences in teaching and learning the game) IU can do better. What is not “good enough” is accepting a voice at IU that blames mediocrity on the mistakes of the past while other programs always look to the future. What is not “good enough” is to watch programs like ND and Butler claim the stages of March that IU has allowed to let vanish in hopeless defeatism that only attempts to rebuild from a talent base(fueled by marketing and salivation over cheap slogans(We’re Back), DVDs(Hoosier Rising) and reunion parties of something that happened three decades ago rather than rebuilding from knowledge base staring with the man in charge.

    There is nothing more “negative” than the ugly defeatism aimed at IU Basketball(to secure its stagnancy under a coach more about preaching than teaching)…IU Basketball doesn’t deserve to be a Butler or ND? But, yet, these same small sect of “terrorizing” defeatists come on to Scoop and ask if “IU has a football team.”:

    We have Dick Cheney as our basketball coach…He’s in his second term as VP Hoosier Sports…He searches for the weapons of mass hoops destruction buried under McCracken’s past while lining his pockets with millions upon millions in contracts.. Somehow his stock just keeps going up. We found nothing but Dakich hiding in a hole in Indianapolis while the real freedoms to serve a higher good settled into more protection of leaders owning the keys to incompetence. Fred(Bush) markets the excuses with great honesty, plays to the “faith” of it all, and, hopefully, gets drunk on weekends.

  16. It was just announced that UK’s top 7 scorers are going to the NBA and basically starting over next year. A couple of years ago everyone ripped Crean for having two top 5 draft picks and getting beat in the Sweet 16. UK is potentially going to have 7 first round picks and didn’t win a championship. Which is worse?

  17. Defeatism is worse. Cutting down nets after a loss is worse…Reunion parties for bench-warmers from three decades ago after fans have witnessed three straight losses on storied McCracken is worse. Placing the candy stripes into a ESPN/Joe Lunardi bubble scenario where “everything hinges” on beating Northwestern in the opening round a Big 10 tournament is worse….Fouling the best shooter on Wichita State while letting precious end-of-game seconds evaporate off the clock in a NCAA contest you could have stolen(and probably should have never been invited)…is worse. There is so, so, so, so much “worse” than the day we watched Cody & Co. look like Keystone Cops against a Syracuse zone.

    But there is also a lot to be thankful….Devin Davis was spared. The steel plate that fell from the top of Assembly didn’t happen during a time the stands were packed with Hoosier fans forever faithful….An intoxicated Hanner was stopped before he took that car into a pole, or, heaven forbid, someone in his pathway. We get good grades and know how to make fake ID’s to get into Kilroy’s…These two levels of expertise do not have to be mutually exclusive things before a three game supsension. We have froever removed UK from the schedule and never have to worry about playing them in the same fashion as tough, gritty, and well-coached ND team from Indiana demonstrated.. Indiana still has some damn strong basketball teams…Much to be thankful…We had the worst defense in all the Big 10, lost six out of our last 8 games(including 2 losses to Purdue and 3 straight losses at home) and still got an NCAA invite and had a chance to get to a Sweet 16! Much, much, much, to be thankful.

    Let’s all try to be thankful for Butler, ND, and another year for comedy at IU where everything went from hinging on Cody to hinging on beating Northwestern…..and not worry about Tom Crean’s best buddy down in Lexington….

  18. The day I knew UK wouldn’t win a national championship was the day(sometime in February?) that Calipari stuck his fat, cheating, shoe in his mouth….It was quite the big news day and it was a boomerang thrown to the sensational winds that I simply knew would return to knock him in the head and off his pedestal. It was the day he was making a comment to a reporter that his brother from an another X’s and O’s mother, a Beverly Hillbillies millionaire that struck it rich by drilling for hoops wreckers and suntan oil in Bloomington, deserved to considered for “Coach of the Year.” That was the day I knew UK was not going to finish the season undefeated. I placed my faith in such truths that things so blasphemous could never take root in honest earth. I placed my faith that such conceit and empty blow would strike back like a boomerang aiming for disingenuous tongue….The bottom fell out on our season almost like cue to the band of clowns to start playing…We went on a terrible skid with our “Coach of the Year”…and UK’s fate was secure to end with more Rip Taylor than trophies, classy comments from a star player at the postgame press conference for the losers, and zero cutting down the final nets. Empty blow, much like water, finds its level.

    “Team of the Year” for UK and “Coach of the Year” for the brother to the north……The Boomerang Brothers of Slicksville.

  19. Indiana needs to contend for a national championship EVERY YEAR just like Alabama does every year in football. Indiana needs to be in the conversation Every year with the likes of Duke, Michigan State, Kansas and yes, Kentucky. If Tom Crean can deliver then FINE.One thing those who worship at the Tom Crean shrine fail to understand is….. It’s not about who the coach is, IT’S ABOUT INDIANA BASKETBALL. I have never seen a group of people more paranoid then the Crean worshipers. These people suffer from a persecution complex. like none the world has ever seen.

  20. RAM, perhaps a better term would be Crean-defenders. I don’t know anyone who “worship” Tom Crean. I’m actually not a big fan of Crean, it’s just that I have a real problem with people who write derogatory personal attacks against IU’s Basketball coach.

    As for your comment, “Indiana needs to contend for a national championship EVERY YEAR….” That’s simply an unreasonable expectation. Even under the guidance of Bob Knight, who I believe was the best college basketball coach of all time, IU did not achieve that standard of excellence. Hell, even with the best coach in the game today, Coach K, his Duke team lost to Mercer in the first round last year. It’s not going to happen RAM, so creating that unrealistic expectation is only setting yourself up for continual and profound disappointment. And if enough IU fans share your lofty expectations, IU will never be able to hire a quality coach to replace Tom Crean.

  21. iuhoosier1992, your post #18 is spot on. As one of the college basketball commentators on ESPN said about the news out of Lexington this morning, “Welcome to the new world of college basketball.” Until the NBA eliminates the one and done rule, or the NCAA makes the concept of student athlete real again, this is the way college basketball is going to be. Those institutions that adhere to the principals that college sports should be played by real students who are pursuing a legitimate college education are going to continue being at a severe disadvantage.

    Whether you like Bo Ryan or not (I don’t), you have to respect him for honoring the concept of student-athlete and refusing to give in to the “rent-a-player” trend. When you think about it, Wisconsin was really the best college basketball team in the nation this year. Maybe in the future, we’ll see two trophies being handed out. One will go to the National Collegiate Athletic Administration champions, and one will go to the National Basketball Association Developmental League (i.e., NBADL) champions. The idea that a team of real student athletes can win an NCAA college basketball championship has become a joke.

  22. Have you ever noticed how words like “unreasonable” …”lofty”….”never”…..”disappointment” are common themes in a Podunker post? If you build it, they will come. And they sure did come….If you listen to Podefeatist, Indiana is a broken down auto junkyard. …Don’t expect much…Don/t wish for much…Don’t think you can hire much…Don’t wash behind your ears…..Indiana fans should be ashamed for not filling the stands for things that will only be a disappointment….My Lord…How can it get more defeatist?

    Indiana has far more going for it than many college campuses….There is absolutely no reason that we should be accepting mediocrity in our major sports programs. If we can produce some of the best musicians, lawyers, doctors, entertainers, dentists, journalists, scientists… the NATION, there is no damn reason anyone should accept defeatism(WHILE PAYING MILLIONS TO THE COACHES) in Indiana University’s two major sports programs. Stop Defeatism and the silly IU junkyard trash talking our great traditions that can be reborn at Indiana with the right leadership.

  23. If Ryan could attract more one-and-done talent to the cold winters and boredom of Madison’s dairy farm in a desert of cold and gray winters, I can assure you that he’d do everything in his power to bring in more one-and-done NBA talent. He’s a very good coach…He’d be an even better coach if he had Indiana’s beautiful blonds to attract ballers on a beautiful campus….and the plethora of b-ball talent that exists in our backyard. He does damn well considering it’s Madison. ….Give him all the previous and U’s great love of the game, Bloomington’s unique and hip college town, and he is Coach of the Year nearly every year.

  24. Podunker I know your not big fan of the coach. I remember you being on the other side of the argument a few years back. Likewise I am not a hater. Find a post where I attacked the man’s family or religion. I am a Indiana Basketball fan and have been since Tom Crean was about nine years old. I will continue to hold the mans feet to the fire no matter what you call me. Lastly I said “Contend” for a championship. Why is that unreasonable?

  25. True IU bb expectation for 2015 & 2016:
    0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 7-0, 8-0, 9-0,
    10-0, 11-0, 12-0, 13-0, 14- 0, 15-0 (overtime),
    16-0, 17-0, 18-0, 19-0, 20-0, 21-0, 22-0, 23-0, 24-0, 25-0, 26-0, 27,0 (overtime), 28-0, 29-0,
    30-0, 31-0, 32-0, 33-0, 34-0, 35-0, 36-0, 37-0,
    38-0 (double overtime), 39-0 don’t know after that.

  26. Because it was brought up again….I have never attacked the man’s religion. I have attacked how he uses religion(big, big difference…And it could be any religion) to build himself up with angelic untouchable holiness while vilifying many ex-Hoosiers and former coaches that forward thinking men would simply not bother.

    I also feel he makes many suggestions surrounding his religion(along with public declarations of his choice of religion) as to portray a public university’s basketball program exclusionary in climate to anyone not within whatever doctrines his said religion practices….Indiana is a public institution and all should feel welcome and not cast as sinners or outcasts a welcome mat because a lifestyle or belief is different than the climate of suffocation only “one” ideal sold over…and over…and over…and over.

    if anything this is more of a defense of religion because it defends those that should feel a public institution is accepting of all that want to think differently, pray differently, see a supreme being differently, acknowledge and embrace those differences, expand to learn rather divide over differences in faith, than what is being shoved down the throat of all one overwhelming perspective….none of which has anything to do with being an excellent basketball coach.. A particular faith may enhance the personal experience in how one person sees “success” in work/family/profession, but why does it have to be everyone’s experience via that one faith or belief system? And is it being used as a filter before all other criteria are even examined as if that one faith is needed to prove character or decency…or honesty…or brotherhood…or family values?

    I have never attacked religion. I am a person of strong spiritual holdings to my own heart…I just don’t understand why one pathway to a spiritual place must be the one a public university has decided should prevail over any other form of belief. Indiana is not a private university founded on one faith doctrine. And most private universities actually make far less effort to build a climate of exclusion…..based on the faith attached to its early beginnings.

    There have been very few to attack any specific religion on this site. To question the methods a religion is used to cover incompetency, create a climate of exclusion others not as devoted one devout faith, build walls of perfection( a stance on a “God” not prerequisites for the job at hand) is not attacking the religion.

  27. Harvard,
    Wisconsin winters can be brutal but that campus is over the top gorgeous. The student union is on the lake with sailboats all about. Madison has a very cool college area around Franklin Street. Don’t sell those folks in Madison short. The weather is their only shortfall.

  28. That’s a big shortfall……and the coeds aren’t nearly as hot.. And isn’t Bloomington the best party school in the nation(pretty sure someone said that on the blog recently…but don’t want to put words in any poster”s mouth)?

    But I do love the fact that kids like Kaminsky came back successive years to fight for the elusive banner. We can only imagine how so many worlds could have opened for Tom Crean if the Indiana savior, the Cody that everything hinged, would have done as “Frank the Tank.”…..Banners, bitches….Banners. Play for them or don’t play at all.

  29. Have you ever noticed how words like “Remy, Roth, holier than thou, fouling the best shooter, precious seconds, excuses, defeatism, bible, cutting down the nets, butler, Remy, we’re back, defeatism, Remy, bible thumping, Roth, defeatism, Remy, defeatism, Remy, defeatism…………..

    Players leave in this new era of college basketball….Crean is the coach of IU…guys that hate will hate…cab drivers will drive…and none of this blog really matters…I thought it might matter to some players or recruiters, but after watching 7 players leave for the NBA today I think the money matters most…Cody, Vonleh, Victor all left for cash…Troy, JBJ, and Yogi will all leave for money, Bryant gives interviews talking about the NBA, big Frank would have left whisky if the league wanted him last year…money matters more than the banners we all want and deeply care about…college basketball is broken and we get to watch broken coaches coaching in the broken NCAA…I think this blog is broken but hey what is a sorry ass cab driver to do in my spare time?

  30. And didn’t you date a pretty Indiana Catholic girl that went to ND? Don’t want to put words in your mouth…Maybe my recollection is off. I just hope our basketball program doesn’t fall into such mediocrity that all the hot coeds start to go to the Indiana Catholic school with the handsome boys from Boston.

  31. I forgot “savior”

    Big Frank leaves whisky his freshman year if the league wanted him. He wanted a banner because the league didn’t want him yet.

  32. Welcome back, Husky Bart! Missed your defeatism. Followed any Hoosiers with hot blonds lately?

  33. Players left in the old era as well….Isiah only stayed two years..It was plenty long for Knight to build around him and bring the banner back to Bloomington.

  34. I’d dated a GORGEOUS Catholic coed the left for Notre Dame after her sophomore year in Bloomington. For several years. On top of that her dad owned a big real estate firm in the South Bend area. He built the mall with Ed Debartolo, the former 49ers owner.

    So…I guess I coulda been rich instead of happy. I married a gorgeous girl that was really smart, instead. So it goes.

  35. You also forgot EJ…witches, villains….bitches….chasers….wreckers…..mommy…daddy….Chesterton…Mitch….Establishment….tournament by storm…bitches….banners, Bart….Banners, bitches, my bro….Indiana Dunes…blowbag…Dakich…Jamarcus……Cutty Sark….New Coke…Downing’s 5th…Lord of…We need more Charmin….Terry Cummings….Tom Jones…The Island of Basketblog…..Joyce Meyer….Church Lady….Scott Skiles…..East Chicago….YouTube…meds….must take my meds…must take my meds…must take my meds.

    This exercise is sorta fun..

  36. I always thought the cute girl I met was very smart….but then it dawned on me that she married me. We had many babies and you can look forward to many more Harvard’s in the future. I am currently schooling them on the art of typing nonsense into small boxes… I have spaced them out like recruits and don’t expect any one-and-done’s…..

  37. I can’t believe I forgot Joyce Meyer…btw I’m Bart not husky Bart…I don’t parade around as a troll…get it right next time Harv!

  38. My kids are embarrassingly smarter and more accomplished than me.

    So is my wife. They somehow see me as far more than I ever was or could be.

    It’s a pretty good gig.

  39. Realism isn’t defeatism….Harv has post that make think and make me laugh out loud due to absurdity…the one thing I do know is that his 1000 word post won’t change anything in the world of IU basketball.

  40. If you can find laughter in your defeatism, then mission accomplished.

    I dedicate the following to Chet’s one-and-nun….

  41. So I guess pointing out the obvious is now defeatism…Harv is now changing the English language…Hey Harv, Tom Crean is the coach! He will be our coach for at least 2 more years. Don’t cry Harv, just take your meds and say your prayers and go to sleep. I will buy your coffee tomorrow at Soma, I hear Ho hi and his blonde bombshell go there often. I will be in the big green and white cab with the IU cap on.

  42. Btw why is it news that Troy is staying…did anyone ever think he was leaving. Mediocre player on a mediocre team with a mediocre coach.

  43. I’ll take this one, Bart. Troy is freakishly athletic. He shows pretty good intuitive court awareness. He doesn’t always make the best decisions with the ball in his hands, but that’s often a matter of Troy trying to do too much when the play isn’t there (or a much easier play is available). That can be mostly remedied by experience. He started to show a jump shot (wasn’t he our leading 3-point % shooter by the end of the year?) Ball handling can improve. The potential is there, and that’s what NBA execs seem to value most. So yes, there was a legitimate concern he might go pro. Not saying he was ready. Just that it was a viable option, albeit risky. Staying another year almost certainly improves his draft stock and potential earnings down the road. (Of course I’d also like to believe part of him stayed because he knows we have a shot at something special next year. There won’t be many teams with the combination of talent and experience we’ll have. A Final Four or– dare I say– banner won’t be out of the question. Surely that still means something to some college players…)

  44. Bart-

    You sorta remind me of that guy Reggie that used to post on here. ….Seemed stable and then he’d just sorta go off cliffs. Funny how you know so much about the history of this blog and my posts…You should have asked Jeremy for the notes..

  45. I’m not so sure there was ever legitimate concern over him leaving…more like hyperbole from his camp to drum up interest from NBA scouts…his upside is high but he would have been the 9th man on pUKe team this year.
    Let’s not talk about cliffs Harv…some of your ramblings make all of us want to take a header off Mt Ararat.
    I’ve been following the Scoop for 3 years now…never posted until recently so I’m up to date with the “history” of this blog.

  46. Wow …It’s a shame you didn’t get to have some conversations with guys like Korman and Dustin….And you missed out on some fabulous chances with Tsao and Husky Tom. For a guy that likes to strike up a conversation quickly with anyone hopping into a backseat, you sure missed out on some great debaters and interesting people….And you act like I’m the only guy that put “volumes” on this blog ? Tsao admitted on more than one occasion that he simply loved writing….He never apologized for it. Nor will I. If Jeremy wants to stop it, he has the power to do so. I truly hope everything is o.k. with Tsao. These men(Tsao and Husky Tom) knew me for more than the things I’m a bit too crazed over. It’s easier to defend someone that others want to paint as having “syndromes” or “needing meds” …when there’s been a connect.

    And that’s where I’ll keep my hope on places such as Scoop. I’ll keep the hope that somewhere beneath the arrogance and “lines” crossed…and the often snidely climate that can infect a place where real defeatism may be in how we treat each other, there is another voice that talks more to my heart than my stubborn fears and stubborn mind. So many more doors open from the smallest a kind whisper..

    Weird how I hold onto some strange fantasy….I think of a train scene Tsao planted in my mind…I think of it as the Scoop Train traveling across the wide expanses of prairies and winding into the mountains….I think of laughter and summer’s air pushing warm breezes through the open windows….we’re chatting it up and smoking cigars(though I’ve never smoked a cigar)……NoMendacity is even toking on a fat stogie with Chet…They are sharing a wonderful bottle of wine from a case that included all the best vintages of Husky Tom’s travels around Europe….Some of us are toasting beers…..There’s a wonderful chef on board….and thick cuts of prime steaks come sizzling down the aisle.

    And then the dream ends…I see myself quiet and afraid to say a word. Sitting at the back of the car. Not enough a seasoned life to fit in with these great men…these veterans of war…these travelers of the world…these accomplished journalist…these writers and doers….these men that live in highrises on Lake Shore Dr….these men that do more than talk. I need off the train to somehow stay sane…to somehow find a fantasy where happiness can not find a mirror to hold…..I open Mozilla and click on Hoosier Scoop and the keyboard calls like an old friend from the Island of Basketblog.. But it’s Podunker crying over my TCDS…It’s Bart blowing nothing but something that rhymes with Bart not a summer breeze through the windows this screen. My old friends put me on a different train. ….and I guess it’s myself to only blame.

  47. Harv, IU basketball was broken. When Tom Crean stepped on campus as IU’s new basketball coach, IU basketball was about as broken as a program can get without actually suffering the NCAA’s “death penalty.” Regardless of who you choose to blame, or how far back you want to investigate, IU basketball was totally broken when Tom Crean was hired. That was not Tom Crean’s fault. That’s one reason why, in spite of his flaws as a coach, I don’t think he should be fired. As for “reasonable” and “unreasonable,” you’ve made it clear and obvious that you lost the ability to differentiate between the two many, many years ago. But please, by all means, continue on with your delusional, ranting soliloquy. A few people find them entertaining.

  48. Your death sentence aimed at IU because of one man, a relatively very decent family man of Native American descent, a man that was actually a pretty damn good coach, a man made a villain by IU and the NCAA desiring a scapegoat for all the many cheaters and protectors their power involved in far bigger corruptions of ethics in college basketball than he or his recruits were ever guilty….Yes, your death sentence of choice to excuse mediocrity as if was a just penalty for your giant scapegoat is a place I’ll never go.

    You can have it as your “reality.” I think it’s a train with a straight and uninteresting track through only dark tunnels of hopeless outlook. Much like the book some hold up as supreme to deny a person service in a bakery…The doors are never really open ….nor is the heart..

  49. Just as college basketball fan, I really enjoyed watching how Notre Dame played in both the ACC and NCAA tournament.

  50. Sampson was indeed a damn good coach. It’s a shame he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar. IU could’ve been elite under him.

  51. Put me on the record as saying that I don’t think Sampson was a great coach. Pretty good, but not great.

  52. That’s more acceptable DD. The guy could recruit and knew his X’s and o’s. During his time, IU had quite a buzz in recruiting. The future looked bright and it’s a shame it couldn’t play out. It would’ve been exciting times for sure.

    The only concern with me was grades. Hopefully as years went on he would’ve figured it out. Never know I guess.

  53. So Sampson was a villain and a scapegoat created by IU and the NCAA? The man broke the rules and most likely would have broken more if given the time. He was and should have been held accountable just the same as Crean needs to be held accountable for his actions, running after assistant coaches, cutting down the nets, over recruiting, berating journalists, etc. Let’s call a spade a spade and not give a pass to decent family man that was a pretty good coach when the faithful vilify our current coach. Hypocrisy and double standards are the musing of ignorant and vengeful men.

  54. We we’re broken, Ben. We were wrecked.! We were a ball of dust in a dark and cold place.. There were hints from the north that the Smirking King that held his stone coaching tablets upside down could be more than average when, in front of three coho fisherman, he casually walked across Lake Michigan while on a pilgrimage from East Lansing to Marquette…Some say that he Waded through at times, but it was mostly walking on top….(rumors that a large pair of clown shoes served as major flotation devices were later discredited) .. And when he invented the internet to stay in cloud touch with the Virgin Joyce’s twitter cumulus zone, some say he spawned the first cosmic tornado, putting the earth back in friendly rotation with his created sun, by re-tweeting a Bible quote to Pat Robertson, Billy Graham’s son, and the pepperoni-faced teenager that works the speaker at Rick Pitino’s favorite Fazoli’s…..(where family man Rick goes to get some real Italian, real fast.). Now, if you’re into the New B-town Testament, it actually clarifies this a bit more and tells of many tornadoes including one that spawned at the center court of McCracken by merely spinning like a top with the aide a small push from Jeff Buckley and push from a witch wearing a whistle impersonating a zebra. It’s gets a bit technical here…There are tales of buried scrolls under McCracken(well, they’re actually, in General, playbooks)……with tales of an angel clipped its wings that fell from a heaven and landed on Bloomington a thousand banners ago BC(Before Crean). Some say the angel landed face down and this created the moon….Others have zero tolerance for such claims and tell of scrolls depicting the one that walked on Lake Michigan turning the dark angel into a 3-winged bird that could never sing a beautiful mating call again…..(to be cont)..

    Make sure to study….We will be gathering this Sunday at Nick’s where will begin the next chapter of a Jordan Crawford turned into a River Jordan leading to Xavier(Able son of Rameses of Remy)….and another chapter on the Christian water ford…( a follower of the savior of Bloomington and Wader of Lake Michigan…a young man that only needed an eyelash of a second to build holy buckets from horse barn in Lexington) ….And then there is the tale of a Noah that allowed all goats an escape…The Great Flood of Pritchard’s Revenge where all sins were harnessed into one thunderous dunk to create the charity stripe….The Resurrection of the Reunionites bringing the first in-bounds play buried deep under the Palms of Isiah…..

  55. Another question. This is mostly directed at Geoff and an others that get really entrenched into all things college basketball.

    Leaving the coaching variable out of the equation, where does IU rank going into next season purely on the basis of talent, experience, and having the appropriate pieces to put on the floor?

    With 3 McD’s AA, including a skilled big man, and all the key parts from this season still in place it seems, on paper, that there really aren’t too many teams with the talent the Hoosiers can put on the floor next season. I know very little about incoming recruits at other schools but I know there are some on the Scoop that follow that stuff.

    So, based on players only, who will be better than IU?

  56. sloppy..sloppy…sloppy ignorant and vengeful joe ,,,where my lousy grammar end, nobody know.

    three coho fishermen….(plural)

  57. True expectations: IU will need to follow
    39-0 with strong recruiting for 2016-2017. Next recruit up if IU bb wants to be and maintain elite status and become major player. IU should expect and be able to win every game

  58. 1) Maryland
    2) Purdue
    3) Michigan State
    4) Indiana/Ohio State

    If Purdue had a great guard to go with those dominant centers I would put them #1. No matter how we look on paper, if we don’t play better defense then this year will look a lot like last. Our 3 point shooting will dictate our record.

  59. That’s the real conundrum isn’t it? What are we going to do on defense? Again, trying as much a possible to factor out coaching, why, other than Bryant, would we expect to be significantly different defensively? OK, the guys will have a year of experience with the ‘scheme’ but I never felt great about the ‘scheme’. I’m not going to foolishly claim I know more about college basketball defense than the combined coaching staff but, let’s face it, the defense our guys put out there was pretty horrible. I think some of it has to be attributed to the lack of a post defender but the best defender out there wasn’t very impressive.

    So, that brings a followup question. What are we to expect defensively with another year of experience and a few big bodies coming in? Will the coaching staff try the same things and get different results or should we expect schematic changes?

  60. Crean has rarely had issues with the “paper” side of the “how we look” equation.. Sorta makes me question why you put Purdue and not IU in the #2 slot….?

  61. Hey Chet, I’ve been taking a bit of a break, but I saw your question and want to address it. I just got back from a 5 day stint with gramps in NC, and need to spend some quality time with the fam, but when I have a couple extra minutes later I’ll get back to this. My brain has started formulating a response…

  62. Chet. If my numbers are right, you live about 300 miles north of the glow-in-the-dark-wrong kitty litter used leak. About 400 miles west of the earthquake swarms. 600 miles or so south from the Yellowstone super volcano (which apparently is overdue). And maybe 50 miles from the giant sized methane cloud. CTC maybe feels the same way. Coming at him from all sides. ??

    Me? I’m may be in worse shape. 100 miles north of Ky and 30 miles south of the Indiana Legislature.

  63. “So, based on players only, who will be better than IU?”

    That was the question posed and I gave my opinion without mentioning CTC. Seems simple enough, right? Nooooooooope!

  64. “People want national championship banners. People want to talk about
    Indiana being competitive. How do we get there? We don’t get there with milk
    and cookies.”

    And we won’t get there playing our screen door defense. Not sure if we can blame anyone except the players because defense is about heart and desire and we have shown very little of both.

  65. The more I read of the remarks from observers of the BB competition at Freedom Hall last night which included our 3 of the “15” class says we have a bright future. I read with delight Bryant in his own words says he wants to stay at least 2 years in Bloomington as he believes he has that much to improve on. Also stated Crean and Staff did such a good job with Vonleh and CZ that he was sure to learn and advance. He showed determination and skill by taking it to Diamond Stone last night. What really stood out was what strong competitors Anunoby and Morgan are against good competition. They not only held their own but contributed by out gutting their opponents at both ends of the court.

  66. C’mon buddy. You gotta give me more than that.

    When you can ditch the family for this important stuff get back to me.

    Where did you visit in NC?

  67. just Mooresville this trip… post #76 was not me… must be lonnie or someone of his ilk.

    I’ll get back at you in a bit. Gotta help my grandfather with his account…

  68. I’ll take a stab, Chet. Read through a lot of those “way too early” polls to see what else is out there. As expected, there is very little consensus at this point since we don’t know who all is staying put and where all the top recruits are going. But right now there are only a handful of teams with a lot of experience AND talent returning, and– assuming Yogi returns– IU is one of them.

    Every year there are a few breakout players. (Who had ND’s Grant pegged as an All-American?) Troy seems as poised as anyone to be that guy next year.

    Yogi was 1 for 5 in game winning/tying shots in the final seconds, including several down the stretch. We lost close games to a lot of good teams. If Yogi hits one or two more of those, we weren’t a bubble team and our stock would be much higher.

    Bryant adds immediate credibility to our front court, but the footage I’ve seen suggest Morgan and OG could be invaluable at times as well. HMP will be a senior oozing with potential, and we won’t have to rely on him as our only real post presence. I predict several monster performances from him off the bench. And if Davis is able to play, and whichever of April/Priller returns and progresses to the point they’re reliable subs, that’s at least an above average front court. Not likely to be dominant, but no longer the obvious weak link. I don’t expect points in the paint and rebounding to kill us with the same consistency it did last year.

    I can’t imagine defense won’t be a focal point for the coaching staff this off-season. I would be shocked if there wasn’t at least marginal improvement in that area. With the offensive firepower we have, that should be enough.

    All that said, coaching can be a liability at times. If Crean can finally put it all together as well– and for God sakes, I hopes he gets thrown out of at least one game for going ham on the refs when calls aren’t going our way. Please, Tom, endear yourself to what few fans aren’t already on the next coach bandwagon– this team has the potential to be a top ten team. Maybe more.

    I reserve the right to revise once the dust has settled and we all know who will be playing for who next year. But for now, I have our Hoosiers squarely in the 10-15 range, with a #5 seed being our absolute floor. And the arrow is pointing up. But all bets are off my once the tourney hits. At that point, I’m in the “prove it” category. I like our chances for a deep run, but I won’t be placing any bets.

  69. Take away the point guard, and the bottom sorta falls out…And Yogi is a very dynamic point guard that puts the engine into motion….It all hinges on Yogi right now.

    Don’t follow mock drafts…Not sure if Yogi could still sneak into the 1st round of the draft….Kid is shooting the ball a ton better and I have a hunch some NBA teams might take a very strong look. I never thought I’d see Yogi get so confident from the perimeter…

    Also heard Bryant hasn’t officially signed….(Eric Gordon and Terrence Jones are relatively recent names that I recall breaking verbals)….Sure hope this isn’t why Bryant is holding off….We’d all be rather naive to pretend that a guy with his level of talent doesn’t understand how Yogi’s decision will impact, not only the Hoosiers chances, but his own opportunities to put his skills on full display. Taking the QB off a basketball team changes everything.

  70. Harv, if there was one thing that bothered me about the Bryant interview, it was his answer to the question about signing. His words were very encouraging, but his body language said otherwise. He looked down when asked and was subtly more dismissive when he answered than at any other point in the video. Don’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but I got the impression his decision is only 95% final.

    Still love our chances. Everything hinges on Yogi, yes. (Can’t believe I just said that. I thought it earlier tonight but feared that statement would send you into cardiac arrest…) But if I were a betting man, I’d say 100-1 odds they’re not both in candy stripes next year. Or are. However it works, 90% chance they’re together playing for the Hoosiers. Math…

  71. After thinking about it, losing Yogi would clearly hurt, and we just can’t replace an All-American candidate without losing a beat. But if Yogi were to depart, I don’t think the bottom drops out as much as we fear. We probably drop from a top 10-15+ team to a top 25 team. Still a lot of good pieces, but our ceiling isn’t near as high. And we have to hope Troy or RJ or JBJ or Nick Z can step up to be our closer.

  72. You’re very perceptive, Punjab….I also sensed the ever-so-slight hints of different body language when the question of signing hit his ears. Hope it was nothing. ….but just felt like he was holding the left bower in euchre….I suddenly felt like sloughing off…Gosh, I miss playing euchre.

  73. I just hope he has the 9 or 10 to protect the left…Calipari leads the right and Bryant throws the 10 to follow suit…Bryant holds the the left and trumps the ace for 2 points and the euchre.

  74. Chet – I’ll get to your question in 1 second…

    Harvard – why did you stop playing euchre? what a stupid thing to do… Yogi is not getting any 1st round love. Every mock draft out there has him as borderline-round 2 or undrafted. As I told my father yesterday. I don’t see any reason for him to leave IU and a lot of reasons to stay. I give it a 100% stamp that he will be back next year.

    Okay Chet… we’re talking strictly talent. IU is among 4 teams that will be heads and shoulders above the rest of the league next year when it comes to talent. The other 3 are Maryland, OSU, and MSU.

    Maryland – Trimble is returning along with Layman. Diamond Stone is going to have a similar effect to them as Bryant does for us. I believe Wiley will step in nicely for the graduating Wells, and Nickens and Dodd will be more seasoned. I don’t think they have quite the depth of talent as IU, but they will be very good.

    Ohio State – Russell will be a top 5 pick, so he’s gone, and they also lose Scott and Thompson, but they bring back Tate, Loving, and Bates-Diop. The real talent comes with the addition of 4 top-100 recruits, led by Jaquan (shoulda been a Hoosier) Lyle and Giddens.

    Michigan State – They lose much of the heart of the team with (who woulda thunk it) Trice and Dawson, but they have a ton coming back… I could see Schilling making huge strides next year plus Clark, Bess, Ellis, Nairn, Forbes, Costello and of course the captain D. Valentine, who will be 1st team All-B1G. It doesn’t stop there though, as they bring in 3 top-100 guys led by Caleb Swanigan and Deyonta Davis.

    IU – Yogi, Williams, Bryant… if you just stopped there and compared that to any other PG/Wing/Post combo in the country you’d stack up pretty high on the talent scale… Of course now you add in next years leading scorer in Blackmon… and then you surround them with solid, experienced pieces like Johnson, Perea, Hartman, Holt, Buckets and you’ve got a pretty special group. The other 2 recruits bring more versatility, athleticism and length. I think 1 of the 2 of them will make a surprising impact next year.

    So when I look at those 4 teams, I just feel like there is a huge talent gap between them and the rest of the league. The clear number 4 team to me is OSU. Number 3 is Maryland, although that is based on their lack of depth. The talent they have at the top of the line up is so good that they’ll almost certainly end up in the top 2 in the league. We’ll see how they do with losing the toughness and clutchness of Dez Wells. I guess I’d take MSU at #2. They have a tone of depth of talent, and they have it at every position. They have size, strength, length, shooting, and athleticism. Which leaves IU… I believe they are slightly ahead of MSU because of the elite back court. Bryant is the great equalizer (on paper). He allows everyone else in the front court to slide into their natural positions and comfort zones. Hanner can now play a little 4 with the starters and only guard the back-up centers. He can be a weak side rebounder on offense and shot blocker on defense. Holt can grow steadily and bring energy off the bench without much pressure to be the man (which I thought was going to be the case next year). Hartman can be a solid stretch-4 who will never again have to try to man-up on the block against a guy 4 inches taller. Is there a better perimeter gorup in the country? I mean before the “UK 7” you could have made an argument for Kentucky, but now? Yogi, JBJ, Rob, Troy, and then the shooting of Nicky Buckets…

    So, yeah… this is a top 10 talent team. They also have plenty of experience, so the youth card can’t be played again. The only thing that can screw this up is the coach.

  75. Geoff, that’s pretty much mirrors my feelings on this group. What I don’t see, someone made this reference, was that things were trending up. Next year we should rock. There’s really no excuse. But…after? We’re gonna lose a lot of pieces.

    What is an acceptable season with all the parts in place, following two sub par seasons (after a disappointing season end), in year 9?

    Next year we learn our ceiling. Seeing that people are gleefully predicting we can be a top 10-15 team is not reassuring regarding where we are as a program. Are we to be an occasional Sweet Sixteen program or can IU again be an actual contender?

    We’ll know next season. No excuses with this bunch.

  76. Chet, this will be our best group for the foreseeable future. We lose a lot after next year. But the cupboard won’t be completely bare. With recruiting and transfers, we could still be formidable for years to come. We’ll see.

    We’re not quite back to elite status– whatever that means– but I think we’re still a top 25 program. I’ll let everyone else decide if that’s good enough.

  77. Why is there no excuse for next season when there were plenty of excuse for the two years of fizzling out in the NCAA tournament with Zeller & Co.? I understand that the backcourt is deeper, but let’s not forget how Jordy and Watford could light it up from the perimeter…I do believe the latter hit a pretty big shot against a pretty good UK team.. I’m pretty sure that shot was enough to write Crean 6 more years at IU.

    Bottom Line: It’s easy to say “no excuses,” but stuff happens…and there will be excuses and they will be justified by the defeatists and apologists. A top-10 team….even a top-5 team is not a preseason #1. Did we all forget when Cody graced the cover almost every preseason edition of every sports magazine? If we can live through those bubbles of hype blown up in our face, we shouldn’t get our collars all ruffled over the word “excuse.”

    We all know that coaching wins championships. It starts with talent, but it gets stranded at sea like a lonely lifeboat without coaching. Injuries and fatigue can also play a large part of the ups and downs a season. The more depth, the less fatigue. Not having Davis was a big blow this past season. It’s still a big loss…Even with all the hype around Bryant, I’m still thinking Devin could have been very special…He’s lost an entire year and he has a ton of ground to make up….Maybe he’ll do it….But, in my humble opinion, it’s a 3rd year kid(the experienced player that Davis could have been going into 2015-16) that make for championship runs….

    When I saw the plethora of talent of UK and Duke…(anyone know how many McDonald’s All-Americans between those two teams this past season?), I’m not sure how anyone truly competes for championships….You may get a favorable bracket..You may have a great coach, and somehow have everything right happen to get into a Final Four….But then what? You have to pray that the team with the Coach K has a horribly off night….Why? Because next to that sorta mastery at the coaching to that level talent and depth on a roster, everything looks a bit laden with “long shot” and “excuses.”

    Bottom Line: No coach should really have his ass held to flame over banners or Final Fours. The excuse shouldn’t be built around such things with so many variables….Why we must do is simply ask what level of coaching acumen are we willing to accept no matter the talent that can compete with the rosters of teams like UK and Duke….I don’t think our roster is anywhere close to that sort of depth….We have glimpses, but there’s always a piece or two missing to equate to real dominance.

    We must determine what feels right in our hearts..We must assess good coaching with the effort on defense…with the camaraderie and chemistry…..and with the obvious understanding that meets the eye test of guys simply looking like they are getting it and having “fun” along the way…I think most that have watched teams like Butler and ND see solidly coached squads….We see when teaching begins to blend into chemistry and joy for the game. I don’t need the rosters of UK or Duke to see that. I know what I’ve not been seeing from an IU team for many years…Talent won’t change what I’ve seen as something we should demand better. I don’t need lofty expectations of Final Fours and Top Five teams to simply want a better brand of hoops for kids like Devin Davis. Banners are very far out there in this new world of freshman phenoms slated for a quick turnaround and tickets punched for the NBA mainly finding the “magnetic” attraction to take their “elite” level of talent to a small group of select programs.

    It doesn’t break my heart to not have more banners…II don’t get burdened by whatever “elite” means in this age of select programs doing most the dominating…It pisses me off and breaks my heart to see what we’ve grown satisfied in terms of teaching the game when the rest of world isn’t watching. That’s where our excuses are living…and that’s what we’ve become satisfied. My excuses ended a long time ago.. Now it’s simply playing the same movie over and over….Hype machines rather than knowledge infused into teams where there is valuing of every name on the roster Indiana Basketball doesn’t “deserve” more banners ….That’s like asking for a Harvard diploma when you’ve accepted ceasing the learning of the game at the middle school level. That’s like asking a friend to take an SAT test so you can get into UK or Duke…and become a star for the Chicago Bulls.

  78. You can give $300 to someone that can’t cook..You can go out for a couple great dinners…Or, you can let that “someone” go to Whole Foods and fill the bag with finest ingredients, seafood, and fresh produce…You can give that “someone” the cookbooks that contain glorious recipes for great meals. But do you have a great cook? Do you have anything that’s going to taste better than what an average chef can do with far less expense and effort put into the grocery bag? A fabulous chef can take a pretty average cut of chuck roast and made a delicious stew. A mediocre chef can be given steak and lobster, overcook it, fail to season it properly…forget crucial small touches(temperature and accompaniments) and totally flush premium ingredients into something worse than heading out for a Big Mac.

    You can tell me if Indiana has a top chef in your basketball kitchen that can serve you a steady and varied diet of delicious meals that don’t have to break the bank account by shopping at Whole Foods everyday. Following a recipe ain’t cooking with the masters…….Allowing and hiring other great chefs sit next to Paula Deen as our head coach loving his NBA butter and sugar …? It may help not burn the butter….It may stop four cups sugar in a pie instead of two….But it complicates things unnecessarily and makes those assistant chefs deal with someone that can’t get past hamburger helper expertise when the pots start boiling over.

    Duke has the Barefoot Contessa…We have Paula Deen. What the hell else you really need to know?

  79. Hell, I’d take Ree Drummond’s cooking (“Pioneer Woman” on the Food Network) over what we currently get from Paula Crean. Ree takes some shortcuts, but she doesn’t go crazy with the butter… and her food looks delicious. Take it to the oven, BABY!

  80. Chet, I still believe that we won’t be elite until Crean is gone. He has proven he cannot win late in the season with elite talent. It’s perpetual.

    I do think that IU can be very good after this year with another top 20 recruiting class. My guess is that Bryant and Blackmon carry over to star with RJ and solid role players like Holt, Davis, Hartman, and April. I think at least one of OG and Morgan turn out to be a stud and the other a good player. Then it’s all a matter of who the incoming frosh are… a class of De’Ron Davis, Miles Bridges, and Eron Gordon would make that team a top 10 talent team in the country again.

    I would love to think we have a shot at Maker this year, but with EVERYONE leaving UK I think it’s a forgone conclusion he ends up there. If by some stroke of luck we are able to ink him I think we are a preseason top 5 team, the new favorite to win the B1G, and a legit F4 team. I line-up of Yogi, JBJ, Williams, Maker, and Bryant… wow… I doubt even Calipari could screw that up.

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