Wilson likes size, depth of offensive line #iufb

Kevin Wilson has the kind of offensive line he envisioned building when he took the Indiana job in 2010.

There is depth, athleticism and, probably most importantly, size.

Of all the positions Wilson has evaluated through the first 11 practices of the spring, the line may be of the least concern.

“The group in general is an extremely solid group with depth and there’s diversity between experience and youth and talent throughout that group,” Wilson said on Thursday’s Big Ten Teleconference.

Left tackle Jason Spriggs and right guard Dan Feeney are the stalwarts up front. Jake Reed, who started four games at center late last season, returns to the position, while Wilson said Ohio State transfer Tim Gardner is now the starting right tackle and Dimitric Camiel has been moved from tackle to IU’s starting left guard.

That means the Hoosiers have a pair of 6-foot-7 bodies in Spriggs and Camiel manning a massive left side of the line.

All told, Indiana’s current projected offensive line boasts an average height of 6-foot-5.5 and an average weight of 305.5. For comparison’s sake, Wilson inherited a line that averaged 6-4, 295 across the starting lineup early in his first season.

Wilson likes how the line looks as IU’s spring approaches its ending, taking satisfaction in the depth that has been established across the board.

“Wes Martin has done very, very well – a very strong player as a young guy,” Wilson said. “Delroy Baker is really coming into his own. D’Andre (Herron) has had his best spring, his best winter and he’s lost weight. He’s down to 305. All four of those guys are all in our two deep and doing very well.”


  1. It took a few years, but we finally have a true Big Ten O-line. Congratulations to Wilson and staff for methodically building this essential part of the team. This information provides reason to be optimistic about the upcoming season. And I can’t help but point out that it also vindicates the opinion I posted after IU lost to Ball State four years ago. IU’s O-line was smaller than BSU’s O-line back then and was simply too small to compete in the Big Ten.

  2. This is very encouraging. Offensive line play often sets the tone for the entire team so having this size, depth and athleticism is something we haven’t had in a very long time. As to HC’s comment, I don’t know whether or not our Oline was smaller than BSU’s. What I do know is that we have been under manned on both sides for as long as I can remember and to see this turning around is great. Go Hoosiers!

  3. Hoosier Clarion, misinformation, and BS is his strong suit. Watch him. He will twist what you say and try to put words in your mouth. Slippery like a snake.

  4. I was at Lucas Oil Stadium and had seats close the field for the I U – BSU Game and Ball State’s line had the height and size advantage over IU ‘s line. Didn’t review the rosters but my eyes and several people with me reached the same conclusion that Ball State’s line was bigger.

  5. Thanks, IU South! As a result of my debate with HC at that time, I did look it up. I also looked up the huge disparity between IU’s O-line and Wisconsin’s O-line (because it was generally understood that Wisconsin set the Big Ten standard for O-lines at the time). And the facts verified what our eyes were telling us. IU’s O-line was simply too small at the time.

    RAM, you’re “projecting” again. You should seek help for that.

  6. Kevin Wilson has put together a football team that can be competitive in the BIG 10 …..for the first time in years i feel that IU football program is heading in the right direction…..the players are developing, the team is competitive and the players are starting to get drafted by the NFL….barring any injury to Nate Sudefield (heaven forbid) again and the defensive (secondary) improves..this team will have a chance to will 6 or 7 football games and possibility go to a bowl game….Maybe it has taken some time under Coach Wilson but this IU football program has improve and hopefully will continue to improve….Indiana now has and O-line and a D-line that can compete in the BIG 10.

  7. Having depth on both lines is key to success in the B10. When I was at IU in late 70s if IU had one player at 275, Nebr, OSU, & Mich had ten at that weight or more. Bill Mallory developed depth on both lines and IU had success. I like the way CKW has gone about developing the Oline and now with the 3-4 defense I really think IU can get things done in the trenches. Would like to know if IU has depth at QB and DB. If IU can develop coverage defense i like our chance to win 7 games. With a little luck, who knows!

  8. Podunker since you have the psychology book out today, look up “narcissist” and then take a glance in the mirror.

  9. IU79…I would like to think we can win 6-7 games but as enthusiastic as I am, that’s going to be tough. Realistically, we would need to go 4-0 in non conference which is doable and then pick up wins over Iowa (at home) and PU. This is entirely possible. I’d really like to see another B1G win but given the degree to which those teams on our schedule have improved as well, this is a very tall order. If we were in the other B1G division, I might be more optimistic but our conference competition is awfully good.

  10. Po, I U South,
    At the time, I looked up the rosters and listed the raw #’s and proved my comments were accurate and Po knows it. I am sure Pete Lembo purposely understated the weights. Right! BSU did have a 319 lb. cat, I suspect he was the fixation of your tunnel vision. But if you want to believe BSU’s OL averaged more than 295, have at it. I am pleased Ram is taking your side, as he adds nothing. As usual. Oh, and yes I agree totally with Coach Wilson’s model as to how to build a B1G FB program. From his 1st year as the Ogre breaking the culture that was IU FB.

  11. iufan23….i think IU has an excellent chances of winning 6-7 games this year considering how competitive we where last year with a rookie QB, an a lot of inexperience wide receivers and a running back working on a broken toe…has every other team we played gotten better, you have to assume so….on the non-conference part of the schedule we will have to go at least 3-1….in doing that we have to come out of the Ohio State and Michigan State game (we lose both games) injury free…..that said we are very competitive with everybody else…IU was battling with Iowa (home game) step for step before the injury to Nate Sudefield….IU only lost to Penn State (away game) by 6 points..expect Penn State to get a lot better this year……with that can IU get at least or steal one victory from Rutgers, Maryland or Michigan……An last that leaves Purdue, have they improve enough to beat IU or do we still have a slight edge….All the above depends on a better overall defense and Nate Sudfield taking the next step in progression (taken charge, being a leader, not staring down receivers)….becoming a PRO level QB…..An the receivers step up their level of play…….i have a lot of faith in the running game with Jordan Howard and Redding…….That said i am hoping for a very good IU football seasoning……Regardless if this is not a great/good season i am still a big supporter of Kevin Wilson and the work he has done at Indiana.

  12. It happens every spring with us as IU fans expressing the same optimism, predicting a minimum of a six win season based on last year’s results. Every fan base does it, so I am not putting us down. What separates the winners from the losers is coaching and talent. IU appears to have the talent, but the question mark I have maintained the last two years has been the coaching, specifically CKW.

    I believe CKW took a huge step with hiring Knorr as DC. IU’s defensive scoring average dropped by a touchdown last season, which considering we had a handicapped offense after Sudfeld went down is remarkable. Hopefully the offense will improve enough to possibly keep our defense off the field so that they can further reduce the defensive scoring average.

    I still have concern about our receivers, finding a replacement for TC (yeah I know we have Howard, but TC was a special back and thinking that Howard is going to simpply replace TC is not realistic IMO), and we still need to find a viable backup for Sudfeld. He goes down I don’t have much confidence in Diamont (most experience), or any of the others, and that could really hamper our season because No TC to fall back on and a groiup of receivers that have a lot to prove.

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