Delany discusses upcoming football schedule changes

A new scheduling philosophy will soon take hold in the Big Ten.

Beginning in 2016, conference teams will commit to scheduling at least one non-conference game against a fellow Power 5 program, while agreeing to drop Football Championship Subdivision games from the docket once the league adopts its nine-game conference season, commissioner Jim Delany said at Friday’s Big Ten Media Days finale in Chicago.

In what he calls “Strength of Schedule 1910,” Delany said his goal is to boost the conference resume in the eyes of the College Football Playoff committee and add the potential for more big game scenarios.

“When (playoff) resumes look similar — similar record, similar resumes — conference champions are going to get the first tiebreaker consideration,” Delany said. “And strength of schedule is going to get the second.

“So if you start looking at schedules that have FCS teams that have some 20 fewer scholarships, I think that’s a consideration. I think, if you’re playing more conference games and you’re in a strong conference that, typically, is going to give you a stronger strength of schedule resume.”

But the new model might not mean the league will suddenly be without FCS (formerly known as Division I-AA) opponents. Eight Big Ten programs, not including Indiana, have FCS games on the schedule in 2016.

Delany said dropping FCS programs as a scheduling option boosts the league-wide competition level and adds interest for more primetime television possibilities.

“It’s not to say that there aren’t FCS teams, because I’ve seen them win,” Delany said. “I’ve seen Furman beat NC State. I saw Appalachian State beat Michigan. And I was Commissioner in a conference for 10 years with Eastern Kentucky, Murray State, Middle Tennessee. These teams can play. They only have 63 scholarships. And they wear down. And, when they do win, it’s an upset. They win fewer than 10 percent, maybe fewer than 5 percent of the time.

“So, as we were looking at our future, there are challenges around the game day experience. So I think the better competition draws the fans more. I think, if you ask players, they don’t like to practice very often but they love games, they love big games. So I think it was a partly player and fan and television.”

Delany also said Notre Dame, despite its ties to the Atlantic Coast Conference, and BYU would satisfy the requirement for a Power 5 game as independents.

“It took a little while to get here because of schedules and expansion,” Delany said. “But all of our coaches and players and athletic directors are committed to this platform. We think it’s what our fans want. We think it’s what our players want. And we think it’s what the College Football Playoff committee wants.”


  1. I guess every B1G team will have to drop Inidiana from their schedule now.

    Unless, of course, fireworks displays keep you in FBS.

  2. Oh Lou, it is ok to poke a little fun at our ineptitude over the years. I can assure you that my tongue is planted so hard in the side of my cheek that it might go full groundhog.

    I’m excited for the upcoming Indiana Football season and, in general, like the trajectory. But being humorless about it strikes me as a little stodgy.

  3. I disagree; as long as the top FCS (Top 25) teams are scheduled I want them on big ten scedules. No more than 1 per year for each big ten team though.

  4. Lou4IU is absolutely right. Just prior to reading yours I was wondering about the reason behind the great difficulty we’ve had getting over the hump and into competitive territory. We’ve brought (generally) excellent, well historied coaches. Our football facilities seemed adequate; the campus is one of the best in the country…. So, discarding these and other thoughts, I finally settled on the only one that seems to be left… fans like you- short on brains, stodgy of heart, a miser on hope and (probably) with support (as in cash, check or money order) are not called out often enough when they ridicule their own Hoosiers in the public media.

    We’ve been waiting a good, long and loyal time and we deserve a good dose of fortune smiling at us; not bitter and tired exercises in so-called humor such as yours.

    By the way, thanks for jumping up to object Lou4IU, the dress-down totally deserved by DoubleDown.

  5. Lou4IU, OOps! My second paragraph should have ended, ” tired exercises in so-called humor such as DD’s”; not, ” tired exercises in so-called humor such as yours”.

    Soorry and thanks!

  6. Tsao, go jump in a lake. In fact, go jump in two lakes.

    I haven’t missed a single down of Indiana football in person or live since I got on campus in 1995. That includes the 80,000 pt loss to Wisconsin. I watched every…single…..down.

    I’m short on brains? Maybe you should pick a battle you have a better chance at winning.

  7. Double Down…..I’ll take that bet, ‘short-on-brains’. Doubt you can even begin to compete, unless you graduated from IU at the top 5 ( overall, not %) of your class. Unfortunately, as I said above, IU has had too many fans like you; who get a dumb and perverse sense of satisfaction in dumping- while trying to show off a vile sense of humor-,.. at the expense of OUR Hoosier program. Not personal, just a comment from a proud Hoosier (since the 70’s).

  8. Some things never change. Today, I laugh though because it’s all so crazy…the I graduated in the top 5 of my class. In the end, we all want the best for our Hoosiers. DD, I hear ya. You are in the stands with me…a true fan!!!!!!

  9. I am glad the B1G [I wish they would rename the conference as the Big One like B1G looks like] has decided that teams need to play other FBS teams instead of having cupcakes on the schedule. It will expand the scope of the B1G and also make the teams better as it shows them where they stand with other conferences. It will give B1G teams more TV coverage which helps get more attention from recruits. Just like beating Missouri had to help IU bring in better recruits.

  10. Of course, the total class size was equal to the same number of eight specially selected quills dipped into ink bottles when Tsao graduated from IU in the top 5. If you were an only son and standing in front of cannon fire wasn’t your thing, you were generally admitted. “Application” were invented 40 years later. Not surprisingly, all hoops players were forced walk-on’s and required to bring their own peach basket to class.

    But I think we already had this per capita discussion when determining grandness of an NFL-producing state…Graduation classes also function within sample set sizes and populations…One must be careful to draw inferences and correlations that may be more a product of purposeful prejudicing a wanted top/grand result, along with the convenient influence of sample sizes(whether be very large or very small), than any proof a hypothesis.

  11. Harv,

    You’re like Dave Kingman. When you connect, that ball just leaves the solar system.

    Still laughing…

  12. What can I say – I live in Michigan near East Lansing and there are plenty of folks around me that readily poke fun at Hoosier football such that I’d rather not hear it from our fans too … sorry if that makes me a little stodgy … but I so long for a successful football program and I do believe we are making strides in that direction … Go Hoosiers!

  13. Lou4rigno would have been more clever. Lou was soft as Hoosier Football….but then he became this incredibly strong green hulk. In Indiana, we become incredibly green tall corn in September. Once the corn is harvested and used to feed chickens, we become a basketball state …Our IU basketball coach is related to the scarecrow standing to protect are incredible green corn against invasion from crows. He’s imposing and stiff but has straw for b-ball brains. It’s really all quite interesting……

  14. I agree with Lou4IU. And although it may be a sign of the apocalypse, I dare say, with the exception of the personal insults (i.e., “short on brains,” etc) I have to agree with Tsao. IU has too many alumni, students and fans that are quick to dismiss IU Football or who are all too ready to accept the premise that the program is a joke. That’s the wrong attitude, and it is a big part of the problem with IU Football. In fact, I believe that mindset is the biggest part of the problem with IU Football. It’s like a virus that has weakened the IU faithful for so long that people have accepted it and chosen to just live with the symptoms. They’ve stopped searching for the cure. IU football suffers from the curse of extremely low expectations and a general malaise throughout the fan base. Wilson referred to that phenomenon during a press conference after last year’s win over Missouri. And frankly, maintaining that attitude about IU football is lazy and selfish. It takes a lot of work and a lot of money, from a lot of people, to turn a losing program around into a consistently competitive program. When confronted with that, I hear people respond, “well what can I do about it?” Well, have you written a check to IU Athletics? When was the last time you went to an IU Football game? When was the last time you went to an IU football game and went into the stadium? When was the last time you expressed optimism about IU Football instead of making a joke at the program’s expense? You can choose to be part of the solution or continue being part of the problem. Since I believe DD’s claim that he has attended every IU football game over the last 20 years, I’m happy to cut him slack. In fact, I believe he’s a lot better fan than most IU alumni, students, and locals who claim to be loyal IU supporters, but fail to demonstrate it with any tangible support.

    You want to support IU Athletics? Write a check. Go to the football games. Make some noise cheering for IU football. Express your hope and optimism for the program. Be part of the solution instead of continuing to be part of the problem.

  15. Lou4IU, completely share your feelings Lou. Was a huge fan in the 60s and have absolutely no reason to give it up now. I’ve seen many mock my passion and it doesn’t discourage me one bit. No doubt that between Phil Dickens and _____(who was the last guy we fired?) many had us drooling. What we haven’t tried is what the AD has wised up to…TIME as the most important part of the formula…a commitment to stand by OUR choice for 10 years, no matter what it brings in the process. We should have learned that from John Pont and his great staff. He takes us to the Rose Bowl and only 3-4 years later, the same loser alumni who embraced him and his new era began pumping the _____ that forced him (and staff)to go to Northwestern. Incredibly stupid.

    What’s the problem….a number of alumni who feel ‘their power’ by manipulating the control of athletics, particularly football for whatever ‘dominance’ it gives them over budget, the role of specific financial and geographical interests (central and southern Indiana- particularly Indianapolis). They see a huge threat in Coach Wilson, the end of their control over Athletics. And, an even greater one if CKW’s success and permanence spells out their loss of power over Athletics; thus their weakening influence over the University. They dance a complicated and nefarious ballet…the problem is that they dance it on the body of Athletics and the soul of IU’s hundreds of thousands of loving fans.

    Want names???……..

  16. Soon as I punched ‘enter’ to my last post (above), I saw Podunker’s statement. I think ‘PO’ is a truly GREAT IU fan and a model for the rest of us. I accept responsibility for the aggressive and immature (in my part) dialogue I carried out with him. If anything, we (true IU fans) need 10,000 strong like him …my deepest and sincere apologies MR. Podunker.

    I know who you are ‘inside’ Podunker, why your blood runs ‘Crimson Red’. I am embarrassed for having carried the argument for so long. Hope we can be ‘IU Brothers’ from here on in. Hopefully, your bro. TTG.

  17. Po…promise you I will; if things again go completely to h___ again; … and what their individual roles and responsibilities have been. I’m as tired of it as you are.

  18. Apology accepted. And please accept mine in return. It was an unproductive use of our energy and time. Let’s move forward, remaining focused on increasing support for IU and contributing, in any small way possible, improving the performance and success of IU Athletics, and especially IU Football. We don’t have to agree on everything, and most assuredly won’t in the future. But echo chambers quickly become boring.

    As I look forward to the 2015 Football season, I sure hope this relatively promising team receives more fan support than it has in recent years. And that fan support should be measured by having more people inside Memorial Stadium, cheering the Hoosiers on. It’s well documented that fan support affects a team’s performance.

  19. Other than J Pat, you’re all blowing smoke. IU fans should boycott basketball games..There should be checks returned until the fans are not insulted by the employment of such an incompetent X’s and O’s coach. Alumni should feel zero obligation to support an AD that has allowed such an insult. And if the AD is so aloof to respecting the integrity of teaching that has always been a primary point of pride for IU Basketball and IU Athletics, I see nothing at all promising that our leaders know anymore about handling a football program that has been broken for decades upon decades.

    Double Down’s sarcasm toward IU Football does not fit into a neat vacuum… Double Down, like many others that are tired of talk without results(e.g. Geoff)has made previous comments alluding to his lack of confidence in those that keep throwing money at Crean when there is nothing of positive momentum or inkling of signs the man has any competence beyond a slithery tongue that slips around on the endless lifelines his yearly excuses built around our longstanding basketball traditions. . This man that is labeled a “coach” for our basketball program hired the AD that buys the fireworks blown up our noses at Memorial for this so-called football resurrection.

    How on earth can confidence extend to football when this is an AD that allows Crean to function in the backdrop of such ineptitude for the understanding of the game he is in charge? Double Down has every right in the world to express doubt. It is not historical doubt. It is present doubt of an athletics program led by a charlatan named Crean and his hand-selected AD he has total control.. That, in itself, should tell be plenty to tell you how important IU Football is to the president of IU and the check-writers. They let a bozo of a basketball coach hire the AD that leads the gong and firework shows at Memorial ….and those obnoxious chrome helmets degrading the candy stripes.

  20. And I think it’s horrible to degrade the loyal fans of IU that pay money to sit in the seats while “leaders” show such incompetence. You can shoot all the fireworks in the world…You can put mall developers names on Assembly to pay the bills…But IU’s resurrection in sports is on perma-hold until men beyond carnival salesman and promoters take charge of the teaching that embodies those banners gathering dust above McCracken.

    Instead of bitching about empty seats, you should thank your lonely god above that any fan with a half a brain cares to put a butt in Assembly or Memorial when it is their intelligence “our” university continues to insult. Some of us are just a bit tired of billboards, slogans, videos, and sparklers. We watch our basketball team fail to even know how to call a timeout in the crucial moments an tournament game. Confidence? I’d be more confident in sending a check to Barnum & Bailey for a new clown act.

  21. Great Podunker…moving on…! Hope you do find your seats crowded from increased attendance. I do believe this team will earn it. TTG

  22. I for one am proud to say I support Coach Wilson and the football team, and also Coach Crean and the basketball team. I’m also tired or H4H’s continuing rants against IU athletics. We all know you hate Crean, no need to “inform” us multiple times each day. Just give it a rest!!!!

  23. I don’t hate Crean. I severely dislike listening to those that claim they support IU while allowing for such miserable incompetence entrusted to those that are first, and foremost, teachers and supposed “leaders” that hire our teachers. It is allowing promoters and witch hunters to have the keys to our athletic programs that make us the true subject of mockery amongst those we used to embarrass(Big 10 and nationally) via our discipline and respect for the teaching grounds that sport enriches a love for a learning experience. .

    I can’t hate Tom Crean for selling ignorance to the masses…The biggest fairytale is not his tweets that arrogantly deny the existence of any faith but his own…The biggest fairytale is thinking witch hunts and propaganda …and fireworks can replace a teacher.

    I dream of a day that IU will wake up from allowing fast tongues to replace substance, truth, accountability, and integrity. In that vein, I shall always support and love the school, my alma mater stuck in port, that embodies the true Indiana…I know we will someday rise from this day of being hooked on arrogance and bloat without the sails or substance a true long voyage to command the seas of sport again. . .We will rise again. Those banners remain the sails to catch again the fires and winds that will evict these imposters who came without real respect the art and beauty of a ship painted in truth..

  24. I for another am proud to say I support Coach Wilson and the football tem, and also Coach Crean and the basketball team. I also am tired of continuing ranks.

    (Nice to see TGG – rational thoughts )

  25. So Harv, #26 is another classic example of you posting a nonsensical rant. It’s your typical ready, fire, aim approach, and it is unintelligible. Was your point in #26 to inform us that you do not and will not support IU Athletics? That’s the way #26 reads. We knew that already. You’ve made it clear. The only thing you really do on the Scoop is criticize, demean and denigrate Tom Crean. BORING! You’re a one-trick-poney that has long since made it clear that you prefer to discourage instead of encourage, boo rather than cheer, tear down instead of build up. And as usual, you twist words or just outright misrepresent what others say. I was not degrading the “loyal fans,” I was calling for more IU’s fans to demonstrate their support of the football program. It’s easy for anyone to claim that they are an IU fan, but talk is cheap. If you live in Monroe County, or Indy, or anywhere within a reasonable driving distance of Bloomington, and you have not been to a football game (inside the stadium) in years, it’s hard to convince me that person supports IU Athletics. I’ve been saying (on the Scoop) for years, that as IU fans, “we will get the football program we deserve.”

    My first year out of college, working for a prominent corporation, the CEO gave our team of employees a speech about problem solving. His main point was, “Any idiot can identify problems. If you want to make a difference, don’t waste my time identifying problems unless you’re willing to recommend a solution.” So Harv, aside from firing Crean, what solution do you recommend?

  26. You’ve always degraded IU fans…Tsao was right on his initial assessment in identifying a defeatist.

  27. Jeebus, how did my comment illcit such a lively response.

    I don’t live in an IU echo chamber. I proudly wear my Cream and Crimson on Saturdays and, more often than not since ’95, have watch us not just lose, but get humiliated. We invent ways to lose football games.

    BUT, every year, I have hopes that we can rally. I’m bullish on Kevin Wilson and, given the condition of the program especially relatively to other major programs, he’s done what I hoped he would do: lay the foundations of long-term success for IUFB. The Ws haven’t been there, but the building blocks are being laid.

    I can’t believe I got the dress down for making the most inoccuous joke ever. It isn’t like I haven’t posted 4k times here in support of IU Football over the years.

  28. Podunker, you ask Harvard: “aside from firing Crean, what solution do you recommend?”

    So let me ask you in turn: other than firing Bill Lynch and later Doug Mallory what solutions did you propose for IU football?

  29. Thank goodness the season is upon us so we have some real football to talk about soon. I can wait for articles to report about practices to see how the team is coming around heading into our first game. There are many ? on this team but also many positives to get excited about. The first news I want to hear is Patrick has gained his academic eligibility so he can join the WR ranks. I think Coach Wilson was making a statement when he said we have several WRs at the level of Lattimer and Hughes; I sure hope they are that good this year. There is height and depth on this WR group; so much so Coach said two WR/DB would start on the defensive side. I hope the team has some good breaks this year and has a season to remember.

  30. Yes, Patrick is an important piece to the offensive future and I hope his clearance happens this week. Majette and James are listed as athletes who were projected as WR’s and as v13 stated are now going to be tested for DB duty. I suspect 1 will stick there. I believe the S position to be in good hands. 1 positive out of the DB Q’s is the emergence of Ben Bach at CB. He is a corner with size 6’1″, 200+ and it tells me we have the right guy coaching that position after watching the slow but steady improvement over the last 2 years. Our coverage issues won’t be as frequent this year even after losing 2 starters at CB because the DL will provide a pass rush even better than 5-6 years ago. The matured DL should the run defense allowing Knorr the freedom to run more nickle this season to help the DB’s early in their learning curve.

  31. Hoosier Clarion, is the DB coaches (Coach Shelby) or (Coach Joseph) really that good or should they have been let go, when Coach Mallory was let go?? I think there is a problem there, otherwise why did Coach Wilson announce a co-secondary coach. it will be interesting to see how this turns out….Antonio Allen (physical player) was a good tackler but average safety (he’s gone, no need to bring up the past)…Chase Dutra will be a good safety for the next few years….we will see how good the following recruiting class where and how good the secondary coaches are…as this is the spot of major concern on this years team.

  32. coachw, have you been reading my posts on this topic? The solutions I’ve recommended are well documented. And I think it is clear that replacing Bill Lynch, and later Mallory were necessary solutions to problems affecting IU Football. Wilson is a major upgrade over Bill Lynch. And, while too early to tell for sure, it appears our new Defensive Coordinator is also a significant upgrade. You’re not really questioning the wisdom of those two key personnel changes, are you? Obviously Wilson agreed with those of us who were calling for Mallory to be replaced. And obviously, Glass and IU’s Board of Trustees (at the time) agreed that IU needed to replace Bill Lynch. But IU Football suffers from a lack of fan support. Too few IU fans attend the games inside Memorial Stadium. I assure you that if Memorial Stadium was filled to capacity for every home game, IU football would be much more successful than it currently is.

    But just for the sake of stimulating debate, here are a few “solutions” that could be enacted by IU’s administrations and BOD, on behalf of its smart and talented head Coach, to further support the evolution of IU Football. 1) Increase compensation budget for Wilson’s assistant coaches to minimize risk of undesired turnover. 2) continue to improve the football facilities (facilities inside Memorial Stadium) to make it easier to recruit top players 3) stop wasting large sums of money on giant flag poles and American flags that do nothing to improve the performance of IU Football or attendance at home games 4) Increase Wilson’s recruiting budget (take the money from Crean’s huge recruiting budget) so he can expand recruiting into other areas of the country where there is an abundance of football talent (Texas and California) and where young men are not raised from the womb to believe that IU Football is a perennial loser and a joke. 5) Be more active and aggressive in promoting IU Football (and the star players) in the media in order to stimulate fan interest and increase attendance at home games. IU’s Athletic Department’s media relations group seems to be very parochial in promoting IU Football. You’ll note that none of these ideas represent a quick fix. They’re long term commitments that, if implemented, it will take years before IU would realizing a significant payoff. It’s not rocket science, and its really nothing new. Just copy the formula of other universities that have turned losing football programs into winners in the last 20 years or so. I think we have a good head football coach. But is IU’s administration and fan base doing everything it can to support him? I think not.

  33. Harv, you seem emotional and upset that Tsao and I have exchanged apologies and are beginning to mend the fence, as if you’re jealous or feel threatened. And as is typical, you did not answer my question.

    You’re simply and totally wrong when you wrote that I’ve “always denigrated IU fans.” That’s just pure juvenile nonsense. I’ve simply pointed out to IU alumni, students and local supporters that if they want a better football program, they have to contribute to the process of making it better. They have to do something and make a contribution in support of the program. People who claim to love IU sports just can’t sit at home, sit on their money and complain about what a joke the program has been and expect it to magically improve. And I would challenge the assumption that those types of people are, by definition, “fans” to begin with. IU Football suffers from a malaise throughout its potential fan base. That’s just a fact.

    1. Scoopsters,
      I’ll happily let you all exchange email addresses and argue, but my tolerance level for these personal tit for tat arguments is pretty much zero, as it is for this whole what qualifies as a real fan nonsense. If you’re here, it’s because you’re a fan.

      Judge the football team, the basketball team or anything else however you want, but passing judgment on each other is off the table.

  34. Double Down, I’m confused. Do you live in California, or do you live in the Midwest within a reasonable distance from Bloomington? On another string you said you were a long time resident of California. But I thought you also said you’ve attended every home IU Football game since 1995? It seems improbable that, as a resident of California, you could have made it back to Bloomington for every home game in the last 19 years. Thanks for clarifying that.

  35. Podunker-

    I could fill the pages of Scoop for a month addressing everything that I feel is wrong with your post #40. You are preaching on behalf of sports. I don’t believe a majority of professional clubs, college programs, or athletes have earned that right. I believe there has been an ever-increasing merger of warped values based primarily on the greed motive that has seen professional sports infect the college product ..Has it fixed anything? Are the games any better? Are the values any better? Is the solution merely to keep throwing the money of hard-working Americans(many strapped to even find the funds to put their own kids through college) at games already dictated more than ever by the influences of greed above everything else?

    IU Football is possibly a last breath of innocence…Somewhere that a humble fan finds enough love in heart and a few dollars hanging around in a cookie jar at home to take the family to a game. I do think your point of view is defeatist and speaks to the ears self-promoters, power legitimized and bestowed by wealth, and values that put greed on speed that has been driving this country in the wrong direction for the last half decade. It is an infection where the greedy businessman and the greedy athlete continues in lacking the humble gratitude for those fans that do go to games. You see support as a one-way street. I’ve always seen sports as an interaction between fan and athlete. And I certainly won’t preach to a fan when so few their cheers rooted from a sincere place are rarely received by hearts of gratitude in this egocentric and “me” world now dominating all levels of sport. Dollars are not the problem. The problem is dollars dictating all while the cheers an innocent young son or daughter of a working class parent at a game finding absolutely no heart with a receptive ear. It’s all about chasing money and the peasants in the stands mean nothing to these overpaid coaches and motivations of greed playing imposters to the best things in sports flushed down the toilet.

    I will not preach to those that “should” go to IU games. I will only thank those that still can find something redeeming in sports(not just IU sports) to cheer at. And I won’t belittle someone that doesn’t have the money to attend but still wants to love something, find something worth cheering and believing in, from 3-feet in front a TV screen. I will not attempt to defeat those people.

  36. And we’ve always take the easy avenue of accusing people to be stupid…or idiots…or delusional… I grew up loving sports from 3-feet in front a tiny black and white TV. I was creating something in my mind that somehow that love or simple escape to believe in someone or some team was working on a spiritual or mystical level…I didn’t have a lot of people around me willing to take me to the games and teams I loved to watch. I hope someone was watching me.. I hope someone knew that my unseen heartbreak for losses and ecstasy for victories was finding a the same place any love goes when we exit this temporary place we breathe and pinch ourselves to exist. I guess I came to sports with a lot of delusions and dreams.

  37. And the question for most these old geezers on Scoop shouldn’t be “Have you attended a game”…or, “Do you go to IU football games and throw money at it?”

    Most of us taking up these Scoop pages are plenty old to have children…or nieces…or nephews. Kids , more than anything, love when a parent, uncle, aunt, etc. take them out to enjoy a beautiful day….ANYWHERE! Take someone you cherish to a game. Let the experience mean something to them..Let them remember the day Uncle Double Down or Aunt Podunker…or Great Granddad Tsao decided to share with them the joy of an IU football game. Allow them to seep into your heart as you seep into their own. IU Football cannot be resurrected by old geezers bitching and whining at each other on Scoop. There is my solution, Podunker. Quit making it about us. If you don’t have kids or nieces…or nephews, then take a poor person from the street to an IU game. Be a big brother or big sister to someone that has never had the experience. Take a friend from Scoop. Offer gratitude and hope rather than condemnation and judgment.

    What I’ve always appreciated from J Pat is his fully expressed love in taking his kids to IU games. He wants to share the experience with those he loves. I think it’s time that athletes and coaches begin to appreciate the few that find something redeeming in watching adults that get to be children chasing only fame and money.

  38. “I could fill the pages of Scoop for a month…” Harv, what would be different about that? It’s pretty much what you do every day, regardless of the topic. You don’t seem to need any special motivation to fill the pages of the Scoop. If it’ll make you feel better, go ahead and knock yourself out.

  39. Podunker your argument assumes that Mallory and Lynch just had to be removed. Now the difference is that they were. Too bad you don’t see it’s the exactly the same pattern. Before they were removed you kept filling pages and pages on the Scoop with how they needed to be let go. Same exact damn thing. I don’t remember you proposing that Mallory and Lynch should get any of the support you are now asking for Wilson. What’s worse is that you wrote just as many pages about Crean how he is establishing a dynasty and winning national titles, which he was clearly not, and calling any objective and rational critic of Crean as suffering from TCDS. But I think you’re coming slowly into your senses because I see this is the second time you are suggesting Glass take money from Crean’s recruiting budget and give it to Wilson. Even you see now that Crean is incompetent and entrusting him with that much money is a huge mistake… that’s an improvement, Podunker. Congratulations.

  40. You have nothing to worry about, coachw. Those that so adamantly defend Crean will lead the mutiny once they sense there is no turning back from the loss of support. The loudest voices from the clergy will do what they always do…It will be another Salem of Bloomington…They will make him the next witch to drag to the gallows. There will be no loyalty. As he burns from the stake they will claim it’s for the “glory of old IU” …There will be the usual BS of wishing him well….and some nice words put on his Hoosier tombstone.

    It’s the disease of the day…It’s almost as if some want to hire incompetent men just to act as voyeurs some despicable process of support…judge…burn….support …judge…burn….support…judge…burn. They don’t want real success at Indiana. They live in a narcissistic existence that feeds an Establishment seeking failure and drama upon IU. Within that interim, they pander and put friends in various positions of authority as our hope to reclaim anything of legitimate restoration and tradition at Indiana rots from within. It’s how we got from Bob Knight to Tom Crean. It’s how you get an NCAA conducting a witch hunt for a harmless 3-way caller….It’s how you get to pious bloats judging and chasing guys down on national TV five years after they’ve accepted their “dream job” at the place “because” was born. It’s how you get to a point where a very average, at best, basketball coach is hiring his own AD. It’s how you get to a point all the richness one of the finest basketball programs in the nation betting there entire future on watching fireworks explode out Fred Glass’s butt.

  41. IU79, Yes I believe Shelby and Joseph are above adequate for their profession. By the way Joseph came in after Mallory was released to replace Mallory as the S coach. Shelby has done a good job in particular with the material he has had to push up into a D that has had only a slight pass rush success. The lack of good DL play is why you saw a coaching change there 2 years ago for a new DL coach, I like the idea of the tandem coaching philosophy for the DB’s co-mingling the CB and S coaches and have wondered for many years why it would not work. I read where coach Wilson got the idea from Coach Stoops(a HC with a defensive background)who has done some mixing of position coaches successfully and there is no reason it should be a negative. But the real key to good pass coverage is a strong pass rush. I am all in believing that strong pass rush is a menace to opponents this year and our secondary will reap the benefit.

  42. Po, I do live in California. When I said I haven’t missed a down, I meant, TV, Radio, or in person. I’ve gone to some pretty extraordinary steps to listen, too. Last year, I got the Penn State game on satellite (but two days late) in the bush in Kenya. Interestingly, while it was a pretty ugly game, I ended up meeting my soon to be wife later that day.

    My highlight for in-person games: beating Oregon at Autzen 2004. My OU friends that invited me up for that game? Not happy.

  43. I live in CA. I never have trouble seeing the game. I have BIG 10 Network on DirectTV (for now – may fire them over the ATT merger…) and between BJs and Buffalo Wild Wings it isn’t hard to find the game at a bar.

  44. coachw, I don’t have time to repeat all the rational and facts I used on my side of the debate and point out the obvious differences between IU basketball with Crean, his pedigree before taking the IU job and the level of success he has had in returning the BB program to national relevance (first Big Ten Championship in how many years?), etc., and IU Football under Lynch and with Mallory. If you didn’t get it the first time, repeating all that information isn’t going to change your mind. But suffice it to say that the comparison you try to make in #48 is not valid. And besides, my primary argument with so many of Crean’s critics on the Scoop are the incessant personal attacks directed at him. I never wrote personal attacks against either Lynch or Mallory. In fact, I went on record saying that I believed them both to be good, decent and honorable men. They just were not getting the job done for IU football. The vitriol involved in some of the attacks on Crean, both on the Scoop and around Bloomington (i.e., negative chants at his son’s HS basketball game) is outrageous. I really believe some people, according to the volume and nature of the unsolicited criticism they direct at Crean are, or have become unhinged. For what it’s worth, it appears that Mr. Glass, Mr. McRobbie and IU’s Board of Trustees has, so far, agreed with me. But hey, you Crean-critics keep demanding Crean be replaced and eventually your wish will come true. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  45. “I never wrote personal attacks against either Lynch or Mallory. In fact, I went on record saying that I believed them both to be good, decent and honorable men. They just were not getting the job done for IU football”

    The day Mallory’s hire was announced you dug at his flesh with a full onslaught of doubt aimed at his credentials. Wilson, nor any of his assistants(past or present) never came into the IU Football job looking for excuses. They were no less equipped for the job than any that came before them. They embraced it and didn’t waste time blaming anyone from the past for the program’s decades of stagnancy and irrelevance.

    Crean came in looking to board the blame train. He wasted every chance in front of a microphone to set a backdrop of blaming players for immaturity and disrespect for the scholarships and opportunity. Instead of positioning himself on his quiet ability and competence at X’s and O’s, five years after his hire, he was still chasing a former assistant of Sampson with his own version of “vitriol” on national TV. He is an excuse-maker and it’s only taken 7 years for the Kelvin and his thugs “blame train” to lose its steam. And the biggest irony of such a man that has oiled himself in faith while hunting men to blame is that many of his own choice recruits have been involved in drugs and alcohol while proving nothing more of a level of respect for the program than those Crean never ceased to publicly condemn for “wrecking” the program. Crean manipulates the fan base and plays no different game when he “unhinges” himself…What a great distraction it serves…It distances him from reporters and instills fear to ask any simple questions directed at his in-game coaching decisions. We saw that intimidation with Dustin Dopirak. He is not only incompetent, but he resorts to childish bullying with members of the local press.

    IU Basketball hit its biggest “wreck” when they allowed a beauty pageant judge that still plays with X’s and O’s tinkertoys to blame and preach because he can’t teach. Will he ever digest one slice of humble pie and express admission that his own players failed to live in the world of puritanical perfection he cast upon those he chose to publicly belittle? Of course he won’t….He is a fraud in every sense of the word And he is the man that hired your AD. Big surprise that our AD is challenged to expose such hypocrisy and admit to the incompetence of a grossly overpaid excuse-maker that holds the Hoosier bank account so hostage as to snowball football fans with fireworks

    Without the “everything hinges” recruit that saw the real light after two years of miserable coaching, Crean would been exposed to even the most blinded his Salem witch hunt attraction and carnival acts.

  46. Hell let em type away. I don’t spend much effort reading those type posts anyway and I suspect many others on here do the same. Nothing wrong with picking grain from the chaff. That is much more preferable than censorship.

  47. Jeremy, what is your concern as it keeps them off the streets :). Today is the first day of practice and I can’t wait to read about how it goes IE is Patrick eligible, is Howard healthy again, etc. Now we can bicker about the action on the field. Hopefully we will be fending of the negative Norberts that can’t believe the early success the team is having.

  48. I, too, will be glad when the season starts and we can blab about what’s going on rather than bygone personell decisions. To PO’s post 39 I would add “paper the house.” Student tickets and those for high schoolers and their parents should be dirt cheap. IUFB tickets are not the most sought after items.

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