CBS ranks Division I football teams; IU No. 87 #iufb

CBS Sports released its first ranking of all 128 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision, pegging Indiana at No. 87 nationally.

That puts the Hoosiers last among Big Ten teams, and one spot behind rival Purdue entering the season. This season’s conference schedule features three teams included in CBS’ top 30, including Ohio State at No. 1, Michigan State at No. 5 and Penn State at No. 28.

Here’s where the rest of IU’s 2015 opponents appear in the CBS rankings:

Florida International, No. 105
Western Kentucky, No. 46
Wake Forest, No. 93
Rutgers, No. 84
Iowa, No. 56
Michigan, No. 45
Maryland, No. 64
Purdue, No. 86


  1. So what? CBS scans the top 30 teams and guesses on the rest. I like IU’s team and I like our chances to finish much better than what the like of CBS thinks.

    It would be a mistake to take IU lightly, Missouri did last year and paid the price for doing so. IU fans should also squelch the talk of getting rid of CKW. He has done wonders on changing the program atmosphere. IU is much improved. Go IU!

  2. WOW!! this is a real eye-opener…..first off let me say that i think this ranking is incorrect, but it goes to show what or how most of the media feels about the culture of IU football…An who can disagree when the last time IU football went to a Rose Bowl (1967) or maybe any major bowl was 48 years ago…At the present time IU football gets no-respect…that is why i am a Kevin Wilson supporter, because he has a done and continue to do everything possible to help bring some respectable to the IU football program…he has made this IU football program more competitive (more depth, better athletics/players)…We expect a Coach to turn around a program in five years that has been in doldrums for half a century…based on this ranking IU football should only win three games (Southern Illinois, Florida Intl, and Wake Forest) with close/swing games at Purdue and Rutgers…a total of five wins for the seasons and no bowl appearance..As and IU fan I love what Coach Wilson has done the pass few years, and i believe IU will go bowling this year and Coach Wilson will bring a winning tradition to IU.

  3. The media are making Coach Wilson’s job easier with all of this bulletin board material. This team should have plenty of motivation to work hard to prove people wrong.

  4. Not sure if these ranking are very accurate, but I am looking forward to this season. What stands out to me is how high Western Kentucky is ranked. Really? I know they can put up points but being ranked 46 seems absurd. I like the direction the program is going but no winning seasons in five years is not good. I am usually a half glass full kind of guy, but my optimism is fading. With all that said, I hope they can find a way to get to a bowl game.

  5. IU79 you’re my hero!. CKW and this staff are battling IU’s football’s history on two fronts, program culture and patent disrespect. Case in point, two years ago we had TWO TD’s taken off of the board AT HOME, when replay (and the ground rubber bits in the playing surface clearly indicated otherwise). I don’t believe for one second that officials aren’t influenced by a program or athlete’s perception, what else would explain why LeBron doesn’t get called for a travel when he takes 3 to 4 steps before dribbling. This program deserves (and has earned) more respect. Just ask Mizzou. Go Hoosiers!!!

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