Patrick ruled ineligible, Mister will transfer

INDIANAPOLIS — The immediate impact expected from junior college transfer Camion Patrick will have to wait a year.

Indiana coach Kevin Wilson announced during a fan event Thursday that Patrick did not qualify academically and must sit out the upcoming season as an academic redshirt. Patrick, a 6-foot-2 receiver, will remain on scholarship and be able to practice with the team.

Patrick came out of the summer a credit short after trying to cram one class into an accelerated summer session. IU petitioned the NCAA for eligibility based on the time crunch, but was denied on Thursday.

“He was given a chance to do it, but with four weeks and the academic things we needed we wished we could’ve had him for 12,” Wilson said. “That was our argument, our case. Our support people from compliance and academics were awesome and, at the same time, I don’t disagree with the NCAA’s decision as well. We thought it was worth a fight.”

Patrick caught 42 passes for 631 yards and 12 touchdowns last fall at East Mississippi Community College and drew early comparisons to former IU star Cody Latimer given his blend of size and skill.

Mister will transfer

IU’s stable of running backs took a hit this week after redshirt freshman Tommy Mister declared his intention to transfer.

Mister never played a down for Indiana after suffering a season-ending knee injury during last season’s preseason camp. He redshirted and appeared in the mix for the No. 3 running back slot behind Jordan Howard and Devine Redding. With Howard and Redding giving IU a core of powerful backs, Mister would have added a blend of true speed to the backfield.

Wilson said the Chicago native wants to seek a better opprotunity to see the field elsewhere. Mister’s departure likely solidifies Ricky Brookins as Indiana’s third tailback option.

“He’s looking at his choices,” Wilson said. “I wish him well and want to help him. I wanted him to stay, but at the same time with our running back depth, he was still coming off the injury he had a year ago and was just a little behind. We wish him well. I don’t know where he’ll end up. It could be an FCS school where he could play this year. Or, he could sit out a year (if he transfers to a FBS program).”


  1. does anyone know why there is never any mention of that uab transfer receiver? what is his name, hawkins?

  2. From what I hear and read he is in the mix to play but has not separated himself to be the starting wide receiver. From what i gather the starters most likely will came from a group of Leon Thornton, Ricky Jones, Mitchell Paige, Simmie Cobbs and Damon Graham. Marqui’s wrist injury from Spring slowed his progress. What is a little baffling is there is almost nothing said about Booth. It is being said Cobbs has really improved and the Frosh Thornton is fast as hell breaking of the line. Paige pretty well has the slot position sewed up. I do suspect freshman Majette and James are pushing for some playing time in the slot. By the Wake Forest or WKU game there will be much more clarity. Which simply means will see everybody the 1st few games being targets.

  3. Dang, Illinois just canned Beckman. After an external review, they determined that he forced players to play injured.

    Good for Illinois. Zero tolerance for that nonsense. Hope he enjoys coaching at the YMCA.

  4. Beckman in known as a hell of a defensive coach. Somebody is going to get a good assistant on the D side. 1 of the possibilities when hiring a D coach for a HC is they are so aggressive sometimes they try to win at any cost. I believe he was the DC at OSU when they shut down IU in the last bowl game.

  5. I’ll bet there is 1 or 2 Illinois commits Wilson tries to sway to Bloomington.

  6. Whatever the case, OSU out physical ed out played, and out classed IU and pretty much dominated the game to where it was never in doubt to long after kick off.

  7. IU fb has a history of scoring insignicant points after game has been is already decided as loss for IU and now it happens in bb once in awhile.

  8. WOW!! the lost of these two players this year is going to hurt the IU football program….I was really high on Tommy Mister (once healthy) breaking thru after this year an becoming the starting RB next year….Obviously Tommy Mister feels he is ready to see more action on the field now, then being the third choice for the IU football team…I really believe in Coach McCullough, and that if Tommy Mister was ready to see action on a constant bases that he would have been the starting RB….Really hate to see Tommy transfer…the competition at RB and WR will be very interesting and very competitive in the coming years….Looks like IU is building a nice stable of future wide receivers (Cobbs, Hawkins, Booth, Westbrook, Thornton, Jones, etc) hopefully they all develop into top flight receivers. Too bad Patrick has to sit out this year, from all reports Patrick and Sudfeld was developing a nice connection together…..i can honestly say that IU football future is looking brighter….Coach Wilson has really built this program up, we have depth and talent at several positions (offensive line, wide receivers, running back and linebackers) now…for once IU can be competitive with other university/schools in the BIG 10.

  9. I think Mister saw the writing on the wall with the RBs in front and the incoming RB from Ohio that beat out the MSU recruit at his school. Patrick is a loss and it would have been nice to have him on the field this year but he will be part of a strong WR group in the future.

    I was looking at the roster and saw we are dealing with almost all 3 star or 4 star players as starters or backups. The exception are the DBs but they also have several 4 star and 3 star athletes to choose from. This coaching staff has done a good job building up the talent level. There are some uneven classes as they try and build the team but that is one of the problems with upgrading a program; it doesn’t come all at once. Game week is here and we will get many answers to what this team will be like.

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