Hoosier Morning

Josh Newkirk planned on transferring closer to home, but when Indiana called, everything changed for the former Pitt point guard, Mike writes.

IU linebacker Marcus Oliver found his knee injury to be a blessing in diguise, Mike writes.

The love of his grandmother, aunt and even strangers helped Adarius Rayner find the path that led him to Indiana University, Mike wrote.

The other side of Tom Crean includes quiet, random acts of kindness, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Indiana football should go bowling, but the potential remains unproven for a team that hasn’t reached that level in nine years, Tori Ziege of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

IU soccer’s Grant Lillard spent part of his summer at the U.S. college identification camp, raising his level of play, Michael Hughes of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Life after football for former Hoosier Ralston Evans means getting called coach, Sam Beishuizen of IUHoosiers.com writes.

IU’s Dan Feeney makes the preseason All-Big Ten team, according to ESPN.com.

Since Josh Newkirk got the call from Indiana, here’s “Call On Me” by Chicago live in 1977.


  1. I encourage all the Crean-haters and critics to read Zach Osterman’s story on Tom Crean’s quiet and random acts of kindness and generosity. I doubt it will dull your swords or silence your vitriol, and I understand that it will be difficult to read information that contradicts your anti-Crean narrative, but Osterman’s story` does present a different side to the man who so many people enjoy demonizing. Apparently, Crean walks the talk regarding the Christian values he espouses, and tries to do so in an anonymous way. When confronted by the reporter, the readers will notice the absence of any grandstanding or evangelizing on Crean’s part. Almost like he wanted to avoid the subject entirely.
    “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” — John Wooden

  2. Tom Crean off the court: Quiet, random acts of kindness……..

    Tom Crean on the court: Not so quiet, random acts of blindness……

  3. Heartwarming and encouraging story about Ralston Evans. I’m still rooting for this fine young man.

  4. Po, So true and important you praised both articles. Coach Wilson has offered a bridge to help RE get out of his old life in FB and into a new pattern in FB he can if wishes do for the rest of his life. Learning from Coach Fry the best do’s and don’ts for an OL will open doors for him.
    I’ve been hearing for a couple of years about Coach Crean and his advocacy to help others with no fanfare needed for the inspired actions. He exercises his faith with humanness. RMK through his tenure at IU was always doing things for folks behind the scenes. Good to see we have another Coach expanding those deeds.

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