Indiana dismisses Emmitt Holt from the program #iubb

Indiana announced Monday that Emmitt Holt has been dismissed from the program.

Holt, 19, and teammate Thomas Bryant, 18, were each cited for illegal possession of alcohol by Indiana State Excise officers during the early-morning hours of Aug. 22. The incident marked Holt’s second off-the-court issue in less than a year with the IU basketball program.

Holt was also cited last November for illegal consumption and operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content above 0.02 when former teammate Devin Davis jumped in front of and was struck by a vehicle Holt was driving on 17th street outside Memorial Stadium. Officers determined that both players had been drinking and that Davis was at fault. Holt registered a BAC of 0.025.

Indiana announced the dismissal with a brief, two-paragraph statement issued Monday afternoon.

“Sophomore Emmitt Holt has been dismissed from the men’s basketball program effective immediately for demonstrating exceptionally poor judgment in the circumstances surrounding his recent citation, particularly coming after his involvement in the Devin Davis accident which should have motivated him to make better decisions,” the statement read.

The statement also indicates that Bryant, a freshman, is receiving internal punishment for his involvement and he “is subject to additional discipline for any future failure to live up to his responsibilities to the program.”

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass told The Herald-Times that the decision to dismiss Holt belonged to coach Tom Crean.

“I absolutely support him on it,” Glass said.

The dismissal comes days after university president Michael McRobbie told IU Athletics staffers during an annual department-wide meeting that the misbehavior by Indiana student-athletes “simply has to stop.”

Glass said he aprised McRobbie of the situation, but that the decision was made inside the IU athletic department.

“He leaves that to me and makes it very clear that I’m responsible for that, and by extension, Tom and people in the department,” Glass said.

Holt is the third player to be kicked off Indiana’s team since May, when Davis and Hanner Mosquera-Perea were dismissed following a run-in with police at a campus dorm.

During that incident, Indiana University Police responded to a marijuana complaint at a dorm occupied by the two forwards. Davis was cited for possession and Mosquera-Perea was not, but both players were dismissed two days later on May 14.

The Aug. 22 incident is the sixth time IU basketball players have run afoul of the law or team standards during the last 18 months, dating to Mosquera-Perea’s arrest on OWI charges in February 2014. Five of those incidents have included multiple players.

Glass said Holt is not paying for his teammates’ sins, and that his dismissal is a result of being linked to two of the six off-the-court incidents. Glass also said another freshman basketball player was at the scene when Holt and Bryant were cited, but he was not involved. Glass declined to name the second freshman.

“The lynchpin to this for Emmitt was that he was cited (in November) for drinking and driving, albeit it was under what the limit would be if he were 21,” Glass said. “He was part of his best friend being extremely, seriously injured in a situation that you would hope would scare someone straight. During Welcome Week he was engaged with two freshmen (and received) an alcohol citation. In my view, this is on Emmitt as an individual, not as a placeholder or someone about whom a message is being sent.”

Although all three players that IU has dismissed this year were involved in two highly public off-the-court transgressions, Glass said the department is not operating with a two-strike policy.

He told the H-T that Crean and the department leaned on IU’s Statement Of Principles on the Conduct of Participants in Student Athletic Programs, which is essentially a code of conduct for athletes.

Glass cited section 5.1.8 that reads: “Sanctions should also be appropriate to the alleged offense, taking into account the circumstances and context of the offense, the perpetrator’s University status, whether a pattern of improper conduct exists, the magnitude of the violation, and the effect the conduct has had on others.”

According to the code, repeated offenses can lead to suspension or dismissal.

“We didn’t pull this out of the air or try to find divine guidance or anything like that,” Glass said. “We applied the standards that we’re supposed to apply to the facts. I think we were right.”


  1. As much as I’d have liked to see Emmitt Holt play at IU, this decision had to be. The statement connected the dots of his infractions. Not to mention the issues that Robinson, Williams, Ferrell, Perea and Davis had over the past 18 months or so. I hope Emmitt Holt learns and grows from this episode in his VERY young life. I wish him the best. If nothing else, this should put Thomas Bryant on full notice…I guess only time will tell. Go Hoosiers.

  2. Sad, but appropriate for both Holt & Bryant.

    Was it last year when the housing was changed to allow the team to room in the same area or same floor?
    Maybe want to rethink that?

  3. booooo crean. this is just too much. this punishment does not fit the crime. how can you hold the players to a higher standard than 95% of the rest of the student body. kids are going to party. even the amish realize that. that doesn’t make them bad kids. run the living crap out of the team but an outright dismissal? ridiculous! this is not team jehovah’s wittness.

    crean, when your kids are drinking i hope you pull them out of college or throw them out of the house, you self-righteous hypocrite. oh, and they WILL drink before they are 21. now it’s time for you to do the right thing. since you have not lived up to YOUR responsibilities of making iu an elite program again, nor by your standard, have you recruited the type of young men that do not disgrace the program, it is time to submit your resignation. that is the only honorable thing for you to do time to stop blaming kids for being kids. the buck stops with you.

    pack your bags and get the hell out of bloomington you fake christian. or is that redundant? the sight of your face makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. Unless their are aggravating factors that have not been reported by the media, this is a stupid, ill-considered, scape-goat reaction by an insecure Head Coach. Zero tolerance is OK if it is fairly and universally applied to everyone in the Indiana “family”. If tomorrow every student, every faculty member, every staff member, every administrator, including the President and each member of the Board of Directors, that has ever had two instances of “poor judgment” with regard to mis-use of alcohol is terminated, then at least that would be fair and uniform application of this “policy”. However, that will never happen! The deep hypocrisy is sickening! Yes, I know that Emmitt Holt broke the law, at the lowest level imaginable, holding an unopened bottle of Vodka, receiving 1 of 200+ citations over a “4 day blitz” by non-police officer, marginally trained, “excise officers”, intent upon raising money and justifying their jobs. Each of these citations will require the payment of a small fine and be expunged from the offender’s record if there are no future incidents. In case Indiana University is unaware of the medical science and the sociological and psychological evidence concerning mis-use of alcohol, it is a DISEASE, and treatment frequently works. Why a 19 year old student would not be afforded such treatment options is beyond comprehension! A suspension until January 1, 2016 with conditions for behavior, treatment, academics, practice, etc., would have been excessive, but understandable. This termination simply belies Coach Crean’s false self-image as a friend and mentor of young men, a caring Christian man, and as a leader. The kid made a second mistake, but not a terribly serious mistake. So why the “death penalty”? I am ashamed of my great University. Do you think that President Herman Wells would have allowed this travesty? NO WAY!!

  5. If you want to straighten out a drifting culture strengthen the discipline for infractions that continue to occur. I, personally may have dealt with Holt differently but I commend the BB program, the AD’s office and the school for making bold decisions into targeted actions to slow the slide.

  6. Time for a fresh start that goes beyond teenagers repeatedly spinning through the revolving door of accountability. A passion to care enough starts at the top. With this many incidents in the span of two seasons, there is more than a joy of partying that brings such flippant regard for wearing the candy stripes.

    We now prepare to live, yet, another season of excuses where results would have been different….if.this…and if that …and if only. i keep on asking…who’s wrecking the program now?

    If only Guy-Marc would have been eligible…
    If only Creek wouldn’t have blown out his knees
    If only Noah would have stayed another year…
    If only Jordy wouldn’t have hurt that damn shoulder…
    If only Cody stayed for another season or two…
    If only we wouldn’t have been so unlucky to draw Syracuse at a Sweet 16…
    If only Fischer wouldn’t have gotten so homesick…
    If only Stan ..and Devin…and Hanner….and Holt could just not been typical teens wanting to booze it up.
    If only….If only everything was just as rosy as the competence at the top of the candy striped carnival tent.
    If only there were administrators with enough rocks in their jocks to see that all the luster fading started before a first purchase of illegal booze…It started with a loss of confidence that Mr. Stellar Recruit’s talent will make a bean hill of difference when such little maturity and coaching acumen resides in the leadership from the bench.

    The mishaps and missteps that get these young men diverted from purpose is rooted in a lack of hope and belief…They simply don’t care whether they stay or go. They go through the motions off campus in no different fashion than the “weave of purposeless” motion on the court. They have been overcome by the drunkenness of effort that will be wasted…..Getting wasted off the court is no different than their wasted effort on the hardwood that cannot be guided and refined…or given the tools to execute as a finely crafted and synergic team operating beyond their individual levels of underutilized talent..

    If only….If only…Buckle your seat belts for another season of uninspiring defeatist excuses from the Crean apologists. You finally have an out, Fred. You can save Tom Crean the inevitable sinking if you put him on his lifeboat now. The joke has gone long enough…Fireworks work for IU Football…Indiana has enough talent within their borders to make basketball more than this sort of disgrace in passion.

  7. Not all top, bb programs have these issues. IU is probably if not the top, one of the top programs in the negative issues category. It is demonstrated by the 21st century culture that has developed in the program. Not just the drinking, drugs, accidents; but also transfers, players going pro, being out recruited and having to settle with lower level players (many with baggage or those who lean toward negatives that negatively impact the positive recruiting and players). OSU fb players stay often when they could go pro. IU bb at one time compared to OSU fb elite status…. And all this with not nearly enough victories and championships and these are the reasons why. 21st century IU bb leadership and coaches have created this 21st century IU BB culture for most of the first 15 years of the 21st century.

  8. Given that it was Holt’s second offense involving alcohol in less than a year, I understand the decision to kick him off the team. Not sure I agree with it, but I understand it. If, after the Davis incident with the car, Holt was warned in no uncertain terms, and he ignored those warnings, then IU had no choice. My guess is that Crean had no say in this decision, realizing that trying to save Holt was impossible. Crean said a lot when he stated last week that if he’d had to do it again, he would have kicked HMP off the team after his DUI offense. And after McRobbie came out and dropped the hammer on the Athletic Department, disciplinary decisions are now out of the head coaches’ hands. The remainder of IU’s varsity athletes should now be experiencing major “pucker factor,” especially those few with previous violations. If they get busted with alcohol or drugs in their possession, they should be kicked off the team just for being incredibly stupid. And unless this year’s basketball team makes it to the final four this season, I’m guessing this is the beginning of the end for Crean at IU. Too close to the beginning of the season and too expensive to fire Crean right now, but these incidents are likely to have eroded McRobbie’s confidence in Crean’s leadership/management. And the entire incident is likely to have destroyed the team’s morale. While Holt’s mistake and punishment are likely to be bad for Crean and this year’s team, it could be even worse for IU Basketball’s future.

  9. CoachV: Sorry, but I have to disagree with you on this one. IU Basketball players are NOT just members of the student body. They are rewarded with full ride scholarships (for which they do a ton of work) and a unique opportunity to represent the University. If Holt or any of his team mates were simply like other students paying their way and making poor choices on their own time and money, so be it. But IU Basketball players are not simply like other students. Yes, they are young people who are going to make mistakes. But to make a repeat mistake like Holt made, especially given the incident from last year, was just stupid and careless. If the IU players are going to drink, etc. (which they will), they need to be discreet about it and keep it behind closed doors, not out in the public around Bloomington. They again are in effect compensated representatives of Indiana University, and therefore are and should be held to a higher standard than your average IU undergrad. It’s too bad that the lads have to live under such a microscope, but so be it. All of the players are fully aware of the commitment they make when they agree to play for IU. They need to man up and honor that commitment. Holt forced Crean’s hand in this matter, and left him no choice but to kick him off the team. It’s very unfortunate all the way around. But my goodness, how much does it take for a young man to get a wake up call? Holt was fortunate to survive the first mistake, and undoubtedly knew the consequences he would face if he made another. Yes, he’s just a young man, but at what point do we hold such young men accountable?

  10. My interpretation of the comments made by Glass in this story is that they are filled with half truths and some outright BS.

  11. I don’t agree with this decision. I’m willing to concede that maybe there were other things going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, as well. But if it is just the drinking infractions, I can’t support this decision. Seems like a major overreaction.

    Regardless, it’s over now. This is a significant loss on the court. We have the two new wings coming in, but Holt got some serious playing time in last year and I liked what I saw out of him as he gained experience. He was a though kid, but played in control. I thought he was the most likely candidate for biggest breakout this year.

  12. My interpretation of the comments AD Glass made are exactly as he stated them. He didn’t wiggle the words or duck for cover. He appeared business as usual just as usual.

  13. My guess is that Holt was on a short lease after the previous incident, and was probably told that he had no margin for error

  14. It’s an interesting situation coming up.

    On the one hand it’s easy to imagine CTC blaming disappointing results on the off season misadventures of a few players.

    On the other hand nobody is going to accept that and most of Hoosierdom will bring out the torches and pitchforks the instant things go south.

    His only chance now is to win. He is going to live and die, metaphorically, with each and every game.

  15. It’s a tough decision but given the way the men’s BB ‘culture” was heading in recent years it had to be done. Several bloggers have suggested the majority of the student body does this sort of thing & they’re correct, but that doesn’t make it right. CTC stated “extreme poor judgement”. I’ll say; first of all you’re skating on thin ice to begin with but you are under aged, buy the liquor at the corner of Dunn & 17th St, then you sit & consume said liquor on the premises where it was purchased! They were asking to get caught! If you’re going to be like all the other college kids & drink while underage go someplace else to consume this stuff! That’s the poor judgement! Get a clue!! But in reality, the BB players are not like the rest of the student body. Like it or not, fair or unfair, the BB players are extremely visible in a basketball crazy state like Indiana & a school like IU.

  16. To me this says plenty about the quality of the recruits CTC is going after. Holt’s absence won’t make a difference, however the weight of all the BS surrounding the program will eventually do in CTC (and hopefully Glass).

  17. I thought that IU athletics was suppose to be a family. Holt’s treatment was anything but. This young man needs help. Why not have said to him that this year was going to be a red-shirt year. He wasn’t going to play. He could practice, stay on the team & receive much needed counseling. If he wasn’t happy with that, he could leave. That choice would be his.

  18. Hey Guys: Do you want a winner? I believe we have to go back to the “old glory” days and with some one like Bob Knight. You have to want to play for IU, if you do, you will obey team rules, work hard, study hard, and stay out of trouble. You will have to recruit players that have proven they can and will do this, if you do the rewards will be more banners hanging in Assembly Hall. If you don’t want to do this, your program will continue to be dangerous close to POOR.

  19. and i hope the hypochristian dies a slow, agonizing, and very public death.

    i agree whole heartedly with beatpurdue. pacnw, at what point do we hold crean accountable. these are his recruits. certainly sampson’s feet were held to the fire for the type of kids he brought in.

  20. Bryant’s isn’t suspended for any games? Looks like Chris Carter was correct for the rookies in the NFL find you a fall guy to take your hits. Holt took the hit so CTC can have his ALL STAR Center get game experience and run some laps. The whole situation of three other persons in the car with Holt and Bryant no names for the other occupants of the auto. Who purchased the liquor for the underage players? Why were there other I U freshman basketball players at the same location. The complete story needs to be investigated and reported to the public for their review.

  21. Just who exactly is this successful college basketball coach who behaves like Bobby Knight?

    He must be flying WAAAAY below the radar.

  22. Losing Holt is a major hit. Bryant is no Cody Zeller and has been overly hyped. He appeared very Tijan-ish in the sandlot workouts…Maybe he’ll prove me wrong, but Bryant did not look like a refined and fluid athlete upon first impression. Holt was a gifted kid and had some real basketball finesse. A backup from Michigan will not fill the void. Double Down is exactly correct in understanding the hit this gives our chances. Of course, the tragedy involving Devin Davis, a kid that had marvelous instincts and oodles of potential to develop as a force inside, was no less the hit..
    A very sad sinking from the days of “floodgates” and “Movements” that were sold as the program back on course…..Season on the Drink..
    There is only one name that can bring Indiana Basketball back….You have an out, Fred. Put Crean on a lifeboat and start making some calls to a Boston area code. Put an assistant in place during the interim. Chuck Martin will do a fine job….

  23. Be a good time for one of those old LiveChat’s …….Gosh, everything has gone down the crapper. Miss the days of Landon Turner Overdrive and Wilmont’s Kissy Face….when fun and free expression was the norm around here. It truly is Salem of Bloomington….everything about the protection surrounding Crean and the whispers to build the next case for the usual scapegoats accused has evolved into something truly pathetic..I guess this is where caddyshack hiring committees will take a program. But it’s sad when the local press seems just as in bed with it all. No commentary…No ScoopTalks…No LiveChat’s…A world of twitter feeds with no investigative minds to offer anything of objective examination and demands for truth. IU has never been more protected, more reclusive, or more corrupted with incompetence feeding the status quo of a zombie existence in the lost limestone hills of power afforded its isolation and collusion., .

  24. I got caught (Fall 1973) with an open bottle of Boone’s Farm by the RA when I went to a party in the dorm I had lived in the year before. I was “written up” and put on probation. Had I been caught doing something else during that or the next semester, I was subject to being expelled. I was just a regular student with no scholarship or financial aid of any kind. Holt is a scholarship basketball player who has gotten caught twice. Regular students are subject to discipline and I think are held closer to the rules than scholarship athletes. McRobbie finally got tired of this stuff and now the Athletic Department is subjecting athletes to “reasonable” discipline. This isn’t “No Tolerance” or “One Strike and You’re Out” but a ‘stiff’ warning after the first infraction. If you can’t control (or hide) your behavior after being caught once (with a Big $ Scholarship on the line) maybe this is the best thing to happen to a young man as a “learning experience” for the rest of his life even though it may not be Good for the basketball program. By the way, I think it should have been Crean who “owned” this decision rather than the Athletic Department. Maybe under his “righteous” persona, he isn’t unlike Sampson.

  25. Yeah…like Crean is the “Indiana standard” as a teacher of the game. He’s putting the program to sleep in the classroom of basketball. The kids don’t see any loss in getting kicked out of town because it’s hopeless behind those closed practice doors. They move about campus in the same disjointed purposeless movement as Crean’s weaves of mystery during game time. And praying before every game won’t keep any kid awake and hopeful when going up against programs with real teachers that build respect through knowledge and being accountable. . Why ask god to do something a competent coach is plenty capable to teach? That’s the standard that should be McCracken’s classroom.

  26. I think McRobbie sent a message. It wouldn’t be smart to publicly admonish the coach, no matter how enjoyable it would be for a lot of people on the internet.

    You don’t come down and give a tongue lashing to the “players” if there isn’t a stern message to the coach, whether implicitly or explicitly. I’ve seen these things play out a few times. It is possible, explicitly, that he told Crean before addressing the athletic department that enough is enough for this pattern of behavior and that his butt is on the line for any more off-the-court issues.

    It is getting tough to defend this coach. I’m going into the season with hope, because why not. It is more fun to root for Indiana not being a sour puss. But we’ll see. Make or break year for the coach.

  27. Just like how the public was never told about he other players that were present for the holt and Davis incident. They out that a freshman was there but won’t say who.

    Smoke, mirrors, and selective punishment. only the ones that get public ally named seem to get called out.

    Let’s lay all the cards in the table, be honest with who has been part of all transgressions and someone might realize the problem starts at the top.

  28. Too bad. Disagree with the whole thing. Was really hoping to see Holt be a successful Hoosier. IU clearly has hypocrites and short-sighted people in leadership positions. None of it matters until Crean is gone anyway. The remaining players must be pumped……………..

  29. btw Buckets, I have been reading and essentially ignoring most of the blather, but #6 was quite the Truther piece.

  30. pretty gruesome the way glass describes emmitt “spattering davis’ blood all over the asphalt”. better call in the pr guys. or better call saul

  31. I for 1 don’t think Coach Crean is bringing the wrong kind of recruits to the program. The problems being digested are normal college life but need to be dealt with more strictly with student/athletes. Think back these kids go to class and get the grades, nothing like Kelvin Sanctions low rent bunch. I’ll bet 20:1 this incident and resulting action ends this type of BS in the program for some time to come. The next big Q is who does Holt’s scholarship go to?

    J Pat, My score prediction for Saturdays game is 42-9, IU of course. 1 score and possibly 2 will come directly from the D. What say you? Also what section are you in at MS?

  32. I think some star quality recruits with mature good quality character have been brought into the program. However, not enough of them. Plus there have to many times the wrong kid has been recruited and brought in while traveling all over the place to get them. Often IU does not get targeted first choice recruits so they end up with those who are susceptible to issues on and off the court and may carry baggage to IU in the first place that the average fan may not be aware of. This is what you end up with. It becomes a cancer driving away star quality players and recruits and leadership is not strong enough to make this work. Not good return on your investment in the character and win loss, and championships columns. Thus, the 21st century IU BB culture is created. For most of the last 15 years it is not good. Not all or even most elite programs are not having the issues IU has been dealing with. IU has become a leader if not the sole leader in the negative issues category. Oh, I had a memory lapse I forgot IU is not an elite bb program and has not been since the 20th century.

  33. If Holt is dismissed for poor judgement, why aren’t McRobbie and IU’s board dismissed, too. For example, they allow drinking at tail-gate parties before and after every home football game. Are they not promoting excessive drinking? Are they not supporting our culture of addiction which contributes to behaviors of young adults like Holt? Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not opposed to drinking, that is in moderation. But let’s not get stuck in the Holt situation, nor that Crean is the root cause of it all.

    Let’s not get “holier than thou,” lest we become unaware and insensitive to the impact alcohol has on individuals and families and its cost to our society, including the brains of young adults like Holt that are not fully developed. After all, we’re all responsible for our culture of addiction just as we are of our culture of violence. And until each of us accepts that responsibility, we’ll not solve either problem.

  34. here’s a question… why were “police alerted to the presence of 5 people in a vehicle” outside of a convenience store? Is it a felony in Bloomington to have more than 4?

  35. At least go somewhere cool with a little bit of a fun atmosphere….a convenience store parking lot? Not cool or even fun…hardcore drunks might be found in liquor store parking lot or even convenience store lot, but Candy stripes?

  36. I know of 1 small community who’s PD offers a $50.00 bounty to employees of all retail establishments to report a drinking, impaired or inebriated individual. I heard 3rd, 4th or 366th hand they paid out over $1800.00 last year. Maybe it is the fashionable PC thing to do.

  37. I wondered the same thing Geoff, maybe it was my hopeful thoughts of retaining Holt clouding my mind. As a local non-student, growing up in Bloomington, I was well aware to stay away from this particular store. I definitely kept my distance during dalliances of sinful and hethenistic behavior. Were they tailed, or setup, maybe. My guess is they just pulled into the microscope of 17th and Dunn, full of piss and vinegar. Hard not to recognize IU players around town. Whatever the circumstances, this was a dumb thing to do. Good team leadership would uh..encourage, no drinking, or, inform them of easy 5-0 target, stay away!

  38. Geoff, understood that your question in #37 was rhetorical. 🙂

    If Zeisloft and Priller were in the car with alcohol and three of their caucasian friends. How much do you want to bet that not a soul in or outside the convenience store would have alerted the police?

    I used to live in spitting distance to that place for 2 years. The number of intoxicated students in and outside of automobiles on that corner outnumbered the sober folks at all hours of the day.

  39. BTW, what happened to our favorite resident cab driver? He’s probably our resident expert at driving drunks around Bloomington. Would love to know his thoughts.

  40. To those with the opinion that the dismissal is overkill, no big deal and all the students do it and the punishment is unfair and on and on I respectfully disagree. How many of you are IU graduates and feel that if it has not reflected badly on the University and if it continues it is no big deal.That weekend over 200 IU students were cited for alcohol infractions which is way less than 1/10th of one percent of the entire student population. Figure out the % of IU players in the last two years that have broken the law, repeat, broken the law. Debate if it is a good law or bad law but in the end it still the law. Name for me one single NCAA team in the country with the total number of these public incidents the last two years at Indiana. If that does not point to a core problem I do not know what does and to me that is the real issue that so far has had no solution. Why is this embarrassing behavior continuing over and over at IU and no where else in such volume. I find this volume of poor decision making and reflection on the school unacceptable and so should those that care.

  41. It’s done . When you hire a coach as square as Tom Crean, what the hell do you expect? Did you really think that his posturing since the day he was hired would ever allow any misdeed falling short of his and Joyce Meyer’s character would not be considered a sin of irredeemable magnitude? Do these sorts of people that stand on their rented clouds ever find a humble mirror? Crean wrapped himself and the IU program in a puritanical straitjacket that he personally wanted to mold into what “Because it’s Indiana” means. Grades can be as easily manipulated as the garbage and fake classes that became part of a fake UNC curriculum for a choice athlete. But the off the court issues are more difficult to apply the corruption to a holier than thou painting impossible to live by. The entire theme of the Crean era will be nothing other than witch hunts…He put himself in that corner. Those that supported his tongue-lashings of every Sampson kid as irredeemable put IU Basketball in that corner. The boomerang has come back. Crean sits untouchable and unaccountable as a very mediocre coach …It’s always going to be everyone else in the corners of judgment. This is what many desired. This is what you deserve. We are shipping out decent young men with an endless barrage of labels because we have the closest thing to Jesus as a head coach. They immediately justify every harsh label and condemnation a young “typical” kid by claiming “God” is their corner. It’s a very sad situation and it’s an abomination that these sort of pious small people exist at a public institution of such liberal roots in learning and open-minded pursuits….

    When do we judge Crean as a quality coach in any the same light these flawless adults get to judge every teenager imperfect? When you’re last in the conference in defense..?…when you lose 8 out of your last 10 games…?….when you get bitch-slapped by Purdue at home and away….?…when you can’t have enough communication to get a team to foul and stop the clock in the crucial final moments a tight tournament game..? Maybe Holt and Hanner and Devin are labeled as the dummies and the drunks for a reason. I see a lot of very dumb sh___ by a supposed basketball coach that thinks brain juice can be found in a bottle of Disani.. It’s no coincidence that all these distractions and witch hunts of all the flawed human beings near Tom Crean remains his greatest job security as he chugs holy water in a plastic bottle.

  42. This makes me sad, like so many off-court issues for all our Hoosier teams recently. In a vacuum– aside from the assaults and drug dealing, of course– none of these infractions are particularly troubling. But the rate at which our players are committing them (and getting busted) is. And my guess is there’s a lot more that we aren’t being told about. (C’mon, Harv. I’ve been waiting for a fun conspiracy theory to evolve? Was Holt somehow connected to the Great Smoke-Out / Davis & Hanner Dorm Party, which would in effect make this a third “violation”? WHAT ARE THEY NOT TELLING US???)

    I won’t dwell on the past too much. What’s done is done, and an unfortunate yet (in my eyes) necessary decision had to be made. Time to move on, I guess. But looking ahead, I can’t help but wonder where this leaves the Hoosiers once they finally take the court. I don’t think it impacts our ceiling too much– we still have an explosive offensive roster capable of making a Final Four run. But it certainly lowers our floor. We will miss Holt’s defensive toughness and rebounding, and our bench just got a lot lighter. There will most certainly be at least a game or six where foul trouble becomes a huge issue, and our backup options are now much more limited. I wouldn’t be surprised if this costs us 2-3 wins and drops us a seed or two.

    And much like Starlin Castro this year, my confidence in Crean has steadily waned. I’m still on the fence about both, but I’m leaning ever closer to the “it’s time to move on” side. My guess is this will be another season of doing just enough to drag this out another year, with no clear tipping point. (Something in the area of a top four B1G finish and another Sweet 16. A decent season by most standards, but insufficient in the eyes of many. It will no doubt infuriate some, but won’t be disastrous enough warrant immediate termination for others. And the debate will rage on: When do we cut bait?)

  43. This is why you don’t let a kid like Jonny Marlin leave the program. Your bling chain only as strong as your weakest prayer circle baller. Things started going bad once Tommy crunched Indiana Marlin for Nickie Illinois Buckets. Jonny would have kept close watch on the teammates….


  44. This is why you don’t let a kid like Jonny Marlin leave the program. The Hoosier bling chain only as strong as your weakest prayer circle baller. Things started going bad once Tommy crunched Indiana Marlin for Nickie Illinois Buckets. Jonny would have kept close watch on the teammates….


  45. Mr Walker,

    My position is that it is selective enforcement. Also, compounded by the dry campus rule (not law, as even over 21 students cannot posses alcohol on campus). The frats down Jordan have been playing the kabuki theater of the President showing up for random inspections on Fri or Sat night, and military style disposal techniques that I’m sure the Iranians are studying or “ridding” the parties of booze while getting walked around the maze of the house until he finds the party room filled with people sitting around chatting standing on top of a floor filled with newly poured bleach.

    I can’t remember what year it was, but when Indiana received the #1 party school ranking, old “no tolerance” Myles Brand stopped the game of kabuki, went in a enforced “the law” immediately. A number of frats immediately lost their charter.

    It’s game theory at it’s finest. It demonstrates that why Holt was stupid has nothing to do with morals or justice, but his simple lack of understanding the prisoner’s dilemma.

    That convenience store on 17th and Dunn would be boarded up and replaced with a Starbucks if they enforced the open container and underage drinking laws there.

    Again, this is just personal experience, but when traveling around Bloomington on or off campus with my black friends in college, we received an FAR greater amount of 2nd looks, suspicion and even some false accusations while I was at school. At least a dozen interactions this way with my roommate who had a full academic scholarship and eventually went on to become a Rhodes Scholar.

    The “law” would be The Law if it was applied equally and consistently to people. In my view, it clearly isn’t.

    Regarding IU versus other D-1 programs, my opinion isn’t that kids in those programs are drinking underage less, but that the respective enforcement in and around those campuses

  46. Punjab- Man up, dude. The only conspiracy theory is Crean;s coaching. I’m over heartbreak.. How wise can you be to play for Tom Crean? They come without passion. They leave without passion. Vodka and Jesus now super-subbing for McGinnis and Downing.

  47. If you care about winning banners, you sacrifice a few things…Nobody is asking them to give up a couple beers and hot blonds of the farmer’s daughter variety…These kids are plain dumb and lack passion. They lack respect for the candy stripes .They never had respect for Indiana. Repeat: How smart and passionate can you be to come play for Tom Crean. Come on, guys…You think this is only our secret? The doors to a Bob Knight practice were locked for a reason. The doors for a Tom Crean practice are locked because he has no reason. …to be coaching the game of basketball. This is no secret to the East and West Establishment that soaks this all up with utmost joy. We know how to fix this. It ain’t rocket science. It’s basketball…Simply find a teacher of the game instead of a preacher of the lame.

  48. In our West Coast Establishment meetings, this is always the #2 thing on the agenda behind keeping all of Northern Indiana in a perpetual state of rust. We still haven’t figured out a way to make that happen to Notre Dame’s football helmets.

  49. I can’t see Crean coaching at IU beyond this next season. There’s too much noise coming from too many people, and unless his team produces a miracle, Crean won’t win enough games this year to change the narrative. Nothing less than an appearance in the final four will silence his most ardent critics. It’s not a few player incidents, it’s his failure to meet fans’ expectations borne from nostalgia. It’s that he’s the antithesis of Bob Knight in so many ways, but mostly that he has failed to win a Championship. Crean has brought some of this on himself, but from my vantage point, he will end up being the scapegoat for decades of neglect and mismanagement of the IU basketball program. That mismanagement started well before Knight was fired. All the noise is going to force McRobbie and the Board of Trustees to get rid of Crean, and they will pay him millions to make that noise stop. And that’s O.K. for Crean. He will be wealthy and free to move on. The “cost,” in dollars and basketball wins will be borne by IU’s students, athletes, alumni and fans. We will suffer as a result of an Athletic Department with less money to fund becoming or remaining competitive in other sports, a diminished reputation for our beloved basketball program, and a reputation amongst the college basketball coaching fraternity of being a job that comes with unrealistic expectations. I don’t know, but maybe The Hoosier Nation is still in the midst of the grieving process over the unceremonious departure of Bob Knight. I’m guessing it will be several more years before we collectively reach the acceptance stage of that process. But it will be fun to watch.

  50. Sad it happened to Holt ,here in Texas not aware of ALL the information gathered about the incident but I would think its difficult to PROVE consumption if only holding an open can(WHO did “own” the open cans) ? I also think this is a knee jerk reaction by Crean ans GLass after getting their asses handed to them by the University President. AS I said before ,in the military leadership class, I learned and told that IF a General has to go down and do a sergeants job then that sergeant isn’t needed; AND IF Crean believes leadership is missing from the locker room ..ITS also missing from the Coach’s offices. Knight may have used older players in leadership roles BUT EVERYONE knew who was in charge. NO ONE knows who is in charge in the BBall program or the IU President wouldn’t have to come down and read the “wannabe leaders ” the riot act!!. Its time to MAN UP Crean or get the Hell out of dodge

  51. agree with tj. next time mcboobie needs an escape goat he need look no further than the head “coach” office. if one more player incident spells the end for crean in bloomington, i will personally deliver a keg and an oz of the dank to every player’s dorm room

  52. Haters gonna hate, Harv. What’s manly about holding perpetual grudges,viewing all things Crean through turd-colored glasses, and pillaging everything you find remotely objectionable? We can chalk it up to different philosophies on life, but I choose to take a more measured approach. That’s not being weak and indecisive. That’s being sensible and deliberate. I hold Crean accountable for his failures and shortcomings as much as I hold his detractors accountable for refusing to recognize even modest success. As the failures continue to outweigh the success, my outlook changes. I’m becoming less optimistic week by week, and my patience thins. But making hasty decisions without a backup plan could prove to be more costly than just the remainder his contract.

  53. That the Athletic Department should have taken any other action than what they did is patently absurd. This guy needed to be kicked off the team and I applaud IU for not equivocating on their actions. We are IU. We stand for something. If a student athlete consistently flaunts our values by behaving improperly, he/she is not a Hoosier and doesn’t belong here.

  54. Punjab, I salute you for #56. But what “we can chalk it up to” is delusion from a person filled with hate. Your last post (#56) was unnecessary. No need to defend yourself against criticism from H4H. In fact, you should consider it badge of honor.

    iufan23, I don’t disagree with you, but what is the “something” that IU stands for? Is it unique? If we can’t identify it, does it matter?

  55. Winning a championship is not the unreasonable standard that will seal Crean’s fate….This man hasn’t taken some very talented teams beyond the first weekend. Let’s please stop with the BS. Valparaiso has gone to a Sweet 16….Ball State has gone to a Sweet 16 …Purdue has had better success in the last decade..Davis took an IU team to a championship game. Crean has had eight years…He never had any momentum because of his coaching strength…The only brief momentum he encountered was because of one recruit: Cody Zeller. He’s a less than mediocre basketball coach that has hit a couple recruiting home runs. he knows how to sell. He does not know how to be a basketball mechanic. He sure as hell isn’t worth 1/10 of his salary in the X’s and O’s of b-ball acumen. There was no better place to mask incompetence than a program just coming off the hatred aimed at a frivolous NCAA investigation and kids easy to label as “thugs.”

    He should be put on the bus. He’s an extremely lucky man that does not belong anywhere near banners set in the example of coaching excellence. He can be a beauty pageant judge at a 100 other schools that would love to have one of his home run recruits for a rare showing in a tournament. ..or he can waste the talent of a mid-major.

    Notwithstanding all the off-the-court incidents in the last two seasons, most coaches would be fired far sooner with the downward trends that epitomize Crean’s teams come tournament time…

  56. Chuck Martin is a fine backup plan. It’s just too damn bad we didn’t have it at the end of last season. Maybe some of these guys would have had more optimism for the future and not gallivant as if they don’t really care if they stay or go. If you believe in your head coach, you don’t do this crap to your teammates.

    Looking through turd-colored glasses is exactly what created a caddyshack committee and allowed a blowbag of a carnival salesman to hire his own AD. Please don’t accuse me of such crappy decisions that leave for zero accountability and the mess the program keeps apologizing on itself for. Incompetence demands actions. To not act when obvious coaching incompetence intersects with the many miserable off-court escapades, is beyond weak. No “level-headed” decisions brought Crean to IU. A scared environment where Isolation and collusion could flourish in a sea of piousness and preaching is what brought more stagnancy. Call Boston….Hand the keys to Marin in the interim. Act.

  57. Punjab- You know I love ya, man. Always told you that Scoop needs more of your heartfelt words and quality writing….You’re rarely arrogant and you don’t take to a snidely and small existence so easy to find in the apologist crowd. But seriously……Does “levelheadedness” function in an accountability equation where a a newly hired basketball coach gets the big vote in town to hire his own AD? Turd-colored glasses? Been there, don that.

  58. To say Coach Crean Hired AD Glass is infantile absurdity and insulting to any Scoopster who knows the true story. Which indeed makes you look small. He was on an advisory committee appointed to do some leg work for offering some external thoughts of the candidates to the administration. Due diligence on a small scale. I do not recall how many were on the committee but it was a bunch which immensely diluted a single members opinion. How ignorant to insinuate Crean is boss to Glass..

  59. Leg work…? That’s a laugh….A basketball coach handed the keys to a program wrought in scandal, and hired at a school that has most of its national tradition in such said sport, is going to go get coffee…Glass will never hold Crean accountable. And to say a basketball coach at Indiana under the days of firestorm Crean was hired wouldn’t have controlling interest when put on that committee is the only true ignorance. The man had more than a tiny share of input when he hired his own AD. The entire process wreaks of butts covering butts and avenues that speak of cronyism and corruption. We all know why the doors to practices are locked for Tom Crean…That’s a level of basketball ignorance anyone that witnessed truly beautifully orchestrated teams should be utterly offended …It took another brilliant committee to give us Tom Crean….What a beautiful home run of teaching excellence before he got to run for coffee on the AD hiring committee. It’s time to clean house and get these cronies out of IU Sports. Hire your own AD when you’ve had a banner and a couple Final Four runs under your fat and influential diapers.

  60. In-staters should call the Presidents Office and remind him he SHOULDNT have had to make the trip to Coach’s offices to lay down the law—that equates to Crean laying the law down to the players. Remind the President that he should send another message to Crean that the “All-seeing Eye” has him in focus.

  61. Hey, the ‘escape goat’ is back.

    DD, how dare you insinuate that black people are treated differently than white people by the police. I thought HC cleared all that up.

  62. Heh. You’re right Chet. Ever since Michael Jackson released “Black or White,” we’ve lived colorblind.

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