1. Wow….I waited and waited. I waited some more. Utterly astonished that these so-called IU fans didn’t say anything….Not really surprised Scoop journalists stay silent…I mean, is really their job to give a Hoosier truly making it big any kudos? Not surprising that a Reds fan like Price…or Cardinals fans like Graham ….or an Orioles fans like the “Baltimore Kid” Miller refrain from full and honest coverage a great IU story simply because they can. But their is a Roy Hobbs out there, sports fans and so-called IU fans….You know who you are…Those of you that would rather salivate over a fat offensive lineman signing with the Hoosier football team than give notice to a Hoosier relevant NOW and blasting baseballs into the stratospheres of history. I waited and waited…..and all the narcissistic bloats on Scoop would rather bitch at Jeremy for censoring their playground insults…. Don’t be haters simply because it’s the Chicago Cubs. THIS IS THE YEAR!! and the nation’s attention has been caught…Who’s this kid Kyle Swobbler?…Shoreburger? Where did he play ball? Indiana? The basketball school? No kidding? Did he grow up on a farm? Did lightning strike a tree outside the barn after bouncing off an old rusted basketball rim his father had a heart attack the day Knight was fired? How do you pronounce his last name again? He’s a rookie? Is he a forty-year-old rookie? Sure his middle name isn’t Roy? Do you think Ernie Banks had anything to do with this? My kid wants to go to the game tomorrow just for a chance to catch one hit a mile from the “Wonder Hoosier” bat of Kyle. Here we go again.

    Meanwhile, back at the Scoop farm…Let’s talk fat lineman.

    GO CUBS!!!!

  2. Bottom of 1st Inning Giants @ Cubs

    Schwarber doubled to deep center…..

    Meanwhile, I like fat lineman…like those that play for the Badgers.

  3. When Harvard’s right….he’s right. Not only is Schwarber joining the Pantheon of great Indiana baseball players (just as Hoosier baseball is becoming a national player and more than a passing afterthought), but The Kid joins the ranks of the Hoosiers overwhelming favorite Cubbies and is leading them straight from the Cornfields to the chalk lines of Wrigley Field… who can’t get woozy and excited about that among the Stan Musial and Johnny Bench salivating Hoosier usurpers.

    Can’t you just see the Kid walking out of the corn rows of Kirkwood and Grant wearing a torn baseball shirt that reads ” ick’s over the T-shirt with the faded word Hoosiers on it. You’re right, Harvard….Schwarb’s earned a bow here.

  4. BACK….BACK….BACK….BACK….HEY HEY!!!!!!!!!!! SCHWARBERINO!!!!! The Hammerin’ Hoosier with another blast!

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