Report: Emmitt Holt, Thomas Bryant cited by excise police #iubb

Indiana forwards Emmitt Holt and Thomas Bryant were cited late last week for illegal possession of alcohol.

Holt, a 19-year-old sophomore, and Bryant, an 18-year-old incoming freshman, were cited at 12:50 a.m. Saturday by Indiana State Excise Police after uniformed officers allegedly observed each of them in possession of a bottle of vodka while sitting as passengers in a parked vehicle.

According to a release from excise police, the vehicle was parked outside Convenient Food Mart in the 1400 block of North Dunn street, where officers were alerted to five people seated inside the vehicle. Officers said Holt, who was seated in the backseat, allegedly attempted to conceal a 750 milliliter bottle of vodka as an officer walked past the vechile. Holt allegedly shouted to alert passengers of the officer’s presence. The officer then observed Bryant, the front seat passenger, attempt to conceal a 1.75 liter bottle of vodka, according to the release. The three others in the vehicle were neither cited nor named.

Bryant and Holt were each issued summonses and released from the scene.

Indiana issued a brief statement Monday afternoon.

“We are aware that men’s basketball players Emmitt Holt and Thomas Bryant were each cited Friday for underage possession of alcohol,” the statement read. “We take this matter very seriously and are continuing to gather information.”

This is the second infraction for Holt, who was cited in November for illegal consumption and operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content above 0.02. On that occasion, Holt had a BAC of 0.025 when he struck teammate Devin Davis with a vehicle outside the Memorial Stadium parking lot during the early-morning hours of Nov. 1.

It’s the sixth off-the-court incident involving IU basketball players since Hanner Mosquera-Perea’s arrest on OWI charges in February 2014. Five of those incidents have included multiple players. Bryant is the seventh individual player to run afoul of team standards during that span.

Since Mosquera-Perea’s drunk driving arrest, Yogi Ferrell, Stanford Robinson, Devin Davis and Troy Williams have also been involved in incidents. The latest came on May 12 when Indiana University Police officers responded to a complaint of marijuana odor coming from a campus dormitory. Davis and Mosquera-Perea were both present at the time officers arrived, but only Davis was cited. Both players were dismissed from the IU program two days later.

In April 2014, Ferrell and Robinson were cited for underage drinking and possession of fake IDs. Days after Holt struck Davis with a vehicle on the IU Athletics campus in November, Robinson and Williams were each suspended four games for reportedly failing a drug test. Holt was also suspended four games after his first citation.

Robinson transferred to Rhode Island this spring. Mosquera-Perea landed at East Tennessee State and Davis transferred to Odessa College.

IU coach Tom Crean most recently discussed the rash of incidents during a IU Tailgate Tour stop in Borden in June.

“I’d love to tell you (there will be no more incidents), but we’re dealing with young people,” Crean told reporters at the event. “The thing that’s so easy to do is when you have a mistake with a person, it’s easy to say, ‘Get rid of them. They don’t care.’ That’s supposed to be toughness. Toughness is trying to help them get through it. For me, I don’t know if you’d want your child — and I don’t think I’d want my child — playing for somebody that would be ready to do away with them the first time there’s a mistake.

“What you’re trying to do is constantly try to get them to learn and reaffirm the difference between right and wrong, to understand they’re a part of something so much bigger than themselves. I don’t think there’s any coach, any leader or any parent in the country that could step in front of that question (about guaranteeing there won’t be another incident) and give you an unequivocal yes. Would everybody be hopeful? Would you hope that everything goes well in your family? I sure hope it goes well in mine.

“What you do is take every possible step that you can take, understand that you’re living in the real world with real people that have families and you’re trying to do everything you can do to prepare them for their future. Sometimes it takes longer for those people to get it. Unfortunately, you have to look at a point in time when sometimes you can’t go on together. That’s very hard.”



    Me thinks the college rent-a-cops need to find something better to do. Wait, there is nothing better to do than to walk around giving parking tickets and “enforcing” IU’s seriously draconian “dry campus” rules.

  2. Indy Star had a story couple of weeks ago. Two yr old law allows someone to call for help if/when someone drunk needs medical help, w/o being charged for underage drinking. One of the difficulties has been working with college/university when an athlete is involved. Law notes no punishment and the colleges are saying if an athlete, there will be some degree of punishment.

    Damn kids. Can’t imagine being up and awake at 12:50am. Well, when you are 70 like me it’s probably to the bathroom.

  3. It is different for student-athletes. They should know that it is not allowed by their contract. Besides that, it shows no affection, respect or fear of Crean. Especially when you’re caught for the second time. Crean either doesn’t care about their character or is a bad judge.

  4. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me six times, shame on Crean. C’mon Tom, get control of this team. This is ridiculous and embarrassing. And before anybody starts yapping about kids being kids, they know the rules and should know that by getting caught, they’re embarrassing the program. Which has been embarrassing enough on the court the past few years!

  5. I like Crean’s comments on the issue. Hopefully Holt gets three strikes and not just two.

  6. Realistically Crean can’t babysit them 24/7. The Alabama football team has had SEVERAL incidents over the last few years and nobody has suggested that Saban has lost control of the team. Still I think that there is some level where this team and the coaching staff does not connect. That much is obvious.

  7. Great timing with your “random acts of kindness” story, Osterman..

    …..and just when we were ready to open a new b-ball training facility.

  8. here’s where old man clarion tells us about having buddies in vietnam who had a drink of vodka and never came back from it

    and waiting for a big “i told you so” from bryant’s mommy

  9. If they would have only been drinking vodka while stranded in a snowdrift,,,,,Crean could have stopped to rescue them in a random act of getting plowed.

  10. Harvard love the picture from post #7. Those two have plenty to celebrate. So that’s why we always hear how great the practices were.

  11. Sad part is that less and less people even care. Hard to believe the university could stand beyond tom creans PROGRAM after a consistantly embarrassing span of events. Weather it’s tom crean fault or not personally. …it’s his programs fault definitely. Remember evil Ole kelvin? He never had this many issues with any of his so called low character players. Weather you like Crean or not I can not see how he can keep his job without destroying the integrity of the indiana men’s basketball program.

  12. Fir those that want to lay the blame at Creans feet I ask how he was suppose to keep them from drinking? I think we need to go by his punishment of these players as that is something he can control and also enforce upon the other players the price they will pay for breaking team or university rules. I think this comes from his previous laxity of punishing this behavior but after letting two players go for this infraction you would have thought the other players would have learned. Maybe if one or both of these players are booted then the players will know it will not be condoned. I will wait and see what Crean does before blaming him for this problem.

    Saying Sampson didn’t have these problems doesn’t recognize he wasn’t here long enough to have these problems as his NCAA violations were too severe to save his job. It was a shame because he could put a great team on the floor.

  13. Tom Crean said, ” I don’t know if you’d want your child — and I don’t think I’d want my child — playing for somebody that would be ready to do away with them the first time there’s a mistake ” ……. Unfortunately for Holt this is not the first time … As I see it from the outside looking in … Holt is a bad seed … He did not make others go along with his antics, but his influence seems to always pull others in …. despite his potential on the court, he is a bad influence off the court … The best lesson that incoming freshman Bryant can have is to see Holt dismissed from the team in a quick and decisive manner … Just maybe this would make him and others think twice. Any young man like this knows how to push the limits just to see how much they can get away with … and they will push it … So Crean needs to deal with this fast, hard, and decisively … Get the message out … THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

  14. This is the third straight year this garbage has occurred. This is not the brand of Indiana basketball that took decades upon decades to build. It’s time to replace the coach.

  15. Kelvin Sanctions turned his head away from player problems that did not make it into the public domain. Coach Crean and the AD have never shied away from dealing with a players misdirected behavior. Holt does offer them a bit of a different dilemma. He is going to suffer more severe discipline than Bryant for sure. I am unwilling to state replacing the coach will ensure this never happens again at IU. When kids are involved there is damn sure no certainty. They will shake their heads yeas and then do the NO.

  16. Holt does offer them a bit of a different dilemma. He is going to suffer more severe discipline than Bryant for sure.

    Yeah, I am sure they will give him a smaller bottle from now on.

  17. The biggest concern is that Bryant the projected key for the team this year and has a problem before the basketball practice season even begins. With Holt I thought last season event should have been enough to keep him on the right path. With the two players that were dismissed from the team they we not going to contribute to the team and their scholarships were needed for new players to be added to the teams so the dismissal decision was an easy decision for the coach to make. Hard liquor in a store parking lot is a real concern to me. Maybe staying on campus instead of going on the Hawaii trip would be a good lesson for both players and their absence would place some real peer pressure on them.

  18. Death by a thousand cuts. No single damning event has occurred but there certainly seems to be a trend. It’s whole new day with social media,etc., keeping such a close eye on everything.

    I would not presume to say players are behaving better or worse than 40 years ago. I do know this, players back in the 70’s drank…plenty. I know because I drank with them. Back before Creepy Subway Jared was eating his sandwiches at the 7th Street Subway there was a bar there called Slager’s. They weren’t much on checking IDs. So, my friends and I would walk up from Willkie to drink there. That’s where the underage (and legal) players preferred to go as well. As they were part of the #1 program in the country at the time there was little mystery as to the players’ ages.

    I’ll be the first to say that I’ve lost quite a bit of confidence in the coaching acumen of CTC. That being said, when I lived in North Carolina I regularly read of the egregious behavior of both players and university officials at UNC, my former employer.

    What is interesting is the differing response of the fan bases.

    At UNC they circled the wagons and insisted nothing had happened. At IU many of us immediately go for the torches and pitchforks.

    The appropriate response is probably somewhere in the middle. Personally, I’m gonna wait and see how this hashes out before forming an opinion.

    Are the behaviors different or just the availability of information? I don’t know.

  19. At the first practice, here’s what Crean should do:

    Put two chairs on the sidelines, just off the court. Make Bryant and Holt sit. Then line up everyone else and as Bob Knight said in that underground tape, make them run “till they can’t eat supper.” And then say to all those puking their guts up: “If I can’t train these guys to stay out of trouble and not embarrass this program and this university, maybe the rest of you can!”

  20. CalCheaneyfan
    That’s a great solution but probably too much like common sense for this coaching staff to employ. If the idea came from Joyce Meyer and not Bob Knight maybe it could be worked in.

  21. I like the idea of pouring some vodka into Crean’s Disani bottle. ..About three or four shots before every game might allow things to happen on the court without his anal micromanagement of the whole puritanical thing. .

    If Holt and his buddies had any brains…they might find a better use for the numbing effects of clear booze..

  22. At our local High Schools, every year the school district’s administration brings in speakers to present the risks of driving while intoxicated to the students. It’s education in the form of cautionary tales and outright fear tactics. These presentations include photos/videos of area High School students that were killed while DUI. They show pictures and tell stories of area kids who are serving long prison sentences for killing innocent people while intoxicated. Every student in that school is warned and warned and warned in a brutally raw and graphic “scared straight” type of program. Yet every year, just about the same number of kids are arrested for DUI. And every year a few of those teenagers kill and/or die as a result of DUI. Teenagers and young adults are stupid. They do do stupid things. The defy authority. They ignore warnings. They don’t think the rules apply to them. Young men especially, tend to think that they are invincible. Many young people think that the bad things that happened to others in the past will never happen to them. They think they’re too smart to get caught breaking the rules. This goes on in every community in America. It goes on in every college campus in America. And it has been going on in every community and college campus in America for a very long time. There is no system of discipline or authority, at least in our society, that can prevent all young people from drinking alcohol, using intoxicants or otherwise breaking the rules and doing stupid things. While IU should maintain the highest possible standards of conduct and behavior for their student athletes, and vigorously enforce those standards, no one should expect perfect compliance. And no matter who the head coach is, teenage and young adult student athletes will continue to make mistakes, break the rules and do stupid things.

  23. A while back I learned that many schools had abandoned the D.A.R.E. programs because long term data showed an increase in drug and alcohol abuse at the schools that were involved with the program.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  24. Sounds like you got the idea of “perfect compliance” really drunk….Hanner, Yogi, Robinson,Williams, Davis, Holt, Bryant, This isn’t about breaking rules…This is a culture of entitlement and arrogance that feeds off of IU rather than strives to give the place integrity. . It’s a belief that your parent or coach is above the law…or above accountability …and, thus, the children//players are also living in the perpetual deceptions of driveler rising above responsible actions.

    Hoosier Rising? Rising in what manner? Rising in arrogance, entitlement, pious disregard, cronyism, and collective blood-alcohol levels…Nothing else is rising in Bloomington.

    You wear the damn candy stripes. Act like it instead of being a disgrace to your coach and family.

  25. Perhaps Fred Glass should sit the IU Team and make Crean run til he pukes his guts up ..then tell team IF he cant get the message across to you then I will.

  26. And you’re right, Podunker…In this age of visual shock and a generation that has been desensitized viea the horrors of seeing passenger jets flown into skyscrapers…..or mass shootings at the hands of automatic weapons in schools and movie theaters…or the latest ISIS beheading video, how do you shock anyone, yet a teenager, with the ugly image of lives destroyed at our own hands?

    So you excuse it all…including the doing of drugs and dope. And you say you’re sorry for labeling Sampson kids as “thugs” and “degenerates” that didn’t deserve the compassion we now seek for our poor and desensitized choir boys that know how to make the grade in the classroom but disgrace the uniform off the court.. …
    And you take back all that talk of pious blow that things are different because Crean has a better filter on the world through his Bible than Kelvin did through his flawed heart.

  27. Whatever makes one feel morally superior, especially over teenagers, have at it. Nice to see Harv running Crean down in the same manner that Crean did with Meyer. At least Crean won the Big Ten before he went full re(ject). Harv, did you get promoted from Lettuce to Fries at McDowell’s this week? Gotta celebrate the victory some way.

    I was on campus in the years when Neil Reed, Luke Recker, Michael Lewis and Jason Collier were there. If you think they were in bed by 9 pm after studying and having camomile tea while they put on their jammies, you’re smoking stronger stuff than any of these kids have. Everyone turned a blind eye. Recker and Reed were the worst, too. Don’t even get me started on Michael Lewis, who drove a brand new Lincoln Navigator (or whatever the equivalent was at the time). All under Coach Knight, the poster boy for “clean program.”

    Sorry, but I can’t help but notice that with each of these current infractions, it is always the black kids “getting caught.” And seeing the reaction of fans has turned my stomach. My best friend at IU was black and the level of crap that cops (both City and campus) gave him and our other friends of color was incredible. My buddy was at IU on full academic scholarship too. Yet they would pull him over once a month for nothing.

    I’m going to get a lot of crap for this post. But I’m tired of seeing the “moral outrage” over a couple of college kids getting busted for “drinking.” Watching them get thrown under the bus because they’re doing what just about every other kid on campus who doesn’t go to Campus Crusade for Christ is doing just plain stinks.

    If you think Crean sucks as a coach, you don’t have to feign outrage at a bunch of kids to further that point.

    Anyway, fire away. Tell me how I’m “soft on crime” and need to toughen up when kids disobey “the law.” How this would NEVER happen under Bob Knight. How I’m race-bating. Etc. I’ll gladly take the impassioned debate.

  28. No crap here DD. Sounds logical and reasonable. I guess time clouds the memory of some, or they just had the lamest college experience ever. When I was at IU in the early to mid 90’s we were regularly ranked #1 party school. This was actually a selling point for me. Most of my best memories were parties and girls.
    Harvard claims to be from the region. Well I am a regionite as well and took great pride in the reputation of blue collar, hard drinking, ass kicking Hoosiers. We should be more angry that they were stupid enough to get caught. I staggered all over Bloomington and never had a problem, but like you pointed out, I was a white kid. Maybe you are on to something.

  29. Just wondering where the hell you were when “black kids” under Sampson were getting all the moral high ground spit in their face from the grandest hypocrites of all: Fred Glass & Tom Crean.

    Don’t start on me, Double Down. I was repeatedly defending those degenerate kids when Crean was dragging all the “hoodlums” to the gallows while Scooper’s were backing the bus over them more times than Commandments a boyfriend in sand slippers could carry.

    But now you come out of the woodwork to save the asses of “typical’ college kid. Crean created the idea of a witch hunt.. It’s not yours truly that began such parameters of holier than thou.. But with hypocrites, it’s o.k. to make that bed but refuse to sleep in it.

  30. Pfunk,

    Thanks. Love the “reputation of blue collar, hard drinking, ass kicking Hoosiers” line. That’s what I loved about Indiana.

    I genuinely appreciate that our fan base expects more out of those that come to play at IU than just winning. But sometimes the moral outrage just gets a little much when you consider the comparisons to past eras. Finding a balance here is my m.o.

  31. And I certainly don’t advocate removal of these kids from the team. Keep them off a few of those cupcake exhibition games …Cutting them would just mean more excuses for Crean. Crean doesn’t need anymore excuses to forgive his incompetence at coaching.

    At the end of the day, these types of shannanagins only let down a teammate…it only proves the narcissism that has infected the culture and the lack of caring to keep noses clean and do something special in basketball as “one” team. It justifies the leaving of college early to chase money because it only takes a couple of idiots to ruin a good run at something.

  32. Harv, I wasn’t commenting around here during Sampson’s time. So, you can take that accusation and throw it in a lake.

    I commend you for your defense of the downtrodden of Hoosier Past. I find it convenient you’re throwing Crean’s kids under the bus in the Present. It seems more to do with the man leading the program versus the kids. Which proves my point completely.

    You have a lot of solid ground in which to criticize Crean. Taking it this far is unnecessary.

  33. Some of us also like “blue collar ass-kicking” on the basketball court. Some of us think sharing a deep run for a banner is almost as tough as sharing a bottle in a parking lot. A team that finishes last in the conference at team defense isn’t ass-kicking anything but the wind a sour belch.

  34. They are throwing themselves under the bus if they are taking to vodka while in automobiles….

    Sampson’s “degenerates” were labeled as druggies tor things they did in the privacy their dorm rooms. Boozing behind the wheel of a car is beyond stupid and reckless. Have a drunk driver plow your family off the road and see how forgiving you can be.

    I partied my share at college….I simply don’t see how anyone can defend taking the booze to streets and subsequently aiming ta car turned into a 3000 pound assualt weapon at other motorists. Party all you damn want in your effing dorm room. I should have been killed by a drunk motorist when I was 18 years old….My throwing shoulder was destroyed. I think the ‘mistakes of youth’ thing does have some limits.

  35. Maybe you weren’t around Scoop during the Sampson years….But when witch hunts were the popular medicine of the day, a day favored by the chief witch-hunter newly hired coach that continued to throw “ass-kicking typical college kids” under the bus, I took the fool’s route to defend them. I sorta thought they were brought to Indiana knowing very well they didn’t have the family support or educational background that would give them the tools to succeed. Those kids had nowhere to fall.

    But now the rules are different for those that have safety nets… It’s a bit of a different bus. We all know that while we pretend to equate this as anything the same in terms of “boys being boys.”

  36. Yup, you got me Harvard. I want a defenseless basketball team that ranks at the bottom of the Big Ten. Yup, I also support drunk driving.

    I’m talking about this situation. There have been some problems, but some have been blown out of proportion, too. I don’t need to divide the world into a platonic ideal of black and white. I pretty much break it down like this:

    Hanner? Deserved what he got.

    Yogi and Stan getting into bar with fake ID? Stupid, but harmless

    Hanner and Devin busted for weed in offseason? Stupid, but harmless.

    Devin & Holt accident? Completely tragic and had nothing to do at all with the condition of the driver.

    Our team’s performance issues on the court? Very disappointing.

    This current underage drinking charge? Completely harmless.

    Quit labeling me as a drunk driving supporter when I’ve never claimed as such on this site ever before. Cheap shot.

  37. Double Down, thanks for pointing out it’s the black kids who are “getting caught,” not whites. That, as you know, is not mere happenstance.

  38. Anyone who claims it is coincidence or happenstance has has no friends or loved ones who are black.

    DD, you offend with your statements of the obvious. It’s all too much.

  39. Weak sauce, Double Down. Jamarcus Ellis, Armon Bassett, DeAndre Thomas, Xavier Keeling, Jordan Crawford were as white as Pee-Wee Herman. Everything they were dragged to the gallows for was no more “stupid and harmless”…and didn’t involve leaving a dorm room that could POTENTIALLY endanger innocent bystanders/motorists.

    So you were living under an IU rock and going to every Hoosier football game while not participating on Scoop…Whoop. The fact remains that Crean now lives as the biggest hypocrite along with the dozens here now silent to this BS that called those Sampson kids a “cancer.” Crean is the cancer of a hypocrisy that has no escape. The boomerang is hitting him smack in the fraudulence his actions and his devious messages that claimed zero empathy for kids caught in a storm of hatred .

    There are many now claiming these young men are no different than those that went astray of good judgment under Sampson. Wrong! There’s a big difference. Those “black kids” that played for Kelvin had the back of their fellow teammates. They played that way on the basketball court and they embodied a brotherhood that will never be on a Tom Crean team wrought in acts of individual narcissism rooted in the model human being for example found in the protected, coddled, stupid, and very white, witch-hunting head coach. It is Tom Crean that chose to use a microphone to judge and give final conviction for those kids he could find no chances nor labels as “typical” and “harmless” young kids that made mistakes. His discrimination is of a different sort than race.

    Having to face the boomerang of his thick and accusatory pious tongue almost gives reason a faith deeper than I have the eloquence to describe. Jamarcus Ellis was living in a car…He couldn’t afford a bottle of vodka. ….nor the tears of real hoodlums and clowns that manufactured hate as a version of “good Christian” faith. .

  40. And for the record, I like to be associated as a person from the town of Chesterton, Indiana. It’s in Northwest Indiana. My father was born in Gary…It is also in Northwest Indiana. My mom was an alcoholic…She was feared once the booze hit her brain. It wasn’t pretty. She hid gin throughout every region of the house.

    A “region” doesn’t sound like a place anyone should call home…It sounds like an area Kim Kardashian would share with any camera.

  41. Too much info. This is a sports blog. We are not your therapists. Please don’t act you are the only poor soul with an alcoholic mother and please don’t act like I give a damn. Can’t believe I am even responding to this.

  42. Harv you have no idea how wrong you are. Sampson’s kids were spreading their joy throughout Bloomington in no different fashion than our current crop. I can verify that with certainty.

    But you have a conclusion in search of evidence. So by all means, continue.

  43. College kids doing what college kids do. No one was drinking and driving here. No one was truly at risk. The only issue here is the stupidity of leaving the bottles in there laps. You have a trunk use it. Also I would think there are plenty of people willing to buy for the players so they don’t have to handle any alcohol. Once again, stupid.

    I once saw a Bob knight player wandering through varsity villas by the stadium with a 5th of Rum in his hand drinking at his leisure. This is what college kids do. The smart ones just don’t put them selves in this type of situation to get caught.

  44. Pfunk and Omega, Amen!

    I have a strong suspicion these boys(HP, YF, DD, SR and EH)have had a bird dog on their trail since their 1st indiscretion. I believe that because that is what I would do to keep them in the boundaries. Now Bryant will earn a shadow. While Holt could enjoy having 2. My personal opinion is Holt will be gone from Bloomington long before his eligibility is up. But probably not from this instance. I think he is a hard learner. I doubt black is in the equation. I have no doubt some of the white boys are imbibing also but not out in front of the whole world to see.

  45. It is a lot easier to be invisible to law enforcement when you are white. That’s a fact of life.

  46. Chet, you can’t load that much BS on a 300 car train. Unbelievable! Were talking about Bloomington Indiana not your citadel for racism.

  47. DoubleDown, my only criticism of your post #30 above is that you encouraged and then engaged the infamous one, who then wrote consecutive posts and derailed what was becoming an interesting discussion. As I have learned, when you do that, he becomes manic and posts a series of inane soliloquies that everyone has to scroll past in order to follow the discussion.

    As for those who testify to seeing a lot of IU’s star athletes “party” (i.e., consume intoxicants) back in their days on campus, include me in that group. Not only did I witness it, I contributed to those athletes’ delinquent and “illegal” behavior on numerous occasions. Bob Knight and Lee Corso, both known for running “clean programs,” were IU’s coaches back then. I don’t recall anyone calling from their termination as a result of a few of their players getting caught drinking. Many of the student athletes that those two men coached partied like the rest of us, only with less frequency and usually less intensity. I think the only difference between now and then is that Crean has not won a national championship, the spotlight is bigger and brighter, the campus is far less tolerant (due to fear of legal liability), and the media is far more pervasive. The young male athletes appear to behave about the same as they used to, and continue to make stupid mistakes.

  48. And hey, at least IU’s head football coach did not address a group of wealthy boosters and media at a fund-raising event with a drunken and profane rant. Let’s see now, has USC fired Sarkisian? Has USC even fined or suspended him?

  49. What about commenting on the facts? We are all embarrassed, frustrated and tired of bad news reports like this because IU and its fans expect better.
    But what if the facts are as they seem to be based on being reported by an Indy writer based on his source: holt and Thomas did not drink anything. They were in a car with other underage kids.

    Does this mean that they were drunk? That they even had a drink? That they were even planning to have a drink?

    Would it change the conversation here if the answer to each of these questions is “no”?

    I don’t like the report but I will wait until the facts to come out to determine whether the IU response is appropriate and whether it means anything about these two young men and their character.

  50. Double Down- Do verify it with certainty.
    And that’s not the point. The point: Crean was conducting a public trial and an offensive assualt at every podium stop against the Sampson “druggies.” He fed into a culture that painted every kid under Sampson as nothing resembling the typical or the harmless(e.g. “this is what college kids do”). He put them on one segmented section of a bus, the back of the bus, as having absolutely no redeemable qualities…That painting went down the line from most “harmless” Hoosier in candy stripes and through every assistant until it reached the title of the entire “cancer” : Kelvin Sampson.
    Well, who is the cancer now? The boomerang has cometh.for the grand hypocrite. His choir boys are no different. It took eight years, but his blasphemous tongue has come back to throw the same spit bucket in his face. , His boiling blood and chasing around long gone assistants at high profile games for wrecking Indiana created the steam for the distillery his own set of “degenerates” and druggies he can’t hide. The smell of arrogance used to destroy young men you didn’t personally know or engage does not fit in a “Good” book or a halftime prayer.

    Emmitt Holt is a hell of a basketball player. He is an individual that deserves more than what was given every kid that played for Sampson. He deserves a chance to prove he can be more than a definition stuck forever in the drunkenness of hatred. I’m all for it. If he’s lucky, he’ll be cut from the basketball team. He’ll find a place where there is a coach not a hypocrite. He’ll find a coach that is competent underneath the preaching, the la belling, the grandstanding, the dividing, and the excuses. He’ll find a program that will help him mature rather than stagnate in the suffocating aura of a leader that is a child. He’ll locate a place that has accountability for leaders as well as players. He’ll play at a basketball school where AD’s hire the coach instead of the coach hiring the AD. He’ll go where it’s more than the beauty pageant his individual talent is utilized and complements the entire package via inventive and marvelous minds for the game. His talent is really too strong to waste at the hands of Tom Crean. His character something he must decide.

  51. Sarkisian only proves what I’ve been saying all along. Californians are soft. Not being able to control yourself at a public function is soft.

    Schwarber blasted another bomber last night against the soft Giants. But who cares? Crean steals the show on Scoop as we talk about vodka in parking lots…and throw Knight, a coach that brought three banners to Indiana, under the bus to make it all rosy in our Crean sky. Indiana Basketball has never been so irrelevant. We talk booze instead of banners. I think too many Californians invaded the limestone hills and made it soft as rotting avocado flesh.

  52. Let’s take a good look see: erratic driving while drunk, that’s invisible; under age players using false ID’s in a public establishment, that;s invisible; playing dodge cars, that’s invisible and how’s this for invisible, settling in a a car in front of a store holding a 750 ML jug and so everyone will notice in the front seat we have in possession a 1.5L container holding the evening spirits of choice. I’ll bet they wish they were invisible in their apartment instead of defiantly displaying civil disobedience and challenging anyone seeing them in public openly breaking the law to turn them in. Holt like HP and DD may not be salvageable. It is miles from dumb.

  53. #55 only proves what I’ve known all along, there is some cerebral hemorrhaging of said commenter.

    Yup, Giants are soft. I know you guys up in the North Side of Chicago won’t believe this, but at the end of the year, there is a MLB baseball team that beats another MLB team in a best of 7 game series. When that happens, you become a champion for that year. It is called the World Series. And the Giants have won that 3 out of the last 6 years.

    I know once the regular season is over–sans unloading your psychosis in the one playoff series you managed to get to (with a former Giant as your manager) on an innocent fella who tried to catch a foul ball that fell into his lap–you go back into hibernation. Probably off organizing some kind of protest because the owners want to put in a scoreboard that didn’t come from 1906.

    But the band plays on, indeed.

  54. It’s no different than a great basketball players with a sad-ass coach(e.g. IU’s current state of basketball affairs). Cubs finally have put a fine coach and solid management behind some very promising talent….and in the present situation, are making the Giants as soft as rotting avocado flesh.

    Oh, and great post from spitzinpoole. There is definitely a sense of “entitlement” and it moves…it just moves…and it spreads…it just spreads….and it festers….it just festers…..and it roots in stupid actions on and off the court …it just roots in all things arrogant and stupid…and it smirks…it just smirks. …and it loses to Purdue at home …..and it desperately recruits post players not of junior college talent level from the part of the country Alford was supposed to rot the rest of his coaching life…..and it prays….it just prays. And I pray that Indiana somehow wakes up and puts the real thug on the bus and sends him on his merry way to Lipscomb to live happily ever incompetently after atop of Cupcake Mountain where he can oil D-Wade’s knees with the grease his charlatan skin.

    Cubs are today’s news….21 out of the last 25 baby! The soft Giants are yesterday’s news.

  55. Everything truly did hinge on Zeller. But it really could have hinged on any top Indiana recruit during the opportune time a charlatan’s tongue could seize a day at the old castle enjoying the happenstance and irrelevant times of a monster to chase. Now we witness the real glue of Tom Crean. We witness the glue, the stability, the commanding of authority, the leadership of example a Tom Crean group exhibits without the hype and slogans surrounding one recruit that temporarily saved his witch-hunting incompetent hide. Drink it up…No need to hide the bottle.

  56. Crean is the Steve Bartman of college basketball….Totally aloof, always wearing twitter headsets, out of touch with every moment, actor more than fan of anything, born to interfere with great things that could readily happen if he’d just sit down…A sad and tragic tale of a soft loner that just wanted to fit in and be loved. .His coaching exposed as so bad that he may also have to change his name to be seen anywhere near a ball, a field, or a court of any sorts.

    I remember all the talk and all the admiration Dustin Dopirak would give to Hanner Perea ….Dustin would just light up at the oodles of potential and the feeling that it was just a matter of time for Hanner. And he seemed like such a poor lost soul when he would enter the games…..It’s hard not to wonder how it all could have been different for Hanner. He became the easy target because things weren’t just happening on the court like so many expected….Really hard to believe he’s not a Hoosier anymore. How do these decisions get made? How do you decide who is decent enough to be given another chance? And Devin Davis had so much promise, too. Such great interior instincts and crafty moves around the glass. The only truth today is the sadness of such a terrible loss of potential for kids that can’t be all that bad. It’s a tale that repeats itself far too much at Indiana.

  57. And Geoff was so high on Stan Robinson…And coachv was so high on Hoetzel….

    Come on guys…Smell the coffee. When did wearing the candy stripes become such a blasé thing? Hanner, Davis, Robinson, Hoetzel….? All that promise out the door…And now we see Holt and Bryant on thin ice as if they don’t even care about the repercussions? This isn’t about good kids vs. bad kids. This is the total breakdown of confidence and belief. This is simply putting in your time. How long can anyone with sane mind defend this sort of aloof regard for the gift of scholarship to play at a place as storied as Indiana? How long can anyone defend the tragic loss of pride in the uniform and the exodus of so much potential?

  58. I waited for days once this headline popped into my phone to read about it. I didn’t want to read it. And I didn’t want to read the reaction. It saddened me. I still haven’t read all the reaction.

    But tonight I read many of the posts– not all of them, but enough to gather the pulse. I immediately did a quick google search, and came up with this:

    I looked no further. Yeah, the article is 850 years old, but that 15 second search quickly validated what I’d long assumed: we as Hoosier fans are so isolated in our own team that we lack the basic discipline to look at it from a bigger picture. This happens all the time. Everywhere. I look at multiple national sites routinely, and IU’s has been a non-story except to Hoosiere fans. But it’s huge for us. Why? Because… Well, you know. Too many reasons to list…

    I won’t deny that it’s disturbing. But I also won’t deny that if you want flawless kids who can also bring a banner… well… there’s usually a price to pay. Final Fours, academics, clean records, philanthropists, NBA lottery picks, graduation rates, and/or Sunday school teachers? Never gonna happen without some coverup, a hope, and a prayer. We expect too much, and condemn some for far less than we’d expect of ourselves. These are college kids being college kids and learning to be men. You’re kidding yourself if you “demand” differently and expect different results.

  59. During my Carolina days seldom would a week pass that a UNC basketball or football player would not be a third page article about some sort of transgression. People became numb to it as long as there wasn’t a body recovered. Turning a blind eye was institutionalized and made a department at the university.

    I can’t help but notice that, the farther from the bright lights of storied programs, the fewer the reported deeds. Do the players at lesser known schools behave that much better? It’s gonna take some bad stuff for a Wichita State player to make the news for behaving like a stupid college kid. It took a murder for anyone to take notice of the bad things going on at Baylor.

    It would probably take serial killings for a Lexington cop to toss away his career by arresting a UK player. Tallahassee police are notorious for covering up FSU transgressions. There have just been so many that they can’t cover them all. THAT is what an out of control program looks like.

    It’s a disturbing trend at IU, no doubt. It certainly speaks of bad judgement.

    On the upside, perhaps these players will learn about accountability while still in college. At UNC they go commonly off to the NBA before they start getting arrested. Then they realize they have a worthless degree…or none at all.

    At many, if not most, schools the players that have been dismissed from IU would just run a few ‘suicides’ and the misdeeds would be forgotten. That’s the way it worked in Chapel Hill.

    The luckiest thing that ever happened to any of the IU players may be getting caught and paying the penalty. It’s not the red carpet treatment they have become accustomed to.

    I’d hate to have a job where my continued employment was determined by the judgement skills of teenagers, some of whom don’t seem to absorb life lessons as well as others.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  60. Well said Punjab. As always, a voice of thoughtfulness and reason.

    Why do you even bother posting here? 😉

  61. I’m still completely baffled…Where were all these balanced voices of reasons when Sampson kids were being crucified by Tom Crean and almost the entire fan base? Does Kent Benson tearing up his season tickets ring a bell? Does Eric Gordon being stalked by local journalists to rat on his teammates terrible dorm room escapades ring a bell? Voices of reason? Get a life. Hear a voice of reason to the shear hypocrisy that creates different standards in this day than one eight years ago(not 800) in your same four walls.

    Somehow I don’t remember any bleeding hearts for DeAndre Thomas..or Jamarcus Ellis, or Armon Bassett and the patience required as they embarked on their quest of “learning to be men.”

    Tom Crean and his holier-than-thou witch hunt crowd ran through the streets with torches condemning these 18-year-old kids as if there were no qualities in their growing up baby tree roots that deserved on ounce of redemption and understanding.

    And whether or not you blogged on Scoop, anyone that was following IU Basketball and remains blind to the hypocrisy that is this day is only doing so because they were carrying the torches with Crean. You could care less about these young men needing their time to mature like a young bottle of fine wine. You are an apologist and you sleep in the bed of righteousness, thick tongues of deception, and bigotry.

  62. I, for one, was in Korea and Germany among other places. Too often drowning in my own shenanigans and learning to be a man myself. Sowing the last of my wild oats, if you will. I was too far on the other side of the world with too much other shtuff going on to bother following it that closely.

    But it does bring up an interesting point, Harv. Where’s your outrage over McGary hitting the doob? What a fine young man of character, he was. I’m sure it was just to sooth his aching back, and he probably had a medical license for it. Right? Ask yourself if you would so willingly have turned a blind eye if this nice, upstanding young gentleman from NW Indiana had played for that rascal Tom Crean instead of our saintly neighbors to the north.

  63. Excerpt of Korman’s exit interview with Chronic Hoosier:

    Korman: I remember the guy(Kelvin Sampson)…he and I would have one on ones pretty frequently. I would come talk to him in his office, and he would just sit there for me. And one time he was sitting there, and I was on his couch, his leather couch. All coaches have nice leather couches. And he had pulled a chair close to me, just a regular looking, uncomfortable chair over near me, and we were talking. And all of a sudden he looked down. And at this point he was a little bit bigger. He hadn’t been walking with DeAndre yet. So he had a sort of buddha going on, and he looks down at his buddha, and there was IU logo right on the top of it. He just looked down and saw that and just shook his head at it for like 30 seconds. You could just tell the guy was in awe that he was the Indiana basketball coach. You could tell it meant a lot to him, it meant a lot to him. It was everything to him. It was a big deal. He went from being at a place where you could win 20 games a year, and people would admire you, but they were still going to read the story about spring football and who the 3rd string quarterback is going to be. So he knew that he’d made that step up and how much people cared. But he could not change his own soul. And his own soul was that for so long he’d found kids who other people had overlooked or other people had worse said you’re not worth anything.
    Chronic: Abandoned.
    Korman; Yeah. Guys who…
    Chronic: Guys who’d been abandoned by their own fathers.
    korman; Right. And so he found these people and brought them up and promised them things and said, “I’m going to make it right. I’m going to make sure you’re okay. We’re going to get through this together.” And there are so many guys like that. Jamarcus Ellis is the one to me that…I don’t actually know his real story, but I’m pretty sure his father was murdered, and his mother died of AIDS. Just every bad thing you could imagine. He lived in a car for some time. The guy just had a messed up life. And for so many people to sit and judge him from where they sat, which was…even the ones who just went to Bloomington North, which is no special upbringing. But then even the people who went to Carmel, and to live this entirely different life from him and say what he should or shouldn’t be, or how badly he (bleeped)up, or how he was ungracious for what he had been given here, how he’d threw that all away. And that might be true, but the kid went through so much. And my sentimental answer is that I’d try to be one of those guys and try to overcome, to become that sort of symbol for those guys. Sampson had those kids everywhere he went. And had he stayed, I don’t think it’s a guarantee those kids are better off, but some of them make it through. Eli Holman is better. DeAndre Thomas is better. These guys make it through and at least understand a little bit better what they need to do to make it out of these circumstances they grew up in. I guess that’s the sentimental answer, but if I could be Eric Gordon I’d be buying the whole bar a drink right now.

    So let’s tell it like it is…..Crean was chasing a former IU assistant coach five years in the rear view mirror of the torching of anyone or anything associated with Kelvin Sampson and his “degenerates.”

    And now we’ve had eight reported off-the-court incidents in the last two years(not four or five that Knight had with players in the span of 30 years) and I don’t see Kent Benson calling for a tearing up of season tickets. Protect the compound of holiness….Protect the compound of holiness…Protect the compound of holiness. The hypocrisy reeks. It chokes as quickly as a soft and confused Crean team in the NCAA tournament. Can we have some tough kids that also drink vodka? Maybe a few from some hard streets not pampered in the life of East Coast basketball academies..? Please? Drugs and alcohol are always going to be in Bloomington dorm room hallways….That’s a given. Now that the hypocrites have finally seen the light, can we now go get some kids that have a bit of street swagger not indicative of a spoiled baby hitting his first bong in the booze and drug candy store known as Bloomington?

  64. Punjab-

    I wasn’t part of the gazillions crying to the horrors of Sampson players experimenting in their dorm rooms with everything any “typical’ college kid experiments. It was Crean’s torch crowd that never let go of the labels given to those kids that did nothing different from those hitting the headlines now. At least they were intelligent enough to keep it in their dorm rooms. But they were hunted..They were always going to be hunted by the holier-than-thou brigade that came on the Crean chariots.

    If I wasn’t part of the crowd to drag those Sampson “thugs” to the gallows, why in the hell would I drag Mitch McGary for some tokes when he wasn’t confined to the bench of a tournament he could not physically participate? His penalties were ludicrous and the NCAA changed the rules the following year. I’ve never claimed McGary to be saint. What I’ve claimed is that he took the NCAA by storm and carried Michigan to a Final Four. Who the hell wants saints on their team? They are weak and soft as Creanpuffs cutting down nets after a loss.

  65. This is getting hilarious. All the haters of the Sampson thugs were saving the world or on holiday when Crean chased the monsters out with torches…… Now were all grown men with understanding bones in our mature underpants…Funny as hell. You boys are a riot. You’re almost as fun as Crean’s slippery tongue.

  66. Harvard,
    You have been handed quite a barrage of insults on this thread, causing me to want to speak up In your behalf. Here are my thoughts on your extensive participation at the Hoosier Scoop:
    1.) Your musings on this comment site are one of the main features which keep it interesting. It would be a big disappointment to me if you quit your voracious participation.
    2.). Your clear focus on CTC’s shortcomings, especially the phony slick salesman aspect, the hypocrisy of what he pretends to be vs. what he actually does, has added greatly to the narrative of CTC’s shortcomings in his present job. The lack of x and o skills are obvious to most everyone, but tended to be excused by IUBB followers due to the “outstanding character and leader ” label he tried to permanently attach to himself. You almost singlehandedly have put a big dent in the public perception about his lack of authenticity. That deserves a big “thank you ” from all those who care about IUBB3.
    3.) When I first discovered the Scoop, YOUR comments kept me coming back to this site. And still do, although I’ve grown fond of many of the regulars on here, whether I agree with them or not.
    4.). Those times when I get impatient with your lengthy ramblings, I just scan and skip them. I wouldn’t dream of verbally attacking you for your voluminous participation. Even when I vehimantly disagree with you (like your low opinion of Dan Dakich), I still appreciate that you DO take the time and energy to contribute.
    5.). Your way with words is simply wonderful and very enjoyable no matter what the content of your posts. I sure wish I had your talent. Again, one of the features of your contributions that I admire and appreciate.

    That’s about all the compliments I can think of on short notice, I’m sure there are some others that I’m overlooking. I guess you could call me a fan of yours, as well as of all IUSports, but especially IUBB. Thanks again for your “service”, HFH.

  67. I’m not sure who these hypocrites are, specifically. Who are you talking about? How about you call them out by name?

    Sure isn’t me, because I wasn’t anywhere near the pitchfork chasing crowd back in the day or today. Hard to prove as I wasn’t a commenter here, then.

    But lemme go on record for the second time and say that I thought the decision to bounce these Sampson kids off of the team was pretty short-sighted, even at at the time. Put them on probation for poor grades? Yes. Busted like Crean’s kids were for “extra-curricular activities”? Sure. Get them back on track with the best academic support program in the world, with someone leading the program that would hold them accountable? Absolutely.

    Then again, I don’t know what ultimately happened. Last year on a radio show, Dakich said something happened that absolutely ripped the locker room apart beyond repair. I asked questions around here about what was alluded to, but no one had any answers. Sounds pretty darn significant to me and something that I think needs an answer if we’re to fully judge what happened back then.

    I’m glad Sampson is gone for basketball reasons, just like I hope that Crean is, as well. I don’t think either are worthy guardians of the candy stripes.

  68. Pretty hard to call them all out by name when there was no standard to keep the same name on site back during the witch hunt days. But it’s not like the topic hasn’t come up many times before the abundance of trouble now hitting the fan in Crean’s lap. Come on, Double Down. I appreciate your stance now, but there has been plenty of times where known bloggers of this site have taken shots at those days to support their Crean holier-than-now narrative. The overwhelming climate on this blog was to join Crean in the crucifying anyone associated with the Sampson years(players and coaches alike….from last man on the bench down through every assistant coach). “YOU WRECKED THE PROGRAM” was Crean’s mission statement. Who’s wrecking it now? Who’s tearing up their tickets now?

    Crean’s repeated wind of “19 F’s!!!!” and “Because it’s Indiana” translated into “Because it sure as hell ain’t Kelvin’s thugs…. ” Let’s quit playing naive here. Hell, there was a blogger I frequently engaged that never let me rest on the IDS site known as Basketblog ….When I would show my disgust for how Crean was lumping all Sampson recruits into one sea of misfits, this particular blogger compared me to Johnnie Cochran defending O.J. Simpson…There was so much hate in the air you could taste it. You didn’t have to be on blog to nearly vomit when Crean would get in front of a camera and condemn rather than rebuild with quiet dignity and a class that should embody Indiana. He was talking down to world ..He’s always talked down rather than take on. He is a deflector and a divider. He uses his “Good” book to make it all so wholesome as Wonder Bread. Puhhhhhhh…lease….quit playing the naive routine…It’s not befitting your intelligence. It makes you look a soft Californian..You sound like Bill Walton dodging the facts when Downing kicked his sad ass in an NCAA Final Four. .

    The boomerang has come for Tom Crean. His thick tongue and holier-than-thou tweets to Joyce have finally recoiled and his slapping him silly. Where is his version of “Because it’s Indiana” now?

    Names? Pretzel Face…Barney….Doctor Dolittle…Mary Poppins…..Gumby….Hoosier1411….Peanuts….HoosierfaninKentucky….Moma D…..Chief Brody….Jumper Cables Joe…..Tulips for Tiptoes…..Reggie of Nazareth…..Names? That’s funny. Can I look up Double Down in the Scoop phone book?

  69. And hypocrisy is often uglier in silence..The fear was as thick as the condemnation. To defend any kid that played for Sampson meant you were not a Hoosier fan…And now the brave show their faces…Now they no longer sit in the same silence of hatred theater…They firmly defend rather than sit like cowardly voyeurs to the joy of Crean piling on and “wrecking” kids that did not require our compassion so sought for a “typical” Hoosier college kid of today.. The names of the silent are never to be found. And I have a feeling they are the same type of silent bigots encouraging vodka upon a decent and rather naive kid.

  70. Fair enough, Harv. I wasn’t around here then, so hard for me say what the climate was like at the time and, obviously, who said what. You keep calling out hypocrites, so it is only fair to ask of whom you are referring.

    If you’re trying to convince me of Tom Crean’s faux moral superiority, you can stop right there. You often yell things repeatedly in my face that I agree with. This “soft Californian” just lets you rant. I guess it is better than you picking on your customers and spitting in their strawberry milkshakes at McDowell’s.

  71. You always have to finish with a final dig….Gosh, you remind me of a dear blogging friend that I’ll never forget from IDS Basketblog days. You’re an o.k. dude, Double Down. I found a soft spot in your armor…and it has nothing to do with being from California.

    Crean has been rocked…He’s been forced into a corner and he’s hoping for the end of the round bell to sound….But all is not lost. This is a great chance for his boys to rally and grow up. It’s a chance to change and a chance to give their coach a season to remember. Sometimes it all works out.. These are not bad kids….

  72. “You always have to finish with a final dig…”


    Just snorted my ginger ale.

    Carry on.

  73. Got to agree with NoMendacity, though. The place wouldn’t be the same without you.

    The thing is…you are routinely guilty of the the same crimes you only ascribe to others.

    Glass houses and all that…

  74. The mirror always looks better from the eyes on other side……Thanks, Chet.

  75. Does lobster still taste like the best frickin’ thing on the planet?

    It’s like a million dollars a pound in southwest Colorado. Maybe just a thousand. Hyperbole is the worst thing in the universe.

    We’ll always have Maine.

  76. almost had the lobster sliders tonight, but I passed for the scallop and shrimp kabobs. Lobster was actually kind of expensive (6.99ish/lb), so I’ve only had a few this summer. Been the most beautiful summer I can ever remember here. Lot’s of sun, very little rain, and consistent temps in the low 80’s… had a few uncomfortable hot and humid 90+ days, but that’s why we invested in the heat pumps last year. Those things are amazing for any region that doesn’t normally build with A/C.

  77. Yeah, we don’t do the air conditioning thing but some folks would find it kind of cool out here.

    Been all over this summer. Spent a week in the ‘other’ Portland. They are beer savants out there. Lots of fun.

    No lobsters but the best damn grass fed black angus steaks in the world.

  78. btw chet, you best watch out… the missus and I have made a commitment to vacation more now that Grayson is growing up. We have done a couple weeks at the lake this year, but starting next year we’ll be venturing out, and one of the places high on our list is Colorado… I still have that email you sent me with an invitation for us to stay for a couple nights.

  79. The door is always open, Dude.

    They both are looking pretty good. Really happy to be rid of John Fox. As soon as I thought I was done with him when the Panthers fired him the Broncos hired him. He can take great personnel and turn them into a better than average team.

  80. Harv, I wasn’t digging. I thought the obvious reference to McDowell’s, a fictitious restaurant that the McDonald’s people always lament…see McDowell’s, they got the Golden Arches, McDowell’s is the Golden Arcs. They got the Big Mac, they got the Big Mick. We both got two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, but their buns have sesame seeds. Their buns have no seeds.

    Anyway, I thought the “dig” was more of a “jostle.” Eh. Sometimes you land ’em, other times the world is a tuxedo and you’re a pair of brown shoes.

  81. Let’s try that again. This time without the sin in the syntax:

    “…see McDowell’s, they got the Golden Arches, McDowell’s is the Golden Arcs. They got the Big Mac, McDowell’s got the Big Mick. They both got two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, but their buns have sesame seeds. McDowell’s buns have no seeds.”

  82. Hold the fickle, hold the libelous, special blog hoarders don’t upset us, all we ask is that you let us Harvard it your way…..

    Where’s the BEEF!? It’s on the Scoop BigMac and not the McDouble….Over ONE MILLION Harvard posts told! And the special sauce was brought to you by NoMendacity. She created quite the flavor town with the complex hints of what gives Scoop its secret recipe of interest. I think she reduced many of you to searching for your shriveled and expired McNuggets in your Happy Meal life… and you began to dig and scream of your angus beef and sloppy lobster rolls… while truly in wanting of what keeps the cars rolling up the Scoop drive thru window. Let’s just say she put it on your sorry ass Jr. Whoppers.

  83. Double Down: “That’s a crock of sh___, Harvard. The arches are golden because they’re from the Golden State, you buffoon.”

    Harvard: “I think you meant that’s “a Kroc”of sh___..” . The arches were originally soft…It took a Midwesterner, a Chicagoan, to have the vision that enabled the franchise to explode….You got no special sauce on me. And please don’t give me that damn blow about UCLA…Without a coach from Indiana, they’d be the Utterly Clueless Los Angeles with zero banners and soft as those McDonald’s brothers without Kroc.”


  84. I never ever ever want to read the words, “You got no special sauce on me,” ever ever ever again.

    I need to go bathe in hydrochloric acid now.

  85. My apologies to all inferior Trojans sill fans of Mayo. …(as in O.J. Mayo)

  86. Keep tryin’ ….Strive to be Podunker..Strive to be “ahead” in the game of life while you type in a box as inconsequential as the cardboard holding device for a BigMac. Thrust out those big dig muscles but do not engage! Do not engage! Oops…Just engaged.

  87. The excise police said the smell of vodka was Emmitting from the car. …Holt replied….”What do you expect, I don’t play for Wiscy.”

    Now we’re done here.

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