Georgia defensive end Chris Henderson picks IU

Indiana added its 10th member to the 2016 class on Thursday evening, taking a commitment from Georgia defensive end Chris Henderson.

The 6-foot-4, 230-pound prospect chose IU over other listed offers from Louisville, Eastern Kentucky and Middle Tennessee State. At Lovejoy High School in Hampton, Ga., Henderson made 67 tackles and seven sacks as a junior last season. A recent story in the Clayton News Daily (Jonesboro, Ga.) describes Henderson as a defensive lineman who moves well for his size.

Henderson, who has a three-star rating in the 247 Sports Composite rankings, was on Indiana’s campus Thursday before making his decision. This summer, Henderson also made unofficial visits to Old Dominion and Iowa State.

Henderson is the fifth defensive prospect in IU’s 2016 class and the second end, joining fellow three-star Georgia prospect Allen Cater up front.


  1. A good pick up for IU as it seems we have a pipeline into Georgia. It will be interesting to see how they build the 2016 class as the season goes along.

  2. My observation from ESPN rankings is that IU, Illinois, Purdue, and Rutgers are wiping up the rear for big ten recruiting 2016 class. I notice what is advertised as a 3 star recruit for IU is not ranked per espn. Before anyone says that espn rankings are not relevant, the rest of the schools have several 3 and a here and there 4 star recruit.

  3. Scratch Rutgers, because they are getting some starred recruits per espn. IU has only about 4 in the lower 70s.

  4. The strength of our coaching staff is clearly their demonstrated ability to recruit and develop talent si I wouldn’t pay too much attention to media evaluations.

  5. This entire FB staff are excellent talent evaluators. Their forte is identifying good talent that is not rated high enough by the know-it-alls at the recruiting websites(who are never held accountable for their many whiffs)as those recruits have less quality suitors and in most cases less suitors in general to commit to. Those boys could not diagram a play let alone coach bad, fair or good talent.

  6. Gentleman, prepare for a lower rated recruiting class. Why? In my opinion the lower rating will be do to the fact that Kevin Wilson job is on the hot seat (LIMBO)….no student athletic is going to commit and not know the status of the head coach….I do feel that this staff does an excellent job of evaluating talent, but until the recruits see that Kevin Wilson is coming back or moving on this recruiting class will be in the lower half of the Big 10…this recruiting will take on the looks of past (MAC) recruiting classes…..If IU football is to continue this upward move, a decision on Kevin Wilson will have to be made sometime doing the football season….The bottom recruiting classes belong to Purdue (new coach-program still developing), Illinois (a school who’s current football program mirrors Indiana in a lot of areas – good offensive – poor defense – lackluster recruiting), Rutgers (a program on the rise – has large recruiting classes and evaluates talent on an excellent level)…Hoosier Clarion you are correct in your statement on post #5…but the better programs Ohio State, Alabama, Texas and others maintain their dominance by getting better (four-five stars) recruits. Maybe some day the IU football program will consistently get some three, four and occasionally get a five star recruits….GO IU

  7. The only comments I’ve heard about replacing CKW are from folks on this blog plus some misinformed media people conjecturing. There is nothing to indicate that CKW will not be back next year. He has a 7 year contract. He’s making progress. His teams are getting more competitive. His teams have not had a lot of off the field issues (AA being the exception). Why would AD Glass replace him and who with?

  8. I doubt if IU ever gets a 5 star recruit. However, a very small number of 4s is a possibility. IU wins this year could remove thought of limbo status with contract extension for KW. I think IU staff evaluates talent well. So do others who are winning. The difference is they are consistently evaluating higher 3 and 4 star talent versus low 3 star, 2 star, and no star talent. It is math and law of averages unless coaching staff is way, way, way, better than everyone else. Even then it is hard to make up the mathematical law of averages difference. I believe that is why they call it an upset.

  9. Given IU history, I definitely think IU should keep KW honoring what was originally agreed upon. I felt that way about past coaches as well and KW even more.

  10. iufan23, I agree with part of your comment in #7. I don’t think anyone of consequence is arguing that Glass is looking to replace Wilson. But the strength of the recruiting class is a key part of the criteria that Glass will certainly take into account when evaluating Wilson’s future at IU. If IU wins six is 2015, the issue will be moot, and will evaporate immediately. If they don’t, one of the things Glass will evaluate is the quality of IU’s most recent recruiting class. Is it better or is it worse than previous classes? That’s a bit of a judgement call, but it must be factored in to the evaluation of Wilson’s job performance. That’s why I have opined that 2015 is key to Wilson’s tenure at IU. Even though he is only in his fifth year of a seven year contract, if he does not demonstrate progress (more wins), from a recruiting standpoint, some pundits will begin to label him as a lame duck coach, even with two more years remaining on his contract. And once that label is applied to a coach at a program such as Indiana, which does not enjoy any history of success, recruiting the type of talent you need to improve the program will become much more difficult, if not impossible. I agree with everyone that has said that Wilson has improved recruiting and fields generally higher quality athletes. But if he can’t demonstrate improved results (i.e., six wins) that fact becomes irrelevant. For Wilson, since he’s never produced a winning season as a head coach, unless he does this season, his program is going to be perceived as either being on the rise, or in decline. And that perception will affect recruiting in a significant way. When there is doubt about the future of a program, the quality of the most recent recruiting class is a key indicator used to evaluate the program’s trajectory. I believe 2015 is key to Wilson’f future at IU.

  11. 2015 will be a big year for Coach Wilson in a number of ways. It will determine how people see him as a coach, it will determine how athletes see IU as a place to go play football, and it will determine his long term fate as IU’s football coach.

    Everyone is talking about this slow recruiting year but forget that Coach Wilson traditionally moves later in getting players to commit. In fact IU often gets several flips as athletes take a second look after their senior year in football.

    Rating football players is a difficult thing as you don’t know the talent they are going against, you don’t know what football means to the players, etc. Other than a few name programs every other successful program takes 3 star [on a five star scale] as their best and coach them up to be better players once they get to your school. A few examples are Boise State, BYU, Louisville, and Michigan State. After getting into the top echelon for several years these teams will start to get some 5 star athletes but they live with 3 and 2 star players.

    I think this will be a big year for IU football and Coach will end up with a very good recruiting class for 2016.

  12. IUfan23- Yours is a fine and accurate statement, “The only comments I’ve heard about replacing CKW are from folks on this blog …. There is nothing to indicate that CKW will not be back next year. He has a 7 year contract. He’s making progress. His teams are getting more competitive.” AD Glass, I’m sure, knows that his best and likely most productive action is in totally supporting Coach Wilson’s vision and completely trusting staff in its ability to identify recruits and polishing them into winning Big Ten players.

    Nothing can damage IU football more than living tippy-toe while looking over the shoulders at “the next staff’… we’ve done that since some sectors of IU fandom forced John Pont to look elsewhere and pushed a very successful Coach Mallory into retirement. We (as IU fans) have not shown much wisdom in our search for football respectability and its time we acknowledge we don’t know enough to be setting deadlines for coaches, hinting at ultimatums for winning seasons (or ‘even defining ‘winning’) or determining the strategy to be followed for the next 5-7 years.

    Wilson had an accomplished background when he arrived and Indiana and few have the peer respect of his knowledge. We should be prepared to play out a hand that requires patience to succeed…if ‘success’, credible and sustained ‘success’, is the objective.

  13. Forgive me for rolling my eyes at the angst in the comments, since these discussions about recruiting issues happen every summer and then we inevitably end up with a Top 40-50 class nationally and one somewhere around 6th in the B1G. It’s August. Relax.

    And yes, ESPN’s rankings suck. Rivals and 247 are actually respected, and I say this regardless of how they rank us.

  14. IU79…

    Maybe someday? Any reason why you are ignoring our last few classes? We did exactly what you are clamoring for. Heck, we’re already doing it this year. I wouldn’t expect 5 stars though. There are literally like 15 5 stars every year. That’s it.

  15. Coach Wilso will get all 7 of his contract years. He will get a nice, but not excessive extension, if I U goes to a bowl this season. So much for “coach insecurity”. IU recruits 3 star talent, basically. Some 2 star players (especially from FL and GA) are simply better athletes, with greater talents, than some 3 star players (from IN, IA, WI etc.). Some rating sites downgrade for lack of size (like IU’s 5’8 RB from OH), when the kid’s stats rank him at the top in his state. As a rule, smart 2 star players declare first while the scholarship is available. The 3 star players wait to see who is still offering them, what their playing situation will look like, how many other new recruits will be at their position, etc. some smart 4 stars will say do I want to be the 5th recruit at my position at MI, or the “Big Deal” recruit at Indiana. Those type of decisions always happen late, in December and January. Now is no time to panic.

  16. I’m looking forward to the finely aging ‘Win Today’ whiny wine that patiently matures from the Southern Indiana football vines and big juicy shiny candy striped grapes resembling ostentatious Evil Knievel chrome helmets of a Boone’s Farm Designs team to produce barrels of “just wait and see” flavors bursting into all the complexities a ‘Freddy Fireworks’ show that rivals the pyrotechnics of Tsao’s last Kiss concert at Soldier Field….all finally maturing into a vintage, middle-of-the-pack, Holiday Bowl, IU Football team uncorked in 2025. Yippee.

    Meanwhile, go Kyle Schwarber!!!

  17. If * ranking happens to be your bailiwick then be advised 24/7 composite lists all 10 IU commits as 3*. And yes they are more accurate than Scout, ESPN and even Rivals if you follow scouting from NC contending programs at the top all the way down to the bottom and from the off season to the bowls.. Many(near all)of the IU boys now going to the NFL were under rated by the print experts. As I stated above I’ll put my wager on Wilson and staff.

  18. This is Wilson’s make or break year. If a coach can’t get to 6 and 6 in year 5, it is not going to happen. Coach Wilson has improved recruiting, but unless we get to a bowl this year, the 2016 class will end up as the worst rated of his classes except possibly his first, and in 2016, we will have a team led by an unproven QB. Right now, our 2016 class is predominantly 2 stars with a few 3 stars. Sure, a lot of these guys are from the south, but look at their offers. The best offer this latest DE had was Louisville. Last year and the two years before that, most of our recruits had numerous offers from better programs. This year, even our 3 stars don’t have those kind of offers.

    If we go to a bowl game, then this class will get significantly better toward signing day. If not, it will probably be Wilson’s worst class in the past 4 years. What I think is particularly telling is that we currently don’t have a single recruit from the state of Indiana. Wilson was able to sell guys like Spriggs, Latham, Dutra, and others to come to IU, but this year, he is having no success in state whatsoever. You can only sell the idea of improvement without wins to recruits for a limited time. Even PU has a recruit or two from in-state.

    I agree that it is a crap shoot getting a new coach. I really think Hep could have been successful given time. Vanderbilt hit a home run 4 years ago when they hired James Franklin. Vanderbilt is the IU of the SEC. Franklin came in and took over a program that was in worse shape than IU and went to 3 straight bowl games and drastically improved their recruiting. Of course, Vanderbilt couldn’t keep him and he is now doing his “magic” at Penn State and the Commodores have reverted to their old cellar dwelling ways.

    I hope Wilson and our team succeed this year and go to a bowl. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if he has 3 winning seasons in a row and then gets hired by Oklahoma, as long as we IU fans get an opportunity to go to bowl games the next 3 years!

  19. I don’t do predictions normally, but what the heck. I think the Hoosiers are going to surprise some folks this year. We’re in a really tough half of the B1G conference, but I predict we pull a few upsets.

    It’ll be due to improved defense and a healthy, veteran Nate Sudfeld.

    8 wins.

    Go ahead, throw your rotten tomatoes!!!

  20. Before the Colts and Pacers plus when the Pacers were beginning it was ND, Purdue, and IU grabbing almost all the headlines….with an occasional grab from Butler, ISU Sycamores, Ball State, and the beloved Indians…plus support from Chesty, Stokely. Van Camp, Buckshot O’Brian, then came Max Skirvin, Chuck Marlow….among others who represented the various basketball, baseball, and football programs….You could translate today’s IU football conversation and it would sound pretty much like yesteryear. Cheering for one of those special moments in IU football history.

  21. If Wilson wins six this year, all discussions about how many years he’ll have at IU will evaporate, because he’ll get a contract extension. I hope that happens. If he does not win six this year, he’ll probably be given a sixth season. And then, if his team wins six or more in his sixth season at IU, he will most likely get a contract extension. But if he does not win six, either this season or next season, he won’t get a seventh at IU. Glass is a smart man. He knows having a lame-duck coach would create a serious problem for the football program and make everything worse. Let’s hope he never has to make that decision. Go Hoosiers.

  22. I always love how “Go Hoosiers” follows all the talk of possible dreadful…just dreadful…oh, so dreadfully dreadful the possible scenarios for whomever…whatever…whenever…however. Today’s magic number is six…Please check your crystal dread balls for six wins…If your dread ball contains less than six wins, please consult a very smart man for further release from dread instructions….This dread does not contain any other offers or guarantees and is subject to the terms of possible more dread courtesy of Dreadmaster Podunker’s and his sole determination you are still an honorable and decent soul being chased by dread..

    Thank you for allowing this positive dread message brought to you by Salem Ice Cream Company with the aid of crosses and nails and waiting at the warehouse by Totally Catastrophic Dreadful Coaching Scenarios(TCDCS). We apologize for ignoring those coaches already employed that are dreadfully incompetent…..This is handled by a different department…We only handle dreadful future possibilities Go Hoosiers! .

  23. “”This will be the year….This time will be different.” For Wilson’s sake, and for his future, it had better be.”
    Bob Kravitz

    GO (to a bowl) HOOSIERS!

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