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QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat. Thanks for joining us.
Mike, Andy, Jeremy: How are you doing today? Ready to get started?

JEREMY: We’ll forgive Moddy for being on West Coast time with this different chat schedule. Let’s get to it this afternoon.

MIKE: Hey folks. Thanks for accomodating our schedule change this week. Andy and I spent the morning at Memorial Stadium to watch IU football practice, but we’re here now and ready to chat.

ANDY: Football weather. No doubt about it. Let’s chat.

QUESTION: 1. 2 Soccer things. First off the fact that the rain Sunday made Armstrong unplayable all week seems very worrysome as the surface has always been good and taken tons of rain without a problem. What changed in the offseason? Also I caught a few min of the Indy 11 game on TV recently and when the team scored a goal they shot blue and red smoke out of cannons which was really cool. Could IU not have some kind of red fireworks or smoke when they score a goal in similar fashion to add the excitement? With Fred Glass’ love for fire related celebrations I’m surprised he hasn’t instituted this unless the NCAA Doesn’t allow it.

2. There still seems to be a lot of confusion about I-69 construction between Bloomington and Martinsville and whether they will have 4 lanes open during football and basketball games (there was a thread about it on btownbanners I read discussing it and no one seemed to know and JMV has brought it up a couple times on his radio show). I am submitting this early so you guys can check with Fred Glass to see what the plans are for this season in regards to that as no one seems to have the answer and when I asked you guys before last week you guys didn’t seem to know for sure either.
Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,
1. A couple of things regarding the field at Armstrong. It’s been a very wet spring and summer, and with the pounding the field takes as part of Little 5, recovering is difficult. Second, with the women’s soccer team having four games in three days this weekend, then the men doing the same next weekend, the move was as much about protecting it as anything else.
Why there aren’t more fireworks associated with soccer, I don’t know.
2. We’ll see what Fred knows the next chance we get. Regardless, folks are going to need some patience this year.

MIKE: Hey Darren,
Not sure that anything changed with the surface, other than the wet start to the summer that we saw. Could be more about preserving it for later rather than tearing it up for a few exhibitions. As far as fireworks, personally, I’m seldom a fan. I suppose it is surprising that they wouldn’t have already been implemented outside of football, but I’m fine with keeping those to an absolute minimum.

Fred Glass says the school has been on “full alert” about possible inconveniences due to road construction. He said they’ve been working closely with INDOT and police to figure out what the issues will be, and expect to have a press conference and/or announce what to expect and where to go. “While INDOT has been very cooperative,” Glass said, ‘I think there will be certain lane restrictions that are unavoidable.”

ANDY: Hey, Darren:
1. Pyromanic excess doesn’t seem to concern the IU athletic hierarchy, I think it’s plain to see. And your notion sounds cool. (But I guess if the fireworks got a little out of hand and set fire to the grass at Armstrong, that’d be even more reason to worry about the turf.)
2. Mike has a conversation pending with Fred Glass this afternoon, and your query about the number of open lanes expected is a good one, so Mike will pose the question.
Thanks, as always, Darren

QUESTION: For the remaining Soccer and Baseball games will IU still use in house camera’s through btn2go for games that are not officially televised by the network or online as they have in the past?
Mike, Seymour

To my knowledge, nothing has changed with the in-house camera for the live streaming.

MIKE: Hey Mike,
Not exactly sure what you mean. Sorry, that may be my fault. I don’t think anything has changed as far BTN2Go coverage — at least not that I have heard. I’d count on the same kind of coverage as before.

ANDY: Mike:
Perhaps I’m just slow on the uptake (not the first time for that), but I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. I’ve been out at Armstrong and The Bart when, I think, BTN sent camera crews and equipment even when the announcers remained in Chicago, but I also think IU students were part of the tech crew. IU students do a lot of in-house production on their own. So I’m not sure about past practices, or whether those practices will continue. I do know that the new stuff IU will do with The Cuban Center technology will be unilateral, and very cool, once they really get going on that. I think they’re trying to see if they can come up with 360-degree replays and things along those lines for the football big screen as early as this fall, but I think that remains a work-in-progress and I’m unsure if we’ll see it that early. But it’s coming.

QUESTION: I don’t know all that much about soccer, but I keep seeing photos of opponents blatantly all but tearing the jerseys off of the man they’re marking before he can get a shot off. I’m coming to the conclusion that this must be perfectly legal. Can that be right? If so, no wonder so many games end 0-0. That, and the cockamamie “off-side” rules. Why does soccer punish you for beating the defense? Does any other sport do this? Hockey, maybe?
stagehand, Bloomington

JEREMY: stagehand,
Soccer is the classic, it’s only illegal if you get caught sport, and perhaps the inverse when it comes to faking a foul. I don’t think it’s just that keeping scoring down though. It’s also that the game is refereed a bit differently inside and outside the box. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be opposed to eliminating the offsides rule when the ball is in the box. The whole idea is to prevent cherry-picking, but once the ball is inside the 18, there’s no real reason not to have full freedom of movement.

MIKE: Hey stagehand,
Soccer is admittedly not in my bailiwick, so I’ll defer to resident experts Jeremy and Andy. I believe that it’s pretty much up to the official’s discrestion to call things like that.

ANDY: Stagehand:
From your keyboard to the Soccer Gods’ ears. Or something like that.
Grabbing and holding on the part of defenders remains a big issue in the game — to which the offensive players respond by flopping theatrically, even when they’re not being violated. It’s joke compounding joke. And the offside rules should have been relaxed decades ago. Right now, two defenders (one of them almost always the keeper) still have to be behind the offensive player in question, but I’ve always felt that the attacker should be allowed to be level with a defender when the ball is played. Even that little adjustment would help, I think. So long as he isn’t completely past the defender, he should be eligible to receive the pass and attack the goal.
Hockey has blue lines for its offside calls, obviously, but there is more scoring in hockey’s more confined, faster game. There simply isn’t enough scoring in soccer, in my view, to properly and consistently quantify the actual level of play. Soccer needs more 4-3 and 3-2 games, along the lines of hockey.

Another possible adjustment for soccer, in addition to relaxing the offside rule, is simply to enlarge the goals a bit, maybe a foot on either end and raising the crossbar a foot. Purists would scream but, hey, baseball lowered its pitching mound when defense was too dominant in the late 1960s. One could always put an asterisk on records and stats (denoting pre-larger goal records and post-larger goal numbers) and it would improve the overall nature of the game. Some people feel the extreme paucity of scoring enhances the beauty of “the beautiful game.” I’m not one of those people.
Thanks, Stagehand.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today. Thank you for joining us. Be sure to follow IU sports news on the Hoosier Scoop.

JEREMY: Thanks for chatting folks. See you all on the flip side.

MIKE: Thanks for checking in, everybody. Lots going on at the moment, as we work on our annual IU football wrap and churn out the day-to-day updates. I’ll a few features coming down the line over the next few days, including stories on Adarius Rayner and Ralston Evans. Interesting stuff, and I think you’ll enjoy them. Anyway, stay tuned to the Scoop. We’ll see you next week.

ANDY: Maybe the Louisville series will help prompt adidas to actually supply the Hoosiers with crimson, as opposed to the Cardinals’ scarlet, just for differentiation — if not simply because CRIMSON IS INDIANA’S OFFICIAL COLOR. Oops, went all caps there, for some reason. Anyhow, hope everybody is already on their way toward a fine weekend amidst this glorious August weather.

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  1. How about putting a 20′ x 20′ goal 12′ off the ground, for additional scoring. Big arcing shots from far out. Same emotional effect as 3-pointers, field goals, home runs.

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