Wilson coy about discipline for Green, Griffith

If Ralph Green III and Isaac Griffith are facing any sort of punishment this week for their off-season transgressions, Kevin Wilson isn’t telling.

The Indiana coach refused to say whether Green or Griffith will be suspended or miss any portion of Saturday’s season-opener against Southern Illinois after both Hoosiers were arrested in Bloomington during the spring.

Wilson told reporters at Thursday’s fan event at Lucas Oil Stadium that he does not announce internal discipline.

“I’m not saying anybody’s hurt, injured, disciplined, whatever,” Wilson said. “I’m not helping any other team right now about anything.”

Bloomington Police arrested Green in April on charges of misdemeanor battery, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. During a court appearance in early July, the battery and public intoxication charges were dropped and Green pled guilty to disorderly conduct for unreasonable noise. He was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and one year of probation. Green was also required to pay $183 in court costs and $300 for a drug/alcohol program. He received a 180-day suspended sentence with two days credited for time served.

Griffith, who was 20 when he was arrested on May 23, faces illegal consumption and drunk driving charges. His case is pending, according to court records.

“Anything we do is gonna merit the crime or the issue,” Wilson said. “We take it very seriously. … We don’t back off making sure kids do their best. If a guy needs to be punished or penalized, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Green was originally suspended from team activities at the end of spring practice, but was back with the program this summer and has practiced with the team during fall camp. Wilson said earlier this summer that Griffith was not suspended after his arrest because the team was coming off voluntary workouts and, “you can’t suspend someone for volunteering.” Griffith has also been practicing with the team since IU’s fall camp opened on Aug. 6.