Herald-Times IU football preview now available

If you’re a Herald-Times subscriber, good news.

Our annual IU football wrap is included with today’s newspaper and also available on heraldtimesonline.com. The print product looks especially nice this year, so if you’re a digital-only subscriber and you’re in the area today, I recommend picking up a copy. We are, as usual, excited to see it run.

s_IUfb_wrap_cover_083015Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Feature on Jason Spriggs, Dan Feeney and the importance of building a foundation up front

Graham column about outside opinions on IU’s potential

Position outlooks

Hoosier opponent capsules


  1. “Four years later, Feeney may be one of the best linemen in the nation. If he played anywhere else, Wilson believes, he’d be on everyone’s All-American lists.” Painful, but true. That’s why IU has had such a difficult time recruiting “blue-chip” High School talent. Even if they’re really good, they tend to get over-looked by the media, which controls who gets selected for all the honors, and which can, over time, influence who gets drafted in the early rounds. Let’s hope that the 2015 season will put all that aside, once and for all. If IU wins six or more this year, and Feeney and Spriggs stay healthy, they should both be drafted early in next spring’s NFL draft. And that will be really good for Wilson and IU Football.

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