Wilson believes he has several impactful freshmen #iufb

In the days leading toward the preseason, Kevin Wilson offered high praise for his freshman class.

He called the group the most talented bunch of young men he’s brought to Bloomington to date. Now, as camp gets underway, the IU coach believes several of those freshmen could earn their way onto the field.

“We’ve yet to hit and it’s amazing how they look until the pads get on and the eyes get big and guys start flying around,” Wilson said. “But I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of freshmen have an opportunity to contribute. We will force that hand. Maybe they’ll spit the bit out. Maybe they will not.”

It’s particularly the case at receiver, where Indiana has each of its starting spots open. Wilson expects up to 10 players to contribute at the position this year and singled out Isaac James, Mike Majette, Leon Thornton, Nick Westbrook as freshmen who might force their way into the two-deep, if not start. Among that group, Wilson also included transfers Marqui Hawkins and Camion Patrick.

Although a decision on Patrick, who is awaiting an academic clearance, is not expected for another seven to 10 days, he has been practicing.

“Maybe only two of those guys play,” Wilson said, “but all six are being thrown out there right now.”

Just like at receiver, Wilson is giving young players an opportunity to crack the depth chart in the secondary. There, the opportunities are born from a heightened sense of need as IU moves to fix a porous defensive backfield.

Tyler Green, a 6-foot-3, 190-pound former Ohio State commit, is working as a corner, as is former running back Devonte Williams and freshman Andre Brown. Jonathan Crawford and Jameel Cook Jr. are in contention for backup safety spots.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if all five of those guys are in the mix,” Wilson said. “Maybe two or three play. Maybe none.”

Wilson has also gone out of his way on multiple occasions to point out the positive initial impressions made by Brandon Knight, who could jump onto the depth chart at offensive tackle, and Simon Stepaniak, who was recruited as a center/guard type, but could see time at tackle.

The IU coach said he’s unsure whether either will redshirt or earn a spot on the two-deep. He also added that Jacob Robinson looks good on the defensive line.

“They’re very, very talented guys who are off to a nice start,” Wilson said.


  1. Miller- thank you for being confident enough to use “impactful” in a headline. It still isn’t in your standard dictionary, but it’s a useful word and I’ll be darned if it isn’t the perfect adjective sometimes.

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  3. okay, let the fun begin….just read Brain Bennett (espn) Big 10 preseason power ranking an his projection has IU finishing last next to Purdue…surely our program has made enough progress to challenge the likes of Illinois and Maryland…are have i bought into the IU football hype, yes i know no team or program suggest anything of a negative nature……but with a great offensive line and a very good front seven on defensive i believe in this team and a talented quarterbaclk….i know it is hard for any program to replace one starting cornerback , let alone two cornerbacks and a safety….an on top of that those position will be manned by freshman or sophomore only makes me think that IU might be in for a long season…do not get me wrong i still believe in Coach Wilson as he continues to build up the depth on this team and some day it is going to pay off.

  4. Maryland can be pretty good at times….ahead of IU. Indiana as yet to prove itself. Some say IU this and that is pretty good, offense is great or has bee great….but in reality (except for a game or 2) IU Football has yet to even come all that close to proving itself regardless of reasons or excuses.

  5. Something B. Bennett either fails to admit or just doesn’t know is how easily with a 3-4 it is to transition to the $.05 and not diminish run support. It is 1 of the reasons it is the D of choice to so many in the NFL.

  6. Realistically, we are still 4-5 players shy of having a truly competitive B1G team. That said, five years ago, we were probably 15-20 players shy; so we’ve made some serious progress. If everyone were to stay healthy for the entire season (unfortunately, not realistic), I think we would have enough horses to win 6 games, perhaps even 7. I think we are strong enough to give ALL our opponents this year a run for their money. I do not anticipate the Wisconsin type blow outs of past seasons. I think we’re over that hump and I believe we will provide effective competition in every game. However, winning 6 games is tough. It will largely depend on how healthy we are when we get into conference play. If we are holding up fairly well, I think there are at least two B1G wins. Here’s hoping we don’t get bitten by the injury bug! Go Hoosiers…stay healthy!

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