Hoosier Morning

Nate Sudfeld is back at quarterback, but his wide receiving corps must step up and stop dropping the ball, Andy writes.

Answering questions in the IU secondary is the Hoosiers’ primary focus in fall camp, Mike writes.

The question is extension or not, rather than bowl or bust, for coach Kevin Wilson, Andy wrote.

A passionate Tom Crean talked togetherness and reaching out at a Youth for Christ event in Fort Wayne, Chris Goff of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

Some highlights of Crean’s speech, including some interesting comments about the Halloween night incident involving Devin Davis and Emmitt Holt, Goff shares.

Days after T.J. Leaf decommitted from Arizona, he cut down his list of new options to eight, including Indiana, Evan Daniels of Scout.com writes.

This year better be different for Kevin Wilson, or he can start dusting off his resume, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

Kevin Wilson wants his defense on the attack this year, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Former Hoosier Cody Miller helped the United States relay team to a gold medal at the World Swimming Championships, iuhoosiers.com reports.

Former Hoosier and Milwaukee Buck Jon McGlocklin is continuing his 40-year quest to raise money in the fight against cancer, Rick Morwick of the Franklin Daily Journal wrote.

When Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague resigned last week amid sexual harassment allegations, the story was a familiar and unsurprising one for beat writer Amelia Rayno, she writes.

From bowl or bust to “Rock or Bust” by AC/DC.


  1. Scoop Posters, I am needing some advise. I am after tickets for the So. Ill. game, (6) to be exact. The IU website does not have available what I am wanting, Sec. 6-7 or 26-27 below row 50. I understand completely why. But on some independent ticket sale websites I find what I am looking for at some damn attractive $. I know Stubhub and Ticketmaster are legit but what about some of the others? You Gents have any experience to share? I am like all you, I do not want to end up with some SOB with my $ and another SOB with my tickets. Would make for a bad scene. Any help is worth a ton.

  2. No room for Schwarber in your Hoosier Morning? Has the blistering bat and veteran-like swagger of the “impactful” rookie sensation not captured the hearts of thousands of baseball fans around the nation?

    Beyond puzzling that you ignore something as beautiful as Schwarber’s story pacing alongside the hopes and dreams of so many…This is where you need to take off your Reds, Cardinals, and Orioles caps…Don’t be so dismissive of something so wonderfully rare in sports as to have only lived in the fantasy of movie scripts . Roy Hobbs is noticing but, somehow, you want to act like you don’t? Ask a ball crushed today by the destiny of Kyle’s swing in October if it understands something truly “impactful.”

    1. Harv,
      Good grief. Schwarber’s walk and run scored weren’t real big news out of the Cubs’ game yesterday. I’ll get him in Hoosier Morning plenty. But prior to this, Mike covered him at the Futures Game, Mike did a big feature the day before he was recalled to the big leagues and in the print product, we’ve regular used AP stories and pictures of Schwarber. And, by the way, he’s on my fantasy baseball team.

  3. U of M looking for a new AD. I wonder if they will hire a female, in part to counter the damage done by Norwood Teague’s moronic and grotesque behavior.

  4. Glad to see Schwarber doing well but the reality is he hasn’t been fully scouted. So many times has a new face from the minors exploded onto the scene only to disappear the next year (Shane Spencer) once he has been truly scouted. So you need to relax Harvey. If you want more coverage apply for a job at HT and get it done.

  5. Price-

    The final game of the series with the world champion Giants was uneventful for more bats than just Schwarber’s. He struck to ball hard all series long…His home run in the second game of the series was a momentum-setting blast…And, if I’m correct, he’s a Hoosier. My God, if he was playing for one of the teams your boys don the caps during IU Football season, there would be coverage. Why let your personal bias and petty jealousy of a hot Cubs team get in the way of deserved coverage for a rookie fresh out of Bloomington taking the NL by storm? Not everything off his bat is a home run, but he is offering a presence and a ton of “perfect August medicine” at a time Cubs teams of the past have been known to struggle…He is offering just the right dosage of swagger and fun to a Chicago club now poised in making a serious run. His performance during the sweeping of last year’s World Series champs most certainly should get a notice(along with the many available links to headlines he’s making) in a summertime Hoosier Morning. Your letting your jealousy get in the way of covering a Hoosier making very big noise in Chicago….At every hometown favorite barber, the talk of the new Cubbies Roy Hobbs is Kyle Schwarber.

    Step outside the biases of for your favorite NL and AL teams, your Reds….your Cardinals…and your Orioles…and cover one of the hottest rookies in baseball that is of cream and crimson roots.

    1. HH,
      Quit trying to manufacture controversy and jealousy where none exists. He didn’t make a summer Hoosier Morning, because I didn’t do Hoosier Mornings all summer. I’m almost sorry I decided to do one now.

  6. Clarion, my advice is scalp tickets…you can almost always find what you are looking for. It is so much cheaper, especially at kickoff 🙂

  7. J Pat, A gentleman and scholar you are. Your thoughts are exactly what I was looking for. Will you be there?

  8. Well, he had a very good week by any standard…It has nothing to do with controversy. I would have thought the first summer’s Hoosier Morning could have granted the hot rookie one sentence of coverage. I doubt there’s been a Hoosier more talked about on the national stages since Mark Spitz or Isiah Thomas.

    Will it continue….? Who’s to say? But goodness gracious, there is a tale unfolding that is in the wheelhouse of somebody with an artful pen and an itch to satisfy with love the tales every youngsters dream of swinging for the fences all the pressure in the narrowest of opportunity and capturing a ride on a shooting star.

    It’s rather sad that writers as well-equipped the entire HT team don’t swing for the fences the same…. My hope is stir passion….Must we have Robert Redford and a Randy Newman score to get goosebumps for such dreams unfolding before our eyes?

  9. Clarion, yes I will be there…I don’t miss home football games 🙂 Stubhub has been good to me, just make sure you don’t buy student tickets!

  10. J Pat, You really think there is a good chance to get scalped tickets for 6 seats bunched together? I am more sensitive to their location and the 6 of us being together than i am the $ spent. The reason being is not necessarily for the bride and I but this is part of a Labor Day holiday vacation with our oldest son/daughter-in-law and the best 7y/o granddaughter and 4y/o grandson Grandma and I do not get to spoil often enough. So I am making sure about the i’s and t’s. Will you be there?

  11. Clarion, good point…6 would be tough to find all together by scalping. There are usually many sets of 4 and 2 but you need to be together. I just checked stubhub and sec 26 has row 42 @ 45.79 a ticket and sec 26 has row 43 @ 52.99 a ticket. That is around face value. If I were you, I would but the sec 27 row 50 for 34.50 a ticket. With fees at checkout it’s $207.00 total. That is best for the money or pay a bit more for row 42. Tickets were expensive in sections 6 and 7.

  12. JP, I got your drift and have purchased a package deal from the IU ticket office. They made it damn near painless as they just had a bunch of seats come open in Section 5 and that is not bad seating in my opinion. Have been to many games but usually don’t own the ticket responsibility for the handful of folks we attend with. Again thanks and nice chatting with you.

    Oh, as a side note, I’ve done some of thinking about your early impressions of Wilson while observing his interactions with the public/fans. After now having 4 years in the rear view mirror I believe I can understand what you saw. It was a ploy which I’m sure Glass was privy to, to start the culture change. A weeding out chore. I’ve seen it in business a couple of times. Is that how you look at it now? Not a big deal just a thought or 2 I have wanted to mention to you for some time.

  13. I see a lot of Bob Knight in Kevin Wilson. There is bitchy-jerk ..”I got this” mentality…I see a man that can come off to some as an a-hole at times..He doesn’t care about how “entitled” a fan or entrenched the bureaucrats of “support” may think they’ve become. He’s not into pancakes and pandering. He’s not as demeaning to the press because he’s confident in his understanding of the job at hand…, (the demeaning of the press often arrives later when the head swells with a taste of success).
    I see a lot of Pat Knight in Tom Crean. …It’s unearned and finds its ego source in some right of connection or entitlement. It cozies with the bureaucrats and finds its power far more heavily weighted in vertical(on the committee that hired Glass) and horizontal relationships(Izzo hugs, Harbaugh marriage friend of Doc Rivers and , Calipari) more than knowledge base.

  14. “I doubt there’s been a Hoosier more talked about on the national stages since Mark Spitz or Isiah Thomas.”

    Do you really think anyone but Cubs fans talk about Cubs players? You frequently claim people ignore the Hoosier because they haven’t been relevant (champions) since 1987. How many people are still living from the last time the Cubs were ‘relevant’?

    I will admit that, since he was brought up to the majors, I can now name a player on the Cubs.

    Except in the Chicago media VO probably gets more press, even in August, than the entire Cubs lineup. Shoot, Cody Zeller probably gets more press. I’m certain Cody Latimer does. He’s in the paper almost ever day as Peyton’s new favorite toy.

    The Cubs? Not so much.

  15. The Orlando Magic more press than the most beloved professional baseball team in all the world?….Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!!!!!

    And if Schwarber continues to sizzle…and if the Cubs do make the postseason…? Hold onto your hats and enjoy the feature pieces brought to you by Bob Costas…There will not be a bigger audience than the ratings the Cubs will bring. It will eclipse everything.

  16. Maybe when Orlando wins five championships(one less than Chicago with MJ), you can call “Mr. Minnie MJ” this. LOL.

    Chicago rules…Orlando has Mickey and Minnie MJ…and fairy tales. .

  17. The Celtics and Lakers have won a ton more championships than the Bulls.

    Tell me about their current rosters.

    The San Francisco Dons were great once, too.

  18. Distance doesn’t change how you feel about something, Chet. Cubs have a massive following. The ratings will be through the roof if the Cubs get into postseason play. And what a wonderful chance for Schwarber to capture part of the passion in the millions of fans that will be tuning in… It’s because it’s the Cubs that will make it one of the best personal stories of the season. And it’s fun, Chet. Whether you’re in a log cabin in the wilderness of the Rockies or living on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, everyone(minus Chet) loves the story of a young man that came seemingly out of the blue to fuel the change a destiny of a team a hundred years in waiting. Schwarber seems to be unfazed by it all….The Cubs are coming and Schwarber train doesn’t need to stop in Durango.

  19. Terrible crime against the earth ….Terrible what the EPA did to that beautiful river that flows near your home, Chet. I hope it’s not as horrible as the talk on CNN… The pictures of that river turned yellow is somehthing that should absolutely piss people off…Sad to know the direction this planet is heading fast….What a crime…I think of all the fish…and birds..and wildlife that relies on those waters. The thousand wiped out because man is number one. How does something like that happen? So few pristine places anymore. Man has no problem getting high on man….Too bad so few care about taking a humble look at the gifts of our planet so often taken for granted.

  20. I am tickled to death for KS but I wouldn’t waste 1 minute watching MLB let alone the cubs. College BB is a hell of a lot more entertaining than MLB.

  21. It is the big leagues…and so, so many fight their entire careers in hopes for that one chance to be called up from the minors…I’m sire a lot of us enjoy watching college hoops more than the NBA as well.. But from the day a youngster puts on a baseball glove …or steps out onto a driveway hoop…or passes the pigskin around in the backyard…there is always the biggest dream that pushes all others aside… To step onto the grass a major league park where Billy Williams….and Ernie Banks…and Ferguson Jenkins…and Ken Holtzman…? To know you wear the same uniform and have made it to the place legends of the game remain immortal? To hear the cheers of 40.000 fans at beautiful Wrigley and the adrenalin rush of running from dugout onto the stage reserved for the best of the game….? To pass someone on the street knowing they recognize you as the marvel of all rookies….There goes the Cub that hit the game-winning blast in a World Series game 7..? .There goes Kyle Schwarber…..There walks the dream of every youngster…There’s the rookie that put Chicago on his shoulders and didn’t flinch… Do you really think anything in the college game could compare? A World Series at Wrigley…? My goodness….And to think maybe Brickhouse…or Harry Carey…or “Mr. Cub” Ernie….or Santo…or Lou Boudreau are cheering for every swing of Schwarber’s bat? Do you believe? Do Cubs fans believe? Does the kid from Indiana have something none of us can categorize, rank, or reserve to some foolish stat column or box score? Can he be more? Will he be more? Does he already walk with destiny?

    The Cubs are so damn unique….There has never been a party more grand in its destiny so prolonged an invitation… It will happen. And maybe, just maybe, Kyle Schwarber is getting some power and poise from deep within the longing and the love those Cub greats that walk alongside in spirit and have yet to truly retire a dream.

  22. Clarion, good and fair question. It was hard for me when he came in because I had a different perspective than most…I had friends and family in athletics and working at IU at the time and I had family living w players who I talked to. These folks interacted with him every day. have grown to appreciate Wilson and respect him. I genuinely want to see him succeed and be rewarded for his hard work. I love the way he defends and stands up for Indiana football. I like his mentality as a coach. I gave a first impression opinion on here and am still feeling the backlash so I tread lightly. Life has changed for me in many ways since he was hired…I don’t have time for the functions like the pancake breakfast any longer (haha) because I am with my kids heavily involved in sports. In a nutshell, he has grown on me. In your opinion, if he wins…does he stay at Indiana?

  23. Harvard, I’ve been on a road trip and saw the Animas for the first time in a month yesterday. The yellow plume is gone but, when you are used to seeing it with rafters and fishermen, it was most shocking to see no one near it because of the toxins. It is a tragedy. Those mines have been a ticking time bomb…some for nearly a century…because the real villains in this story were allowed to simply walk away from them after securing their plunder. The reason they were finally addressing them was that the dams were rotted and collapsing.

    As far as Schwarber coming out of nowhere, high first round picks don’t come out of nowhere. Everybody in the league covets all those players.

    I don’t recall encountering any Cubs fans in the Hoosier state until I went to college and met folks from the Chicago area. Everyone I knew followed the Reds, who are geographically closer to much of the state and were very, very good in my youth (they’ve even won a World Series during my adult years). There were a few Cards fans in the southwest portion of the state despite the fact that WGN force fed the Cubbies to you every summer afternoon.

    Chicago sports teams are popular to Chicago area fans. MJ notwithstanding, there no more magic about Chicago teams than any other city. People who aren’t from there don’t care how important they are to the locals.

    You may as well tell someone who isn’t from the northeast how honorable Tom Shady is and how he was completely innocent of, well, whatever the latest thing is NE gets caught doing. Only New England fans buy that because it’s their local team.

  24. Harry Caray was the most overrated announcer in the history of all sports. Maybe one of the most interesting characters, but only homer Cubs fans can appreciate a drunk slurring his way through the batting order, while holding on to just enough sobriety to mumble out the 7th inning stretch. Couldn’t stand listening to him call a game. Loved the Will Farrell impression.

    He isn’t even in the same solar system as Vin Scully, John Miller, Ernie Harwell, Mel Allen and even Bob Uecker.

  25. Ugh…forgot to add Harry Kalas. Made watching a lot of those atrocious Phillies teams of the mid-to-late 80’s watchable.

  26. Nothing surprising from you boys…Sounds exactly what runs HT: .E-S-T-A-B-L-I-S-H-M-E-N-T jealousy. Why would I expect the entrenched Southern Indiana compound crowd clinging to their Crean like Moses a pair of stone tablets from the Bedford quarries , and the entitled transplants that come as academia bench-warmer’s from EAST and WEST with all the mommy and daddy $$$ to make IU into their pretend Harvard and Berkley playground….You bozos wouldn’t know passion if it bit you in the butt. You’d sit no different at a Yankees game as you position yourselves on this blog…All-knowing and lifeless….Have a beer..Mingle with real people from a Windy City that’s made of more than arrogance and bloat.

    Maybe nobody does care beyond 60 miles of Chicago..But they are a rare people…And much like most Midwesterners, they will invite you into their oasis of loyalty and share their home ..and make you feel different from what drove you to search They will not spit in your face…Come with your i-Phone earplugs stuck in your head as you rip with the birth right of privilege a foul ball away from Moisés Rojas Alou….We will forgive your ignorance and numbness to the fun around you…The door to a Brickhouse “Hey! Hey!” or a Harry Caray “This Bud’s for you!”…or an Ernie “Let’s play two!” will always be unlike your gated front driveway.

    Chicago and the Cubs remain open for business even to those lost in vanity their own sad lifeless wagon train that come to Indiana only to spit and quit. Chicago won’t look at you with a cold and loveless stare. They’ll have even you….It’s not always about the number of trophies…It’s the preservation of something so easy to cast aside in this nation of haves and have nots….Cubs fans live in error of faith in you to cheer beyond your own mirror. And much like Haray Caray and Ernie …and Santo…and Brickhouse, they are truly blind in that faith now living every summer in those ivy walls of Wrigley where hope is something you purchase …And that, my Establishment friends, is the beauty you can’t find.

  27. oops…

    …now living every summer in those ivy walls of Wrigley where hope is something you [can’t] purchase

    Hit it a mile, Kyle!!! Go Cubs!

  28. Chicago is of big shoulders and soft heart. If you want to know our sports teams, that’s as good a place as any to start.
    We may get “windy” but there is nothing of straw in our will. The winters are brutal and test the deepest place a bone can chill.
    But come to Wrigley under the warmth a summertime sun while Ernie smiles eternal with every Cubs shot to Waveland…You will have found a place cynicism never won against heartbreak. You will find the sturdy spirit of a Brickhouse and an open heart; a place forever green and welcoming,.

  29. J Pat,

    Thanks for your comeback and your thoughts. I’ll answer it from multiple directions. If IU only wins 5 this year IU cannot replace Wilson. Personally I believe they cannot even do it if they only win 4. He is in my mind the most valuable commodity IU has ever had properly positioned with IU FB, player or coach. I fear 1 thing, IU fires him, whenever, if not North Carolina, another program only a half notch above IU hires him and he goes and does with them what he was destined to do at a program(IU)that should have given him another 2 years. Indiana FB is a bitch to tame. Something I do not need to tell you. I know you understand the conundrum as we are in a similar struggle with a BB program whose fortunes are near the opposite of FB. Although I am still negotiating my thoughts with TC.

    JP, Stick with them kids, tight. I’ve ended up with outstanding sons, they are givers , not just takers(mostly the Brides fault)but in retrospect I left some on the table while building a future we enjoy. If you know what I mean? Fix your eyes forward and drive hard for the goal. Take a fool’s word and do more than I did. As always good chattin with you. GO IU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. J Pat-

    Do you think our backup QB will get a lot of mop-up duty this season? Do you think Doug Mallory was a fall guy…because our team sure did fizzle come December? Is their more holes in our defense than Swiss cheese? Does Indiana Football feed their obnoxious large scoreboard growth hormones? Have you ever thought that problem with IU Football is not pancakes but the fact they waffle? Does anyone 10 miles outside of Bloomington hearing the term “The Rock” think of IU Football or Dwayne Johnson? Are you a fan of Kyle Schwarber? Are they talking more of Schwarber or the IU football season at your favorite Bloomington barber? Do you have a favorite Bloomington barber? Do you remember Vinnie Schwarbarino from ‘Welcome Back Kotter?” Did you like the movie “The Natural?” Are Hoosier goal posts currently taking antidepressants due to opposition extra point abuse? .

  31. You know…I’ve never been a big Billy Joel fan, but I go reintroduced to a hell of good tune. It was played in the final scene(or was it during the rolling of the credits?) of the movie “Trainwreck” starring Amy Schumer….Schumer has some real promise as an actress. The film has its flaws and drags on a bit too long, but Schumer kept me interested…She has a wonderful innocence and screen presence. I’m hooked…

    Anyway, I hadn’t heard the Billy Joel song in years.

    Confession: It’s Harvard who is soft. California is cool place. A place of pioneers and brave souls that ventured out into the unknown with hope and optimism…Furthest thing from cowardice.

  32. oops…but I [got] reintroduced to a [really] good tune

    Go Hoosier Football!!

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