Fant trying to prove he’s IU’s top corner #iufb

The top cover cornerback on Indiana’s roster isn’t being handed anything entering his second season.

When he was told that a walk-on would open fall camp ahead of him on the depth chart, Rashard Fant took the news for what it was — a challenge.
By the numbers and virtually every other metric, Fant should be Indiana’s No. 1 corner entering an important 2015 season. To receive that honor, Fant will need to earn it.

Ben Bach, a walk-on who has not played in a single game during his first two years inside IU’s program, began fall camp in front of Fant on the outside. Co-secondary coach Brandon Shelby, who specializes in corner play, says Fant needs to show more every-down consistency and overall production before any assignment is awarded to him.

So that’s what Fant is aiming to do.

“Every day, I have to be the best I can be,” Fant said. “I know what I bring to the table and I know what I can do, so that challenges me and motivates me to make sure by the end of camp that the coaches see that I’m the No. 1 guy, I’m the guy they need there. Bach’s gonna keep pushing me each day.”

So far, it seems to be working.

Fant, who broke up five passes last season, says he’s allowed receivers to catch only four passes against him through the first full week of practices. Each of those four, he says, have come on slants or hitches. No deep balls.

“Humbly, I’ve always felt that I was the best cover guy, even when Tim (Bennett) was here,” Fant said. “You just gotta do it in games. Like, in practice, I dominate, but I have to transition it to the games. This camp, I’ve made it known I’m the best guy. … I just have to keep it coming.”

You can read more on Rashard Fant and his fall camp in Friday’s edition of The Herald-Times.


  1. Last year I often wondered why Fant wasn’t one of the corner starters and maybe this article explains it. For one thing or another he didn’t show the coach he was the one to start. I was a bit surprised about him being put on the second team with the lack of experience the secondary has this year. I hope the secondary learns quickly and rises up to the job as the defense could be much better this year if the secondary can keep plays in front of them. They will get a good test against WKU if not before that.

    It is another day closer to the start of the season and I am ready to see it start for this team.

  2. Fant had 2 negatives since he has been at IU. Size, he came in at 163 lb. and the second has been consistency which is why he was given 2nd position on the depth chart. He has always been chock full of talent and potential. Everyone says Wilson’s depth charts are meaningless. But the underlying meaning posted in them has always been motivation. And being listed #2 this year is proving successful as Fant got the point about consistency. I’ll find it hard to believe he won’t be starting game 1. In HS he ran a 4.37 40. If Devonte Williams does indeed rise successfully to the position challenge in moving from RB and ends up starting at CB he and Fant will very possibly be the fastest CB combo in college FB. Think of the future and what Wilson and Knorr are creating. Fant is a RS Sophomore and Williams is a Frosh with lots of solid depth behind developing. No IU team in my 60 + years of fandom.has had that at the DB position.

  3. I do remember both. Both did make some plays. I believe Elom maybe had a tryout dance in the NFL

  4. We can’t really rate fant on consistency being that he hasn’t had a chance to start and complete a game corner, but we do know that last season he had an impact on opposition passing when in the game and the starter’s gave up too many yard’s and point’s when he was not on the field. ? were the coaches preserving him because he needed stronger or were they preserving him for fear of lack of depth. Also there is a lot of pressure on the secondary to step up, but not much talk about the D-Line and Linebacker crew being consistent.

  5. His inconsistency in practice and lack of size was why the coaches did not start him or play him more. It had nothing to do with fans rating him in a negative light. As I stated above Wilson’s depth chart is very often used to motivate players. This Fall camp Fant is 1 of them.

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