Notes and quotes from IU’s 1st two-a-day #iufb

A good, clean fight is just fine with Kevin Wilson.

In the middle of the first two-a-day of fall camp on Tuesday, the Indiana football coach received just that.

It began toward the end of Oklahoma drills, when freshman tight end Austin Dorris and bandit Brandon Wilson tangled with each other in the center of a scrum. Once the two were separated, Wilson made sure they settled the issue on the field.

So he pulled both players back toward the spot of the drill, had them line up for one more winner-take-all run in the Oklahoma, and that was that.

Sometimes such aggression is just fine in the realm of football.

“There’s a balance,” Wilson said. “If it becomes personal, or if it goes past and gets to the locker room, or comes back on the next play, then it’s a problem. That’s why I said, ‘OK, y’all hit again and get it over with.’ Moving forward I think it was kind of good, but getting in a fight and swinging and hitting people and breaking fingers on pads is not very, very smart. But it is nice to have a little chippiness, a little brotherly love. You need that and you need the banter, you just don’t want it to get personal.”

— Freshman receiver Isaac James was held out of practice Tuesday with a shoulder issue after taking hit from linebacker Dawson Fletcher. Wilson believes it’s nothing major. “He won’t be able to practice for a day or two,” Wilson said.

— Wilson is hoping for another kicking competition this month between Griffin Oakes and Aaron Del Grosso, but that plan is on hold for the moment. Del Grosso suffered a groin pull recently and won’t kick for the next few days.

— There is no update on the eligibility of junior college transfer Camion Patrick, who is still awaiting academic clearance. Wilson said on Saturday that the program hopes to learn more within the next 7-10 days.

— While discussing the secondary, Wilson said that freshman cornerback Andre Brown has been as impressive as anyone. Brown, a 6-foot, 190-pound prospect out of Decatur, Ga., was ranked the No. 36 athlete nationally by 247 Sports. The IU coach also says that freshman Devonte Williams, who only recently switched from running back to cornerback full-time, is the team’s most physical corner at the moment. Through the first week of fall camp, Wilson and his staff have lauded the freshmen defensive backs, while hoping their arrivals give some motivation to guys like Rashard Fant and others. “I think all of those freshmen get in the top 10, and maybe the top eight, top six.

— Wilson was very pleased with the way the front seven looked during Tuesday’s morning session, noting the IU defense at one point came up with four sacks in a span of six plays.


  1. Preseason is an important part of the season in getting your team ready for the grind of season but we really won’t know how these freshman look until we play another team. I think this year’s offense has the potential to be really good but I also know that until we match up with other teams we really won’t know how good it is. Just as the defense showed signs of improvement last year we have to wait for the games to get here before we know what the defense will do.

    The big thing is to pull the team together, find out which incoming freshman have a chance to contribute, and keep everyone healthy, Go IU Football!

  2. I wanted to emphasize something I brought up in my previous post. It is hard to explain how much of an improvement the defense has made in disengaging from blocks. For a front to be really good they need to disengage from blocks and find the ball carrier. One of the more difficult things to teach the front is that the blocks will tell them where the ball is, they don’t have to stand up and find the ball. In the past the defense would stand up get defeated by the block and miss the ball carrier as a result. In the video we see defenders staying low getting to the ball carrier based on l how the blockers are trying to block them. This leads to a front that doesn’t create big openings for RBs to exploit and makes offenses earn any yardage they get.

    This improvement should also improve the pass rush as a pass block is a play indicator as much as run blocking indicates where the run will go. Staying low attacking the blocker gives the DL a good start to a pass rush and now it seems like they understand how to get rid of the blockers which will give them a clear run at the QB. Is it too much to hope the defense will help win games this year instead of hoping they can slow down the opponent enough to out score them. It would be great to see the D hold most teams to 14 – 21 points each game.

  3. As much as I or anyone else would like to see an IU defense hold an opponent to 14/21 points, that’s just not going to happen. I was thrilled that IU went from giving up an average of 38 points/game in 2013 to 32 in 2014. But to get to a 21 to 14 point level you’re talking about an elite level defense, and IU simply doesn’t have that. OSU gave up an average of 22 points/game last year and they won the National Championship, anf IU is nowhere close to that level of performance, talent or depth.

    I’ll be happy if IU can get the average points given up under 30 this year.

  4. IU averaged 32 and OSU averaged 22 points on D. I had no idea we were that close to the champions. That makes me even more optimistic for an improved defensive performance for 2015. Optimism also came from the competition seen while watching the Oklahoma drill during Tuesday practice as the D whipped up the OL pretty good. In that drill you really find out who wants to play. It was damned encouraging.

  5. waitingforwins, I reread my post and realize I wasn’t as accurate as I wanted to be. Talking about the defense holding to teams to 14-21 points I am talking about offenses that aren’t wide open like PSU & PU right now and Michigan depending on how much of a change Harbaugh makes along with the early season teams. I know with some offenses I will be happy if they hold them to 30 points just as defenses have a hard time keeping IU down to 30 points. Like you I am looking for wins and hope this is the year the team is tough enough and talented enough to get the job done. It has been too long since Mallory had IU as a real threat and being ranked in the top 25 beating some of the big dogs in the Big Ten. Will this be the year, only time will tell.

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