A look at the competition for backup quarterback #iufb

The process of developing adequate quarterback depth is one of Kevin Wilson’s priorities for fall camp.

For the Indiana football coach, It’s not merely a matter of filling the depth chart behind senior starter Nate Sudfeld, but an exercise for preparing for the future and Sudfeld’s impending graduation.

The Hoosiers have five quarterbacks taking snaps beside Sudfeld this month, meaning the next few weeks will determine who gets the next set of repetitions during the regular season and who might have a leg up on the starting job once Sudfeld leaves.

“Quite honestly, we’re going to look really hard because that’s going to determine our direction,” Wilson said. “We need a backup quarterback this year and we need a future quarterback, and we’re trying to determine what that future is. Maybe that future is on campus, maybe that future is not.”

Sophomore Zander Diamont returns after starting the final six games of last season following season-ending injuries to Sudfeld and then-backup Chris Covington in the same game at Iowa. Covington has since moved to linebacker. While Diamont has more in-game experience than any IU quarterback aside from Sudfeld — he completed 64 of his 132 passes for one touchdown in 2014 — Indiana coaches would prefer to redshirt him this season and get back the original redshirt year lost last fall.

That means redshirt freshman Danny Cameron could be next in line behind Sudfeld. Cameron, the son of former IU coach Cam Cameron, has looked good in limited windows of practice open to reporters through the first week of camp.

“We’re kind of 50-50 on both of those guys because Danny’s gotten a lot better,” Wilson said. “Zander can make a lot of plays with his energy and movement, but his carelessness scares you. He’ll force some throws and do a few things, so it’s a little 50-50. One, because Danny’s doing better.”

Wilson said that if both quarterbacks are at the same level, or if Diamont is only a little ahead of Cameron by the end of camp, he would prefer to give Cameron the backup reps in September and let Diamont continue to grow into the position as a college player. Diamont, who reported to campus weighing 175 pounds as a freshman, expected to spend his first year adding size and learning the playbook. On IU’s latest roster update, Diamont is listed at 180 pounds.

Cameron, like Diamont, stands at 6-foot-1, but weighs 208 pounds. Cameron has also shown better touch on his passes, especially those downfield.

“Danny’s a lot better,” Wilson said of Cameron’s individual improvement. “Zander has been by no means been bad. I just think Danny’s better. Even if Zander’s ahead of Danny — but if Danny’s good enough — you’d let Danny play mop-up duty unless there was a problem.”

Redshirt junior Nate Boudreau and freshmen Austin King and Donavan Hale are also in the mix, though Boudreau is the only one not considered a long-term option.

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  1. Did you ask “Who will play mop-up duty?” before Wilson added that credulous term to his explanation? I bet you did….Here’s an idea: Defeat some upper tier BIG teams for the first time in half a century, then talk of mopping up things. When our starter went down last season, we looked like more a mop bucket with no mop…We had Soap in the stands shipped in soft packages all the way from Venice Beach…but we had no Suds…feld worth a damn. Mop-up duty…? That’s hilarious. Almost as hilarious as Crean mopping up a game against Syracuse..

  2. That’s a good sign..It means he read your piece from a few days ago. Keep up the great work, Mike. If you build it, they will come…They will come with mops…and mop buckets…and janitorial supplies…and Soap from California that will clean up the competition like a white asparagus tornado…
    Is this Cameron kid any good or is this like Bobby giving Pat a Super-sub designation? We got rid of the son of Mallory…Should I believe the son another big Hoosier name offer anything more in our broom and mop closet?

  3. IU was hurt with the transfer of Tre because it gave IU back to back years of excellent QB talent. OSU held on to three top QBs because they care enough about a team that won the national title with a chance to win it again. IU isn’t in that situation and two QBs transferred that were counted on to provide B1G talent. I think they made a mistake in recruiting QBs the following years and it also made recruiting the next couple years of QB tough as recruits saw the glut from sophomore and junior level. It looks like this year’s freshman have the talent but we have to wait and see.

    Talking about the future of QB ha me wondering if the staff is rethinking the type of QB they want in this offense. Originally they wanted a drop back QB but with the success OSU has had with athletic passers and what Tre did when he was in; could they be reconsidering the type of QB they want. They do have both types of QBs in the program but I agree with HH that IU needs to start winning now with what they have. I sure hope Nate stays healthy all year.

  4. From all I’ve seen and heard out of Wilson he has no problem having or wanting a QB with good wheels as long as he has a damn good arm too. Well guess what that combination is the exact description of a 4-5* rated talent that the hi-flying programs want too. So his priority at the present time has to be a QB with that passing arm and if he has some scoots also then it is a +. But for his offense to click he needs a backfield run game and a QB that can throw down field accurately. It is no big mystery to his scheme for recruiting QB’s.

  5. And what we can do without a run option QB is no big “mystery” to a 3rd string OSU defense. ..but it will work against cupcakes and has a small shot against the Purdon’ts of the Big 10.

    Is Gunner Kiel still in college?

  6. Football bean berry berry good to me…????????????????????????????????????? Got tickets? Got big scoreboard? Got chrome helmets make heads look berry big? What’s under the Rock?….Usually a pretty hot chick or a mummy? ?????????????

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